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Edward J. Audi

Alfred Audi, Aminy Audi, Edward Audi, Andrea Audi, and Carolyn Audi Fischi

Dear Mom and Dad,

Throughout this catalog you will find Stickley stories. These

The Stickley rocking chair is very symbolic…an item of

furniture that beckons infants and nonagenarians. In 2015, I will be sitting in it as I read and contemplate inequities in

are real stories by real people, and they reflect the Stickley story which is rich in family tradition and enduring relationships. It is also the story of connection to home as a gathering place

global health. In 2020, I hope that you will be sitting in it as

filled with warmth, friendship and magical moments.

you rock and bond with a child of mine. In 2030, you will be

We hope you enjoy browsing through this Modern catalog–

sitting in it somewhere in my house where you will then be

you are likely to find something that helps you transform your

living so that you can be present in my children’s lives and I

home into a sanctuary of grace and beauty. From our family to

can help with whatever you need assistance with. In 2050,

yours, we thank you for making Stickley a part of your family

I will be sitting in it…gray/white hair, perhaps knitting or

legacy and look forward to hearing your own Stickley story.

perhaps just taking in what will be going on around me, ideally holding my grandchildren. In 2114, some Welch will be sitting in it, not someone that we will ever know about or


meet, but a descendent of you two, someone who will be preserving the dual legacy of cherishing both fine family and fine furniture. 

Love, Beth

Aminy I. Audi

Edward J. Audi

CEO & Chairman of the Board

President 7

Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  

Stickley Furniture's Modern Collection catalog.

Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  

Stickley Furniture's Modern Collection catalog.