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Automated Process Discovery from SAP

QPR ProcessAnalyzer “In the top 10 BPM technologies, process discovery is the second most important item for the near future.” (Gartner Research, 2011) Most organizations have standardized and documented their processes, creating a baseline for the operational flow in the company as a whole. Despite this, it is often very difficult to discover how the processes are actually executed. Different involved business units, dozens of process steps and several decision points can literally create thousands of variations that make the reality differ from the generic model. Identification of these variations within the process provides valuable information that leads to significant process improvements and cost savings. Automated business process discovery is an emerging field that discovers the business processes based on examining the electronic footprints that users leave in the IT systems supporting the process. This allows the business process to be automatically discovered and documented in near real time. Approaching the business process “bottom-up” from the detailed facts of instances of the process provides a detailed depiction of the business proc¬ess, complete with all the nuances of the process and with detailed statistical information. Receive information on how often different varia¬tions of the process

are executed, how long it takes, what data conditions given rise to process variations, what variations are there between different users or groups. Currently QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the only software solution available that doesn’t require extensive consultant- or customer effort to accomplish process discovery from SAP! QPR ProcessAnalyzer gives process developers the possibility to automatically formulate an analysis of entire processes and identify improvement areas. Automatic process discovery, based on a comprehensive dataset from SAP, saves vast amounts of time and can create a unique insight in your company’s processes in a very short time. Stop spending time on documenting processes that don’t provide the information you actually need and discover how easy QPR ProcessAnalyzer can show you accurate and objective analysis, locked away in operational systems, now!

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business magazine on strategy, vision and leadership