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Pako Quijada

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An artist's statement

‚XV‘ was born as an exploration of the iconography of the devil. This being a character whose enigmatic nature has always interested me, I wanted to create a piece that captures our culture‘s interpretation of demonic possession. We can‘t see the devil, but we can see the influence it has on the character in the

video, which leads him into a mental state of paranoia. The actual process of creating this video was an important part in the shaping of the final piece. I decided to let my own intuition lead its making and follow an evolutionary path that ended in a more abstract piece that tried to bring the visual capabilities of light, sound and editing to its fullest accomplishment. The video tries to convey into a visual language than transcends the screen into a visceral and

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Stigmart VideoFocus Autumn 2014  

Stigmart VideoFocus Autumn 2014