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Dovetailed Cross Rails

By splitting boards down the center and then opening them up like a book, an identical grain pattern is revealed. This labor intensive process assures beautifully matched grain panels on all pieces, as opposed to randomly matched boards.

Cross rails dovetailed into end panels strengthen the case from side to side. Separation of the end panels is impossible unless the wood is split apart. This joint is self-locking even before the glue is applied. 21st Century designs use a blind dovetail.

Bed Rail Construction For a good night’s sleep every night, the side rails of all Stickley beds are mortised and tenoned into the posts, while the ends of the rails feature panhead screws secured into an iron casting—all to ensure that the bed will not wobble or rock.

A talented craftsman proudly signs his initials on every Stickley piece.


Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  
Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  

Stickley Furniture's Modern Collection catalog.