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Erik Van Loon


I NEED 250 CARS Dear friends, Due to Sandy (october 2012) I stayed 5 days in Washington DC and during those days I fell in love with your wonderfull city. To express my love I want to pin an enormous I LOVE DC photo of 20 x 12 ft at

the Interstat 395 chinmney near Mount Vernon Square together with you. For the aerial photo I need a.o. 175 red and 75 black cars. Please join! Erik Van Loon


I LOVE DC and I WILL WIN 9 In october 2013, I want to make I LOVE DC at a parking lot in Washington DC. I LOVE DC is a photo of 175 red and 50 black cars parked in an I LOVE DC setting and you can help me to make this photo which I want to pin at the Interstate 395 chimney under Mount Vernon Triangel in Washington DC.

I Will Win

Since 2005 I unveil each year “guerilla artwise“ an 33 x 20 ft painting along the course of the New York City Marathon in order to show my painting for 6 to 7 seconds to the 50.000 runners and 260 million tv viewers worldwide. I Will Win 9

Many runners have seen one of the 8 paintings untill so far but it has never been broadcasted. That’s actually why I will unveil I Will Win 9 this year and I will paint it at New York Av in Washington DC. I Will Win - The Elections


To realize I LOVE DC I need: 1. to find 250 car owners 2. to rent a helicopter to make a photo 3. to print a 20x12 ft photo of I LOVE DC 4. to hang the photo at the chimney 5. to crowdfund +/- $ 16,000 Join Call (865) 2 E V LOON / (865) 238 5666 or go to and donate directly or pledge funding (through Indiegogo) in order to take part in I LOVE DC. When we have enough funding and participants I will send you 72 hours in front an email and text with the exact date, time and location in october or november. Start spreading the news

Due to Sandy the NYC Marathon was cancelled and that was actually the reason that I unveiled I Will Win - The Election on electionday 2012 in front of the White House as you can see below and


I LOVE DC and I WILL WIN 9 is supported by a.o.

I love dc 2013  

Hereby the flyer for I LOVE DC with ao also I Will Win 9.