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A still from The end of a clockwork orange A still from Through the oceans of space and time I: Hey Bro 2014 attempt to affect the audience, with a bright colored screen that changes between blue, red, green and purple together with Standard font and music. In the appropriated version the ending credits are altered and choreographed. The superposition of the sequence repeated and desynchronized, creates new color punching combinations, pixelated shapes from the obliterated credits along with the song “Singing in the rain” by Frank

Sinatra in a music box version which doesn’t exactly create new melodies but rather a cacophony. The aim is to absurdly exaggerate with an eerie twist and give an ominous emphasis on the dilemma created at the end of the movie, together with how the credits were shown, being it the last thing the audience would take with them home after have watched the movie. The effect of a psychological experiment, a lobotomy.

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Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT  

Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT