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ENDURING CRAFTSMANSHIP The Allure of Cherry The Stickley Modern Collection is predominately crafted of solid, wild black cherry. Cherry is a unique wood, mellowing and deepening in richness of color as it ages and ranging from deep red to nearly white, with every color tone in between. At Stickley, craftspeople blend the shade and grain to create balance in each piece, celebrating the natural variations in the wood. Coming from family owned forests in New York and Pennsylvania, Stickley selects only the finest quality cherry.

Hand rubbing is just one of the ways to achieve the depth and clarity of the legendary Stickley finish.

Legendary Finishing The extraordinary care and skill that go into Stickley finishes guarantee that each piece of furniture has its own singular beauty. Every finish is deep, radiant, and displays the innate glow of the natural wood to its best advantage. Stickley finishes sparkle with clarity and depth due to an extensive process of hand sanding and layering of aniline dyes, a process that takes at least four days to complete. A final topcoat provides a heat, alcohol and mar resistant surface, culminating in a soft lustrous patina.

A talented craftsman proudly signs his initials on every Stickley piece. 12

Modern Collection Catalog by Stickley  

Stickley Furniture's Modern Collection catalog.

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