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The Star Tracker

Volume X, Issue 1 October 2010

A publication of Stinson Elementary School PTA

school is a very satisfying experience for you, and a great example to set for your children. Giving your time to the Well, another summer is over school shows your children and school starts again. My that education is a priority in kids are in 2nd, 7th and 8th your home, a lesson that will grades this year, and yet, every stay with them for a lifetime. year, I am surprised by how quickly the summer goes. Your PTA is already in full swing. The PTA is sponsoring many Packet Pick-Up, including stuff- programs that have already ing the packets, was our first started. The Back to School service project of the year. The Picnic, an annual tradition, is PTA welcomed the teachers fully sponsored by the PTA for with a back to school luncheon. the purpose of fostering a I hope I saw all of you at the sense of community in our Meet-n-Greet and the first gen- school. The Stinson Cares proeral PTA meeting. gram kicked off at the Picnic, with a wonderful message of kindness for the kids. The If you haven’t joined PTA, Passbook sale kicked into gear; please consider doing so. The consider purchasing one to PTA does great things for the support the PTA. After School school, and your membership Programs, Dennis Lee anddollars help keep those proWatch D.O.G.S. are back!!! grams going. There is no obli- After school program flyers gation to being a member; no went home last week and yesvolunteering is required. terday was the last day to reg( ister for the classes. Watch D.O.G.S. can sign up for a day online ( under Speaking of volunteering, we the How Do I help tab. You are always looking for new must have a completed backvolunteers! Lots of hands ground check before it will almake the work easier. The low you to sign up. Science Volunteer Interest Inventory night is October 21 – this was a form is now on-line, please fill huge success last year, you it out! ( won’t want to miss it!! There are options for every schedule. If you work during the day, or have younger chil- The PTA also sponsors a prodren, you can help with a one gram during Red Ribbon week time event, have work sent each year. Dennis Le Produchome with you, or join the hos- tions will be at Stinson on Ocpitality group, to name a few tober 19th, using his family of options. Volunteering for your puppets to talk to the kids Page 1

about making good choices. The children love this program, and do not even realize the great message that takes root while they are enjoying themselves. Stinson PTA has also arranged to show this program at another PISD school, where it would not otherwise have been possible.

I need your help! We do not “Hugs can do great amounts of have a chair for the Reflections good — especially for children.” program. This is a national Art Princess Diana, program, which Stinson particiPrincess of Wales pates in each year. Without a chair, this may be the first year Stinson does not participate. If 1 The President’s Pen you are interested in making 6 Literacy Corner sure this tradition continues, 3-5 Grade Level News please contact me at presi6 Treasurer’s Report . I am looking forward to another year at Stinson. This is a fabulous place to be, and we plan on continuing the tradition of excellence. Please feel free to contact me anytime with comments, concerns, and (I hope) lots of ideas! Here’s to a great school year!

Thank you, Julie Richard Stinson PTA President

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Capri Sun drink pouch collection NEWS Way to go Stinson Stars!! Last spring you collected 6,764 drink pouches for the Stinson Cares program…and that was just from January to May. AMAZING!

4201 Greenfield Drive Richardson, TX 75082

School Office 469-752-3400

School Website

Stinson PTA Website

PISD Website All correspondence should be directed to the PTA Newsletter Editor at the school address or

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Go to to sign up for the Star to Star eNewsletter

The drink pouch collection is starting up again for the new school year. Remember that any drink pouch can be placed in the collection box located in the school cafeteria. Let’s beat last year’s total ! GO STARS !!!

5th Grade Notes LA: Discussing and analyzing reading selections of various genres are on our plate in Language Arts these days. Students actively share their opinions and insights as they compare and contrast selections weekly. Kudos for an awesome job in creating and presenting their research tri-folds on someone who has stood up against injustice!!

Math: Prime Time!! They are studying about Place Value and need to study their multiplication facts. Minds are thinking!

IC: IC students are traveling back into time to colonial times as they study the colonization of America and the American Revolution. They will also begin working on their amazing science projects. So many fun activities in little time:) Calling All Campers!! 5th Grade payment due Oct. 1. Camp Mtg. is Oct. 5 at 7 PM. Camp dates are November 3-5.

Second grade is off to a great start this year! *Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend Parent Information Night. *Conferences are coming up October 15th. We can’t wait to see you and discuss your child’s progress!

*Here are some things we are currently learning in second grade:

*Language Arts skills: summarizing, main idea, supporting details, plot, setting, character, subjects, predicates, appropriate sentence structure, components of a complete sentence, statements, questions, commands, prob lem/solution, prefixes, and making inferences. We are also reading a variety of different story genres. Some of these include; fables, folktales, fiction texts, non fiction passages, and informational texts.

*Math skills: doubling numbers, capacity, measurement, telling time, geometry, solving addition and subtract tion story problems, combining numbers, equations, math vocabulary, and learning a variety of ways to solve math problems.

*Integrated skills: citizen traits, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, keeping our bodies healthy, staying safe at school and at home, and understanding a variety of other systems. In the upcoming weeks we will be studying many different habitats and learning about keeping balance and stability in our

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Third Grade Thoughts: We are enjoying the first cool days of fall and looking forward to meeting with parents later this month at Parent-Teacher Conferences so we can share your students hard work! This month we will be studying a variety of lessons in math that will teach our students to work with Surveys and Line Plots. We will also be practicing measuring in inches. Language Arts begins a new unit on Neighborhoods and Communities. The focus is on how do community members work together. The students will be researching a community career that interests them and then producing a power point, letter, business card, etc. that persuades their perspective employer to hire them for the job. We continue to study different literary genres and look at both Expository and Historical Fiction this six weeks. Our Intergrated Curriculum moves to the unit Interactions which supports the community discussion from Language Arts. This unit studies the impact people have on a community, and the responsibilities they have to the future of that community will be emphasized. Energy related topics are used in order for students to realize the role they play in educating everyone about natural resources, the environment, and ways to protect it for future generations. If you have not yet scheduled your parent conference on October 15th, please contact your child's teacher. This is the only scheduled conference that we have in the third grade. We can't wait to share your child's progress this year with you!!

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Welcome to the 2010-2011 school year. We are looking forward to sharing an exciting and busy year with your children. The children have been practicing many of our daily routines. Ask them the meaning of ‘bubbles and fins’! Here are some ways you can help your child be successful in the first grade. •

Help your child to establish a routine so he/she can come prepared daily with a Take Home folder, homework, library book, or lunch money

Please check and sign the Take Home Folder on a daily basis.

Bring a sport-type water bottle to school daily while the weather is hot.

Send one healthy snack with your child each day.

We enjoyed meeting so many of our First Grade parents at our Back to School night. Thanks for all you do to help your child’s learning! The First Grade Teachers

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Stinson Elementary PTA GENERAL MEETING FINANCIALS July 1 - September 1, 2010 Amount Operating Fund Beginning Balance Income Misc Income Ways & Means Total Community Partners Total Grocery Cards Membership Spirit Wear Yearbook Total Income Expenses Total Communications Office/General Administrative Expenses Total eCommerce Misc Dues/Council Dues Insurance STAR purchases Teacher Assistance reimbursement Volunteers Ways and Means School Store Spirit Wear Total Expenses Operating Fund Ending Balance Escrow - State and National Dues - Beginning Balance Receipts and Adjustments Payments Escrow - State and National Dues - Ending Balance Escrow - Sales Tax - Beginning Balance Receipts, Refunds and timely payment discount Payments Escrow - Sales Tax - Ending Balance Cash in Bank Petty Cash Total Cash on Hand 9/1/10 Contact with any questions Page 6


Total $ 27,618.14


$ 10,800.00 $ 106.19 384.00 2,617.18 343.20 $ 14,366.80 $ $

168.00 14.32 75.00 530.00 17,360.00 1,082.90 (0.80) 28.50 1,846.90 $ 21,104.82 $ 20,880.12 $0.00 468.00 0.00 $




0.00 0.00 $


$ 21,541.86 $ 100.00 $ 21,641.86


A Language Rich Home Have you ever wondered how to help your child be a better reader? Well there is good news. Strong language can make your child a better reader, writer, and all around student. And the even better news is that you can build those skills just by talking to your child. Try these ideas! Narrate everyday activities like driving or cooking. The use of unfamiliar words in your conversation will help your youngster understand words in books. Remember, if he doesn’t know the word to be sure and explain it. Encouraging your child to join in the family conversations further develops his vocabulary. Ask him questions to help him expand his answers. For example you can ask “Why do you think so? or

Fun with Words (Newspaper Learning) Newspapers are a great way to build your child’s vocabulary and proficiency in reading. With thousands of words in each issue, there are many activities that you can do together to sharpen those skills. Matching Game: Have your child cut out several photographs and their captions separately. Mix them up. Matching the captions with the photos will improve her reading comprehension. Scavenger Hunt: List items in the newspaper (car ad, crossword puzzle, weather forecast) and ask your youngster to find and circle each one. She’ll build research skills as she looks through the pages. ABC Order: Together, find the names of 5-10 countries, states, and cities in headlines or stories. Let your child copy each one onto an index card and arrange the cards in alphabetical order. This will help her practice spelling and learn about geography. Read the Articles: Read the stories in the paper together and discuss what is going on in the article. This helps to build comprehension.

The above ideas are from RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS

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The Stinson School Store Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:20am-7:40am Buy fun school items and Spirit Wear

Back to School Picnic A Great Hit Our annual back to school picnic was held on September 24th and was a big hit once again this year. Thanks to Stacy Winans and Liz Richardson for putting on such a great event.

What a great turn out we had at our 1st Junior Investors Day last month! We had over 15 students who opened an account with Capital One Bank. And it’s never too late to introduce your children to the concept of savings. Please come join us at the next Junior Investors day on Friday, November 5th 7:30am outside of the school office. Bring your child to school; it only takes 5 minutes to open an account. This is a great way to help your children developing the good habit of saving. Encourage them to bring their deposits to school on the 1st Friday of each month. Please stop by our table if you have any questions regarding the program; a Capital Bank employee will also be there. Junior Investor Days are Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 1, and May 6. Questions? Contact

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Partners, We are looking forward to a fantastic 2010-2011 school year thanks to your contributions to the STINSON PTA!!! We appreciate you so very much! Silver Star Partners ($500 or more)

Platinum Star Partners ($1,000 OR More) •

Children’s Dental Care, Dr. Dane Hoang

Carson Insurance – Farmers

Russell Downey, M.D.

Dentek Systems, Inc.

Fesler Orthodontics

Joyce Lynn Chandler, Keller Williams

Reliable Chevrolet

Alan Yedwab, M.D. and Betty Ruiz-Yedwab, M.D.

Tiemeyer Team Realtors, Keller Williams

The Thomas Group, Remax

Gold Star Partners ($750 or more)

Bronze Star Partners ($250 or more) •

Baylor Family Health Center at Richardson

Richard H. Daniel, M.D., Reese A. Mathieu, M.D., Julie D. Poole, M.D. Pediatrics

Elvebak Orthodontics

Aloha Mind Math

Kids R Kids

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital

Mathnasium of Murphy-Plano


Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza

Primrose School of Breckinridge Park

Springhill Veterinary Clinic

Home Team Mortgage, Tammie Mitchell

Texas Plumbing

SureSmile, OraMetrix, Inc.

When you are on the website,, be sure to look in the Thank You section near the bottom of each page where more information about many of our Community Partners is available. The Star to Star eNewsletter highlights more of our partners as well.

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Shooting Star Partners ($100 or more) •

Campbell Park Vet Hospital

Family Medical Center at Garland, Becky Chandler, MD

Yoga Synergy Spa

Co-Chairs for the 2010-2011 school year are Michelle Schroeder and Jamie Moore. If you desire to be a Stinson Community Partner or want to make a donation to the PTA, please contact them at

A message from your school board Second, the governing body may – Communication with your board, direct the person making the inpart 1 quiry to visit with staff about the issue. Have you ever been frustrated be- Third, the governing body may ofcause your school Board does not fer to place the item on a future respond to the public’s questions agenda for discussion. or input in open session during a Finally, the governing body may board meeting? I remember how offer to post the matter as an frustrated I was. I’d think, why emergency item if it meets the cridon’t they answer that parent? I’d teria for an emergency posting. really like to know the answer to See link http:// that question! The answer to the Board’s silence is the 2008 Texas AG_Publications/pdfs/ Open Meetings Act (TOMA), which openmeetings_easy.pdf was enacted “to ensure the public’s access to meetings of governmental bodies so that it may be I do not personally find any of the informed about the transactions of choices above to replace the value public business”. First you must of a two way dialogue between a understand that a “meeting of the Board member and parent except Board in public”, does not mean a for the second choice. I can assure meeting of the board with the pub- you the Board desires to build relalic (interesting….). tionships with the PISD community. We believe the best means of For example, if an unposted issue is communication, to listen and share raised at a regular board meeting, information, is by email, phone call how may members of a governing or one-on-one meetings (see body respond? TOMA specifically website for Trustee constates governing body members tact information). We will help you (Trustees) may not deliberate or contact the appropriate person(s) make any decision about an unto address your concerns. If the posted issue at a meeting. If an unissue is one that you would like to posted item is raised, the governbe considered as an agenda item ing body has four options from during a regular board meeting, the which to choose to address the isconsent of two board members or sue: the consent of the board president First, the governing body may reand superintendent will be ultispond with a statement of specific mately required. Once an issue is factual information or recite the posted to an agenda, if you desire, existing policy on that issue. you may complete a speaker card Page 10

and will be allowed to speak up to 5 minutes as long as your comments are germane to the topic.

This year the Board has sent an invitation to the PTA Presidents regarding our availability to attend a PTA meeting. The Trustee(s) would present current information regarding PISD and would have open dialogue with parents. If you are interested in having a Trustee visit your campus, please contact Karla Oliver at We hope you will accept our invitation! If you have any subjects you would like to have the board address in our “monthly board notes”, please email me at Next month I’ll address additional paths of communication to include town hall meetings and grievance procedure.

Carrolyn Moebius Plano ISD Trustee PTA Liaison

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