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London Fashion Week

Report from the runway London Riots What went wrong?

Gentleman’s Dub Club talk festivals, dream gigs and clothes-swapping with fans Can long distance love ever work out?

ssu I h c n Relau Celebrity wedding do’s and don’ts (listen up, Kardashian) Get inside the mind of a GOLD DIGGER

Street Style

Winter Special

Lip Tattoos: Weird or wonderful?

Contents: Hey everyone! Welcome to the brand-spanking new Stiletto. This new image overhaul brings with it a whole load of new features that you’ll be seeing a lot more of. There’s ‘Campus Overheard’, which frankly makes us question how on earth some of us got in to University in the first place. Then we’ve got ‘Style and the City’, which shows that you Sheffielders really know how to dress. And we’ve got this issue’s round-up of ‘Bullshit News’, which didn’t happen in the traditional sense of the word, but you can’t blame us for wishing it had. The whole ‘relaunch’ vibe of the issue comes at a good time, as a lot of you will have just started University, and so new beginnings will be something you’re getting used to. With this in mind, we’ve got two of our writers to unpack a debate a lot of you may well be having; can long distance love ever make it? We’ve got a lot to offer those of you not too familiar with the city. Check out our ‘Alternative Night Out’ section which shows there’s more to Sheffield than Pop Tarts and Balti King. So, we hope you enjoy the new-look issue. And for all of you Sheffield newcomers, a word to the wise; stay out of Corp. Love,

Caroline and Erin xx

ON THE COVER ♥ 6-7 Our LFW report!! ♥ 10-11 London riots feature ♥ 19-22 Our interview with Gentleman’s Dub Club ♥ 14 Find out if long distance relationships really can work ♥ 12-13 Get the low down on celebrity weddings ♥ 8-9 Explore the mind of a golddigger - would you do it for the dollar? ♥ 5 We look at what Sheffield has to offer the fashion world this winter ♥ 15 Is lip art the next big thing? ENTERTAINMENT


♥ 24-25 Check out our festivals review for all the mud-caked mayhem you csn handle

♥ 16 Lemon juice hair treatment? It can only be our weird beauty tips page!

♥ 26 Our alternative night out this issue - the Meadowhall student lock-in, discounts and fee doughnuts anyone? ♥ 27 Top list of this autumns song reviews! Cover Image: Google Images

♥ 17 This weeks easy-up do (trust us, it really is) ♥ 18 Lipstick lovers, check out our top tips for beautiful lips!

Showbiz New s

1. We’re having a bit of a case of musical deja vu,

with bands reforming all over the industry. Steps? YES. Fleetwood Mac? BRILLIANT. The Darkness? Yeah, that announcement was actually a bit of a tumbleweed moment.

2. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months, you will have

heard the, frankly, AMAZING news that Beyonce is pregnant. Sources close to Queen Bey have reportedly let slip that the couple are expecting a girl. Just think, it isn’t even born yet and that baby is already cooler than any of us will ever be.

3. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, everyones go-to-couple for a bit of reassurance

that love does really exist in Hollywood are reportedly on the brink of divorce following allegations of some extra-marital activity on Ashton’s part. And here’s us thinking he was one of the good ones. Unless he’s punking her.

4. X Factor is back, which officially confines our weekends to chinese takea-

way and shouting at contestants from our sofa. And this year, there is a lot to shout about. Is Mischa B really a bully? What does Rowland mean by ‘putting it down’? And why has nobody knighted Johnny Robinson?

5. For once, TOWIE addressed issues a bit more hard-hitting than vajazzles and how

to dump a girl via text (helpful hint, Joey, “hello, I don’t like you” isn’t the best way to do it) when Sam and Billie Faiers were attacked outside a London nightclub.

s w e N t i h s l l Bu

Disclaimer: May not be true in the traditional sense of the word (though we wish it was)...

1. Russell Brand won by a landslide vote in his bid to become Mayor of London. 2. Jedward have caught an extremely rare strain of laryngitis that has paralysed

their vocal chords, meaning they will be unable to assault the nation’s ears with their shouty cover versions of songs that were mediocre at best the first time round. Shame.

3. Kanye West won the coveted Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the hip-hop and shutter shade scenes. Taylor Swift interrupted his acceptance speech. HOW DOES IT FEEL, KANYE?

4. Lady GaGa was spotted in a velour tracksuit. In Primark.

5. Kerry Katona has officially resigned from the starring-in-reality-tv-series-whereI-promise-to-turn-my-life-around-only-to-show-up-shitfaced-on-This-Morning-twoweeks-later business.



And The

Cityecial p S r u F

Becky Tunney, 20 Elizabeth Dickinson, 22 Ellen Mcleod, 24 Studying: Media and Communications At: Birmingham City University, Style Inspiration: “Topshop, I work there, so I get a discount!”

Studying: History of Art and Design At: Manchester Met University Style Inspiration: “I love the 50’s era and a lot of my clothes are influenced by that, otherwise I love charity shops.”

Studying: Has graduated Style Inspiration: “I mainly shop in Topshop or charity shops.”

Look out for the Stiletto photographers around campus. You could be in the next issue!

London Fashion Week:

t s e l o o C T he h t r a E n Show O

LFW is often viewed as the renegade of the four major

pared down to a delicate cornflower blue mottled with just a hint of poppy red, it was elegant yet youthfashion weeks, with even Anna ful. Chunky ankle straps featured on Wintour declaring her love for even the daintiest of heels, in a look the quirk and shock-factor of that will undoubtedly be copied up the Brits. With 104 shows, there and down the high street. was a huge variety of classic and Another young designer making boundary-pushing from designers his mark is Christopher Kane. Since young and established. working with Versace on their VerThe overarching trends throughout sus line, Kane’s fashion clout has the major shows appeared to come rocketed. This season, Kane crefrom younger and edgier designated a ‘ghost fabric’, a beautiers, with up and coming Greek deful shimmering material made signer Mary Katrantzou provof four layers of aluminium ing to be the biggest influence organza; and the beautiful of the week. Katrantzou’s sig1940’s style dresses created nature chaotic print was seen in this most modern of fabat Louise Gray, Michael Van rics ensured gasps in the front Der Ham and Peter Pilotto; row. Expect chiffon to continalthough nobody did it betue as a huge trend into S/S 12 ter than Mary herself. With as sheer was still a buzzword different prints on the same at Fashion Week, although piece, Katrantzou made it in more ladylike shapes than easier to get the thrown-tothe masculine tailoring we have gether aesthetic without looking seen on the high street this sealike a bag-lady. Anticipate clashson. ing prints to become the big trend In stark contrast to Christopher that they deserved to be last seaKane’s ethereal collection, anothson. er young Scottish designer took The Erdem show is always highly the prize for the most striking. anticipated, and did not disappoint. Jonathon Saunders’ super bright Held in the beautiful Savoy Hotel, opaque crayon-box hues and with his signature floral motif


waiting list, and when a show pulls Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart to the front row, you know that it’s going to be something special. Hair was tousled at the front with a backcombed crown, looking effortlessly sexy, and the micro-trend of socks and heels doesn’t seem to be vanishing soon. The Mulberry show was an A-List mecca Henry Holland’s show was an icecream coloured saccharine feast, however too much sugar seems to added a youthful edge to grown-up have caused a cavity in the reviews silhouettes. Below the knee skirts of the show, with his star-print and blazer jackets ruled supreme in tights the main attraction. However, Holland seems a tasteful redress of the 80’s power suit. “With the quirk flag to pervade the high street every season Brocade made a return to the catwalk flying proudly in London, (he’s to blame for after a few years the indulgence of Milan, the suspender tight trend and slogan tin exile, although Saunder’s full blaz- starkness of New York shirt revival) so deer-and-skirt suits and primness of Paris all spite the critics reviews, expect pastel in handmade deep to be a spring/sumpurple and bright seem off the mark.” mer sleeper trend. orange Brocade London Fashion Week SS12 was may be more fitting on the street as a huge success. And with the quirk separates. Trends that you can expect to see flag flying proudly in London, the copied on the high street include ex- indulgence of Milan, starkness of tra-long fringing (Giles, Mark Fast, New York and Temperley), white blazers (Antonio p r i m n e s s Berardi, Acquascutum, Todd Lynn) of Paris all and super-shiny metallic (Acne, seem off the Giles and Topshop Unique). Embel- mark. lishments were supersized for SS12, where even the queen of simplicity at Mulberry embellished beautiful skirts with oversized gold paillette sequins. Mulberry also showed the most anticipated accessories of the season, with models accompanied Kane’s coveted by adorable puppies! However the ‘ghost’ fabric new style handbags are almost as desirable and surely created a huge

When I Grow Up It seems that today, we have become obsessed with copycatting the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Stiletto’s Erin Cardiff asks what happened to the girls who wanted something other than Moet and Mulberry?

This is a genuine Facebook group: ‘Why Do I Need An Educa-

children today are sports star, pop star and actor/actress. Compare this with the results of the same study tion? I Can Just Marry A Rich Man carried out twenty five years earlier, When I’m Older!” And judging by which found that teacher, banker and most of the members’ comments, doctor were the most coveted careers there is no hint of irony or sarcasm amongst children. here. No, these girls are completely So what has caused this shift? Why serious. is a normal lifestyle involving slightWe need to ask why so many womly less Chanel and slightly more Prien think like this. I mean, the idea mark suddenly so undesirable? Why wasn’t born out of nowhere. Everyis glitz and wealth prized above hapwhere you go these days piness and health? The you have celebrity culture “Why join the way I see it, modern times pretty much screamed in have quickened life’s pace your face. We’re told over rat race when to an almost chaotic deand over again that our gree. Have you ever people you can marry Hollywood friends really watched and just thought: know how to live, and we a man who’ll ‘why is everybody in such should be taking a leaf out a rush’? I mean, we have of their perfectly polished run it for you?” fast food. Express lanes. books. It’s like we’re You can even get plastic writing lines at school or surgery in your lunch hour. something: ‘I should be rich, I should It isn’t really any wonder that this rich.’ So, when something is so en‘quick fix’ mentality has spilled over grained in our minds as the right way into the way we think about money. to live, we can’t blame these girls I’m not saying I agree, but you can’t for wanting to get on board and ride deny these women’s logic. Why join the fast-track to fortune. But we can the rat race when you can marry a certainly question why they fell for it man who will run it for you? all in the first place. After some investigatory googling, I I will point out though; it’s not just found a number of tools available to us girls who have women, offering them help in finding conceived this the right man with the right bank balobsession with ance. One of the most popular is Sugthis whole, an online dating servc e l e b r i t y - ice that describes itself as a meeting lifestyle-sim- place for the “classy, attractive and ulation. A 2009 affluent.” The overwhelming amount study found that the of members proves that this phenomtop three ambitions of


I Want To Be...


enon shows no signs of slowing down. sweeps her off her feet. Would she One of the most visited pages on the have taken all of the shit if he wasn’t site is titled ‘reasons to date a suc- John James Preston, New York City cessful guy.’ Reading through it, I had investment banker, but instead just Avone main train of thought. Why is this erage Joe? I’m not faulting these men, making us women sound so incapa- ambition and success are great assets. ble? “Girls, aren’t you tired of dating What it comes down to is priorities. A underachievers who cannot afford to relationship is not a business deal, we take you to nice restaurants and on va- shouldn’t be bartering; trading other cations?” Obviously everybody likes qualities in favour of a more sizeable salary. We should be a bit of celebrity treatment now and then, but “We shouldn’t be thinking of money as first of all, I, and I suspect bartering; trading a bonus, not an essential. Because when you most other young women, would be happy with other qualities in think about it, anybody can be rich. Money is a Nando’s and a bottle of rose. And secondly, is it favour of a more fluid. You make is, you lose it. But, not everynot more important that the guy buying you all sizeable salary. ” body can be a truly decent person. Sure, you these fancy dinners and whisking you off on holiday is actu- can pretend. But how long will that ally a decent one? last? It seems popular culture has shown us that for our happy ending to truly be happy, it needs to be wearing an Armani suit. Just look at Carrie Bradshaw Is money really more and Mr Big. Ten years, important than countless break-ups and morals? a handful of decidedly more suitable men (Remember Aiden? Despite his failure to realise that denim is not the only fabric out there, he was a catch), it is Big that finally

They came, they saw, they burnt down Nandos. But as the dust from the worst rioting the country has seen in decades settles, England are asking what the hell happened. Are we really that angry, or did we just want an excuse to misbehave? Stiletto’s Caroline Canty thinks that this has been a long time coming...



millions watched a building that had withstood the blitz burn to the ground, im sure many of us thought the same thing; ‘so it’s come to this...’ The atrocities that we witnessed over the riots weekend will stay with us for a long time to come, I’m

“This is just stupidity on a very dangerous level.” sure. I’m not just talking about the families that have to rebuild their lives, or the hole in the economy that the wreckage has left. I’m talking about the fact that the entire section of society which committed those crimes, and the values they hold will, quite literally, stay with us. The sort of values that cause countless people to destroy family run businesses because they wanted to “stick it to the rich” - not forgetting the mentality that causes them to break into a patisserie and steal a tub of ice-cream and some wafers, because they probably didn’t even know what a patisserie was. They ransacked LIDL and broke into MacDonalds to cook their own food. This is not your average criminal,

StilettoFeatures the ones that steal things for a specific reason, this is just stupidity on a very dangerous level. It is my belief that this total disregard for the welfare of others comes from a very deep-rooted source - you breed the generation you deserve. The last generation had it’s own shit to deal with. The Thatcher years made life hard for a many people; they had a recession, the trade unions died and a new class structure emerged. There’s no point in denying that the social structure is still very much alive and it’s kicking us to death. Now I’m not saying that every individual is to blame. As many politicians told us, we saw the worst of britain and we saw the best of Britain, and the spirit that sparked the broom army in London, and the post-it note wall in Manchester is what we should be - obviously we cannot all be held responsible. But the root of the problem, what allowed this to develop, is very much our own doing. There are no communities anymore, no one cares who their neighbours are. My dad always goes on about the fact that “in his day” you wouldn’t dream of stealing anything from the corner shop, because he knew who your mum was. Stereotypical I know, but it’s true. When society crumbled, what used to make this country great

crumbled as well, and it has never been rebuilt. The mass unemployment led to even more, and the anger stemmed into the children until it became what we have now - youths who have no respect for anyone because they have never been shown it themselves, in some cases not even by their own parents. In this sense it is understandable that they have become as reckless as they have - why should they care about anyone when no-one cares about them? This generation has been bred through the mistakes of the last one. In my opinion though this does in no way account for the pond-life that smashed every other window in Manchester. When I walked

“There are no communities anymore.” through the morning after it was nothing short of a police state. And it sickened me. It is true that you breed the generation you deserve and sooner or later people will have to face up to that, but perhaps the underlying reason, the one we can do nothing about, is that common-sense, simply, isn’t actually that common anymore.

Til death

tints s b a h e ns, r w o ces) d r o k v a i e r d blic b ion pound u p r o ( ltimill u m d an

do us part...

Summer 2011 was undoubtedly the summer of celebrity love, with countless A-Z list couples tying the knot. But does wedding of the year guarantee marriage of a lifetime? Stiletto’s Elle O’Brien has a look.

You are cordially invited to:

You are cordially invited to:

The Reality Wedding

The RoyalWedding

Kim Kardashion & Kris Humphries Prince William& Kate Middleton

In this time of economic recession, it’s com- Watched by 24.5million in the UK forting to know that any spare millions are used in alone, I won’t relay to you the minute details of a sensible, frugal and understandable way... that is, spent on diamonds and whacked on top of Kim Kardashian’s head. When she married NBA player Kris Humphries last month, shockingly the $2million, one-of a-kind diamond encrusted headpiece was not the only extravagant ‘necessity’ on the reality star’s big day. She also showcased not one, but THREE, $25,000 Vera Wang gowns in front of 500 champagne slurping guests. However, Kim K may not just be a pretty face/reality queen/sex tape star but also a shrewd businesswoman as not one of cent of her own $35million fortune was spent on the ceremony. In fact, the newlyweds made money from their nuptials, pocketing a tidy $17.9million from TV, magazine and advertising deals. Who said romance was dead? Having once said she wouldn’t dream of crying at her wedding for fear of ruining her make-up, Kim Komplainer seems a little high maintenance to say the least; this is a woman who cried about being denied access to her private jet because “I HAVE TOO MANY SHOPPING BAGS, MOM!”. Only when you’ve have a musty scented stranger scratch dandruff onto your lap on the 52 bus (a true and disgusting story) can you complain about public transport.

Note: At the time of writing this, Kim K was still happily married. But after 72 days of matrimonial bliss, the most expensive wedding in reality TV history may well be about to turn into the messiest divorce. Who’ll get that headpiece?

this, the wedding of the century. Suffice to remind you of the one show-stealing sister, two balcony kisses and countless questionable hats. Our future Queen must have had the same anxieties as every bride, but Kate didn’t only have her sister’s lime-light stealing derriere to worry about, as it was her own wedding guests who tried upstage the bride in the beauty stakes... I’m looking at you Beckham. For me, what made the day were the down-to-earth elements: the decorated ‘JU5T WED’ vintage Aston Martin, the Reebok wearing nun and the Queen’s obvious rush to the start of the buffet queue as she quickly called a stop to balcony-time. Now hauled into celebrity life, the once ‘Waity Katey’ has topped best dressed lists and even has an American Vogue cover in the pipeline. With perks like these, we shouldn’t expect the sound of divorce bells anytime soon. This fairytale wedding of the heir to the throne to the commoner princess gives all us hope that the next prince might be charmed by another mere mortal...Hellooo Harry!


You are cordially invited to:

You are cordially invited to:

The Rock & RollWedding

The ReclusiveWedding

Kate Moss& Jamie Hince

Rachel Weisz& Daniel Craig

true 007 fashion, James Bond actor Daniel There were reportedly performances In Craig married his girlfriend of just six months,

by Beth Ditto, Snoop Dogg, Iggy Pop and Bryan Ferry. People were airlifted from the proceedings by helicopter. Roads were closed and whole villages were brought to a standstill. No, not Glastonbury, but ‘MossStock’ as the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince was dubbed by disgruntled locals. In true rock star fashion, the wedding was a three day festival-like event, saturated with the beautiful, rich and semi-sober, with Kate describing it as a ‘Rock and roll Great Gatsby’. In the battle of the Kates, I have to declare my commitment to Team Moss in the wedding dress stakes, sorry K Mid! Kate glided around the disrupted Cotswold village in her vintage style Galliano creation looking every bit the bohemian supermodel we all wish we were. There are many internet sceptics predicting the pair will succumb to the model/musician marriage stereotype, it’ll result in a few beautiful kids but end with hundreds of not so pretty divorce papers. But after four seemingly quiet years together, the relationship might be more stable and subdued than we give them credit for. I bet Doherty’s kicking himself in his crack den.

Rachel Weisz, in a top-secret ceremony. Reportedly, there were only four guests present at the ‘I do’s’ but little more is known about the details of the year’s quietest wedding. To someone as nosey as myself, a private celebrity wedding is a huge annoyance, but this pair may be onto something. In Hollywood, the rule of thumb seems to be that the more private the wedding, the longer the marriage. There is only one photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s beach wedding (believe me, I’ve scoured the internet searching for more) and even that is an unofficial paparazzi shot. Yet this notoriously private couple are six years and two kids down and appear happier than ever. Let’s compare and contrast ‘Newlyweds’ Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who made an MTV reality show and a shed load of cash from their glitzy wedding , three year marriage and messy divorce. Awkward. My own parents’ wedding was so low key there was neither a wedding dress nor a third guest, but after thirty three years together, they’re not yet sick of the sight of each other. From this, it’s apparent that the secret is secrecy itself; the longest and happiest marriages are a result of personal, intimate and laid-back weddings. Well, maybe just not turning it into a two-hour reality show special. Eh, Kim K?

“It’s apparent that the secret is secrecy itself.”



Can your relationship

Go The Distance? Last month, thousands upon thousands of new students arrived in Sheffield. Fresh faced and ready to destroy their livers, their cars overflowing with all the essentials to kit out their home from home. But how many bought along a little extra baggage? A boyfriend. Two Stiletto writers unpack one of the most complex debates in dating. Does long distance ever really work?

Kim’s Story: “It’s simply not worth the heartache” A few years ago if anyone asked me

whether or not I’d go to university with a boyfriend the answer would be a definite and absolute; “no.” However my opinions swiftly changed during the summer before I was due to go to university when I was swept away in a whirlwind of teenage romance. I spent weekends going home to visit him, and evenings spent pining over the phone to him. Instead of getting myself involved with societies, clubs, or going out as much as any Fresher should, I was going to bed as early as possible and counting down the days until the weekend until I could visit him. Despite him only visiting twice in the two terms we were together, the entirety of my first year is tainted by thoughts of him. And, think about it from his point of view; a girlfriend, surrounded by alcohol, parties and a licence to essentially do whatever she wants without her boyfriend finding out, really is the recipe for jealousy. Do you really wanting to be constantly reminding your boyfriend that the guy with his arm around your neck in every photo is just a friend not a sleazy guy hitting on her? It’s simply not worth the heartache. The first few months of university life are vital for making lots of new friends, going out as much as possible and engaging in all the activities. But this is just not possible when your heart is elsewhere.

Alisha’s Story: “If you really love them, you’ll make it work” My boyfriend is currently 14,567 miles

away and has been so for the past 2 months and 15 days. And roughly 45 minutes. “Oh it’ll be fine,” people say, “not long now until he’s back and you can see him all the time!” Well, not really. As he usually studies in Nottingham, we only manage to see each other a few times a month; encompassing the entirety of our weekends. And phone credit. There comes a point in long distance relationships when your friends are out for the third time that week, you’re stuck in on the phone and you can’t help but think: ‘is this really worth it?’ University is a bizarre time, filled with new friends, disgusting amounts of Corp vodka and Come Dine With Me marathons. It’s also one you’ll never re-live; a wonderful limbo between the cradled world of sixth form and the pains of adulthood. It’s therefore difficult to decide whether you want to take the risk of a long distance relationship spoiling your opportunity to meet new people and throw yourself into new experiences, or if you really cannot help being with this person. Although it sounds of no great compliment to my boyfriend, I agree with all the reasons not to have a long distance relationship at university. I wish I held those beliefs myself. Unfortunately, I simply cannot help but like the prick. If you really love them, you’ll make it work without destroying your university experience. If not, something probably wasn’t right in the first place.

If it worked for Drew and Justin... IMAGE: GUARDIAN.CO.UK

? l u f r e d n o W r o d r i e W


This month ... Lip Tattoos!

A new craze in the beauty world has swept the nation - lip tattoos. With celebrities like Jessie J and Lady Gaga constantly sporting this new fashion it was only a matter of time before it caught on, so here is my review and verdict - is it weird, or wonderful? The first thing I noticed when I read the instructions was that it read like a car manual - difficult and a large portion of my day was out the window. So first tip - it sounds a lot more complicated than it is and please don’t be put off! The slip of card inside is pretty selfexplanatory, just cut out the bold outline and then measure it against your lips to cut out the dotted lines. The actual transfer was really straight forward and works just like any other temporary tattoo - if you use a wet flannel it is much easier to control how much water you put on, but you have to be liberal with it. Then wait about 40 seconds, peel back the paper, and dab water on to seal it . I’d advise using your finger for this instead, as the tattoo isn’t sealed at this stage and you don’t want your money

wasted with it being ripped off! It takes about 10 mins for it to completely dry, but if you’re on a night out it is REALLY important that you take some moisturising lip balm, blistex, etc - just something simple to keep covering it. The tat is very dry and needs moisture to keep it on for longer. Beware the corners of the mouth in particular! Overall I have to say I was amazed that something so mass produced could work so well - the effect (as you can see) was just what I would have expected, which ironically, WASN’T what I expected! I must admit I was very skeptical and predicted it to be absolute crap, which it wasn’t. So my verdict ...


u f r e d Won

.. but I still wouldnt pay Topshop prices all the way, ladies!


Weird Beauty Tips Does your make-up bag need updating? Do you need some tips to freshen up your face? Find out how natural yoghurt and sudocrem could become your new best friends, as girls from across the country share their weird and wonderful beauty secrets!


Tame and define bushy ‘brows with a bit of lip balm (make sure it’s not tinted!) - Bianca, 21, Sheffield


Swap your shampoo for lemon juice to lighten your hair - Emily, 20, Chester


If you fancy a break from mascara, try a bit of Vaseline to thicken your lashes instead - Alicia, 21, Sailsbury





Include brushing your lips in your toothbrushing routine to keep them smooth and soft - Kathryn, 20, Chester Make lipstick clubproof by applying a layer of concealer to your lips first - Jodie, 21, Bournemouth


Bags under your eyes? Problem solved with natural yoghurt! - Amy, 20, Peterborough

Tackle break-outs and blemishes with a spot of seudocrem - Emmy, 21, Dorset Mix bronzer and moisturiser to create an emergency fake tan - Hannah, 20, Northwich


The Easy Up-Do (no really, it is) The key to an easy up do is to make sure you are actually finding it easy. The second too much effort or too much pulling goes into the style means it loses its spontaneous appearance and seems worked and misshapen. What you must maintain when executing the perfect up-do is loose hands and fingers when actually handling the hair, all the securing is done when the hairband is in place and the shape is

1. Go for a primary school mid-part before you start to even the load on each side. Back brush at the back about half way down the head, this will give a good silhouette.

2. Run your fingers through your hair from the side of your head downwards, ruffling it and teasing as you do this.

3. Tie a rough and messy bun at the bottom of the head without pulling too hard or you’ll lose the shape you just created.

4. Once the hair band is in place, pull sections of your hair from the bun through the hairband to position the bun correctly. Only hairspray the back and top; if you do the front the strands it will look greasy.


Lipstick Changes Everything Why is everyone so afraid of lipstick? If it’s not the Rimmel pillar-box red it’s the Barry M pale pink, and it’s high time we decided to man up and commit to some more exciting lipwear.

A good lipstick is a fast track ticket to a knock out look, and

ing. The colours make lips look fuller and the colour won’t run the day I discovered this was the during a night out. I bought four day my life changed forever. of the six colours, my favourite being “Raspberry”, a dense At the moment I am frequentscarlet. As long as lipstick or tint ing an almost is teamed with medium to minifluorescent mal eye product and a slick of fuscia which highlighter cream on the cheeks is a fun reand brows, there is no way it can placement for look too drag-queeny, which I that standard know is why some shy away. It back up plan can also become the focus of an red and goes otherwise lacking outfit, much as with almost all shoes do. I learnt from my exthe same outfit model mother that make up artcolours. I got ists always apply one layer, dust mine from Barry M, “Shockwith powder and apply again, ing Pink”, and it was incredibly and this helps to maintain the cheap for the use I’ve got out vividness of the colour. Now, run of it. Another favourite of mine free lipstick lovers! currently is a very deep purple, “Smoked Purple” by MAC, that gives a trendy goth-over to any already black outfit, especially good with pale skin and dark hair of which awkwardly I have neither. My first port of call when committing to lip colour for the night is my extensive collection of Maxfactor lip tints. They are incredible; so wearable, very matte and really long last-


An Interview With ...

Gentleman’s Dub Club

If you were at a festival this summer, chances are you will have heard of Gentleman’s dub club. The nine piece band produce a unique sound with roots in ska, dub and reggae. Hannah Summersfield spoke to Trumpet player Matt Roberts...

“Five years

time, breaking America. With Grammys coming out of our arse” Your music is quite a collaboration of genres. For people who haven’t heard you before, how would you describe your sound? I think all the genres of music that we are bringing together can come under the umbrella of base music. It is anything, essentially, that has come from dub. It’s all kind of base culture music, and its all music which is meant to be danced to.

Who would you describe as your musical influences? The band started in Leeds, and I think perhaps the biggest influence that we would all agree on is Iration Steppas. They run a night in Leeds called Sub Dub and everyone in the band used to go. One of the manifestos of the band came from going to that night and we decided we’d like to try to build up that enor-

mous sound with live musicians. That’s why there are so many in the band, because it’s obviously a big sound that we are trying to replicate and it requires a large number of people. As you said, there are nine of you. How does that affect the way you make music? I think we are all professional musicians, and have been for a


while. We know how to work in a collaborative environment. The way the songs are usually written is that a smaller group within the band will get together and they’ll write the main skeleton of the song and then bring it to the band, and at that point slight adjustments might be made. What influences you lyrically? Our lyrics are just about what we know real life experiences that we’ve had. We hope that they are experiences that people can relate to as well. Stuff like making money, paying rent, going out to clubs, maybe getting into trouble. It’s all just classics stories. What has the fans response been? We often see the same faces, on the same tour and we’ll think “oh my goodness aren’t you getting bored of this music?” But obviously we love it and it forces us to add new music to each

set, make each night exciting and different. We owe so much to out fan base, we haven’t put out that much studio recorded music in the time we’ve been going. We have entirely relied on our live show and the support from our fans that way. We are just really grateful for the fans that are turning out night after night. Have you ever had any weird gifts from fans? That is an extremely good question. After a show once at Boomtown Fair a few of us were chatting and I ended up swapping clothes with a girl – so I put on her dress and she put on my suit – and then

we said goodbye and I went home in her dress. But there was a bit of a mail exchange afterwards where she post6ed me my suit back and I posted her dress back. Does that count? We were returning each other’s stuff so maybe that doesn’t count as a gift? You went to a lot of festivals this year. What is your best festival memory? I think one of the highlights of this year was Outlook festival in Croatia. This is a British run festival, run by some promoters who we are very good friends with from Leeds. This year they almost trebled their capacity and they


were very kind to us. They gave us a huge set on the main stage on the first night, so we were playing to about 8000 people. The festival is also a bass culture festival so it was probably the largest collection of our fans in one place. What is the one gig you’d love to play? Wow. Pyramid stage? Glastonbury? Is that too much to ask? That would certainly be a big moment if that ever happened! Then also a headline show at an enormous venue in London? But yeah Pyramid stage, Glastonbury, Sunday night. Headline slot, Mad-

ness and The Specials have just played before us. That’s the dream show. What can people expect from you if they’ve never been to one of your live shows? Lots of bass, a lot of energy, a lot of dancing and a lot of shouting as well. A pretty hectic experience and a lot of sweat as well. Where do you think you’ll be in five years time? Well hopefully we’ll have a couple of albums out by then. We’d like the band to just be running, working financially, still

playing shows. We hope people still turn up to the shows as they have been. One thing we haven’t done yet is any kind of world tour, that would be incredible. Japan, Thailand, America. Five years times breaking America. Grammy’s coming out of our ass, riding in Limousines. I hope I’m painting a picture here! To find out more about Gentleman’s Dub Club visit their website


Alternative Night out:

Meadowhall Student Lock-In

nuts to those waiting in the new academic year with a queues, as well as goodies grand gathering. Bargain-hunting students across Sheffield flocked to such as free chocolate, “We are already Meadowhall to take part in drinks, and shop products planning next a lock-in, and this time no and makeovers. year’s event.” alcohol was involved! Rationale Street dance “We’re delighted to crew were on hand in have welcomed so many On 29 September more Meadowhall to thrill the students to the Centre for than 15,000 students – student shoppers with their the Lock In event and hope with student loans in amazing break dancing that they are delighted pocket – came to the shop- and dance moves, also with the deals they manping centre in search of holding dance classes aged to pick up! The event the ultimate bargain at the for the particularly eager UK’s biggest student lock- shoppers who fancy a go. has proved such a success we are already planning in shopping event. for next year’s event.” Cupcakes threw No alcohol was Fancie. an exciting mad hatters’ Thousands of students involved! tea party and Stepz Dancy pre-registered online at Favourite shops such as Academy was also around for the Topshop, Levi’s, River to entertain the students huge shopping event. Island and Office offered in the Yorkshire shopping up to 30 per cent off durcentre. The Student Lock-In next ing the evening; perfect for comes to shopping centres Gemma Noble, Compost loan shopping. in Exeter, Leicester, Bath, munications Executive at Reading and Sunderland. Giveaways throughout Meadowhall, said: “Shef- So expect to see more the night included people field is a popular choice fashion-thirsty students on handing out dozen packs for students so we wanted a budget shopping spree at of Krispy Kreme doughto mark the start of the UK’s shopping centres! By Katie Whittaker

Mud, Music an For most students in the UK, summer wouldn’t be complete without a festival. From budget festivals such as Y-Not to the legend that is Glastonbury there is something on offer for everyone. Abbey Charley and Katy Moulton take us through some of their favourites. Y-Not Festival in the Peak District is three days of live music and camping which only costs £65. Its size means that the atmosphere is incredibly chilled out, it’s near-impossible to lose your tent and the toilets are half decent! Campfire sing-alongs are a given (try and find somebody who hasn’t brought a guitar) which guarantees you’ll leave with a lot more friends than you came with. Saturday is always fancy dress, and the weather three years ago resulted in lots of sailors mud wrestling in front of the main stage. Brilliant. Y-Not support local talent with a great mix of upcoming and established artists; last year’s line-up included Maximo Park, Feeder and Beardyman. Many of the smaller bands actually camp with festival-goers too, which means even more music around the clock (and probably a few embarrassing ‘fan-girl’ moments!). Budget festivals are not about commerciality, NME headlines and hype; they’re about intimate, inclusive atmospheres, no queues, (hilarious) new friends, new talent and most importantly saving some pennies! Reading and Leeds festival spans 4 days in late August, and marks the end of the summer season; the last chance to dance the summer

sun away. What began as a predominantly rock festival has grown into one of the most popular festivals for younger generations. With a wide variety of stages it caters for most music tastes. From the Lock Up stage, catering for hardcore and punk fans, to the dance tent, and NME for all things indie. It is clear why this festival remains a staple date on everyone’s calendar. Headliner highlights from the last few years have included Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Muse, Blink 182 amongst others. This festival is one not to be missed, embrace your inner rock chick, re-love those band t-shirts and smudge your eyeliner – no, it isn’t the rain.


nd Memories As far as Glastonbury is concerned, words fail. It really is something spectacular. It has everything a festival could offer in one field. A small, mile and a half sized field that is! The place is nothing less than magical and truly worth every minute of travelling and queuing and every penny of the ticket price.

Glastonbury is not just a festival to visit, it’s a phenomenon. This tented city offers freedom where society seems to forget the outside world for one unique weekend a year. Glastonbury offers something for all. With over 50 stages it would be hard not to. Not to be missed is the Stone circle. Glastonbury’s very own Stonehenge not complete without the torches, drums, chanting and gui-

tar playing into the early morning sunrise. Shangri-la offers the perfect after-hours entertainment; an alternative universe sure to cause that ‘pinch yourself’ moment. This year Shangri-la resembled a pre-apocalyptic city. With the world ending the theme was suitably ‘your last rave on earth’. And true to Glastonbury, they delivered just that. Glastonbury is completely worth the visit, we don’t need to tell you that. But with so much to discover its best to leave the list of ‘things to do and see’ at home and just soak up the magic. Whether its small and intimate or the life – altering Glastonbury experience you’re after, festivals are pretty much what Summer is all


Songs to make your Autumn beautiful The cold weather and long walks to lectures leave us missing the warmer, more relaxed months of summer. Katy Moulton takes us through some of her favourite new songs, all guaranteed to make autumn your new favourite season. Birdy – People Help The People

The Vaccines – Nørgaard

Stunning vocals and heartfelt lyrics from the 15 year-old singer. She sings ‘if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it’ – if you’re feeling stressed, get a mug of hot chocolate, get in your pyjamas, and let this song make it all go away.

Youthful, exuberant pop from what are undoubtedly one of the bands of the year. Perfect if you’re in need of encouragement to get you out of bed and to lectures on those cold November mornings. Listen to it loud and try not to smile; you just can’t.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine Ed Sheeran – Lego House Imagine the sunniest, happiest, prettiest place you’ve ever been. It will remind you of what it felt like to be warm in summer when it may start to feel a distant memory sometime around reading week.

This song is a more mature example of what he does best – adorable songs about love and heartache sung in one of the cutest voices around. Ed, build us a Lego house please, we’ll love you forever.

New Music Generator: Loaded message If you like: The Editors, Joy Division, Gaslight Anthem, Oasis, Interpol, White Lies The vocals are dark, the music is, refreshingly, not. The perfect combination of a band that take themselves seriously enough to produce sharp and credible songs but haven’t forgotten what it is to enjoy music; they have a lust for life that is both uplifting and infectious.


CampusOverheard... The following quotes were all said and subsequently overheard by genuine students here in Sheffield. Yep, little bit worrying, isn’t it?

Guy 1: Eugh! This beef burger is rank! Guy 2: You ordered a chicken burger, mate...

Overheard outside Aslans

“I had a blood test done this morning because I think I may be allergic to bananas” Overheard in the Health Sciences Library

it first “Wow, that was a “When started, I thought powerful sneeze my my drink had been spiked.” friend. I mean, if Overheard while I’d put a turbine watching a drama skit infront of your “I want to get so wasted I have a face, I reckon we could have powered religious experience.” Overheard outside the Octagon Glasgow.”

Overheard in the IC “Seriously, mate, it was well strange. Yesterday, I was here in the IC and I got a phonecall from my housemate telling me that he went into my room to use my printer and he found a cat in there” Overheard in the IC

Man arguing with girlfriend: But Janet, I think you’re being unreasonable, because I didn’t actually use the word ‘fat’.

“I would do unchristian things for free pizza.” Overheard at the Fresher’s Fair

“We didn’t have a tin opener so we opened the spaghetti with a circular saw.” Overheard on the tram

Like these? There are plenty more, just Facebook ‘Overheard at Sheffield University.’

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