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Side-hung and Center-guided Drawers Stickley速 is proud to offer drawers that are hand-fitted and numbered, as well as being side-hung and centerguided. This method guarantees proper alignment of the drawer. The center guide keeps the drawer from skewing sideways. Suspension on the side guides keeps the drawer level, even when heavily loaded. There is never any pressure against the bottom side edges, hence no scrape or screech and no excessive friction, pulling or tugging.

AN-1927 Changing Chest

Opposite: AN-1976 Bunching Bachelor Chest AN-1978 Hutch for Bachelor Chest AN-1979 Dresser with Bunching Top AN-1980 Hutch for Bunching Dresser AN-1988 Student Desk, AN-1989 Student Desk Hutch AN-1983 Student Desk Chair

Stickley Starters Collection  

Children's furniture catalog for the Stickley Starters Collection by Stickley

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