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INTRODUCING OUR AWARD-WINNING DIGITAL MARKETING SOFTWARE Here at Stickyeyes we have built our organisation on a foundation of best in class data and technology. Our tools share one common theme, they are focused on maximizing ROI by providing exeptional market intelligence & allowing you to cut through in highly competitive markets.


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Simply successful SEO

Roadmap, our SEO monitoring tool, draws from a blend of industry leading and proprietary data sources to deliver both market-wide and granular SEO analysis. Roadmap tracks up to 200 ranking signals for every URL within the top 100 search results for each keyword specified to the system.

MICRO TO MACRO REPORTING CAPABILITY Keyword Market (keyword group) Sector (market group)

Because Roadmap has the ability to interrogate so much data, over time we can effectively analyse the relationship between high rankings and certain signals to identify trends within any given marketplace. This allows users to effectively forecast algorithmic changes.

INTELLIGENT OUTPUT Top metrics available in Roadmap: 70+ Page-link metrics, including a full back-link profile and authority distribution for the top 15 ranking URLs. Site-links metrics; including counts of links to root domain, number of IP’s linking and C Block analysis. On-page signals, including page authority, page load speeds and body copy keyword count. On-Site signals such as bounce rate, visit duration and Moz metrics. Social, including access to Facebook, Twitter and Google + metrics. Valuation metrics from Alexa, including traffic rank, global visits % and search engine visits %.





Be heard in the right places Designed to deliver instantaneous, dynamic and interactive display advertising to blogs and websites, Reach offers a new dimension to affiliate marketing and blogger outreach.



Relevant, interactive display advertising across your affiliate network.

Website/blog owners control the language of the widget; ideal for multilingual affiliate programs.

Elimination of manual content distribution across your network. Control what you want to display, when you want to display it.

Website/blog owners control the structural style of the widget to blend into their blog, without compromising your brand.

Rich media promotional content controlled through the Reach Management System.

Website/blog owners have the ability to customise the category of content displayed, allowing targeted display advertising delivery that is relevant to the host site.

Interactive, conversion optimised technology. Additional SEO benefits.

Reach seamlessly integrates with affiliate programmes without user intervention, meaning website/blog owners do not have to maintain the widget after installation‌. ever.


MARKET DEFENDER Monitoring the PPC Landscape, 24/7

Market Defender monitors and stores every advert for all selected keywords 24/7 in Google, Yahoo and Bing, offering insights into how your ads perform against your competition.

KEY FEATURES We monitor 24/7 and save you costs by defending your brand terms and protecting your trademark from counterfeit schemes, rogue affiliates and competitors. Monitor competitor activity to gain valuable insight into their paid search approach including day parting schedules and ad copy strategy. Compare your brand visibility to ensure you stay ahead of the market.

The system uses a proprietary data collection method, allowing Market Defender to be countermeasure and geolocation proof.


If you’d like a demonstration of any of our software products we’d love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)113 391 2929 Email us at or visit our website

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Introducing our award-winning search marketing tools.

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