Stigmart Videofocus Special Issue

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Butcher Rules

A stills from moonless

Maria Judice This is how I remember the dream: We were transported onto a new planet like we had done many times before. This planet carried a shadow that was familiar. As travelers we explored the vast open space. Our hosts transported us new worlds, unknown stars, beings in harmony with one another. This landing was different - too familiar. My body began to stiffen. My heart beat rapidly. My breath shortened. The world was dark. My anxiety built to pleas then pure desperation as I realized I was being returned home. Home. On a moonless night.

reluctant traveler returns to Earth after a long journey. She questions her responsibility to a place she once called home. She desires to wander space like a vagabond soaking in the unknown. “moonless� is about giving up your innermost desires because of duty. The traveler has to reckon her wants with her responsibilities. She has to weigh herself against humanity.

Does abandoning earth threaten your humanity? What is your responsibility to earth? What is your responsibility to your fellow man? A