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Are You Ready to be a… Photographer?



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22 STIers speak up on the changes they want to make!

Before Graduation, I will…

10 Campus News

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What makes ME an integral part of WE?

World Cup Dream

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STI Idol: Conquering the World

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Editor’s Note For the past year, we have been encouraging STIers nationwide to be an agent of change — to initiate the change within themselves and in their communities — but how or where do we exactly start? In this issue, we give you tips to help you get ready for change. Read also some of the viewpoints of the students on what kind of changes they would like to see not just in their community but most importantly, in themselves. Get to know also who the current newsmakers in the STI community are as they continue to bring pride and honor to the whole STI network! On a lighter note, we prepared various fun and exciting stories to keep you on your toes! We saw lots of new gadgets being introduced one after another over the past decade, but how long will they last? Be in the loop as tech analysts make their fearless forecast on which gadget will be in or out. Excited about the much-awaited summer vacation, but don’t know what to wear? Worry no more! Be the trendiest girl or guy in the block as we bring you the list of hip clothes and pieces that you can sport this summer! G2G. TTYL. Garbled language? Nope, these are just some of the phrases used by bloggers today. So don’t be outdated and start turning the pages for the latest buzz and crazes in technology, fashion, sports, and more!

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Before Graduation, I will…

Stay up all night and wait for the sun to rise!

The top ten items that should be in every college student’s bucket list

Learn a foreign language.

College life will always be special — it is the time for a lot of firsts, a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, and a lot of one in a million opportunities. It’s going to be one big rollercoaster ride! So, don’t miss out on the best experiences that your college life has to offer. Let’s start off your bucket list with the top ten things that you shouldn’t miss while in college! The rest of the list (if you plan to tick one per day of your college life) is up to you! Ready your pens and paper… NOW!

The best way to know a lot of people and make friends is by joining a club or student organization — nothing beats being one with buddies with the same interests as yours.

Have a sleepover with tons of friends or just a small group of BFFs. Sleepover to gossip, make homework, projects, your thesis, or just to hang out.

Run a marathon. Living a sedentary life while in school shouldn’t be an excuse to get unhealthy! Sign up for a marathon and train for it.

Explore my campus during odd hours. Come to school early in the morning just as soon as the door opens or be the last person to leave the school. Find “ghosts” or anything unusual in the hallways or just enjoy a peaceful meal without the crowd. 4 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 4-5

This is something definitely fun that can also help strengthen your resumé. You can learn Mandarin or Nihongo, French or Italian, Spanish or German for fun or function, whatever your reason may be, anything new to learn is always a plus.

Make sure that I will actually… GRADUATE!

Amplify my social life — PARTY!

Join a club.

Have a sleepover!

It is an experience that almost every college student goes through. Imagine working endlessly for projects, drinking all that coffee and energy drink, and not realizing it is morning already until you hear the rooster crow. Try to take a breather and look out the window or step out to greet the sun a good morning.

The best parties are the ones spent with friends — and even friends of friends! This is a great way to expand your social circle and at the same time, grow your network. Remember, growing your network is a great investment especially when you start looking for a job. But for now, partying takes away the stresses, hassles, and negative vibes from school or home.

Make it to the Dean’s List.

Cheer for my school’s varsity team. Nothing gives you an adrenaline rush like a good sports activity. Whether you are part of your school’s varsity team or not, the fun, camaraderie, and excitement fill the gymnasium from the floor to the bleachers! Watch a cheer dance, basketball or volleyball game and wear your school’s colors. Shout your lungs out with the crowd, clap, and cheer with all your might! Be proud!

Being part of the Dean’s List doesn’t spell out N-E-R-D, it is something you can set as a challenge to push yourself to the limit. Best if you can do it each semester, but if not, making it even once should be part of your bucket list. Think of it as being on top of the Mt. Everest, you climb up once, and the memories and the natural high make it all worth it.

Now this can actually be tricky. Apart from making sure you pass your examinations, now you have to think of all the requirements needed to graduate, making sure you have the correct number of units and electives, especially if you are not in a block section. The key here is to check and double check. Don’t forget to consult school officials, like your professors, advisers or even the registrar — they are there to help you out.

In everything you do, may it be the ones listed here or the ones you will be adding, learn to be accountable. Remember that more than anything, being in college is learning to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t do something that will turn your fun, free, and fabulous college life into one big mistake. Have fun and make it count! STIMULI 5

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Time flies really fast and so do our gizmos. From disc mans on-the-go to pocket-fit Mp3 players and now to revolutionary iPod. Even our call and text phones have been replaced by multifunctional ones and the list goes on. Indeed, the progress in technology makes way for a constant evolution of gadgets.

Low-End Digital Camera

OUT WITH THE OLD Over the next 10 years, the following gadgets have been predicted to be left on the dust as new ones are on the rise. • E-readers The market for e-readers that can only handle reading will mostly disappear since tablets which can do more will take over according to Charles Golvin, a tech analyst.

There are many gadgets that brought us to where we are today before finally crumbling to dust and letting the younger generation run amok and have their screens touched. Here are some of these gadgets: Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet

So don’t be surprised if the gadgets you may depend on right now will be made obsolete by year 2020. Let us review the future of these gadgets.

Feature Phone

combined with more efficient storage options like USBs and external hard drives. • Feature Phones Bajarin predicts that 80% of all phones sold in 2015 will be smartphones since carriers opt to switch their feature phones in favor of smartphones with more services. Feature phones are mobile phones which hold less services in terms of features and apps compared to smartphones.

IN WITH THE NEW This year marks another season of innovations and breakthroughs in the field of gadgetry with a promise of better performance. Instead of time-travelling you in the year 2020, here are the most-anticipated gizmos this year.

• Recordable CDs and DVDs

• Apple HDTV

Tech columnist and principle analyst Tim Bajarin says that shiny discs will be gone over the next 10 years due to more streaming options for music, movies, and other digital downloads,

It would finally come to light in mid 2012, according to most sources. Upon release, it would be operated via a voice command system called Siri, same as what is found in iPhone 4S.


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 6-7

Recordable CDs and DVDs

Apple HDTV

• Low-End Digital Cameras “Flip cameras went bye-bye and now lowend camera functions are being taken over by smartphones,” says Rob Enderle, principle analyst for the Enderle Group. Consumers will have less incentive to carry around a camera when they already have a phone in their pocket that takes quality pictures.


• Amazon Blaze Mobile Phone The famous online shop will be creating an Android-based phone with some specs worth noting such as a 4.3-inch Mirasol display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 32GB ROM, a 5MP rear-faced camera, and even a 1.3MP front-faced cam. • Canon EOS 5D Mark III The EOS 5D Mark III is packed with a full 35mm sensor, an ISO range from the basic 100 to the clear and crisp 25600 with a bigger LCD, and stands strong with 32 megapixels. No release dates yet so digital photographers are nothing but excited. • Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet Dell is creating the “Peju” tablet, which should perfectly run on the Windows 8 OS Engine. It has a Core i5 processor with a 4GB RAM, a 1.3MP front facing camera and a 5MP rear facing camera, and a dimension of 10.8 x 6.7 x 0.63 inches. Source:

The Pager You know that little box on every doctor’s belt that beeps when someone wants their attention? Film Camera Do you still recall how many roll of films you have to use with this point and shoot? VHS Cassette Who can forget VHS casettes that always come with a rewinder? Floppy Disks This once saving device is now only an icon on your computer for the Save command. Source:


3/13/2012 10:43:32 AM

Students, faculty members,and staff from 14 STI Colleges in Metro Manila which include Alabang, Caloocan, Cubao, Shaw, Fairview, Global City, Las Piñas, Makati, Muñoz-EDSA, Novaliches, Parañaque, Quezon Avenue, Recto, and Taft proudly demonstrated their Citizen STI zeal as they rallied round this environmental cause, and raced with colorful banners and happy faces at the 5K category. First-time runner Teodoro Butron, a BS Business Management student, shares, “I was happy to see the number of STIers who participated today! And I am happier to be a part of something that contributes to

a cause as big as this. I’m also grateful that my school provided me with this opportunity.” The event had a total of 86,547 runners thus making it one of the biggest runs for a cause for 2011. But more than the fun run, the event also intends to raise funds for the rehabilitation of a vein of esteros found connected to the Pasig River, such as Estero de Paco, Estero de San Miguel, Estero de Aviles, and Estero de San Sebastian to name a few. Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig is a long term advocacy of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., founded for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.

One More Time for

Ilog Pasig! For three years in a row now, STI once again showed solid support for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River in the recent Run for Pasig River 11.20.2011 wherein more than 5,000 STIers geared up as early as 3 AM to participate in this worthy cause.


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 8-9

“Parallel to the thrust of STI to encourage the youth to start positive change that will help the community, this project is also close to our hearts because it gives young people the opportunity to do something relevant for their future. The overwhelming turnout of the STI community today indicates how aware we are of the current state of the environment and our readiness to help, specifically for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River,” says Elbert L. de Guzman, STI’s VP for Communications, who also raced with thousands of STIers that day.

Going the extra mile! STIers proudly take part in another historic event in the country — Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig


3/13/2012 10:43:42 AM

Students Explore the World Wide Web Keeping students abreast with latest trends and fads in the fast paced world of information technology, STI Ozamis prides in its Student’s Web Development Society (SWDS). Spearheaded by Engineer Alistair Luzon, Academic Head of the school, the SWDS already has its pioneering members including Computer and Electronics Technology student Ernest James Dagohoy, and Information Technology students Karl Descallar, and Mark Fajardo now acting as facilitators able to train other club members with various computer languages aside from

the ones being taught in school. The SWDS also invites professional web developers to conduct seminars that will provide STIers with the necessary tools and knowledge that will be vital once they start looking for jobs. Furthermore, the SWDS also caters to different projects inside and outside the campus to give opportunities for its members to apply the things they have learned. *Special thanks to Ernest James Dagohoy, Student Council President, STI Ozamis

Go for 12 Million in 2012 By: Sheila May Nuezca-Policarpio, School Correspondent, STI College – Naga STI College – Naga happily participated in the El Verde project spearheaded by Camarines Sur Governonr Lray Villafuerte. Dubbed as El Verde: 12 Million Trees by 2012, students, faculty members and staff of STI College – Naga marched with their hiking shoes on, armed with their lunches packed in banana leaves, and a strong passion to become Citizen STI who are ready to contribute their valuable time and effort in a plight to save Mother Earth.

Students of STI College – Naga display the power of teamwork and hardwork unminding the scorching heat of the sun


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 10-11

On the event day itself last February 23, 2011, no less than President Noynoy Aquino headed the tree planting activity which ended up receiving a “Most number of trees planted simultaneously” record from the Guinness Book of World Records, having planted 500,000 trees in Iriga and Naga City on that day.

Junior Chefs of STI College – Sta. Maria beam with pride and honor after bringing home the bacon

Team STI College – Meycauayan unleashes their culinary passion

A double victory in one big event. This has been what STI Colleges – Meycauayan and Sta. Maria proved during the 1st Grand Culinary Challenge (GCC) last February 28 – March 1, 2011 held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Abib Cabilete’s Asian Fusion of “Blackened Milkfish in Tamarind Leaves Sauce” for the Modern Asia Cuisine Challenge.

Out of the 90 entries submitted online for the different categories, only 58 qualified in the grand finals. The finalists were handpicked by seasoned judges like Chef Cyrille Soenen of Restaurant Cicou and Chef Myrna Segismundo, Managing Director of Restaurant 9501.

Wowing the judges is this Meanwhile, STI mouthwatering entry in College – Sta. Maria’s the Modern Asia Cuisine Hospitality and Challenge Restaurant Services (HRS) students Jonathan Bartolabac and Erwin Castillo also showed off their skills in the competition.

STI College – Meycauayan’s 1st year BS Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) student, Jayvee dela Cruz’s mouthwatering Concocting Victory! Grand Bartending version of “Amazing Challenge 3rd Place Black Forest Surprise with Erwin T. Castillo Strawberry Coulis” placed third in the International Desserts Challenge. Also making it to the finals were Remar Zulueta’s “Long Life A Reinvention of Filipino Classic Dish! Turon” — Great Adobo Challenge 2nd Place Jonathan T. Bartolabac a clever combination of wrapped sweetened banana and bihon — for the Creative Filipino Merienda Challenge and



A Back to Back Victory

Jonathan stunned the judges A Sweet Success! and won 2nd place in his International Desserts innovative fried chicken Challenge 3rd Place Jayvee C. dela Cruz lollipop filled with rice and wrapped with chicken skin in the Great Adobo Challenge while Erwin got the 3rd place in the Grand Bartending Challenge. GCC is a nationwide collegiate culinary competition, endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), which encourages the students to take a serious look at the rewards and profitability of pursuing entrepreneurship in the food service trade. *Special thanks to Menchie Mendoza, Faculty Member, STI College – Sta. Maria and Mari Gizelle Idmilao, Academic Head, STI College – Meycauayan


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Fact Corner Tea Recipe Chocolate = Comfort Food

Whenever we feel down or stressed, we usually tend to look towards chocolate to cheer us up. Do you know why? According to research, chocolate is associated with the release of serotonin — the hormone that makes us feel relaxed, calm, and happy! Source:

The All-Purpose Magic Wand Tired of pressing your TV remote control whenever you want to switch channels or turn up the volume? With this amazing Wand Remote Control, you can now flick from channel to channel, control the volume and brightness of your TV, and more with just a sweep of your hands! Even better, this Wand Remote Control can also be used on other electronic devices that work via a remote. After you’ve learned all the different motions to control specific tasks, you can now start weaving your own magic spells right inside your home!

Freshen up your hot and humid days with this cool tea blend and join the bandwagon of health conscious people seeking healthy beverage alternatives. According to Jonny Bowden, weight loss coach and contributor writer of Forbes magazine, next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Harvard Medical Journal and the National Cancer Institute also claim that fresh tea drinkers enjoy tea’s detoxifying properties — tea helps increase focus due to its unique compound called L-theanine and it contains high-level of antioxidants which reduce the risk of several cancers and heart disease.

Do smelling bananas and/ or green apples (smelling, not eating) help you lose weight? In an article published by Dr. Susan Lark on aromatherapy, food with “strong” sweet smells such as chocolate usually triggers feelings of hunger and often leads to overeating or binge eating. On the other hand, “neutral” sweet smells can actually curb one’s appetite. To further support this theory, 3,193 overweight people (mostly women) aged 18-64 were asked to inhale a variety of “neutral” sweet smells — including banana, green apple, vanilla, and peppermint — three times whenever they were hungry. After six months, the participants lost an average of five pounds a month or 30 pounds in total! Source:


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 12-13

PERFECT! Tips on how to keep a positive attitude

Keep an open mind. This will enable you to be non-judgmental and learn to appreciate the viewpoint of other people. It will allow you to have a broader perspective on various things. Remember, people are innately good so look for their positive side.


Milk Tea

• •

Ingredients: • 1 tea bag of strong black tea (any brand, available in supermarkets) • 1 cup of water • Condensed milk (4 tablespoons or according to taste) • Saucepan and stirrer • Crushed ice Scoop of vanilla ice cream (optional) Tall glass or big drinking glass

Procedure: • Using low heat temperature, boil water and add condensed milk. Be sure that the water is hot, but not scalding then add 1 tea bag of strong black tea. Allow the tea bag to steep for 3-5 minutes. Avoid stirring the mixture. Turn off the heat, then swirl the tea bag a little then remove it. Allow tea to cool down (if you prefer hot teas, this is already okay for drinking). •

Prepare your tall glass, fill 1/4 of it with crushed ice. •

When the tea cools down, pour it to your tall glass and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Enjoy! •


Having a positive attitude, on the other hand, leads to positive results. Ensuring a positive outlook will consequently enable students to take on every challenge more wisely, become more motivated, and more confident that they will be successful in life. Brush off those negative vibes today by following these simple steps.

So, get ready to raid your kitchen and start blending for a wonderful TEAsperience!

Source: index.html

Be Insta-thin with Just a Sniff!


Who said student life is easy? Whoever thinks that way obviously forgot what life is like for a student. Students have to cope with a number of things — studying, meeting deadlines for school projects, balancing their extra-curricular activities with their school work, and dealing with peer and family pressure. And they manage to handle all these through sheer determination and perseverance. But more than these, students oftentimes forget to have a positive mindset. Most students who think negatively mean that they have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. They fear failure and, in this regard, will keep on second guessing themselves and will be unable to make even the simplest decisions.

1 Have a sense of humor. Laughter is really the best medicine so laugh often. Laugh over silly things. Watch a funny movie. You will then realize that your thoughts have become clearer.

2 Think happy thoughts. Try to keep things in a positive light. Read encouraging books. Listen to happy and upbeat music. Think about happy memories than dwell on the bad things that happened to you.

5 Believe that you create your own destiny. You are solely responsible for the decisions you make in your life and there are limitless opportunities that await you. However, you have to work hard for it and go through lots of obstacles. Having an optimistic outlook in life will help you get through this arduous journey and lessen the enormity of these challenges.

4 Always re-evaluate your situation. It’s easy to be pessimistic when something happens. However, once you have started thinking things through and be rational about it, you will then see the positive side of things. So let go of the anger and frustrations, and things will become better.

Practice these things every day and you’ll be amazed to see the changes that will happen to your life. Remember that to be at the top of your game, you need to keep a clear head. Don’t cloud it with negative thoughts. Positive thinking is the key to having an optimistic outlook in life, which opens up lots of wonderful opportunities for you!



3/13/2012 10:44:05 AM

After six long months of waiting, their preparation and hard work have finally paid off when Marnie Pearl Pampliega and Pamela Krista Dela Cruz, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) students of STI CollegeBalagtas flew to the United States for a 4-month on-the-job training (OJT) at Six Flags New England in Springfield, Massachusetts. Both Marnie and Pam qualified in the Work and Travel Program of Pearl of the Orient Educational and Career Consultancy Inc. (POEC) wherein more than 30 aspirants went through the

rigid selection process until only 18 applicants were chosen. The Work and Travel Program provides opportunities for students seeking work experience and exposure that will prepare them become globallycompetitive professionals in the future.

*Special thanks to Michael Magbanua, Faculty Member, STI College – Balagtas

First Timers Dominate Chef’s War First time participant STI Kidapawan showed their kitchen prowess as 2nd year Hospitality and Restaurant Services (HRS) students Jacinth Lantin and Marx Linuag, and 1st year HRS student John Biongan bagged the championship for the Chef’s War (Kubatisa sa Kusina), one of the much anticipated events in the annual Hinugyaw Festival. The power three of STI Kidapawan impressed the judges with their sumptuous chayote and tuna balls appetizer, deep fried tilapia in gata sauce with higko rice as the main dish, and maja mangosteen with caramelized fruits for dessert.

Aside from the newfound knowledge and skills they gained from world-class industry experts, both Marnie and Pam believed that it was an experience of a lifetime.

Equally victorious are the creative 2nd year HRS students La Dhonna Getuya and Leah (Above) Marnie and Pam pose with coworkers



From Pinas to US: Learning Across Borders

The chef warriors with their masterpiece

Laparasan who placed second in the Buffet Centerpiece competition. Both teams were trained by their instructors Dennis Dapal and Rachel Ann Espiritu. *Special thanks to Cristina Collena, School Correspondent, STI Kidapawan

STI Calbayog is a Certified Kabalikat

Future ENGbentors Named A new feat was brought to the entire STI community by selected 4th year Computer Engineering (CoE) students of STI College – Global City after their thesis proposal placed 1st runner-up in ENGbensyon 2011: Computer Engineering (CpE) Design Project Exhibition on May 27-28, 2011 at the Science Discovery Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. STI students Joseph Andrew Bacuen, Danielle DIgnadice, and Kathy Rose Ilao impressed the judges from the Institute of Computer Engineers (ICpeP) with their study entitled, “JDK Vehicle Tracking System Using Short Messaging System Protocol and Global Positioning System Technology for MJ Mimotech Co.” ENGbensyon is an annual activity that showcases notable CpE design projects from various colleges and universities in Metro Manila.

(L-R) Meet the winning team: Coach Connie V. Salmasan, Joseph Andrew Bacuen, Kathy Rose Ilao, and Danielle Dignadice of STI College – Global City, with the President of ICpeP, Engr. Erwin Mendoza

As the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) celebrates its 17th foundation anniversary, it also gives recognition to individuals, groups, institutions, and local government units (LGUs) for their valuable contribution to technical vocational education and training (TVET) nationwide through the 2011 Kabalikat Awards. The ceremony was held on August 24, 2011, at the Tandang Sora Hall in TESDA Women’s Center in Taguig City. This year, STI Calbayog is the sole educational institution to receive the Kabalikat Award


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 14-15

under the Institution Category. Since the school started in 2001, it has been an active supporter of the various activities and projects conducted by TESDA Region VIII, particularly the TESDA – Samar Provincial Office. The Kabalikat Award is an annual institutional recognition to outstanding LGUs, institutions, and private firms for their best practices and contribution to the promotion and development of mid-level manpower in terms of skills, abilities, proper work attitudes, and values.


3/13/2012 10:44:10 AM


Beauty for a Cause The fairest ladies and gentlemen in the City of Lucena competed against one another for the title of Lakan at Mutya ng Lucena during Lucena’s Golden Anniversary Celebration. On August 18, 2011, all eyes were on the stage as the contestants for the Search for Lakan at Mutya ng Lucena did their best to impress both the audience and the judges with their wits, beauty, and talents. At the end of the magical night, pre-pageant favorite Jacqueline Merano, BS Nursing student of STI College – Lucena, was crowned as Mutya ng Lucena 2011.

When asked what will be her main responsibility as Mutya ng Lucena, Jacqueline shared that she wishes to set a good example to her fellow youth. “By providing assistance and support to various programs and projects aimed to further help improve our city, I can show everyone that a Mutya ng Lucena is more than just a beauty queen. A Mutya ng Lucena makes a difference.”


Voice of the Youth

Continues Jacqueline in her beach volleyball attire

STI’s pride Jacqueline Merano (center) in her shining moment together with the other winners

STIer Wins Big in Magnolia Tub Wrap Making Competition Showcasing his exemplary skills in drawing, Myronne Loius Ramirez, a first year Multimedia Arts student of STI College – Sta. Maria, wins big by ranking second in the 2011 Magnolia Christmas Edition Tub Wrap Making Contest — a contest spearheaded by Magnolia Ice Cream. Fully supported by his mom and his teachers, a beaming Myronne proudly accepted the recognition for his work of art centered on the theme, “All I Want for Christmas,” during the awarding ceremony held on October 15, 2011 at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Myronne (center) during the awarding ceremony

His drawing, which featured the values and joyous Filipino traditions during 16 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 16-17

After a successful partnership in the previous year, the Department of Education (DepEd) and the National Youth Commission (NYC) once again team up with the STI Foundation and STI’s network of schools to gather a new batch of student orators from select private and public high schools nationwide in the 2nd Voice of the Youth National Oratorical Competition (VOTY). With this year’s theme “Rediscovering Filipino Values: I See. I Act. I Advocate.,” the 2nd VOTY kicked off on November 10, 2011 in an official launch at the STI Academic Center in Global City, Taguig attended by STI Foundation President, Monico V. Jacob, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Commission, Leon G. Flores III, and the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects of the Department of Education, Dr. Yolanda S. Quijano.

Have you seen these tub wraps in your favorite Magnolia ice cream?

the Christmas season, paved the way for him to bag a silver medal and PhP15,000. “When I learned that I won 2nd place, I was overwhelmed! I’m happy and thankful that my family and teachers encouraged me to join the competition because it gave me the opportunity to improve my talents as an artist and be more motivated to join similar art competitions in the future,” shares Myronne. With over 60 entries submitted, this year’s event was participated by various colleges and universities from all over the Philippines. The competition aims to hone and recognize the artistic talents of students nationwide.

STI Foundation President Monico V. Jacob, DepEd’s Undersecretary for Programs & Projects Dr. Yolanda S. Quijano, NYC Chairman & CEO Leon G. Flores III, and VOTY Chairman Organizing Committee Mitch M. Andaya during the launch

schools participated and PhP1.5 million worth of prizes was given away. This year, the stakes are higher as the competition is expected to break the record of the number of participating schools and now with more than PhP2 million worth of prizes up for grabs. The National Champion will take home PhP100,000 in cash and his school will get PhP800,000 worth of laboratory package, while his coach will also receive PhP30,000. The VOTY is divided into three levels: Divisional, Cluster, and the National level. The National Finals will culminate on February 27, 2012. The VOTY aims to develop in the participants the ability to express their views in English, enhance their critical thinking as well as inspire them to motivate, influence, and inform others through the art of public speaking. Contestants are expected to write original oratorical pieces based on this year’s theme and deliver their pieces with confidence, passion, and zeal to inspire others with their cause.

“This initiative aims to develop the necessary skills among high school students which will help them become competitive professionals and globally proficient communicators,” says Chairman of VOTY Organizing Committee, Mitch M. Andaya. During the 1st year of the VOTY National Oratorical Competition, more than 500 high

High school students give their support to their school contestants


3/13/2012 10:44:32 AM

Are you ready to be a…

Photographer? Are you the type of person who never went anywhere without a camera? Good news, your hobby could kindle the spark for your new break! The photography industry has evolved so much in the past two decades. While the digital trend may seem to add a remarkable twist to the already competitive photography marketplace, professional photographers continue to be in demand. Now arm yourself with your camera, find the best way you can hone your skills, and turn your hobby into a career. So, are you ready to be a photographer? Are you willing to step out of your everyday routine and check out the unknown? Do you notice things that others are oblivious to, like a building that appears ordinary by day and looks spectacular by night?


ö Photographers have a wide range of specialty of choice. You may focus on specific areas that you are most comfortable with (i.e., a photo journalist, commercial photographer, wildlife photographer, etc.). ö Can work in an adventurous environment which can be a great way to make business contacts. ö Photographers may also get opportunities to travel and are able to set their own schedule.


ö Entails long irregular hours of work. Outdoor photographers also often have to deal with bad weather conditions. ö Finding your own clients may be a tad difficult. Aside from your creative skills, you also must have good business sense and be able to market your services. ö Photographers are usually hired on a project basis. You will have some months which are better than others, depending on the number of projects.

Are you playful enough — always fooling around with your camera and see what kind of shots or angles you can come up with? If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you might be all set to be the most in-demand photographer in the country!

A Shot at his Passion! Sample works of Ben Chan that were used in various print campaigns

Fast Facts Name: Benjamin Domingo M. Chan Occupation: Advertising Photographer Affiliations: STI Center of Arts and Blacksheep Photography Three words that best describe me: Focused, foodie, and flip. Words to live by: Be prepared — some opportunities may knock only once. Describe your typical shoot assignment: All the necessary equipment for the project should be set a day before the event. A typical shoot lasts half a day. Usually there’s a lot of waiting involved. I make sure that the clients’ needs are well taken care of.


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 18-19


3/13/2012 10:44:34 AM

Decoding the

Internet Lingo Chasing their World Cup Dream Known for our fanatic love for boxing and basketball, the Philippine sports scene has always been dominated by the sure footed and quick-punching boxers, and the agile basketball players. Lately, another sport has been getting a lot of attention and creating fanaticism among Pinoys — meet the Azkals, the Philippines’ official national football team. Since defeating defending champion Vietnam at the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup Clash last December 2010, the Azkals’ rise to stardom has been unstoppable, even capping 2011 with a friendly game against Major League Soccer Cup Champion Los Angeles

Galaxy with world famous football player David Beckham at the forefront. They also started 2012 with a bang as they went up against Spain’s 3rd division football team, International de Madrid C.F., in a friendly game. The proceeds from this game went to the victims of the typhoon Sendong in Northern Mindanao. Guided by their coach, Michale Weiss, all members of the Azkals are looking forward to playing more games that will help kick their way to the international football arena. Source:

Without a doubt, you have encountered some fancy abbreviations or acronyms to bring across certain messages over the net. This is what we called as the internet lingo or internet slang. This language hybrid is defined as an informal way of writing to express through words, phrases or characters in the form of abbreviations with the purpose of saving keystrokes and thus time. More often than not, these words (or groups of letters) have even taken over oral conversations. So to keep you in the loop, here are some samples of most commonly used acronyms and emoticons:

:-) :P :{

the classic smiley


I am sticking out my tongue


I am a cowboy

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 20-21



Strong, precise, and fast! The Philippine Dragon Boat Team breathes fire into water by successfully paddling out various countries in international racing events and bringing home multiple gold medals to add pride to our nation.


Uh oh!

can quickly With just a few keystrokes, you confusion, , hter laug convey emotions from rnet. inte the on ns essio expr r othe and me the beco have s ticon Acronyms and emo generation. universal language of a hurried

Breathing Fire in Water

Also known as the Dragon Warriors, the Filipino paddlers ended the 2011 10th Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida with a resounding win by taking home five gold and two silver medals. Their first place wins also allowed them to break world class records in the 1000-meter men’s event, the 200m men’s event, the 500m men’s event, the 200m mixed event, and the 500m mixed event.



BRB = BE RIGHT BACK I am annoyed

I am having a hard time


Despite issues on lack of funds and support from the government, the Philippine Dragon Boat Team continues to soar; even inspiring teams in other countries like Trinidad and Tobago which claimed that holding a world championship without the Philippines would be like staging the World Cup of football without Brazil in it. Source:


Winking at you


I am crying


I am laughing happily

%-) :-|| (_)>

I am brain dead right now


I am seriously angry


Want to have some coffee?

Although knowing some of these commonly used net lingoes can keep you from having a clueless reaction while online, it is also worth-noting that it is considered annoying and unsuitable for formal communication. It should therefore be used conservatively and in the appropriate setting such as amongst your friends and other similar cliques. G2G! TTYL ;-)


IKR = I KNOW RIGHT Sources: php?term=internet%20lingo http://www.myuniversalfacts. com/2006/06/use-and-meaning-ofinternet-slang.html netiquette101/a/bl_emoticons101_2.htm


3/13/2012 10:44:53 AM




A Call for a

CHANGE With all the hustles and bustles, adding extra baggage to your list would be enough to send you over the edge. But whether we admit it or not, change is inevitable for our own good and progress. Though taking the step towards it is easier said than done, yet when achieved, the result is very fulfilling and gratifying.

Have the right attitude. Attitude plays a big part in your ability to succeed in your goal to change. Set small steps and realistic goals that you know you can achieve and work your way up.

Write the steps and do it. Be reasonable with the steps you come up with, and yet, don’t be afraid to go far above the ground at the same time. Set a day when you’ll start doing all these steps.

Reflect on the things you want better. Create a list of things that you want to change whether in yourself, inside your home or in the community. Don’t hesitate. After all, you are doing this for the better.

ASTIG PINOY! Filipino Changemakers in the News A lot of great things come from humble beginnings. Here are some of the Filipinos who brought change in their respective arena and made us proud! 22 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 22-23

le around the world (including you) The subject of change is constant! Peop or change about yourself — your make a list of what you want to achieve attitude. looks, your habits or lifestyle, and your ered some of your thoughts on the So to hear what you have to say, we gath changes that you would like to make. Mandy Villarta, 2nd year – BSCS “I am such a big procrastinator but this time, I will be more responsible by doing school requirements ahead of time. I realized that cramming is avoidable if good time management is applied.” Rosemarie Baldonado HRM “Hindi na ko magiging mahiyain.”

There’s a need for Change. This is a huge step. Realizing that change is needed is hard to accept especially if what you want to change is already a part of your system.


Jerome Patrick Manansala, 1st year – BSBM “I’ll stop drinking soda!”

You cannot change overnight! It takes 21 days to break a habit. The first day will be hard, but it gets twice as easy in the succeeding days. All you need is focus, persistence, and discipline. Remind yourself everyday on the change that you want to make. Sources:

Monique Lhuillier Hollywood Fashion Designer

A Philippine born fashion designer who captured the bridal couturier industry and the red carpet to the stars. Her designs are noted for being modern married with the old romantic feel, accented by very feminine, luxurious fabrics and dramatic skirts. Her list of clientele includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Catherine ZetaJones, and Sarah Michelle Gellar among others.

Angela Mae Manalastas 3rd year – BSN “Hindi na ko magiging tamad sa bahay. I’ll help in our daily household chores.”

Kelvin Tibayan, 3rd year – BSIT

“I’ll focus more on my studies and allot more time for it instead of doing other things which are not as productive, like Facebook.”

Manny Pacquiao Eight-Division World Champion

With his power punches, agility, and speed, he brings insurmountable pride in our country and inspires Filipinos whether he is inside or outside of the boxing ring.

Efren Peñaflorida, Jr.

2009 CNN Hero of the Year The founder and head of the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) which offers out-of-school

Gildon Rae Noval 2nd year – BSIT “I party a lot! That’s what I would like to change (cross-fingers). Spend less time clubbing, and instead spend more time on my studies and with my family.” Monjeanette Bonifacio 1st year – BSTM “I’d like to change being an overspender. Instead, I’ll avoid buying unnecessary stuff, save up, and work only around my budget.”

Roi Philippe Sambajon 2nd year – BSBM “I want to change the way I organize things because I tend to mismanage my schedules. I am a goal-oriented person and being more organized will bring me a step closer to achieving my goals.”

Christine Galanida 2nd year – BSBM “I’ll actively and aggressively seek out new experiences, new challenges, and new adventures.”

youth a venue to learn and divert their attention away from street gangs.

Brilliante Mendoza

World-renown Film Director An award-winning director who consistently makes us proud as Filipinos through his commendable films that reflect social realities in the Philippines. The first Filipino to win the most coveted Best Director for his film, Kinatay at 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Source:


3/13/2012 10:45:07 AM

17th STI NYC Advocates Change

Getting ready for an exciting learning experience!

Ricky Bunag teaches the students about goal setting

What makes ME an integral part of WE? The National Youth Convention is back on the road with more exciting and enlightening topics for the students! The 17th STI National Youth Convention (NYC) continues last year’s theme of inspiring change from within through simple deeds that make a difference. With the theme, “It’s all about ME, It’s all about WE,” the 17th STI NYC challenges every STIer to discover his potentials, define his values, and be a responsible citizen. This was further discussed through three presentations. The first topic was “It’s all about ME, MYSELF, and I: SelfDevelopment” by Mr. Edwin Superable, a faculty member from STI College – Novaliches, wherein he enlightened the students about multiple intelligences (M.I.). Veteran trainer Mr. Pido Aguilar, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of interpersonal relationships through the topic, “It’s all about WE — Me & My Community.” Lastly, “It’s all about US Making a Difference” was delivered by STI College – Bacoor’s IT instructor Mr. Ricky Bunag in which he gave pointers to the students on how to set their own goals.

Edwin Superable shares his thoughts on multiple intelligences

Trainer Pido Aguilar imparts the value of interpersonal relationships

A hand mime performance from selected STIers

The convention kicked off on December 5, 2011 in Baguio City. From Baguio, the NYC then visited other key cities across regions — Kalibo, Bacolod City, Ormoc City, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro City, General Santos City, Davao City, Manila, Naga — before culminating in Puerto Princesa City in March. More than 35,000 STIers nationwide joined in this biggest educational caravan in the city! Grooving to the beat of their passion, STIers open the program with a blast


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 24-25


3/13/2012 10:45:15 AM

Level Up!

Farmers Go High-Tech

Crew of STI College – Caloocan, showcases their winning moves in Isetann’s U-Belt (University Belt) Dance Contest.

STI College – Caloocan’s very own Darwin Gaffud, Kevin Liquiran, Richard Garcia, Angelo Ponilas, Paul John Cernal, and Noel Clarino, were able to impress judges like Maneuver’s member and wellknown dance choreographer Joshua Zamora and bested other dance troupes from other campuses in Metro Manila’s university belt including PUP’s Common Class (1st runner-up), MCU Dance Troupe (2nd runner-up), and the PUP-FAO Dance Cru (3rd runner-up). *Special thanks to the Special Section of The Philippine Star, September 30, 2011 issue

APRON ‘11: Battle of the Kitchen’s Best The Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students of STI College – Tarlac put their aprons down with pride and honor after winning the Hospitality and Tourism Apprentice Competition (APRON ’11). Held at the Hotel Stotsenberg in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, the next generation of professionals in the field of hospitality and tourism from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila and nearby provinces battled for the coveted titles from January 31 to February 1, 2011. With the guidance of their coaches, Ria Saluz Valdez-Macaraeg and Angelo Malonzo, Team STI bagged a total of eight awards in different categories. This only proved that STIers have what it takes to be the next in line in this cutthroat industry. Junior chefs display their culinary flair

Fruit Carving

Fondant Cake Decoration Table Skirting

Silver Medal

Marc Anthony Mutuc and Jayson Galang

Silver Medal

Benjamin Manuel, Jr. and Kessylyn Mae Tilad

Bronze Medal

Katrina Mahinay and Christine Pascua

Cook Off-Challenge Bronze Medal Mc Rozzi Agdeppa, Wendel Joseph Ignacio, and Angelo Malonzo (coach) Service Skills

Bronze Medal

Ryan Corrales and Marion Joyce Pangilinan

Flower Arrangement

Bronze Medal

Roma Cydea Tuiza

Bed Making With Bronze Medal Towel Folding

Cindy Pangilinan, Kevin Feliciano, and Bernardo Dela Cruz

Table Napkin Folding

Mark Genesis Quiambao

Diploma Certificate

Ready for the Big Time! After years of hard work and dedication in college — trying to juggle his studies, while being an active member of the STI community, a jolly friend to his classmates, and continue to be a loving son at home — Jaru Adrian Villanueva can now say that he has finally arrived. A graduate of BS Computer Science from STI College – Batangas, Jaru almost seamlessly transitioned from being the Vice President of the Student Council and class Cum Laude into becoming an employee for one of the country’s wellknown companies in steel fabrication and the construction industry. Always the achiever, Jaru’s efforts have finally paid off after two years, a series of taxing qualifying exams, and intensive individual and panel interviews, because now he has made it to the list of new management trainees out of the hundreds of candidates who applied for the Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila (AG&P) Management Training Program. Clearly, investing in his principles, diligence, determination, and competence have helped Jaru reach where he is today, and these too will bring him closer and closer to giving life to his dreams.

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)– Isabela partnered with STI Cauayan in a project aimed to revolutionize the agricultural sector of the province. Under the supervision of thesis advisers Ramon Villanueva and Erwin Palafox, the 2nd year Information Technology students have developed an electronic system for billing, point-of-sale, inventory, and record management for local cooperatives. Cooperatives that benefited from the initial launch of this project are: Wigan Settlers’ MultiPurpose Cooperative (MPC) of Brgy. Wigan, Cordon, Isabela, Esperanza MPC in Aurora, Isabela, Marasat Pequeno MPC in San Mateo, Isabela, and Isabela DAR Employees in Cauayan City, Isabela.



Dance Champs Show-Off their Hataw Sayaw 2011 champion, the Intensity Dance Intense Moves

STIers orient cooperative members on their new electronic system

Engr. Cherrie Lucas-Mangoba, Section Chief of the Access Facilitation and Access Enhancement Section of the Beneficiaries Development and Coordination Division of DAR – Isabela, believes that the systems developed by the STIers will bring beneficial change to the agricultural industry in their province. *Special thanks to Francisco Nicolas III, Faculty Member, STI Cauayan

*Special thanks to Marvin Mayormente, Faculty Member, STI College – Batangas

*Special thanks to Ferdinand Dela Rosa, Academic Head, STI College – Tarlac 26 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 26-27


3/13/2012 10:45:25 AM


Team STI Invades Robotics Camp Students of STI Laoag emerged as overall champions in the First Ilocos Norte Robotics Camp held on December 3, 2011 during the awarding ceremonies at the Robinson’s Mall, Ilocos Norte. The competition, a product of the robotics camp sponsored by the Provincial government of Ilocos Norte, was dominated by Jonel

The camp, which Team STI with Hon. Imee Marcos (center) taught and trained the participants from various colleges and universities in the province, was held previously at the Provincial Capitol Auditorium. No less than the Honorable Imee Marcos, Representative of Ilocos Norte, was there to congratulate the winners.

The STI relief operations team was also able to help the teachers of the regional office of the Department of Education and some of the 28 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 28-29

Everyone loves a discount. We always look forward to the holiday season for year-end sales so we can get a huge percent off on several items. However, thanks to the surge of social media, we can now avail of discounts any time of the year. How? This is where group buying websites, such as Groupon, CashCashPinoy, and Deal Grocer among others, come in. You might have noticed their advertisements in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc. — they offer products and services at a considerably low price. So, how do they exactly work?


Click on the posted ad to direct you to their website or Facebook Page. Deals are usually made available for a specific period of time only. But don’t worry, new deals appear when the old ones expire.

Registration is free, so do register. That way, you can get regular updates on the current deals.



3 There are several payment options, but it varies depending on the group buying website. So carefully check all options before making your choice.

When you get the voucher, print it. It serves as proof of your purchase. Also take note of all the important details (due dates, what to do and bring when you claim your coupon, validity dates of the deal, etc.). After that, you can now claim the voucher you bought!

So next time you see an advertisement, take a quick look and you might find a great bargain! However, remember not to get carried away with these coupons. Always do your due diligence first before signing up or buying a coupon. Ask your friends or check out the social medial sites for feedback. And more importantly, take time to read and understand their FAQ Page, Site Terms, Privacy Policies, and others.

Categorized as the world’s deadliest storm for 2011, Typhoon Sendong left massive impact in the country, with a high toll of properties and lives lost most especially in the hard hit areas of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City.

Cash and goods donations from STI employees, alumni, students, and faculty members nationwide poured in. All of these were shipped to Cagayan de Oro and distributed to the affected families of the students, faculty members, staff, and alumni of STI College – Cagayan de Oro.

The Alternative to Mall Shopping


STIers Reach out to Sendong Victims

With hundreds of people still unaccounted for and families who have no food, shelter, clothing, and other basic needs, the STI Community has once again showed teamwork as they worked hand in hand to immediately send relief efforts to the affected localities.

Great Bargains Online

Nicolas, the software specialist and 2nd year Information Technology student; and Joie Laeda, hardware specialist and 2nd year Computer and Electronics Technology student; together with their IT instructor Rey Acoba who showed their expertise in Line Tracing, SUMOBOT (sumo wrestling for robots that students built), and Prison Break categories.

Happy online deals shopping!

Get to Know the Top 3 Discount Websites Student volunteers herd to the needs of the typhoon victims

beneficiaries of the ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation in Cagayan de Oro. Overwhelmed with what has happened but strengthened and inspired by the support that they are receiving, STI College – Cagayan de Oro’s Council of Student Government President John Marco Bautista shares, “It was heartwarming to see nursing students and their clinical instructors volunteer for the Red Cross. The relief operation gave me hope and made me optimistic that our city can recover from any tragedy.”

Group buying websites have existed for quite some time now in several countries worldwide, but it’s only recently that it caught the attention of the Filipinos. People have their own personal favorites, but based on Facebook likes as of June 2011, these are the Top 3 Group Buying Websites in the country:

eBay Kuponan Operated by the popular auction site eBay, Kuponan requires a minimum number of buyers before a deal goes on. Aside from health and wellness offers, they also cater to the men’s sector as seen in their past deals of car body kits and sports watches.

Beeconomic They are part of the Groupon Company, which is one of the pioneers of group buying in the world. Their featured product or service usually focuses on food, health, beauty, and wellness.

CashCashPinoy The name may sound like a scam, but they are 100% legitimate. Their website also features a wide range of offers: food, beauty, wellness, travel, leisure, gadgets, and more! Source:


3/13/2012 10:45:31 AM

Conquering the

World If you were born in a simple family where the priority is to provide for you and your siblings’ basic needs, how would you fulfill an immense desire to travel the world, explore exciting places, get to know a lot of people, and experience the diverse cultures of various places?

Kids at heart!

Gilyn and her friend at Hong Kong Disneyland

ƒThe famous view

Exploring the beauty of the Golden Land —

of Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Thailand


Upon getting her degree, she worked for Accenture as a Junior Software Engineer specializing in Java Programming. The following year, she was promoted to Software Engineer and this paved the way for a job opportunity in Singapore. However, not everything went well in Singapore. A year after she accepted the job, recession hit the country and the company no longer renewed her contract. Still, her dream to travel and to help her family motivated her to move forward so she applied to various companies like IBM Singapore — one of the world’s leading IT companies.

Meet Gilyn Soriano Abordo, a girl who triumphed over such circumstances and has now travelled to 13 different countries like Australia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong (and counting!) since her graduation in 2006. Gee, as she is called by friends, is a daughter of a retired military personnel and a homemaker. She is a government scholar from grade school to college. In college, she excelled both in academics and extracurricular activities. She graduated Cum Laude in BS Computer Science at STI College – Baguio. Likewise, she also served as President in both the Student Body Organization and the Rotaract Club of STI College – Baguio. Apart from these, she also received numerous citations including the prestigious Outstanding Students of the Cordillera Administrative Region award. 30 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 30-31

IBM Singapore hired Gee in 2009 as an analyst. Today, she pioneers a new global project which involves software testing, defects triaging, and representing the Singapore team during liaisons with international counterparts from the Philippines, USA, and India.

“Have a vision for the future & focus on it."

The girl who dreamt of traveling the world has already reached far. Apart from her escapades, Gee has also invested in properties in the Philippines and is currently trying her hand at the stock market. As she continues to live her dreams, she shares this advice to all STIers, “Have a vision for the future and focus on it. Study hard. Take every opportunity, every experience, and learn from it as much as you can because this will prepare you for what lies ahead. When you face trials and challenges, remember that you have friends and family that you can rely on. Most importantly, trust in God, put Him in the center of your life, and believe in Him and in yourself. Be confident because you are anSTIer!” STIMULI 31

3/13/2012 10:45:41 AM


Game Review

Dota 2 Release Date: TBA 2012

Gadget Review

Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows / MAC OS X)

Samsung Galaxy Note (Samsung GT-N7000) Processor: 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor Platform: Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) Camera: Main (Rear) – 8 MP with LED Flash / Front – 2 MP Memory: 16GB Internal memory+ microSD (up to 32GB)


Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises Release Date: July 20, 2012 Christian Bale is all set to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/ Batman in this third and last installment of the epic Gotham trilogy. Set eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman assumes responsibility for Harvey Dent’s crimes in order to protect his reputation and is subsequently hunted by the law. Adding spice to the story is the introduction of the new villains Bane (Tom Hardy) and the enigmatic Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). With this latest sequel, the film promises the viewers to see an older Bruce Wayne who is tested both physically and mentally with the challenges thrown at him. The film features an all-star cast, together with Bale, Hardy, and Hathaway, are Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Josh Pence. It is directed by Christopher Nolan, who also wrote the screenplay together with his brother Jonathan. Source:


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 32-33

Genre: Action Real Time Strategy

Released during the last quarter of 2011, Samsung’s Galaxy Note is a revolutionary device that is a hybrid between a smart phone (because it can make calls) and a tablet (because of its size and performance). Its unusual size already gives it a love me or hate me feel to it — those with smaller hands will definitely wave it a goodbye, but those who aren’t mindful of its size and embrace it as a lightweight and compact tablet will instantaneously take it home.

Mode: Multiplayer On October 13, 2010, it was confirmed — Valve Corporation’s stand-alone Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) sequel to the famous Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne mod Defense of the Ancients, Dota 2 will be released in 2012. The game still boasts of its core roster of heroes that was used in The International Tournament that was held at the Gamescom2011 in Cologne, Germany where 16 DotA teams battled it out for a US$1.6M prize pool, with US$1M going to the winning team. It underwent an “invitation only” beta phase, but has already won the IGN People’s Choice Award, winning over similarly anticipated games such as Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, and Skyrim. WHAT TO EXPECT: Integrated voice chat. AI bots taking over the place of disconnected players and will become available for play in training matches. A coaching system will also be in play, wherein more experienced players get to coach noobs in exchange for in-game glamour items and titles.


Album Review Taylor Swift

Known for her songs that often reflect her emotions and frame of mind, Taylor Swift is back in the music scene in 2012 bringing along a new set of country- cross over music that she is famous for. Her chart topping albums Fearless and Speak Now featuring the hits “Love Story,” “White Horse,” “Mine,” and “Back to December” have all gained worldwide recognition and now, she is set to pull more heart strings with her song selections on understanding heartbreak. During an interview with the New Yorker, Swift shared that the 10 songs she has written are all sad adding that the recent track is about moving on. This point of view certainly boosted her career as a songwriter because her ability to express her feelings in a song has allowed her to relate to a younger audience of country music and have earned her numerous awards including the coveted Album of the Year at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2011. Source: taylor-swift-new-album.jhtml


3/13/2012 10:46:16 AM

Ho t Jo bs

Pagbabago Ni: Jigs Senagan, 1st yr. BSIT STI College – Tagbilaran

Under the Sun

Crying Hearts

Are you tired of always planning your summer activities just to realize later on that you are strapped for cash? Well, avoid having to mope around wasting your valuable vacation with a sad face. Plan ahead and make your summer count by looking for a part-time job!

Fast Food Chains

Aside from raking in some extra cash, you’ll also gain valuable real life experiences that will go a long way in character-building. All you need to have is the initiative to look or ask around for possible job openings, be confident, work hard and do your best, and most importantly, have fun!

Student Assistant Program

Here are some options for you to consider:

Through the years, the number of fast food chains continues to grow. And part-time student employees are always welcome to join the work force. They are willing to give you work schedules that will match your own timetable and the qualifications are also not that strict. So this summer, get in touch with the various branches of Jollibee, McDonald’s, Chowking, and other fast food chains in your area.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone and yet still want to earn some money, no need to look far. Ask around or check out your school’s bulletin boards if there are available positions for Student Assistants that you can fill in!


Coffee Shops This has become an unexpected hit not only to the young professionals but also to teens. Now, having a frappe for lunch or after dinner has become a staple in one’s day-to-day lifestyle. Even better, working in coffee shops can also be so much fun! The schedule is flexible and you get to meet lots of people every day. Coffee shops such as Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Bo’s Coffee among others are always on the lookout for baristas, cashiers, and other positions.


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 34-35

Don’t want to be restricted in a 9-to-5 job? Then consider starting your own business! Look around and see what type of services have potential. If you are a techsavvy person, offer online tutorial classes or do web designs. If you have the flair for cooking, put up a small food stall in your neighborhood.

Working on the better part of your summer break will not cramp your lifestyle. In fact, this might even be a life changing experience for you!

By: Jeffrey Sam Misolania, 2nd yr. BSBM STI College – Sta. Rosa

You Were There By: Sarah May Donceras, 4th yr. BSIT STI College – Caloocan

When the world broke my heart into million pieces, You didn't just stand and watch my miseries, You stretched your hands through the gates of heaven, Fixed my very heart and made it whole again. You let me cry the guilt and pain to ease the load, Shield me from this wicked world, Embraced my soul and made me feel secure, Filled me with your love so pure. Opened my eyes at my darkest night, Gave light to my doomed sight, Comforted me at my lowest time, Guided me till the sun shines. Meet my needs before I call, Held me up when I nearly fall, Stands with me through the storms of life, Wherever I go you never leave my side. Now, I wonder why you never screwed me nor yelled at me for being a looser, Instead you gently touched me with love and forgiveness, And whispered softly your eternal promises.

Did you hear the lonely hearts talk When you went to the forest for a walk? There lived an answer as white as a chalk And this was perhaps supported by a book. Listen! Let your ears function for a while. Forget the experiences that made you cry. Don’t live from foolishness or sharp lie. This would just lead you to darkness, not on high.

Dumaan na ang mga panahon, Ilang taon na rin nakabaon, Ilang presidente na rin ang umupo. Ngunit kurapsyon di naglalaho. Sa bawat araw na ating pinagdaraanan, Hindi tayo naalimpungatan, Kung sinu-sino ang sinisisi, Kaya humahantong sa awayan sa huli. Mga Pinoy! Gumising nga tayo! Nasa atin ang simula, simula sa pagbabago. Ibalik natin ang dating kaugalian, Gumawa ng mabuti, ngayon na simulan.

Where do broken hearts go? Well, just like you, they... Travel to extreme sadness, Which you can’t escape from and that’s true.

At kahit pa anung delubyo ang mangyari, Tayo’y magbayanihan at huwag nang magkunwari, Tayo’y mga Pinoy na laging nagtutulungan.

Being ignored by a person whom you admired Is like entering a work that makes you tired. The reality is that it’s so difficult to be hired. But by just a mistake, you may be easily be fired.

Kaya ngayon, alam ko na, Kung bakit nga ba sinu-sino ang sinisisi ng iba! Kung tutuusin, tayo ang laging bigo at maysala, Kaya pagbabago, nasa atin ang simula.

Relationship’s a real commitment to think about, And it may depart in just a blink. There are some. already on the top, which sometimes sink. They also vanish or disappear in just a wink. To have a strong diplomacy between two lovers, Understanding must exist on them forever. Care, love, and forgiveness are better than flowers. Those are lifetime gifts as time offer.


3/13/2012 10:46:27 AM

Cool & Hot

Your Summer Season Guide

er mm Su Top ks Skin Protect Pic Before you get settled under the sun, protect your skin from the harmful rays with sunblock.

Summer fashion for teens for this year looks modern, cool, and uncompromising with expressive colors. A blast of bright color — one of this season’s most favorite fashion trends! Tangy orange, grass greens, bright pink, bright yellow, pool blue, and red are in. Read on and be cool with these hot items that you can wear for an easy-breezy summer!

Super Shades When you need a break from the blinding sun, over-sized sunglasses can do wonders both for your eyes and look. No Frizz Prevent damage by spritzing hair with an SPF product.

The Chic on the Go The Funky Boy Next Door

Photos used in this article were taken from A social network site where you can get fashion inspirations from people around the world. Source:


Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 36-37

Nothing beats a laidback outfit for a guy who can be as edgy and spunky as the sizzling summer! A beanie, shades, basic tee, distressed maong pants, and a pair of sneaks will give you a totally cute, boynext-door look.

Be the sweet girl on-the-go with a mix and match of expressive colors, layers, textures, and prints! Achieve a level of summer sophistication with a printed rolled-up long sleeve paired with a sheer top and shorts, matched with a stylish heels, plus your favorite sunnies and beaded necklace.

Happy Feet A pair of flips flops is what you need for a comfy long walk.

H2O all day long Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. STIMULI 37

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Do You Want to be a

Millionaire? Who doesn’t want to be successful? However, success isn’t measured by money alone. Even though you don’t have a lot of money, you can still be successful in different aspects in your life. Take this quiz and find out how! Let’s start! There are no right or wrong answers, just remember to choose the letter that best describes you.


You have a crisp onethousand peso bill in your hand. What are you going to do with your money? a. I'm going to take my friends out to our favorite gimmick place. My pals are the best and they deserve to be treated right! b. This is rare. Well, I'll probably save half of it and spend the other half on something nice. c. I'm going to invest it. Probably, start an e-loading business next month.


It’s Friday night and you and your friends have decided to hit the mall. What do you do while you're there? a. We're just going to hang out. It doesn't matter where we are, if we’re together we always have fun. b. We’ll do a lot of window shopping. I’m trying to find that one special item that I really want before I spend any money. c. I’m just hanging out. I don’t even have enough for a sizzling meal at the food court.


It’s the holiday season, a time of giving and receiving. What do you expect to receive this year? a. I'm hopeful that I’ll receive one big gift, like an iPad. 38 STIMULI

Stimuli 2nd semester.indd 38-39

b. I don’t expect much. I don’t have anything to give so it’s really hard to expect to receive. c. I always receive gifts that are just right for me. My family and friends truly know what to give.


You've done it! You just bought your first house. Can you describe your brand new house? a. I’m the proud owner of a modest two-bedroom unit. I think it will prove to be a good investment. b. I bought a nice family-style home with enough room for all the children. c. It’s a luxury property situated at the heart of Makati City.


There you are walking down the hall. What are people saying about you as you walk by? a. People make fun of my clothing a lot. b. That I'm the nicest person in school regardless of what I wear. c. I’m a head turner. Everyone likes my fashion sense.

Results: If your answers are mostly A’s: You are Rich in Love While you may not have the millions you’ve always desired, you will end up as one kind and generous soul. Even if you don't have cash in the bank, you will always be rich in love. So stay happy and don't let the lack of funds get you down. If your answers are mostly B’s: You are Comfortable in the Middle Let’s face it, you’re not the type who is comfortable with the top of the line, but that's okay. Not everyone needs a new Macbook Pro. You’re fine with your nice little home and a family who loves and adores you. You're a hard worker and that keeps you honest, so be proud of that. Being in the middle can end up to be a good thing, too. If your answers are mostly C’s: You are Rollin' in It You're the type that just happens into money. Whether by luck or ingenuity, you know how to make money roll in. You'll most likely like have a huge house with a nice pool and spend your vacation traveling the world. Just remember, money can’t buy everything, so make sure to strike a healthy balance to be really happy! Source: http://quiz.myyearbook. com/myspace/ PersonalityEmotion/330461/ How_Rich_Will_You_Be_When_ You_Grow_Up.html


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STIMULI February 2012