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Su Ling Gyr An artist's statement Fashion Bone is a performance-based video art piece shot in 2013. Exploring ongoing themes in my work, investigating cultural projections of identity through fashion, body and dolls, the animate and inanimate, Fashion Bone is the first performance-based piece of video work I have conceived. Resting on elements of my early illustration where I analyze cyclical, multi-layered identities, developing an innate visual iconography such as serpentlike structures in addition to sculpture around mirrors and dolls and other video work, I have further developed my practice-based research around

identity’s multi-layering, this time through a performative approach. Deliberately shot by a fashion photographer and edited by myself, Fashion Bone inspects the multilayered ideas of objectification and subjectification in fashion, culture and art. The sound to the piece, which includes a poem by myself, read by Artist Norah Dineen and a soundrack by Antony Hequet, was recorded in the old GDR propaganda radio station in East Berlin, a historic place of cultural indoctrination. The aesthetic of the video, brightly and diffusely lit, white-blending and minimalistic, shot by Fashion Photographer Nick West (Nick & Chloe) and performed and edited by myself, creates a clinical,

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