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"Als Ik Kan"

The Stickley motto, “Als ik Kan” originated with Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck and loosely translates to “All I Can” or “To the Best of my Ability”, a motto that was followed then and now by Stickley craftspeople. Stickley’s many unique construction features make it the most lasting furniture being crafted today. Master cabinetmakers proudly put their initials on every piece they build.

After intensive machine sanding, every piece of furniture is thoroughly hand sanded, even the insides of drawers. Excess glue is carefully removed from all joints, all sharp edges are eliminated, joints are flush, any scratch marks are removed, and the pores of the wood are opened.

Many Stickley drawers are side hung and center guided, and each is patiently hand-fitted into its case by a skilled Stickley artisan. 13

Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  

Stickley Furniture's Modern Collection catalog.

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