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April 2010  

President  Don  Searls  called  the  meeting  to  order  with  34  members  &  guest  present.    Minutes  were  read   and  approved.    Jim  Bemis  gave  the  treasurer  report.  The  balance  for  March  2010  was  $7,582.36.   Old  business  -­-­  A  reminder,  that  club  dues  are  due  now.    You  will  need  to  fill  out  a  new  membership   application  so  that  the  club  can  get  current  information.     The  scholarship  committee  will  need  to  meet  for  a  few  minutes  before  the  May  meeting.  The  committee   will  need  to  discuss  the  questions  that  will  be  used  to  interview  the  applicants  for  the  scholarship.  The   scholarship  committee  will  need  to  interview  the  applicants  before  the  June  meeting  if  possible.     New  business  -­-­  The  Vilonia  Primary  School  will  have  a  show  and  shine  on  April  17,  from  10am  to  2  pm.   The  show  and  shine  is  part  of  a  fundraiser  for  the  school.  The  will  be  no  registration  fee  to  enter  the   show.   Heber  Springs  will  have  their  annual  Spring  Fest  and  Bike  Show  on  April  24,  2010,  from  9am  to  3pm.  A   club  caravan  to  Heber  Springs  will  leave  between  8  and  8:30  am  on  the  24th,  for  anyone  interested  in   going.    There  is  also  an  antique  car  show  on  April  24  at  Trillium  Park  in  Conway.   The  Toad  Suck  Daze  Car  Show  was  discussed  in  detail  during  the  meeting.  Don  presented  all  members  in   attendance,  an  aerial  view  of  the  parking  lot  on  which  the  car  show  will  be  held.  There  was  discussion  on   the  layout  of  where  the  cars  will  park,  areas  of  the  bank  parking  lot  that  will  be  open  for  bank  customers   and  the  area  where  registration  will  take  place.    Anyone  that  can  be  at  the  bank  parking  lot  to  help  set   up,  needs  to  be  there  at  6:00  am.    Approximately  ll3  flyers  about  the  car  show  were sent  out  to  car   participants.   Bob’s  Grill  will  be  having  a  fundraiser  for  two  of  their  employees  who  are  facing  financial  burdens   because  of  recently  diagnosed  cancer.  The  fundraiser  will  be  held  on  Friday  May  21,  2010.  $5.00  of  the   $7.00  burger  special  will  go  to  help  with  their  expenses.   We  had  special  guest  (Toad  Suck  Car  Club  members)  from  Georgia  and  N.  Carolina  who  attended  our   meeting.  They  traveled  in  1939  Chevy.  Their  names  are  Rose  Laney,  David  Laney,  Ron  Gallup  and  Gary   McWharter.   Sonic  Cruise  will  be  on  April  20,  2010  at  6:30  pm.  

TSCC Cruise – April 24, 2010; we are meeting at 8:30 @ the Sinclair Station on Hwy 65 North. We will be heading to the Springfest Car Show in Heber Springs. TSCC Meeting – May 10, 2010 – Bob’ Grill

From the President… Just  want  to  remind  everyone  of  a  few  things  that  are  coming  up.    On  April  24  anyone  wanting  to  cruise  the  Springfest  Car  Show  in   Heber  Springs,  be  at  the  Sinclair  station  on  Hwy  65  just  north  of  Conway.    Also  on  April  24  there  is  a  show  &  shine  at  Trillium  Part  on   Hogan  Rd  for  anyone  that  wants  to  stay  in  Conway.   On  May  1,  we  will  be  hosting  the  Toad  Suck  Daze  car  show  at  our  usual  location,  the  Bank  of  America  parking  lot.    Registration  starts   at  8  am,  so  we  need  to  be  on-­‐site  at  6  am  to  start  setting  up.    I  have  had  several  phone  calls  including  the  Log  Cabin  asking  about  the   car  show.    I  am  looking  forward  to  the  day  and  am  hoping  and  praying  for  good  weather  and  participation.   If  anyone  knows  someone  or  if  you  want  to  do  it  yourself,  we  are  looking  for  businesses  to  sponsor  our  pick  of  the  day  trophies.     Please  have  them  contact  Harrell  Bates  or  myself.    The  cost  of  this  is  $50.       I  think  that  is  about  it  for  this  month.    See  you  at  TSD!   Don  

Founded in 1986, the Toad Suck Car Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of any and all cars and trucks. Old or new, original, restored, or modified, there's room for you and your vehicle in our club.

Toad Suck Car Club P. O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033