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Artwork; Vectors and Rasters Website: Email: About Us Both Design & Cut and StickerGirl offer customised stickers and labels. We can print your design on a range of medias including vinyls (with self adhesive backing), static cling (adheres using static) and poster paper (again, with self adhesive backing). Amongst our tools is a Roland Versacamm, a wide format printer, which digitally prints and cuts the stickers and labels to any size and shape required. You really can think outside the box in terms of design. We begin the procedure with a 25 or 50 metre roll of vinyl and instruct the printer and cutter, with the aid of a computer, exactly what to do with the media. On the first pass directing it in terms of print, design and colour, and on the second pass in terms of cutting the shapes, sizes and quantities. The print and cut are both extremely accurate but the accuracy does depend on the quality of the instruction (in this case the artwork) that is inputted to the computer. In short; to achieve the highest quality stickers and labels we need high quality artwork. We favour vectors, in particular eps file. Vectors defined “Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves and shapes or polygons, which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics.” (Courtesy of Rasters defined “Raster graphics images or bitmap is a data structure representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels, or points of colour.......” (Courtesy of Why we prefer vectors Simply put; by using vectors we can re-scale the design without loss of quality to whatever size you require us to print. If, for example, you were to provide us with raster graphics that are smaller than the print size you require as soon as we start stretching the image it will suffer quality loss and become pixelated; each pixel will begin to become visable as is demonstrated in the image (above, left - courtesy of Wikipedia). This is why, in the first instance, we ask for vector graphics. We appreciate however that not everyone is able to provide these and that is why we offer a free hour of artwork for all customers. We are happy to use the free hour to convert your artwork; but bear in mind depending upon the complexity of the design we may need longer than an hour. Why not contact us to discuss your design requirements. Are Vectors always the best? No, not always. There are certain circumstances when raster images will produce a better result. If, for example. your design incorporates a photo, it is necessary to have the photo as a raster image (we would also recommend you provide us with the original photo to achieve the best result).

Artwork - Vectors and Rasters  

Design & Cut and StickerGirl explains the difference between vector and raster graphics and why they prefer to work with vector graphics.

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