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Volume X, Issue 5 February 2011

A publication of Stinson Elementary School PTA

President’s Pen February 2011 2011 is here! I know I’ll be writing 2010 on my checks for some time to come; but it is time to start thinking ahead. There are many things going on in our PTA, and beyond. Take a few minutes to think about where you might want more information or involvement.

The Stinson PTA just formed it’s Nominating Committee for the 2011/2012 school year. Their job is to recommend a slate of officers for the March election. Since we have one year terms, we will be electing a President, VP of Membership, VP of Ways and Means, VP of Programs, VP of Communication, Secretary, Treasurer, and Treasurer’s Assistant. Watch for a flyer coming home soon to ask for nominations.

If an officer position is not for you, there are many chairman and committee positions available every year. We welcome everyone’s involvement. If you have questions on where you might best fit, please let me know, or ask any of our current officers. We have a tradition of excellence to continue at Stinson, and I hope you will be a part of it!

This year the Texas Legislature is in session. As you have probably read, there is a large budget deficit projected, and budget cuts for education are expected. Our district is already preparing for these cuts. PTA’s role is to be educated on the progress of the legislature, and make our views as voters and constituents known. The State PTA is hosting the PTA Day at the Capitol; the PISD council will send a busload of people to participate in this day of meetings with legislators. The State PTA will be monitoring bills that impact the health, welfare, and education of our children. The Texas PTA President was part of the committee working with Senator Shapiro to draft legislation outlawing the drug, K2. PTA will be sending out updates on the relevant legislation, we will have the ability to subscribe to those updates and act where we see a need.

Please let me know what you would like to see from your PTA. I look forward to a fantastic 2011! Thank you,

Julie Richard Stinson PTA President

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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. ” ~Les Brown

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Mrs. Salamone Letter from Mrs. Salamone will be on a separate page.

Kindergartners are learning about animals in our new unit “Wild, Wooly, and Wonderful”. Animals can live in the forest, ocean, desert, and more. Some have feathers, others have tusks. Animals can fly, run, swim, or crawl. First graders has began a new unit, “Everyone Needs a Home”. There are many different kinds of homes all over the world. A home or shelter helps to keep us safe. We all have needs and wants. Second graders are studying the water cycle. They are writing a story about a drop of water going on an adventure through the water cycle. An origami folded whale will help tell their stories. Third, fourth, and fifth graders continue in-depth learning of vocabulary supporting their weekly literature.

The Star tracker A Monthly Newsletter of the Stinson Parent Teacher Association

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5th Grade Legacy Gift This year's 5th grade class will be donating a legacy gift to Stinson commemorating their time spent here. Suggestion boxes are in the fifth grade hall and the teacher's lounge for use by 5th graders and teachers. Suggestions will be accepted through the end of February. Once the suggestions are compiled, the fifth graders will vote on their class' donation. The student or teacher with the winning suggestion will present the item at the final spirit assembly of the year in May. The legacy gift will be funded by donated pennies from the fifth graders and private donations. Please contact Stephanie Chritton at with any questions.

Attention: We NEED YOU! Volunteers are needed to help with the distribution of Thursday packets. If you are interested please contact Katherine Gotcher at

REMINDER Please check the lost and found for jackets, books, lunchboxes, scarves and gloves. Thanks!!

School Office 469-752-3400

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We have some fantastic programs available at Stinson. Go to to learn about: ♦

Junior Investor program

After school programs

Watch D.O.G.S.

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From the desk of the librarian:

Stinson Skate Night

Congratulations to Melody Zhang, KindergartenMcFarland. Melody is a winner in Plano Public Library System’s Bookmark Contest!

Join us at Thunderbird Skating Rink on Friday, February 4, from 5-7pm. The cost is $7 per skater and includes regular skates-rent inline skates for and extra $3. You can bring your own inline skates for free. The regular skate session starts at 7:30. Stinson families are free to stay and skate for no extra charge.

Entries in the bookmark contest were submitted in September and October for “Get a Library Card” months. Melody’s bookmark was selected as second place in the Kindergarten through grade 2 category from over 1000 entries. Friends of the Plano Public Library will print bookmarks featuring the winning artwork and make enough bookmarks for every child in the school district. We can’t wait to see Melody’s art on bookmarks. Way to go, Melody!

The PTA has started an exciting new project and we would like you to participate with us. It’s called the Great Family Cook-

book Project and its goal is to help create a cookbook for Stinson Elementary. The Family Cookbook Project is a website that is designed to help us collect and even publish our favorite recipes so that we can share and preserve the special food that you families enjoy. The website is easy to use and will take just a little effort to enter your family’s favorite foods for all of us to enjoy. We can use these recipes online or even publish a cookbook that we can share and treasure. But first, we need your help. Please collect all of the wonderful recipes that you would like to contribute. We are looking not only for the dishes served on special occasions, but also the every day meals you family enjoys. E-mail our coordinator at and she will send you a link to enter your own recipes under your name or family name. We are trying to have all of the recipes entered as soon as possible as we could have the cookbook ready by April. Thank you for your help!

Environmental News-Green Valentine's Day? There are several things that can be done to lessen our negative impact on the environment when celebrating Valentine's Day this year. Consider sending an e-card as Valentine's Day is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. You can also send cards made from recycled or tree-free paper. This information will be indicated on the card and envelope. Buy Valentine's Day cards from local artists who make cards from recycled material, or, better yet, make your own Valentine's Day cards with recycled materials and items from nature. Use red or pink fabric or recycled wrapping paper to wrap gifts. Make dinner reservations at a neighborhood restaurant specializing in locally-grown food as it will reduce your travel miles and your food's travel miles. An environmentally-friendly alternative to cut flowers that are shipped into our area from elsewhere would be to buy cut flowers grown locally, either by visiting a nursery directly or a farmer's market. Giving a live plant which can be enjoyed for years to come is even better! Page 3

The Stinson School Store Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:20am-7:40am Buy fun school items and Spirit Wear

Small bills only please

Need to go to the school store before 7:30? Then see Ms. Gee about getting a pass.

Environmental NewsMay the Forest be with You! You don't have to stand in the middle of the woods to be surrounded by the forest. The home you live in. The food you eat. The clothes you wear. The books you read. They all come from the trees growing in Texas. But there's more. Forests provide shelter for animals like birds and deer. They give people a nice place to relax and play. They even help clean the water we drink and the air we breathe. It doesn't matter where you are-the forest is with you.

Want to know more about your child’s grades, attendance, record or assignments? Then log into Would you like to deposit money into your child’s lunch account online? Then log into

The source of this and for more info, go to

Six Flags READ TO SUCCEED is HERE!! Stinson Stars…let’s all READ TO SUCCEED and earn a free ticket to Six Flags!! How you ask?? It’s easy! Each student that completes six hours of outside reading can qualify. This does NOT include reading for school or homework assignments. Students keep a log of what they read and for how long…remember to have a parent/guardian or teacher initial each entry. Once you’ve read for six hours, return the signed reading log to your teacher. All reading logs must be turned in on or before February 25th – no exceptions! Reading logs can be found in the school library. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Blatchford at

The next monthly Junior Investors Day will be Friday, February, 4th. Please encourage them to deposit their allowance or money from relatives. We’ll be there outside of the school office at 7:30a.m. Remember it’s never too late to start saving. Bring your child to school; it only takes 5 minutes and $5 to open an account with First Bank. Money saving concepts for kids: • Consider rewarding your children for their savings efforts by matching all or part of their savings. • Talk openly about money with your children; encourage them to ask questions. • If your children get an allowance, introduce them the concept of budgeting and encourage them to create a simple budget. This is also a good opportunity to reinforce “needs vs. wants”. • Encourage them to count the money (a great money recognition and addition exercise) and fill out the deposit slip the night before Junior Investors day. This will create a sense of ownership of the bank account. Junior Investor Days are Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 1, and May 6. Questions? Contact Page 4

January 24 – 28, 2011 is “No Name-Calling Week.” Now in its seventh year, “No Name-Calling Week” was inspired by the young adult novel "The Misfits" by James Howe, a story about four middle school aged students who have experienced name-calling. They decide to run for student council officers on the platform of creating a "No Name Day" at school. “No Name-Calling Week” is one of several national efforts to bring attention to the problem of bullying in school. Stinson will be holding two anti-bullying programs during the month of February. On February 23, Stinson students will see “Buddies not Bullies.” Watch for more information about the parent program to be sent out soon. In the meantime, here is a bit of information to help get your feet wet about bullying issues. Five Questions Parents Ask About Bullying Bullying is a topic that has been getting a lot of media attention recently. Dr. Andrea "Andie" Weiner, a child therapist and author of "More Than Saying I Love You: Four Steps That Help Children Love Themselves" answers the five questions parents ask most about bullying. The latest statistics show that 77 percent of students say they have been bullied. Because many children do not like to appear as a "tattletale" or "snitch," they often do not report a bullying incident to the teacher or parent and that is why half of all bullying incidents go unreported. Here are answers to important questions parents typically ask about bullying: 1. Why do kids bully? First, let's state the three major characteristics of bullying:

• • • •

Bullying is characterized by a power differential between someone who has an unfair advantage over someone else who is victimized. It is an intentional act; someone has the intent to harm the victim. It is not generally a random act or single incident and is characterized by repeated occurrences. A child who is a bully does it for the power. Research shows that children who bully may be learning to use power and aggression as their way to deal with others. Often this gets carried over into later relationships (dating aggression, spousal abuse, or workplace harassment). Bullies also process social information inaccurately. For example, a common line they often use is "What are you looking at?" This is an incorrect perception of provocation that, to them, serves as justification of aggressive behavior.

2. What are the typical forms of bullying?

• •

Physical aggression: Hitting, shoving, kicking. Physical aggression is more common among boys.

Cyberbullying: This form occurs most commonly in social media platforms such as MySpace or Facebook where unkind, harassing comments are made to others anonymously and are intended to embarrass and hurt someone else.

Social aggression: Subtle and indirect, usually in the form of alienation, ostracism, deliberate exclusions, and spreading of untrue rumors. Researchers call this relational aggression that attacks another person's self-esteem, friendships, or social status. Social aggression is more common among girls.

3. Who are the typical bullies and victims? Typically, one thinks of a bully as the biggest and strongest kid. That is not necessarily true. Bullies come in all shapes, colors, and genders. Often they can be the popular kids that use power to control others. Although they seem to have a strong self-image, this is usually the opposite. They use fear because underneath the tough exterior they are scared and do not think highly of themselves. Victims that are bullied are often socially withdrawn. They typically are passive and let others be in control. 4. What do you do if your child is being bullied? Signs of being bullied include:

• • • •

reluctance to go to school, sleep disturbances, vague physical complaints such as stomach pains or headaches, belongings that are missing or clothes that are ripped.

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Continued from page 5 Bullying

Valentines Party, & End of Year Party Schedule:

If you suspect your child is being bullied, don't ask them about it directly. Use indirect questions to a child like "How do you spend your recess time?", "What's it like walking to school or being on the school bus?", or "Are there are any children at school that are bullies?" You need to talk to the teacher to determine if your suspicions are correct. Ask the teacher to observe your child's peer interactions. 5. What do you do if your child is the bully?

Kindergarten: 1:00 - 2:00 PM 1st Grade: 1:45 - 2:45 PM 2nd Grade: 10:00 - 11:00 AM 3rd Grade: 12:30 - 1:30 PM (recess moved to 2:15) 4th Grade: 1:30 - 2:30 PM 5th Grade: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Most of the time, when parents hear that their child is a bully, it comes as a shock. A parent needs to get all the facts before they can decide on the best course of action. You do need to send a clear message that bullying or any type of aggression will not be accepted and discuss the consequences of any future bullying behavior. Discuss other alternative approaches to aggression when the child feels angry or hurt. It is important not to get uncontrollably angry or use physical punishment. Taken from the website

First Grade Flash 2nd Grade Scoop We are almost through the first half of the school year. We will be celebrating our 100th day of School on February 1st. We know the students have been working hard and are making great progress. We look forward to sharing your child’s progress at our middle of year parent/teacher conference the second week of February. The first graders will be going to the Outdoor Learning Center on February 3rd. During our Integrate lessons students will be studying about systems. We will also discuss different leaders from our past such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr. We will end our unit learning about the seasons, the night sky, our solar system, and Earth as a system. In Language Arts, First graders are learning to write descriptive sentences. Students will learn how to identify and read contractions with not. We will also continue to build our knowledge of spelling patterns by practicing three letter blends. Students will be taught to compare and contrast a story. First graders will also learn how to retell a story they have read and think about the plot of the story. In Math the students will be sorting shapes and buttons by their characteristics. They will learn how to represent data through a survey and to read and create graphs. First graders will also have the opportunity to gather data to create their own graphs and then compare the data.

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Second grade has had a wonderful start to the second part of the year. Some of the skills we have been learning are:

*Language Arts/Writing skills: reading ahead, comprehension, sequence of events, using illustrations, analyzing text structure, distinguishing between fantasy and reality, cause and effect, generating questions, drawing conclusions, author’s purpose, visualizing, summarizing, building fluency, linking verbs, helping verbs, irregular verbs, contractions, friendly letters, non fiction articles, persuasive writing, expository writing, poetry, and research.

*Math skills: developing and analyzing visual images for quantities, combining groups of tens and ones, identifying coins and coin values, adding coin amounts, using standard notation, writing equations, using ratio relationships to solve problems, fluency with addition and subtraction, using clocks to measure time, even and odd, making estimates, collecting and interpreting data, counting by groups, using combinations to combine numbers, develop strategies to solve problems, place value, using a table, and patterns.

*Integrated skills: continuity, change, sound, matter, measuring matter, making observations, scientific process, conducting experiments, citizenship, colonies, leadership, government, city council, laws, taxes, explorers, Mayflower Compact, monuments, Under-

Welcome Back to 3rd Grade! We want to thank all of our parents that helped make the Winter Parties such a success. The children had a wonderful time and the teachers loved all the fun activities!!

tion of this unit will be a research project on a community group that works as a team to improve our world. Integrated also begins a new unit later this month. We move from Balance and Stability to Systems. This unit has a focus on Organisms as a system and our government as one as well. We will also look at local, state and national figures that have helped shape our country.

Our new semester is off to a great start with the end of our Integrated and Language Arts Units. The children did a wonderful job with their projects on their favorite artists or authors as well as finishing their science projects. We are very proud In Math we continue to work with 2 of them and how hard they worked and 3 digit addition/subtraction, our on both projects! multiplication facts and measureJanuary has found us working on the ment. Please continue to work with second round of MAP testing. The your students on time, money and children are excited about meeting basic addition/subtraction facts at our grade level goals as well as our home. individual classroom goals for all 4 Thank you for all of your hard work tests. Ask your child about how we at home – we appreciate your enare doing. thusiasm and involvement!! Mid-January we will begin a new Language Art’s unit on Teams. We 3rd will be exploring what it means to be a part of a team. Sports teams, Grade school teams and community teams Tracks will all be discussed. The culminaIncredible IC!!-- We are learning about events that led to westward expansion in the U.S., causes and effects of the War of 1812 and also causes and results of the Civil War. We'll then be moving into Science and learn about living organisms and how they interact in their environment and survive in their ecosystem. We'll be spending time MAP testing and also preparing for the wax-less wax museum by continuing and adding research from a historical figure studied in Language class. Magnificent Math!!-- The 5th graders are currently working on their Measurement Unit, which covers areas like Volume, Elapsed Time, Temperature, Units of Capacity, Weight, and Mass. There is a test on this on January 28th. After that we are covering our next Connected Math Unit called Data About Us. In this, the students will work on computing the mean, median, mode, and range of data collected as well as representing distributions of data using line plots, bar graphs, and coordinate graphs.

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4th Grade Fun Math We are exploring power polygons and classifying polygons by their attributes. We are learning to describe and identify different transformations such reflections, translations, and rotations. We are investigating the angles within geometric figures and identifying them as acute, obtuse, or right angles. Integrated In our new IC unit we are learning about the properties of matter. We are measuring the amount of mass in various objects. We are investigating how the relationship between mass and volume affect

an object’s ability to float or sink. We will discover how mixtures and solutions behave and compare and contrast them. We will conduct investigations to understand friction and force. Language Arts The theme for our new LA unit is teamwork. Students will explore project that have been successful due to teamwork and commitment. In reading we will focus on character analysis and character transformation. We will also practice visualizing and summarizing skills. In writing we are learning to make our stories interesting by adding the element of suspense!

Lively Language Arts and Radical Reading!! -- Wow! Students presented their Unit 3 Research Reports with such poise and confidence. It was evident they learned so much about their chosen individual who had used his/her intelligence and/or wit to solve a problem in a creative way. Some examples of presentations included: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison, Elizabeth Blackwell, Wilma Rudolph and Isaac Newton. Students are currently reading and evaluating selections about how teamwork can help in difficult situations. As they actively discuss the selections in small groups, students compare and contrast their readings and journal text connections in their Reading Response Journals. In Language, we are learning about antecedents, subjective and objective pronouns. Additionally, students will be writing compare/contrast compositions within the next couple weeks.

5th Grade Facts

Watch D.O.G.S.

Congratulations to the PTA Life-

time Members for the 20102011 school year. These individuals have put in many hours of their time to make a difference in the lives of each an every child at Stinson. Please congratulate and thank them for all that they have done. It is members like this that make our PTA so great!!!

Gerry Sam Jamie Moore Judy Izzo

PARENTS! Do you have your Stinson Library Card?

Thanks to Steve Neuner and Steven Schnier for serving as Watch D.O.G.S. in December and January respectively, and as always, thanks to Assistant Principal, Tricia Lancaster for help with the daily schedules. Carol Stephens, the chair of Stinson’s SUN night, is requesting help from Watch D.O.G.S. at the event the night of February 18. Please contact her at for more information and to volunteer. Go to the Stinson PTA website to volunteer to be a Watch D.O.G.S. dad. A background check must be completed at For info, contact Gerry Sam at 972-743-9197 or

Special Education Spotlight SAGE stands for Special AND Gifted Education. The Plano Council of PTAs established the SAGE committee to provide an opportunity for families and teachers of students who learn differently to share resources and friendship. Looking for Summer Camps & activities for your child who participates in Special Education, the PACE program or is simply an exceptional diverse learner? The 2010 SAGE Summer Expo showcased over 60 camps with more than 1000 attendees! SAGE SUMMER EXPO 2011 Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Vines High School 1401 Highedge Drive Plano, TX 75075 For more information visit the SAGE website at

PARENTS OF STINSON STUDENTS may borrow books from

PACE deadlines:

the Stinson Library.

Kindergarten Assessment results will be mailed on Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

Not only do we have great

Grades 1-5 referral deadline - March 10, 2011 (assessed in March / April) *PACE results mailed on Friday, May 13, 2011*

books for your children – but for you we have fun fiction, educational non-fiction and a Parenting Library as well.

Come in soon.

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For more information about PACE (thorough overview), please visit the following website: Contact information: Heather Brzezinski PACE Specialist Stinson Elementary PISD 469-752-3469 ext.23469

Stinson Elementary PTA PTA General Membership Meeting Financial Report November 8, 2010 - January 11, 2011



Operating Fund Beginning Balance Total Income


Total Expenses


Escrow - Sales Tax - Beginning Balance Receipts, Refunds and Timely Payment Discount Payments Escrow - Sales Tax - Ending Balance

Kaitlyn Yuan (4th grader) and Mohit Gupta (5th grader) met for the championship round. Page 9


$96.00 $12.00 $0.00 $108.00 $691.45 $127.36 $814.78 $4.03

$34,873.30 $100.00 $34,973.30

Prepared by Maria Abraham, Treasurer

The Stinson Spelling Bee (final round) was held on Friday, Jan. 7, 2011. Stinson had a very exciting and record breaking Scripp's Spelling Bee! This year we had 42 finalists that was narrowed down to the last two competitors. The bee's final round lasted for two hours, where the final two competitors went word for word, not missing a single one. We have never had a spelling bee last this long, nor go through the final round spelling word list. We adjourned the final two competitors to continue their head to head competition on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.



Cash in Bank Petty Cash Total Cash on Hand 1/11/2011

Stinson Spelling Bee



Operating Fund Ending Balance

Escrow - State and National Dues - Beginning Balance Receipts and Adjustments Payments Escrow - State and National Dues - Ending Balance


It too provided to be an exciting event. The competition was 20 minutes long with the contestants going back and forth with correct answers. The Scripp's Spelling Bee winner is Mohit Guptu. He spelled the words "transect" and "susceptible" correctly in order to take the 1st place honor. The Stinson students, staff, and community want to commend all of the participants and especially a BIG congratulations to Kaitlyn and Mohit for making this years spelling bee a most memorable event. Way to go! Good luck to Mohit on his district level competition held at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 3, 2011, in the Board Room at the Plano ISD Administrative Center.

STINSON COMMUNITY PARTNERS Partners, We are looking forward to a fantastic 2010-2011 school year thanks to your contributions to the STINSON PTA!!! We appreciate you so very much! Platinum Star Partners ($1,000 OR More)

Children’s Dental Care, Dr. Dane Hoang

Silver Star Partners ($500 or more) •

Carson Insurance – Farmers

Russell Downey, M.D.

Fesler Orthodontics

Dentek Systems, Inc.

Reliable Chevrolet

Joyce Lynn Chandler, Keller Williams

Alan Yedwab, M.D. and Betty Ruiz-Yedwab, M.D.

Tiemeyer Team Realtors, Keller Williams

The Thomas Group, Remax Gold Star Partners ($750 or more)

Aloha Mind Math

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital


Primrose School of Breckinridge Park

Home Team Mortgage, Tammie Mitchell SureSmile, OraMetrix, Inc. When you are on the website,, be sure to look in the Thank You section near the bottom of each page where more information about many of our Community Partners is available. The Star to Star eNewsletter highlights more of our partners as well.

Bronze Star Partners ($250 or more) •

Baylor Family Health Center at Richardson

Richard H. Daniel, M.D., Reese A. Mathieu, M.D., Julie D. Poole, M.D. Pediatrics

Elvebak Orthodontics

Kids R Kids

Mathnasium of Murphy-Plano

Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza

Springhill Veterinary Clinic

Texas Plumbing Shooting Star Partners ($100 or more)

Campbell Park Vet Hospital

Family Medical Center at Garland, Becky Chandler, MD

Yoga Synergy Spa Co-Chairs for the 2010-2011 school year are Michelle Schroeder and Jamie Moore. If you desire to be a Stinson Community Partner or want to make a donation to the PTA, please contact them at

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We have had an incredible start to the New Year! SUN Celebration is under way and only a few short weeks away. Since coming back from the Winter break we have finished our Olympic banner. The Olympic banner is only one of the many things that the SUN team has put together. The entire student body participated by creating the Olympic rings with their fingerprint. Each student wrote their name and what their cultural background was. The SUN team adopted the idea that every student would have the opportunity to participate in SUN Celebration in some way. The Olympic banner was the obvious choice! On February 14th we will unveil the banner and 2 students will be selected to carry the banner in for the opening Stinson Olympic ceremonies. The final torch carrier will lead the ceremony as he/she hands off the torch to Mrs. Salamone, who will then officially open the week for Multicultural games to be played during fitness time. Our performers have been practicing and getting ready for the big night. They are hard at work and hope that everyone will enjoy the evening. This evening affair is all about experiencing different cultural performances by the students. There will be a variety of different acts from singing and dancing to duets from parents and students. SUN celebration, “Circle of Friends” is a family affair and marks the importance of all of us understanding each other’s cultures and experiencing multiculturalism from the eyes of children. We will unveil the winning kindergarten picture that will be used for the backdrop. The winning essay will also be shared by the student who wrote it. The entire affair is all about the students and their understanding and appreciation of what living in a multicultural society means. Currently we have been featuring music from the Arabic nations in the morning. The Olympic torch has been carried from Greece, to France, Russia, and on its way to India. Eventually the torch will end up in the United States. Each morning a new torch carrier is featured on the morning announcements and shares the word Hello in the native language of the country they are representing. We have had a lot of fun with it and the students are enjoying themselves. We are so grateful to all the students, teachers and YOU the parents that have helped us make this happen. Don’t forget to read eNews for weekly updates and follow the torch. Mark your calendars for Friday, February 18th. The new location is WoodCreek Church at 3400 E. Renner Road. See you then! Carol Stephens, SUN Chairman

Understanding how your child learns can reduce frustration and improve achievement. If your child constantly squirms and fidgets when he’s doing math homework or insists on listening to music while studying vocabulary words, take heart. Although it may seem like he’s trying to drive you crazy, he’s probably just using the strategies that help him learn. “I like to study at a desk in silence, and my daughter can’t think that way. She likes to bounce around on a ball with music in the background,” says author Maureen McKay, whose website, Optimistic Outcomes, provides tips for parents based on a child’s learning style. “Sometimes kids are just doing what works for them.” Educators have long been aware that learning is not one-size-fits-all. In a typical classroom, some kids process information best by hearing the teacher explain it, some learn by seeing what’s on the chalkboard, and others learn through hands-on exercises. Colleges have increasingly begun teaching new students about learning styles so they can develop effective study habits. And many primary and secondary schools conduct surveys to give teachers insight into the learning styles of their students. Three basic learning styles are auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. Auditory learners prefer listening to explanations over reading them and may like to study by reciting information aloud. This type of learner may want to have background music while studying, or they may be distracted by noises and need a quiet space to study Taken from the website

Page 11

February 2011 Sun












PTA Board Mtg 9am Junior Investor Day 7:30 Stinson Skate Night 5-7pm Thunderbird Skating Rink








PTA Lifetime Membership Banquet, Plano Center

National School Counseling Week 13





Muffins with Moms 7am

21 Student Holiday


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SUN event 7pm at Woodcreek Church

Valentines Parties








Buddies not Bullies program for students

SAGE Expo 10-2pm Vines High School

Early Release 12 noon

Destination Imagination Regional Tournament

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