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A perfect lawn with zero effort? Meet Stiga Autoclip – the ultimate time-saver

Stiga Autoclip 500 Series

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Stiga Autoclip 200 Series

The lawn challenge Solved If your garden is full of slopes, trees, bushes or fountains, you may ask yourself: can a robotic mower really handle it?   The answer is a resounding yes. Because at Stiga we love a challenge, and Autoclip mowers have been developed to deliver under the most demanding conditions. Moreover, they are rigorously tested in a number of environments, making sure they will be up for the task.   Let us have a look at some additional features that make the Autoclip efficient and able to handle all complexities.

Cutting zones including closed areas Up to four different cutting areas. Autoclip reaches them through narrow passages, along driveways, crossing yards according to the wire installation. It self-programs its cutting task according to the percentage assigned to each area using the menu.

Excellent slope management The wheels provide excellent traction and allow Stiga Autoclip to tackle steep slopes. Border cut Border cut ensures a perfect finish by also cutting alongside the perimeter wire.

Perimeter wire The robust, long-lasting perimeter wire ensures proper communication between the Autoclip mower and its charging station for a 100% selfmanaged garden.

Brushless motors (S models only)

Superior Lithium-Ion batteries

Pin code lock

By replacing mechanical brushes

New, state-of-the-art technology

A 4-digit PIN code protects

with electromagnets, brushless

based on high-performance

Autoclip from theft or

motors provide higher efficiency

Lithium batteries. The most

unauthorized use. The PIN

and reduce energy waste.

innovative solution to reach

insertion can be set to enable the

They also ensure lower battery

improved performance and longer

robot usage or to limit the access

consumption and noise, plus

working times.

to the programming mode.

a significantly longer run time between maintenance intervals.

Eco-mode Thanks to sensors on the frame, Autoclip can detect if the lawn is already cut. And if that’s the case, it goes back to the charging station and waits for the next working cycle.

Gyroscope All movements under control. The straight and rotary trajectory is kept by measuring its absolute direction according to the earth magnetic field. For the trajectories to be optimized and avoid unuseful paths. Rain sensors As cutting in dry weather produces the best results, the adjustable rain sensor alerts Autoclip to return to the charging station and stay there as long as it rains. It can optionally be paused, disabled or fine tuned to better match your local weather conditions.

Ability on narrow passages and angles Autoclip navigates effortlessly through narrow passages – even less than 1 m wide.

Intelligent spiral movement Recognizing tall and thick grass, Autoclip triggers the intelligent spiral movement for a perfect finish and clearing of the area.

Protection cover (optional) Autoclip comes with a handy protection cover to preserve it from rain – or sun – when it is connected to the charging station.

Incomparably smooth and perfectly cut lawn. You will be astonished by how much your turf will improve in appearance and health after using Stiga Autoclip in your garden for just a few months.

Always at your service Never in your way Thanks to its superior battery capacity, Autoclip works for a long time without having to return to the charging station.   So, while other robots occupy the garden much longer, Autoclip leaves you with all the time you want to enjoy your garden.

Working longer cycles, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden. Working surface

Working time

Garden free

Autoclip 221

500 m²

2 h 20 min

21 h 40 min

Autoclip 223

800 m²


21 h

Autoclip 225 S

1100 m²


19 h

Autoclip 228 S

1600 m²


17 h

Autoclip 230 S

2000 m²


15 h

Autoclip 528 S

2600 m²


16 h

Autoclip 530 SG

3200 m²


17 h

Autoclip 720 S

4000 m²


15 h

Thanks to this function you can exclude areas of the garden in which you don’t want it to work

Control your robot with the Autoclip Remote App The new Autoclip Remote App allows you to control your Autoclip via bluetooth or GSM-connection. Now it´s easier than ever to make customizations and changes in the robot’s operations. And with the GSM-connection you can do it from wherever you are. The app is free and avaliable for download in the appstores.

Autoclip Remote App can be download for free at:

Functions available on all models

Additional functions available on Autoclip

Further additional functions only for

(exl. Autoclip 221 as not provided with

528 S – new motherboard via Bluetooth.

Autoclip 530 SG as equipped with GSM


Autoclip status realtime:


All display menu functions:

• When working – timing details about the

• Calculation of your garden dimension

• Start mowing • Pause mowing • Return to charging station

actual working session • When charging – details about the actual charging status + next working cycle start

• Set weekly timetable of working cycles

• Autoclip last working session details

• Set working details on different areas of

• 3 pre-set working mode, so possibility

the garden • Set eco-mode on/off • Set rain sensors • General settings (hour/day/language) • Access to specific instruction manual • YouTube link to tutorial videos

to plan up to 3 weekly different working schedules (spring – summer – holiday)

• View on map: garden, robot position & working progress • Zone exclusion: exclude an area from cutting • Attention alerts (error messages) • Notification alarm (possible theft due to out of perimeter)

What does your garden look like? Draw a sketch of your garden and ask your dealer to find the perfect Autoclip for you.

Your specialized Stiga Autoclip dealer:

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