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A still from Antiprism

edition of O.F.N.I. festival in Montreal. O.F.N.I. is a really interesting festival happening in Poitiers, France and hosted by a collective called Nyktalop Mélodie, which includes music shows, A/V and multidisciplinary performances, film screenings, all around experimental works. We did an artist residency there last year at their 11th edition and we’ve created a multidisciplinary performance with Sonya Stefan, Jane L Kasowicz and myself. Antiprism will be part of a VHS/DVD release of four of my film/video hybrids on a small Montreal video art label called Bleu Nuit Video, owned by video artist Rob Feulner, along with music videos for Ritual Inc, A Sacred Cloud and Le Syndicat du Cauchemar Jaune, all based Montreal’s experimental music projects.

and Sonya Mladenova for their help reviewing this interview! Related links Personal website : Groop Index : Bleu Nuit Video : Excerpt of Trojan Horse of Meaning & Temporal Drone can be found on Groop Index’s Vimeo page : Jeunesse Cosmique : La Cohu : Sonya Stefan website :

Special thanks to my friends Mia Donovan

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Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT  

Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue NRT