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Dominik Ritszel Versus Versus is the title of both the Dominik Ritszel's exhibition in the Bank Pekao SA Project Room and one of video works the exhibition is made of. Versusdepicts participants of an endurance training and 0:0shows hockey match audience. This double screening creates a space where the artist explores some hidden aspects of sport. The hustle of a sports arena blends with faint sounds of a quiet training. The artist's personal experience is a very important background to his works which go beyond the conventional documentary canon. Ritszel, who himself was a hockey player for a few

years, shows what normally stays off screen in sport depictions. Dominik Ritszel tells the story of his works through images. He shoots and watches, sometimes secretly, real or prearranged situations. The main characters of his works are hunters, sportsmen, sports fans, soldiers and adolescent boys. On the one hand he explores attributes of manhood, on the other he points towards situations that break its rules. While working on Versus,the artist wanted to employ a prearranged situation to capture the moments that go beyond the predictable

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