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Celia Eid & Robert C Interstitial Traces Video – Celia Eid Musique – Robert Coburn Two countries, two collaborators, two cultures, two media. Interstitial Traces for alto and baritone saxophone, computer soundscape, and animation is a collaboration between French animation artist Celia Eid and California composer/sound artist Robert Coburn. It was


created while they were living on different continents – she in France and he in Japan. In a way, the piece represents both of these cultural influences. The flowing, abstract gestures of the animation are very much in keeping with Celia’s Brazilian/French artistic nature while the sound world has its basis in field recordings Robert was collecting in Japan. The title imagines those mysterious points of contact or overlap between and within the two media and across the

Stigmart VideoFocus - Special Issue  
Stigmart VideoFocus - Special Issue