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European Destination of Excellence



to the European destination of excellence! Laško, a small town situated on the banks of the Savinja river, was first mentioned many centuries ago. Featuring the healing thermal water, whose properties were well known even to the ancient Romans, Laško has always been known for its special energy. Water from the Laško hills is renowned for its high quality which is of key importance for the character of beer. Gingerbread baker and mead producer Franz Geyer was aware of that importance, and in 1825 he started brewing beer here in Laško. Today, more than 190 years after the brewery was founded, beer brewing in Laško is

still based on the love for this beverage and on the ancient traditions of master brewers. Not only beer but also honey produced in Laško with love and care is renowned for its high quality. Find relaxation for your body and soul in the destination which has been awarded the Slovenia Green Destination certificate. Brief vacation or a oneday trip to Laško will certainly fill you with joy. Experience the never ending thermal joys, green and active holidays, a rich cultural heritage and various events throughout the year. Come visit us and try our honey and Laško beer!

Laško – The Confluence of Good:

European Destination of Excellence Laško destination has won a prestigious European Commission’s award for accessible tourism: European Destination of Excellence (EDEN).

Laško – The Confluence of Good:

Slovenia Green Destination Laško is one of the most beautiful and green destinations in Slovenia. As a result, it was awarded a Certificate of Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, Slovenia Green Destination Bronze.

A WARM SHELTER OF THERMAL SPRINGS Unique relaxation for your body and soul. Take advantage of the healing properties of the high quality thermal water at Thermana LaĹĄko and Rimske terme spa resorts. Discover local wellness experiences based on a long tradition of brewing industry and beekeeping.

Rimske terme

Thermana LaĹĄko




• 181 rooms and 7 suites (in 4different colours and types, rooms with beds 220 cmlength, rooms with woodenflooring, connecting rooms for families, energetic rooms, rooms where pets are also allowed). • Self-service restaurant and a coffee lounge serving a wide selection of homemade delicious patisseries. • Children’s corner and rich animation program. • Parking garage and free outdoor parking place • Parking place for campers with water and power supplies. • EU Eco-label, a European award for promoting environmental excellence.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško****superior offers endless ways for the relaxation of body and mind under one roof. Through its philosophy of thermal water pleasures and programs for relaxation and pampering it helps you to achieve better health and well-being. You can start your journey in the Thermal Water Drinking Hall, where a glass of the Laško thermal water will stimulate and revitalize your body. You will also find a wide range of inspiring water relaxations under the unique glass dome and a rich selection of massages and wellness treatments. You will also find delight in our cuisine. Indulge in gourmet delights in our restaurants or in the pleasant atmosphere of the Café with a great selection of drinks and desserts of all kinds. The varied animation program will further enrich your vacation and entertain all generations. Welcome to the company of well-being. Thermana d.d., Zdraviliška cesta 6, SI-3270 Laško I +386 (0)3 423 2000



The story of Laško beer dates back to 1825, when gingerbread baker and mead producer Franz Geyer founded the brewery. Experience the tradition and the modern brewing procedures at the Laško brewery and make a toast with the excellent Laško beer. Try the unique beer wellness experience and special culinary pleasures based on beer.

Discover the rich and long tradition of beekeeping! You can experience the complete honey story featuring the gardens of honey plants, beekeeping presentations and the use of bee products for health benefits and life optimism. Taste various bee products and take advantage of the unique wellness programmes based on honey.

Laško beer. Beer with tradition. Become part of the unique beer experience by staying at the Bed&Breakfast Savinja (Prenočišča Savinja) where the first Laško beer was brewed. See our current offers at

Honey. Natural source of energy.

ACCESSIBLE TOURISM With people in mind.

Top-level medical programs in Thermana Laško and Rimske terme are accessible for movement-impaired persons, blind, visually- and hearing-impaired persons. Excellent tourist products also join other local sights, attractions and stories, which is why Laško won the European Destination of Excellence award for accessible tourism.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCES Stories from the past, from generation to generation.

The well-preserved town centre, the castle, churches and museums tell numerous intriguing stories from the prehistoric times until today. Discover and learn about artisanal and art heritage of the Laško area or take part in workshops where you can develop new skills. This will make an unforgettable experience!


Leisure time activities for every taste. Enjoy the countless mountain and hiking trails or discover the diverse and varied landscape on bike. Swim in the healing thermal water, experience the unique Roman baths or take advantage of plenty of opportunities for swimming and other pool activities under the exclusive glass dome.

EVENTS Diversity throughout the year.

Throughout the year, LaĹĄko is characterized by cultural, music, ethnographical, sports, entertainment and culinary events. The confluence of good is a place where you can experience tradition, customs and habits from the past or enjoy music and festive events. For more information visit


A precious message of the local environment. Discover the rich taste of honey and carefully prepared treats made with beer or served with it. You should ask for typical dishes made with reheated cream that embody the magical spirit of the countryside combined with a rich heritage and tradition.

Enhance your culinary experience! Laško Castle is not only a tourist sight but also a restaurant called Pavus, which is led by renowned Slovenian chef Marko Pavčnik. He brings local, traditional ingredients to a high culinary level using modern cooking techniques. His menu includes dishes with warmed cream and Laško beer. Take a tour around the beautifully renovated castle with a unique view on Laško, try local beer or wine, have a treat with exquisite desserts or enjoy a great culinary experience.

Open: Wed–Sat: from 12.00 to 22.00 Sun and holidays: from 12.00 to 20.00 (in winter until 17.00) Mon closed. Tuesday only for groups with prior reservation and cooking classes.


Pavus Restaurant – Laško Tabor Castle +386 (0)3 620 07 23 • •

20 minutes from center

5 minutes from center

RESTAURANT PIZZA HOUSE Offer: lunch, à la carte, pizza …

WORKING HOURS: Te l : 7 3 4 3 3 3 0


w w w. p i z z e r i j a - s p i c a . c o m

Open: Mon-Thu from 8:00 to 22:00 Fri-Sat from 8:00 to 24:00, Sun from 8:00 to 22:00

GOSTILNA BEZGOVŠEK Trubarjevo nabrežje 31, 3270 Laško T: +386 (0)3 573 17 04, +386 (0)40 164 455 E: | I:


Farmers market at TIC Laško



Every Wednesday, a Farmers market is organised at TIC Laško, where you can try out and purchase homemade delicacies and products directly from farmers.

Every Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00



TIC Laško, Valvasorjev trg 1, 3270 Laško, +386 (0)3 733 89 50 • •



Discover the tradition of brewing industry in Laško, where the beer has been brewed since 1825, and raise a toast with Laško beer.

Discover the undiscovered. The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Laško organizes guided tours and daytrips (for groups) to the confluence of good. You can choose from a range of standard programmes, which can be modified to your taste, or you can visit the numerous sites of interest on your own.

Top tours and daytrips to the European destination of excellence:









the Laško brewery with beer tasting)

(Tour of town including Laško Museum) (Trip to Šolar Beekeeping and Gingerbread Products)

Jurklošter Carthusian Monastery)



Visit to the Laško museum, Viewing of the brewing procedures at the Laško brewery, Beer tasting with savoury pastries in a selected pub.

Informations: TIC Laško, Valvasorjev trg 1, Laško +386 3 733 89 50,;

Slapsak J arm The Slapšak Farm is known for the Polhova jama pit, which contains remnants of an old mine. Guided tours of the preserved mine pit Introduction to the life and work of miners in the past Tasting of homemmade food in the preserved mine pit Perkmandeljc (mine dwarf) forest educational trail

AN AFTERNOON WITH THE POET (Trip to Aškerc Homestead in Senožete)



(Tour of the Polhova jama pit in Padež)

More information and the full range of daytrips are available at TIC Laško. Padež 5, 3270 Laško • T: +386 (0)3 573 91 61 • M: +386 (0)31 336 431 • E:

ACCOMODATION Pleasant and comfortable stay. HOTELS

Thermana Laško

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško**** Hotel Thermana Park Laško****superior Zdraviliška 4, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 423 20 52 e i Capacities: 208 rooms with a total of 365 beds, of which 98 beds are specially adapted for the disabled (Zdravilišče Laško), 90 rooms with a total of 154 beds (Thermana Park Laško)

Rimske terme

Hotel Rimski dvor**** Hotel Sofijin dvor**** Hotel Zdraviliški dvor**** Toplice 10, 3272 Rimske Toplice t +386 (0)3 574 20 11 e i Capacities: 68 double rooms, 8 suites (Hotel Rimski dvor), a total of 43 elegantly furnished single and double rooms and apartments (Hotel Sofinjin dvor), a total of 76 single and double rooms and apartments, of which 4 rooms are specially adapted for the disabled (Hotel Zdraviliški dvor)


Bed&Breakfast Savinja (Prenočišča Savinja)

Valvasorjev trg 1, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 733 89 50 m +386 (0)51 305 466 e i Capacities: 5 double rooms and 4 single rooms

Veno Apartments (Apartmaji Veno****)

Jagoče 2c, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 898 57 81 m +386 (0)31 625 561 e i Capacities: 6 apartmajev

Under the Castle Apartment

(Apartma Pod gradom****) Taborje 1, 3270 Laško m +386 (0)41 325 020 e i Capacities: 1 apartment 65 m2

Na Škaluc Estate (Posestvo Na Škaluc****)

Hotel*** Aqua Roma

Toplice 2, 3272 Rimske Toplice t +386 (0)3 573 68 50 m +386 (0)51 432 512 e i Capacities: 45 beds in 21 rooms (1/4, 1/3, 19/2)

Hotel Hum Laško***

Trg svobode 1, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)82 804 700 e i Capacities: 28 double rooms

Trobni Dol 33, 3271 Šentrupert t +386 (0)3 73 40 820 m +386 (0)41 630 066, 051 355 422 e i Capacities: 9 beds in 2 suites

Carpediem Apartments

(Apartmaji Carpediem***) Kidričeva 39, 3270 Laško m +386 (0)64 154 411 e Capacities: 3 apartments (1/2+2, 1/4, 1/6)

Aina Villa (Vila Aina***)

Jagoče 3d, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)5 922 76 52 f +386 (0)5 922 76 53 m +386 (0)30 642 765 e i Capacities: 3 apartments (2+2) or (4+2), 2 suites (4 persons), 7 double rooms with a total of 38 beds

Čater Restaurant

(Gostilna Čater***) Marija Gradec 34, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 734 06 80 e i Capacities: 4 double rooms, 2 five bed rooms


Vila Monet Boarding House


Nemec Tourist Farm*** (Turistična kmetija Nemec***)

(Penzion Vila Monet****) Savinjsko nabrežje 4, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)82 05 07 51, m after 22:00 +386 (0)41 435 902 f +386 (0)82 05 07 58 e i Capacities: 6 double rooms, 2 rooms with an extra bed

Sedraž 3, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 573 65 49 m +386 (0)41 218 743 m +386 (0)31 383 162 e i Capacities: 16 beds (4/2 in 2/2+2)

Penzion Park Boarding House

Pirc Tourist Farm**** (Turistična kmetija Pirc****)

(Penzion Park***) Zdraviliška cesta 22, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 734 33 28 m +386 (0)31 750 009 e i Capacities: 8 rooms, a total of 26 beds in double and four bedroom apartments

Lahomšek 1, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 573 14 55 m +386 (0)31 704 930 e i Capacities: apartments 2/2+2 in 1/4+2


Šmohor Cabin (Dom na Šmohorju)

784 m

Kopitnik Lodge (Koča na Kopitniku)

865 m

2572 ft Šmohor 9, 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 573 32 70 m +386 (0)31 287 340 e Capacities: 27 beds in single and double rooms, 11 in shared bedrooms

2837 ft Gore 14, 1431 Dol pri Hrastniku m +386 (0)31 268 971 m +386 (0)41 706 468 m +386 (0)51 680 002 e Capacities: 24 beds in single and double rooms, 15 in shared bedrooms

...v udobnem narocju š neokrnjene narave... ...v udobnem narocju š ... a soft touchneokrnjene of pure nature ... narave...


Na Škaluc posestvo

Na Škaluc

Lodging, treehouse, countryside wellness, cuisine ... Our appartment is situated in a green, peaceful and sunny location just a 10minute walk from the town centre. It is spread over 65 m2, with fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom, additional smaller bedroom, spacious bathroom with shower, toilet, bidet and additional separate toilet. It has it’s own parking space and possibility of using utility room for bicycles or similar. Outdoor terrace with flower garden offers the possibility of using the grill in a comfortable wooden arbor.

Na Škaluc Estate, Trobni Dol 33, 3271 Šentrupert, Slovenia T: +386 (0)3 73 40 820 or +386 (0)51 355 422 E:, I:

Apartma Pod gradom**** Taborje 1, 3270 Laško M: +386 (0)41 325 020 E: I:

Salobir Agritourism Farm Trobni Dol 39, 3271 Šentrupert tel. +386 3 573 80 44 mob. +386 41 613 961 e-mail:

Carpediem Apartments*** Family house in beautiful location. A very special place to stay. Aparthotel CARPE DIEM Lasko are the perfect choice for people seeking a more quiet and independent rest while visiting Lasko than can get in a big hotel. Extremely romantic and laid back boutique-hotel. It is a delightful place for those who prefer a small, simple, comfortable hotels full of character and charm. Modern, stylish family aparthotel tastefully decorated, surrounded by greenery is located in a cozy quiet location at the foot of mount Hum with beautiful views of the old castle. The famous in Slovenia, the brewery and the Thermal spring (Spa resort) are located about 10 minutes’ walk away from the apartment.

Our comfortable guest room is the ideal point of departure for your cultural, romantic and gastronomic discoveries in the old town. It’s the centre but it’s not the main street - so you’ll have a good sleep. The complex offers varying accommodation - excellent rooms, suites, and self-catering apartments - all are furnished in a modern style and decorated according to the individual author’s design are perfect for couples, friends and families. Lovers of traditional family-run hotels will be enchanted. Great place, all year round, for weekend or holidays.

Apartmaji Carpediem, Kidričeva ulica 39, 3270 Laško, Slovenija T: +386 (0)64 154 411, E:,

All information about a pleasant stay, full of experiences.

Bed&Breakfast Savinja

APARTMENTS VENO**** In an idyllic location just below the most prominent peak of Laško region (Hum) there are 6 apartments, which offer a memorable vacation in the tranquility of unspoiled nature. They allow you to admire the awakening of the day and watch the sun rise behind Hum. All that in peace and quiet. During the day you can pamper your body and soul in the nearby wellness center or get lost in relaxing walkways, exciting bicycle tracks and hiking trails and many more. The surroundings fill even the most demanding visitor with enthusiasm and offer ideal con-

ditions for vacation, either relaxing or active. Only a short walk away is a city of Laško well-known for its rich cultural and historic sights. In addition to a comfortable four-star accommodation, we offer observed parking spaces and a bicycle shed with bicycles to rent or only store. We pay great attention to every guest and help them create a wonderful vacation. We look forward to your visit. Apartments Veno Jagoče 2c, 3270 Laško, Slovenia T: +386 3 898 57 81, +386 31 625 561 E: I:

B&B Savinja (Prenočišča Savinja) is located in the Laško town centre, on the left bank of Savinja River and on the premises of the Laško Torust Information Centre (TIC Laško). There are nine modern 3-star rooms in the first story of the renovated medieval building where you can relax, take a rest and sleep very well. The rooms feature solid wood furniture, beds with high-quality mattresses and floor covered with soft carpet. Every room includes TV, refrigerator and a spacious bathroom with shower or tub.


5 double bedrooms, 4 single bedrooms, LCD TV, free WI-FI, breakfast, rent a bike, additional discount in the nearby spa, souvenirs, tours, trips …

Close to shop, pharmacy, health care centre, railway and bus station. Reservation: TIC Laško, Valvasorjev trg 1, 3270 Laško T: +386 3 733 89 50 | M: +386 51 305 466 E: |

TIC Laško

For any information about Laško – The Confluence of Good, visit TIC Laško. Promotional leaflets and brochures Tickets Souvenirs and gifts Homemade delicacies Handicrafts TIC Laško, Valvasorjev trg 1, 3270 Laško T: +386 (0)3 733 89 50, +386 (0)51 305 466 E:, I:,

Laško Beer and Flowers, the oldest tourist-festival event in Slovenia

well as the traditional closing brewery parade with the marching band.

Year 2016 – the fifty-second Laško Beer and Flowers Festival, and 53 years since the creative and visionary inhabitants of Laško organised the first one. It only failed to be organised once, in 1984, when the bridge over Savinja was being reconstructed. It is known as the oldest tourist and music event in Slovenia and it is the pride of Laško, having put the town on the map of the summer tourist-music festival scene.

The musical performers come from all around the world and perform music for all tastes and generations, from Folk, Pop, Jazz, R’n’B, Soul, Funk and Latino to Rock, Musical and even Classical music. That is one of the many reasons why the festival is becoming a more and more family event, where each family member can find their favourite stage and music genre. Over 50 musical acts in four days are a testament to the versatility and the richness of the programme of the event. Musical guests are both local and global celebrities, rising or established stars, bands, individuals, and even dancers.

Numbers that call for respect In over half a century, the festival has hosted several thousand artists. It went from being a local event into an internationally acclaimed music festival, attracting visitors from various countries in the region and from elsewhere. In just over half a century, several million people have visited Laško, which is something not many towns with barely over 3000 inhabitants can boast. The organisers and main sponsors in the Laško Brewery count the pints of beer drunk in more than double the number of visitors, and they have already stopped counting in hectolitres. Every year, around 700 locals participate in the organisation of the ethnographic and horticultural programme or are involved in other organisational challenges. 48 couples have so far been married as part of the festival’s Getting hitched after the old customs, which have also taken care of producing the festival offspring.

A festival, connected to the town The festival spirit takes over the entire town of Laško, from Jagoč, where the camping site is, to the Laško Brewery, and across river Savinja towards the spa park, where the children and flowers come to their own. Even the river Savinja plays its part, may it be connected to the traditional fireworks or horticulture. In the town, compressed between the surrounding mountains and truncated by the river, there is room for five music stages. And that is not all – a veritable ethnic village is placed in the town, and the streets host a parade of the Laško Band and Majorettes, as

Music connects

Everything is taken care of During the festival, everything is provided for. The stalls are full of food and drink, the children are safe in the »Children’s Centre«, or enjoying one of the many animation games, fairy-tale hours, fun here and there. Sport and other fun games, as well as relaxation, meditation, or adrenaline events are available to visitors. Music fans can visit the festival camp, where there are plenty of sports and fun events happening every day. The Laško Beer and Flowers Festival is unique in Slovenia, constantly improving its reputation and value at home as well as abroad. There is something new to see every year, not only on the level of musical performers, but also in improved content and organisation, may it be a more responsible relationship with the environment, a symbolic entrance fee or a noble act of charity connected to it. How firmly entrenched the event is in the calendars of its fans is only confirmed by the fact that even non-ideal weather has no effect on the number of visitors.

Visit the festival Laško

Beer and Flowers Festival!

TIC Laško, Valvasorjev trg 1, 3270 Laško T: +386 (0)3 733 89 50, +386 (0)51 305 466 E:, I:, Facebook “f” Logo

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Edited and published by: STIK Laško (Center za šport, turizem, informiranje in kulturo Laško), Trg svobode 6, Laško, Photography: Boris Vrabec, Jaka Teršek, Rok Deželak -, Nea Culpa, Matjaž Jambriško, Tomo Jeseničnik, Domen Grögl, Thermana Laško, Rimske terme, Mediaspeed, STIK archive. Laško, september 2016.

Laško - The Confluence of Good  

Welcome to the European destination of excellence.

Laško - The Confluence of Good  

Welcome to the European destination of excellence.