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Olaia Send贸n An artist's statement Michal describes in four different languages how his life runs between four different countries. But the intention of the short is to go beyond the anecdote of the languages to try to approach two fundamental subject matters: the construction of the memory and the identity. With regard to the memory, the idea is to move away from the frivolity that sub-lies behind the citizen of the world concept. Michal is not a

visitor, is not a nomad, he is an inhabitant with a strong commitment with the place in which it lives. It is across this commitment, which constructs the statement of his memory, a statement that leads him to meeting again with the potatoes 2 countries later, that transforms those old Polish verses into the German hip hop of the 90s and that gives him a favorite color. For a person so strongly anchored to the land like myself, his stories, his flexibility ... they are amazing.But, this statement is nothing but

Stigmart VideoFocus Special Issue NKT  
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