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Oren Lavie I perceive art is a wormhole to the hidden, to underground currents that bubble up under the fine membrane of culture. A main subject for scrutiny in my work is the space formed between the viewer and the artwork, the energetic material that gathers between the surface of the porthole (the work of art) and the body and consciousness of the observer. Material that can be sensed, manipulated, that has a subconscious and physical effect. In my work I fluctuate between practices of documentation and fiction, between performance and video, and combine within the language of art genres that are not particularly common in this field: Horror, trash, comedy, and melodrama. These combinations let me erode and contemplate the meaning of language,

A still from Birth from the video series Rakel, 2014

continuity, and conditioning, and express the specific geographical place, time, and culture into which I was born; lacking a joint cultural history, based on a multitude of rough seams and a web of cultures from all over the world, cheap imitations and lots of extremism. I approach my videos from two directions that are seemingly conflicting, but represent in fact two aspects of a single entity. One is the deterministic approach: Life is rotten, death will erase all achievements, one's legacy is not to be found by adorning oneself in symbols of ethics, liberalism, and creativity. Art does not liberate, rather it binds in heavy chains of identity and new cultural dictates. The other approach, in contrast, relates to the world as a mysterious experiential playground, replete

Stigmart Videofocus 8th Edition 2014  
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