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Flora Bradwell An artist's statement Take away my make up and underneath is merely not Buffo. An absence. A vacancy Nights at the Circus, Angela Carter The desire to playfully rub the fantastical up against the everyday drives Flora Bradwell’s practice. Over the last five year’s Flora has been populating illusory worlds, appropriating snippets of history, visual traditions and fragments of narrative in order inform the impossible characters she describes. This magpie approach to research is mirrored in Flora’s multi-strained

methods of connecting her world with that of her audience through painting, installation, interaction and moving artist image. Within Flora’s fictional realm the notions of façade and performance play a central role. In her paintings Flora’s brilliantly coloured and patterned players distort themselves for their audience, showing off their luxurious paint and vibrant palette. The heightened colour and textured surface mirror the exhibition of display and theatricality associated with the show. Beneath the gaudy exterior peer sharp eyes that appear

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Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT  

Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT