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magnetic spectra of Vancouver. Using these sounds of irregular origin, it connects us both sonically and viscerally to the soundscape we never knew we had, to the technological and communication networks of our cities, thus connecting us to each other and to the world. In part it feels a bit like a three-way collaboration, with Katrina, myself and with the city. K: Alex presented me with a sound piece that sounds quite mechanistic, it flows and ebbs and interprets a growth of electromagnetic signals. Having listened to this piece for the past couple of months, I began to respond to it

by shooting some hand held visuals. Using a range of footage I shot on a recent trip to Athens, the film is beginning to take form in exploring notions of the ‘underground’ of city environments. This project is being tendered to as we speak, and I think is going to be very different from Wind Up Bird in terms of idea, form and aesthetic.

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Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT  

Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT