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Paper Light Ideas

I really like this paper structure as it was easy to make as all it took was to make slits and fold in in an interesting pattern. I thought this looked very similar to one of my research lights. I like the form and shape of the light as it looks like it could wrap around the like really well. I then decided to use the same technique, but to do another model in a horizontal version. I like the way it turned out however I think if there was more than one and if there was different sizes and they were hanging like a pendant light it would be better. I think the slits are very useful and also allow the paper to be twisted in interesting shapes.

I made this using two paper airplanes joined together to form a pointed structure. This structure looks interesting from a variety of views and may also be better if there was a few of them suspended like icicles. I like the shape however I think it could be improved by using more planes together to make it more complicated. I decided to show it with a light through it. It makes it look more interesting and with different sizes and colours it could make a unique hanging structure.

Paper Light Ideas This is a cone/torch light. It uses shredded edges of a paper, wrapped in a cone shape with a cut bottom. I really like this as the light highlights it making it look pleated. I however would like to try to do this with a pleated version. I think exploring cone shapes would be a good idea. Also I think this could make standing light if it was done bigger.

Above is a picture of a few piece of scrunched up paper , paper clipped together and flattened out to form arms and legs, an additional scrunched paper was added as a head. The image above is the paper ‘man’ hunched over. I think it makes an interesting structure as the scrunched paper gives it thickness and texture.

This is a picture from the side. I don’t think it looks that interesting, if it had more layers to the cone and had more detail it would look better, however the light can easily shine through the one layer of paper which does give it a nice glow.

On the left is a side view of the paper man sitting up. I wanted him to hold the light, and to be a friendly structure. On the right is what he looks like with the light. I really liked the way this turned out as it looked tatty and worn out but still looked like a person. I could rearrange the person making him hold the light in various ways to give variety.

Paper Light Ideas

Above is the image of another paper man however I made it small and used twisted arms and legs and a different way of scrunching.

I don’t like the way this smaller man turned out as he did not look as good and the arms was to stubby to hold the light. I don’t think twisting the paper was a good idea. A way to improve this would be to have a lot of the little people linked together. It was hard to replicate the bigger man and I don’t think I improved upon it.

On my research page I looked at the iron man arc reactor which reminded me of the interesting shape the light was. I then thought that if this was added with a body part it would for an interesting structure. I wrapped my hand in paper and tape, however this would of worked better if I used masking tape and newspaper. I also would have liked if the light went further into the hand. I really like the way the light and the hand is combined and I think with more hands linked in various positions a variety of interesting wall or ceiling lights could be made, also by adding recycled electrical components or coloured lights a steam punk or sci fi variation could be made.

Paper Light Ideas

In my research I looked at natural looking light. I wanted to try something similar so I wanted to do an apple/ orange shape but made the way a Terrys chocolate orange was. I like the way it turned out however it wasn’t done too neatly and could have been made better. I noticed some of the sizes were different and some edges were torn.

I tried to crumple the shape and make two of the model. The crumpled/ pleated model would be better if I had done it neater. The image on the left looks better. I don’t think using paper clips was a good idea, as it doesn’t allow you to join the paper that neatly and blocks you from adding in certain areas. I also don’t think crumpling/ pleating was a good idea, I should have made it bigger and maybe cut interesting patterns like a snow flake. I think adding lots of these in an interesting chain could be wrapped around the light that may make it more aesthetically pleasing.

I think the repetition of the semi circles to form a shape was a good idea and could be done in a variety of ways; this is something I would like to explore in more depth. However I think it looks better from a side view and my model making skills let it down.

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