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May 2010

Meeting Minutes President  Don  Searls  called  the  meeting  to   order  with  27  members  and  guests  present.     Minutes  were  read  and  approved.    Jim  Bemis   gave  the  treasurer  report. Old  Business  -­‐  The  TSD  Car  Show  is   considered  a  success  despite  the  weather.    55   registered  vehicles.    The  new  manager  of  BofA   was  pleased  with  the  car  club  and  the  way   things  were  setup. New  Business  -­‐  Kevin  asked  the  club  to  help   start  a  booster  club  for  his  automotive  program   at  Conway  High  School.  The  booster  club  will  be   funded  by  donations.  Kevin  informed  us  that  his   students  have  won  the  state  championship  two   years  in  a  row.  They  will  be  going  to  nationals   and  the  booster  club  money  will  help  these   students  going  to  nationals. Don  presented  fliers  to  the  club  of  future  car   shows  around  the  state  if  anyone  would  like  to   attend. Don  put  together  a  packet  for  O’Reilly  Auto   Parts,  of  our  Toad  Suck  car  show.  The  packet  will   be  sent  to  their  corporate  office  as  O’Reilleys   sponsored  our  car  show  and  provided  the   trophies.The  Toad  Suck  Daze  Car  Show  was   discussed  in  detail  during  the  meeting.

TSCC EVENTS TSCC  Eat  Out  -­‐  May  27,  2010   @  Hart’s  Seafood.    We  will   meet  at  6:30  pm. TSCC  Meeting  -­‐  June  14,   2010  -­‐  Bob’s  Grill

The  Toad  Suck  car  show  at  Pickles  Gap  will  be   August  21,  2010.  O’Reilly  Auto  Parts  will  sponsor   the  show  and  our  flyer  for  the  show  will  include   their  logo.  More  door  prizes  are  needed  for  the   show.  If  anyone  can  help  with  getting  door   prizes,  the  club  will  appreciate  it. Don  was  contacted  by  Tina  Alexander,  the   founder  of  PEACE  (Parents  Educating  Arkansas   About  Epilepsy)  she  asked  if  our  club  would   partner  with  them  to  host  a  fundraiser  for   PEACE.  We  would  be  responsible  for  the  fliers,   registration  and  the  judging.  We  will  also  help   with  letting  her  know  what  needs  to  be  done  in   getting  the  show  together.  This  will  be  good     advertisement  for  the  club.  The  show  will  be  in   the  Conway  area  sometime  in  2011.    Byron   Cherry  from  the  Dukes  of  Hazard  TV  show  and   the  General  Lee  car,  will  possibly  be  at  the  show.     There  will  be  a  show  and  shine  at  Salem   United  Methodist  Church  on  May  15,  2010  at   4:00  pm.  If  you  bring  your  car,  you  will  be  fed  BQ   for  free. The  May  eat  out  will  be  at  Hart’s  Seafood  on   May  27,  2010  and  6:30  pm. Meeting  adjourned.

Door Prizes No Door Prizes during May Meeting

50/50 No 50/50 during May Meeting

Sonic Cruise Perryville - May 11; Vilonia -- May 15;Conway - May 18;


MAY 2010

From the president... I  want  to  start  off  by  thanking  everyone  that   came  out  on  a  rainy  May  1st  to  help  with  the  car   show.    Despite  the  weather,  I  feel  that  we  had  a   successful  car  show.     We  have  one  more  to  go  this  year  on  August   21  at  Pickles  Gap  Village.    After  this  one  last  year,   I  am  looking  forward  to  see  what  happens  at   the  Village  this  year. We  also  have  an  awesome  opportunity  to   help  out  PEACE(Parents  Educating  Arkansans   About  Children  with  Epilepsy)  next  year  with  a   car  show  for  them.    We  will  be  acting  at  the  host   car  club  for  this  one  by  taking  care  of  the   registration  and  judging  of  the  cars.    We  will  also   be  advising  the  people  at  PEACE  on  all  the   logistics  and  planning  of  the  car  show.    It  will  be   held  sometime  in  2011.    I  have  already  contacted  

the  organization  and  let  them  know  we  are   willing  to  help  and  they  are  excited.    I  have   already  started  working  with  them  to  identify  a   couple  of  optional  dates. See  you  next  month! Don  

Founded  in  1986,  the  Toad  Suck  Car  Club  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  dedicated  to  the  preservation  and  enjoyment   of  any  an  all  cars  and  trucks.    Old  or  New,  original,  restored,  or  modified,  there’s  room  for  you  and  your  vehicle  in   our  club. Toad Suck Car Club P.O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033