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ready for thirty

The Big 29th Anniversary Celebration Meet Rodhil Sabay:

the king of the palace kitchen don’t be left behind Know the latest buzzwords today

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This year, we celebrate STI’s 29th Anniversary with the theme XXIX: Ready for Thirty. Held at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, more than 20,000 STIers joined this extravagant celebration which kicks off a year-round festivity filled with thrilling activities and events in anticipation for STI’s 30th Anniversary in 2013! Were you there to witness this momentous occasion with us? Being a college student is not all about having fun, there will be times wherein you will also encounter unexpected things. Hence, in this issue, we give you the ultimate college survival guide! We want to make sure that you are armed and ready for anything and everything under the sun — from dealing with your studies and saving up money to staying alert during emergencies! After all, preparation is the key to success. Are you a fan of the Facebook game, Pacifica Online? Do you know that one of its creators is STI’s very own alumnus? Meet Jet Torrevillas and learn about the ins and outs of the animation industry. Another successful alumnus, Rodhil Sabay, also shares the trials and successes he went through as he became a chef in a royal palace in Saudi Arabia. So start turning the pages and read what other exciting stories we have in store for you!

STIMULI is a publication of STI. Send your original poems, short stories, comments, and questions to the STIMULI Editorial Team at the STI Academic Center, University Parkway Drive, Global City, Taguig 1634 or email On the cover: Mr. STI 2011 Jayson Villegas from STI College – Taft and Ms. STI 2012 1st Runner-up Donna Marie Watson from STI College – Angeles

22 Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief Elbert L. de Guzman Managing Editors Karen La Rosa-Tabije Jennymarie Dy Erick Listana Greg Sabado Associate Editor Karen Ocampo Contibutors Nemesio Delica, Jr. Mark Vincent Garis Hazelyn Mayoya Gerson Ramos Layout and Design Joey Baldoza Arlene Angeles Ferdie Ortega Cover Photo Maria Donna Diamante-Alo






for 24



In This Issue: 4 Latest Buzzwords You Ought to Know 5 Engrlish Catastrophes Learn the common English blunders and avoid embarrassment

6 Are You Ready to be a… 3D Artist? Know the ins and outs of the animation industry

8 Campus News Exciting stories from different campuses all over the region

13 Creativity Unleashed Be in style with these cool DIY projects

18 STI Idol: Meet the King of the Palace Kitchen Be inspired with Rodhil Sabay’s story

21 TNT 2012 High flyers and achievers named

22 Cover Story: Are You Ready Enough? Your college survival guide

24 Ready for Thirty The 29th STI extravaganza

31 Let’s Zumba! 32 On the Shelf Your guide to the latest trends today

34 Chasing Victory 35 Writer’s Block 36 Put On and Take Off Your ultimate guide to layering in style

38 Quiz: Are You a Deadline Beater or Do Deadlines Beat You?



BUZZWORDS You Ought to know

Have you ever caught yourself N.R. (no reaction) in a conversation after hearing unfamiliar words? Words that you may have encountered over the net, chats, and other similar situations but you remain clueless after consulting Mr. Webster. If so, these words may be known as “buzzwords.” So make way for these commonly used buzzwords and find yourself in a witty discussion. Recyclopath Origin: recycle + psychopath Definition: This word is used to describe someone who is so into recycling that he or she does not want to throw away anything he or she owns. Usage: Our room is almost starting to look like a junk shop because of my sister who’s a recyclopath.

Lust-Have Origin: lust + must-have Definition: Refers to “to-die for” items which you have been wanting to buy. Usage: The latest iPhone is a total lust-have!

Foodophile Origin: food + suffix –phile, which means “love” Definition: This is the new term for food enthusiasts. You will often see a foodophile anywhere from gourmet restaurants to weekend food markets. Usage: I want to try a lot of good restaurants. I’m a certified foodophile.



Origin: Twitter + typo (short for typographical error) Definition: If you mistyped a word or made an accidental grammatical mistake while tweeting.

Origin: prefix

Usage: Sorry for the twypo in my last tweet.

Usage: My ultrabook is so light and thin that I forgot I had it in my bag.

ultra- (which means “beyond”) + book (short for netbook) Definition: This refers to netbook computers that are ultra-portable tablets.

Monitor Shopping Origin: a play on the term “window shopping” Definition: The act of browsing through online shopping sites without buying anything. It’s window shopping minus the walking around the mall. Usage: Since I don’t have my paycheck yet, I have no choice but do some monitor shopping for now.

Sources: buzzwords gallery/1884/spot-ph-rsquo-s10-buzzwords-you-ought-toknow-in-2012/article/50203

1983 • STI was founded by Augusto C. Lagman, Herman T. Gamboa, Benjamin A. Santos & Edgar H. Sarte. • The slogan “First we’ll teach you then we’ll hire you” was STI’s promise of quality education and employment. • The first two campuses were in Buendia, Makati, and España, Manila. • COBOL Programming was STI’s first major course.

4 STIMULI 2012

The English language can be tricky. Even native speakers commit mistakes but that’s not an excuse for us to be sloppy and unmindful on how we use the universal language. Remember, misuse of words, phrases, misspellings, and other grammatical errors can put you in an embarrassing moment or even worse, hurt your image and reputation. Take a look at these common English slip-ups and don’t let yourself be cornered in a funny situation!

IDIOM BLUNDERS and not a blessing that falls down from the skies.

You Say: The more the many-er

You Say: I’m sick of tired.

What You Really Mean: The more the merrier

What You Really Mean: I’m sick and tired of…

Don’t be confused with this cliché as this only means that the more people there are, the happier the situation will be, unless you want to be funny.

This expression implies that one is weary to the point of illness or death over a frustrating situation so saying “I’m sick of tired” will not make any sense at all.

You Say: A blessing in the skies.

You Say: Low and behold

What You Really Mean: A blessing in disguise If some bad luck or misfortune ultimately results in something positive, it’s a blessing in disguise

What You Really Mean: Lo and behold Although the word “Lo” has fallen out of use, however, the correct term is “Lo and behold,” with “Lo” meaning look.

You Say: Wet your appetite What You Really Mean: Whet your appetite While it makes sense to think that something mouthwatering could “wet your appetite,” the expression is “whet your appetite,” as whet means to sharpen or to make keen.

You say: Ironical What You Really Mean: Ironic Although both words imply the same meaning, saying “it’s too ironical” to express something that’s inconsistent will make you sound ridiculous.

Spelling Gone Wrong Accommodate — Remember, this word is large enough to accommodate both a double “c” AND a double “m.” Broccoli — You don’t have to like broccoli to spell it correctly with two Cs and one L. Committed — If you are committed to correct spelling, you will remember that this word doubles its final “t“ from “commit” to “committed.” Embarrass — This one won’t embarrass you if you remember it’s large enough for a double “r” and a double “s”. Humorous — Humor us by spelling this word humorous: don’t forget the O and the U. Minuscule — Since something minuscule is smaller than a miniature, shouldn’t they be spelled similarly? Less than cool, or “minus cule.” Mischievous — This mischievous word holds two traps: “i” before “e” and “o” before “u”. Four of the five vowels in English reside here. Neighbor — Just remember: the neigh of a horse plus -bor and you will always spell this word correctly. Occasion — Now is a good occasion to remember that this word has two Cs and one S.


1984 • STI Binondo, Cubao, and Taft were launched.

1985 • The first provincial campus was inaugurated, STI Baguio. More STI campuses were opened in EDSACrossing, Caloocan, and Recto. • The “Circle of Friends,’’ composed of the schools’ partner companies, was established to provide employment opportunities for STI graduates.

STIMULI 2012 5

A screenshot of the stunning graphics of Pacifica Online, Nexus Pixels’ Multiplayer online game for Facebook

Are You Ready to be a…

3D Artist? Some of Jet’s impressive 3D artworks

Animation is all about creating an imaginary world where people can be whoever they want to be. Though it sounds easy and filled with fun, the job also entails hard work. First, a character has to be sketched by hand before being transferred on to the computer. Then, the animator will work on the lighting, shading, and movements to ensure that the characters and the background will appear as close to real as possible. Due to its versatility, computer animation has found its place in filmmaking, advertising, online communications, and video games. If you want to know if you’re ideally suited in this industry, try answering the questions below: } Do you have loads of imagination coupled with a love for cartoons? } Can you work under extreme pressure? } Do you have a strong interpersonal communication skills and can you lead a group of people such as programmers, designers, storyboard artists, etc.? } Are you ready for a never-ending quest for knowledge and skills as you continually keep yourself updated with the latest technology in special effects, animation, and other multimedia and interactive content for web and games? If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you are absolutely fit to be a 3D Artist!

6 STIMULI 2012

Being a 3D Artist PROS CONS } Though you will be following a specific script or guideline, you will still enjoy the creative freedom in creating the visual aspect of the program. Another plus is that you are also allowed to add your own personal touch in your creations.

} At times, technical work can be a bit monotonous. You need to have lots of patience as you work on each drawing or model until it is deemed perfect. There will also be instances wherein you have to spend weeks just working on a single aspect of the project.

} Most people working in this industry have flexible schedule and work in comfortable environments.

} Overtime is usually needed when under strict deadlines so expect to have long nights and restricted weekends while working on a project.

} Since animation is one of the in-demand industries today, finding work is not that difficult. You can try your hand in film, animation, and video game design.

} Prepare yourself for tough competition. Hence, it’s better if you start building your portfolio while still studying.

Fast Facts Name: Jeremiah Torrevillas Nickname: “Jet” Course: BS Information Technology School: STI College – Marikina Year Graduated: 2010 Occupation: Art Director and 3D Artist/Animator, Nexus Pixels Entertainment Studios My childhood dream was: To become an artist Motto: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

the game. I also create the 3D elements, environment, game sprites, and animation.

A Typical Day: Every day is an exciting day as we always brainstorm for creative ideas and concepts here in Nexus Pixels, an individual game development team. After our brainstorming session, we then start working on our ideas to see which of them will work.

Most Memorable Experience: We were quite excited and a bit anxious when our first online game, Pacifica Online, was released on October 31, 2009. We didn’t know how the people will respond to it. We were crossing our fingers and praying that they will like it since we spent countless sleepless nights developing the game. And then, we were surprised when we saw

I am mostly tasked to handle the visual communication aspect of

Today, a number of games are being developed and released almost every month. Hence, it is important that I keep track of the current trends when it comes to visual elements. Naturally, the game’s visual design has to be unique and fresh so that it will be distinct from other games on the web.

how much the gamers loved it. Seeing thousands of people play Pacifica Online every day is like a different kind of adrenaline rush! In 2011, the game was even featured on one of the episodes of GMA 7’s TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Then, on August 28, 2012, Pacifica Online made it to Facebook’s Top 10 Adventure Games!

To see more of Jeremiah’s sample works, please visit these websites: JeTorrevillas

STIMULI 2012 7

campus news Bigger and Better Campuses STI opened new doors to academic excellence as it unveiled bigger and better campuses in key locations across the country this year. STI College – Tacurong started the school year 2012-2013 with a new campus located at the National Highway, Brgy. Buenaflor, Tacurong City. The newly built three-storey building is seated in a 10,000-square-meter lot and equipped with modernized facilities that make a highly conducive learning environment for STIers in Tacurong City. On June 29, 2012, STI College – Novaliches also welcomed the school year with a new building as it inaugurated the new STI Academic Center– Novaliches. Standing on a 7,200-squaremeter property along Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, the new building houses highly-advanced facilities including a students’ lounge with free Wi-Fi access. The ceremonial digging kicks off the construction of the new STI Academic Center – Malolos

STI College – Malolos broke ground on the future site of the STI Academic Center – Malolos on June 20, 2012. The seven-storey building with a total floor area of 3,500-square-meter will stand along McArthur Highway, Barrio Dakila, Malolos City. Also eyeing the completion of their new home next year, STI College – Caloocan formally broke ground on the future site of their new Academic Center on August 15, 2012. The new STI Academic Center – Caloocan will rise on a 1.5-hectare property located at the corner of Caimito and Samson Roads in Caloocan City. Year 2013 will prove to be a turning point for STI as it welcomes the completion of these developments. STI is set to make more campus improvements and build more STI Academic Centers in the coming years.

STI College – Caloocan’s employees, STI HQ Executives, and guests stand as one for the STI Academic Center – Caloocan

STI HQ Executives and distinguished guests lead the STI Academic Center – Novaliches inauguration STI College – Tacurong’s new athletics ground


• STI took part in EDSA People Power I. • STI Cebu marked the first campus in the Visayas Region.

8 STIMULI 2012

1987 • The Inception of more Innovative Programs: - Leading Edge Seminar Series I and II - AutoCAD, VersaCAD and Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems for Top Level Executives - Computer Power for Children (CHIPS) - Computer Power for The Aspiring Specialist


campus news Students Set Out to End Illiteracy By: Nemesio Delica Jr., Past President of Rotaract Club of STI College – Makati

The Rotaract Club of STI College – Makati started providing free basic computer education to underprivileged children through its project Kompyuter Ko Pahiram Ko last 2005. From providing computer lessons in the streets of Makati to using laptop computers in Manila and Pasay City, now the club has a sustainable and worthy project which has been running for six consecutive years already and serving more than a thousand less fortunate children. Recently, the club integrated computer awareness and literacy programs in the implementation of its community service projects in rural communities targeting to educate the underprivileged children and other computer illiterate and indigent members of the communities. The club focused its community activities in Brgy. San Miguel, Lobo, Batangas, a rural community with a population of 1,000 and an almost 0% level of computer literacy. The Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) seminar series were conducted to educate 50 parents on how they will efficiently and effectively take care of their children. Basic computer lessons were conducted to incoming elementary students. School supplies were given to participants who passed the proficiency examinations which encouraged and motivated them to understand the lessons. All barangay officials also attended the club’s crash course in basic computer tutorial and basic PC troubleshooting and assembly.

Rotaract club members are on the mission to fight computer illiteracy

Four desktop computers were donated by the club and its partners, to set-up a minicomputer learning center. Plans are underway to complete the center and add 4 more within the neighboring communities of Brgy. San Miguel before the year ends. Partners for the projects are the Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan, Rotary Club of Batangas City, Rotary Club of Sto. Tomas, Rotaract Club of Batangas City, Rotaract Club of Sto.Tomas, Brgy. San Miguel Council and King’s Development, Inc. The Rotaract Club of STI College – Makati has been awarded as Most Outstanding SchoolBased Rotaract Club of Rotary International District 3810 for seven consecutive years beginning 2005.

1988 • STI opened its first campus in Mindanao with STI Davao. • Back in Manila, STI Novaliches was added to the network.

STIMULI 2012 9

campus news It Takes Four to Tango Success is not solely measured by financial security or the material things you have in life; it’s how you live that counts and how you give back to the community that helped shape who you are. This is what friends — Harney Cercado, Tristan Taytay, and brothers Marlito and Marvin Dungog — firmly believe in. Marvin is a graduate of BS Computer Science while Marlito, Harney, and Tristan are graduates of BS Information Technology in STI College – Santa Rosa. The four of them cemented their friendship as they all competed in various website and IT competitions throughout their college years. They also joined the Tsinoy Web Challenge, a nationwide web design contest sponsored by Insular Life, where they emerged as one of the top 10 finalists among 125 contenders. After graduation, they all went their separate ways and joined different IT companies, but their passion for web development kept them together. Eventually, they started their own IT company The four friends faced the in 2008 — Gleent challenges of various Innovative Technologies. competitions together It offers web services like web design and customized web-based application development to companies such as Makati Development Corporation, Green Fields International School, and Radyo Natin. Today, Gleent is able to provide jobs to almost a hundred employees and as the company continues to grow, the four friends share their

1989 • STI-IBM partnership on Mid-Range System Education

10 STIMULI 2012

1990 • STI-Caltex Tie up for Onthe-Job Service • More STI schools were opened in Colon, Cebu, Olongapo, Tarlac, Calamba, Ortigas-Cainta (formerly Taytay), Quiapo, and La Union.

Marvin, Marlito, Harney and Tristan prove that it’s best to work with four

blessings to their community. Last June, they put up their very own foundation and its first project was a fun run where they were able to raise enough funds to distribute 300 notebooks to several public elementary students.

With the success of the fun run, Harney, Tristan, Marlito, and Marvin hope to reach out more to their community and are already excited on planning more activities for their foundation. To know more about Gleent Innovative Technologies, visit portfolio. *Special thanks to Jonna Delgaco, Faculty Member, STI College – Santa Rosa

campus news An Underwater Expedition Catching the Android Fever

STI College – Cebu supported the 1st Asian Underwater Federation Photography Championship held at Cebu City from November 26 to December 1, 2011. Spearheaded by the Philippine Association on Underwater Activities (PAUA), the event’s objective was to promote and raise the level of awareness on the significance of undersea system protection. There were more than 150 international underwater photographers from 143 countries who submitted captured images of the country’s diverse marine environment as their entries. STI College – Cebu designed the tabulation system under the leadership of IT Instructor Alpe Nino Gulay and Computer Laboratory Facilitator Norman Mercader together with 3rd yr. BS Information Technology (BSIT) student Richmond Wang. The school also provided technical support to the organizers in terms of uploading, saving, categorizing, and handling of the photos that the participants submitted. Other members of the technical support team were BS Computer Engineering student Eddie Sumalpong (5th yr.), BSIT students Nordanne Isaac (3rd yr.), Ryan Solante (3rd yr.), Cecil Ardiente (4th yr.), Arger Daymon (4th yr.), and John Vincent Cagay (3rd yr.). *Special thanks to Ritchel B. Matbagon, Faculty Member, STI College – Cebu

1991 • STI groundbreaking in Marikina, Bacoor, Cavite, Meycauayan, Bulacan, and Dumaguete.

To keep up with the advancements of the in-demand Android technology, STI College – Balanga held a twelve-day Android application development workshop on May 14 - June 8, 2012, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for Android fans and enthusiasts who want to learn how to easily create smart and powerful Android apps. Entitled Summer Workshop Training on Android Development Using Java Programming, the training workshop was attended by students and faculty members of STI College – Balanga, TESDA Trainers and Assessors, and students from other colleges in the area. Facilitating the training workshop is STI College – Balanga alumnus and Android wiz Erwin Oliveria. He completed his BS Computer Science degree in April 2000 and pursued a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at STI College – Cubao. Having a knack for current technologies, Erwin now shares his knowledge and expertise to everyone who’s interested to learn how to program and develop software for different platforms. *Special thanks to Ramil A. Samson, Faculty Member, STI College – Balanga

STI College – Balanga alumnus Erwin Oliveria returns to his alma mater to share his knowledge in developing applications for Android devices

1992 • The STI Foundation was launched at the same time that STI Biñan and Zamboanga were established.

• Introduction of Report Program Generator (RPG) II on the AS400.

STIMULI 2012 11

Challenge yourself to make a unique range of recycled and revamped stuff out of everyday items you’ll find around the house. Learn to repurpose hundreds of these in surprising ways that can save your time and money. Be in style and get creative with these DIY projects!

Lappy Make-over! Laptop Sleeve Out of a Pillowcase

PATCHionista! Chic Cardigan Patches Elbow patches are one of the hottest military-inspired trends today. So if you have a side passion for design, then get your mom’s hand-me-down sweaters and join the vogue of reproducing every old garment anew.

You can now keep your plain black neoprene case and start with a totally cool, custom-made sleeve made from your old pillowcase.

Materials needed: cardigan, fabric, fabric marker/ crayon, 1 sheet of card stock, scissors, pins, embroidery thread, and embroidery needle.


1 2 3

Using the fabric marker, mark an “X” on each sleeve of your cardigan right at the point of your elbow.

Pin a heart on each sleeve of your cardigan and make sure the center of the heart is placed over the “X” you made earlier.


Stitch all the way around the heart with an embroidery thread. Repeat on the other sleeve and your re-styled cardigan is done.


• STI conducted a company-wide training program for the Asian Development Bank. • STI Cotabato, Guadalupe, Laoag, Malolos, Quezon Avenue (formerly San Juan), Sta. Mesa, Santiago, Cagayan de Oro, Muñoz-EDSA, and Sta. Cruz campuses were launched.

Pick up the corners at the bottom of your old pillowcase and fold it (with the laptop) upwards towards the top of the pillowcase. Pin the areas or mark them in some way so you know where they are, but leave about a half inch more than you need. Then remove the laptop and cut off the excess parts of the pillowcase.


Sew the edges and the top.

Once you’re done sewing, trim any excess fabric on the sides and turn the pillowcase inside out. At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what the sleeve is going to look like. You can even put your laptop in to test it out.

Cut two hearts from your fabric using the stencil.


Materials needed: pillowcase, laptop, velcro or a button, needle, and thread.


Cut a heart out of card stock to use as a stencil, make sure it fits perfectly on the sleeves of your cardigan. Resize if necessary.



C r e aUntleiavshei td! y

Some old things are new again!


Attach a small square of velcro to the top of sleeve near the opening and the other half of that velcro to the underside of the flap.


1994 • STI Distance Learning was launched with the first international campus in Hong Kong. • Computer Secretarial Course was introduced. • STI in new locations: Lipa, Batangas, Dagupan, Legaspi, Tuguegarao, Baguio-Harrison, Balanga, Baliuag, Dumaguete, and Cabanatuan

STIMULI 2012 13

campus news TESDA Champs to Compete in Indonesia Two outstanding STIers will represent our country in the ASEAN Skills Competition (ASC) slated on November 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia after championing their respective categories in the regional and national skills competitions of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management (BSHRM) graduate from STI College – Balagtas and now HRM instructor, Jhoanna Marie Wee bagged the gold medal in Commercial Cooking (Expert Category) in TESDA’s Philippine National Skills Competition 2012 (PNSC) held on March 24, 2012 in Balagtas, Bulacan. HRM Instructor and alumna of STI College– Balagtas Jhoanna Marie Wee (right) and Marvin Dale Guerrero of STI Vigan (top) prove that Filipino talents can compete with the world’s best

2-yr. Information Technology graduate and pre-baccalaureate Student of the Year Awardee Marvin Dale Guerrero from STI Vigan championed TESDA’s Regional Skills Competition (RSC) held from March 26-29, 2012 in San Fernando, La Union. Wee and Guerrero will compete with ASC delegates from other ASEAN member countries including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Laos, and Brunei. *Special thanks to Francis E. Salazar, Student Affairs Coordinator, STI College – Balagtas, and Geralph Aragones, Faculty Member, STI Vigan

1995 • STI opened more international campuses in Milan, Rome, and Macau. • New academic programs were launched: - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Associate in Computer Science - Associate in Computer Secretarial - Power Programming

14 STIMULI 2012

1996 • STI Southwoods was built as the first STI Center for Excellence. • STI organized the first Regional IT Convention in Bicol.

campus news road for her. She almost despaired over finding a job when she wasn’t accepted in any hospitals or medical institutions that she applied to here in the Philippines. She never thought that her destiny lies in the emerging business hub city of Dubai. Jessica discovers the best places in Dubai

Pinay Care Overseas Coming from a simple family with meager means, Jessica Arle has always aspired for a job that will help support her family and at the same time, help out other people. Due to her caring nature, Jessica took up BS Nursing in STI College – Rosario and graduated in 2008. After graduation, Jessica was excited to start working on her dream but it wasn’t an easy

“I was feeling a little frustrated when my application to various hospitals didn’t pan out. There were times that I wanted to give up, but I’d remember how my parents worked hard for me to be able to finish my studies and I’d double my efforts. Then, I decided to try my luck applying overseas. I was fortunate that I was accepted here in Dubai,” shares Jessica. Now, Jessica is working as a registered nurse in Al-Lulu Medical Center in Razh-Al-Kaima, Dubai. *Special thanks to Annabelle Manlapaz, School Correspondent, STI College – Rosario

A World-Class Welcome After a successful stint in the Spring Work and Travel Program as one of the on-the-job trainees in Accor Hotels in Holbrook, Arizona, USA last March 2011, Maila Judith Arenas, a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate of STI College – General Santos, is now living up to her dream. A few months after graduation, Maila is already an elite member of Marriott International, Inc. as Front Desk Officer in Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center in Virginia, USA. Marriott is an American diversified hospitality company that is a franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels in over 73 countries and territories around the world. “My experience in Accor Hotels gave me a competitive advantage over other applicants to secure the job. The program has exposed me to different cultures and at the same time, equipped


me with skills that conform to the global standards,” she shares. As a student, Maila is an achiever and a leader who balanced her academics and extracurricular activities. In fact, she maintained her good academic standing despite juggling several activities and received an Academic Distinction and Student of the Year awards. The Spring Work and Travel Program is under the Council International Educational Exchange which aims to help students gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills through study abroad, trainings, and internship opportunities.


• Opening of STI Singapore

• STI achieved a record of more than 100 Campuses, across the nation and beyond the Philippines.

• CHED and TESDA named STI as the “Biggest Computer Science Institution in the Country.”

• The STI Pre-School was officially launched with STI Pre-Schools Las Piñas and Parañaque. • Associate in Computer Technology course got U.S. accreditation through the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). • Halalan 1998 partnership with ABS-CBN and NAMFREL Quickcount

STIMULI 2012 15

campus news Young Inventors Go Green The City of Balayan went green as they celebrated Linggo ng Kabataan 2011 with the Inter-College Recycling Contest and Exhibit on October 25, 2011. The competition and exhibit was organized by the Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation of Balayan and was participated by various schools in Balayan. Together with their coaches, Academic Head Engr. Oliver Noriega and instructor Engr. Christian Lemi, five STIers from STI College – Balayan showed off their resourcefulness and ingenuity in this green campaign. With the allotted three hours during the contest proper, the students created an onthe-spot electric lamp shade mosquito killer. The lamp shade, made entirely from an old computer CPU fan, LED light, and dishwashing liquid bin, thoroughly impressed the judges and the school was declared as the champion.

Earth warriors from STI College – Balayan exhibit their mosquito-killing lamp shade

Team STI was composed of 3rd yr. BS Computer Science students Dulce Macalalad and Angel Villavincencio, 3rd yr. BS Education student Rickmar Alday, 2nd yr. Computer & Electronics Technology student Gijahsm Estrella, and 2nd yr. Multimedia Arts student Edward Cahayon. *Special thanks to Mariz Maullon, 4th yr. BSCoE, and Terranya Tiamson, Faculty Member, STI College – Balayan



• The STI Alumni Association (STIAA) was institutionalized.

• STI-Cambridge International Centre was established.

• STI-Microsoft Press Tie-Up was established. • Another landmark in STI History: The 1st STI Baccalaureate Graduation

• STI reinforced Project ATTRAC (Adaptive Technology for Training Resource and Access Center) with ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of Visually Impaired). • STI-Department of Education, Culture, and Sports’ (DECS) Information Technology Caravan. • STI supported Saludo sa Kawal Telethon with ABS-CBN. • PhP 1.3 Million of educational funds were donated for the STI-Sen. Magsaysay Jr. Scholarships for Soldiers.

16 STIMULI 2012

campus news Blue Genes Change Lives

The IBM Blue Genes Scholars Robert Pacaldo and Razel Yagyagan (3rd & 4th from left) with (from left) STI College Recto School Administrator Vilma Caparros, College Dean Engr. Mildred M. Libot, Bldg. 17 Paradise Heights President Dory Orlanda, Blue Genes Scholarship Committee Chairman Richard Burgos, and Blue Genes Moderator Lulu Santos.

Ex-IBM employees partner with STI College – Recto to provide scholarships to two deserving individuals. Being part of the information and communications technology industry, ex-IBM employees who are now part of the group called the Blue Genes has identified Razel Yagayagan and Robert Pacaldo as their scholars who they enrolled in the school’s BS Information Technology (BSIT) program. Both scholars reside in Blue Gene’s adopted community in Paradise Heights, Building 17 in Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila. Steadfast in their commitment to provide livelihood and education opportunities to those who need it most, Blue Genes has agreed to provide a monthly stipend, the school necessities, and a weekly mentoring program to Razel and Robert, while STI College – Recto has shouldered the tuition expenses of the two.

17-year-old Razel, the third in a brood of five, cannot go to college because her family barely makes ends meet with the earnings of his father who is a jeepney driver and her sickly mother. Should Razel work hard, and with the help of STI College – Recto and Blue Genes, she will be the first college graduate in the family. Razel promises to do her best in school to get a job which will be able to help her father support their family, and at the same time, return the big blessing that she has received.

Robert, also part of a big family, has five siblings. Their mother, Emily, made sure that her children will not work as scavengers in the dumpsite that is why she endured a hard life together with her husband just to be able to send all their children to school — even if it meant letting their children walk to school or skip meals. According to Richard Burgos, IBM Philippines’ Communications Manager, in a Manila Bulletin article dated July 14, 2011*, “The objective of our scholarship support is really social contribution. It is not an academic scholarship that requires them to have a grade of 95. It’s a bridging program and they should just enjoy fair opportunity. The only requirement is for them to pass and be good examples to the other scholars. We want to give them a chance to uplift their lives.” Special thanks to Jonathan David R. Hubilla, Faculty Member, STI College – Recto. *Reference: Barawid, R. C. (2011, July 14). Blue Genes. The Manila Bulletin.

2002 • STI diversified program opportunities for students beyond Information Technology.

2001 • Halalan 2001 partnership with ABS-CBN.

STIMULI 2012 17

STI IDOL Meet the

King of e c a l a P e th Kitchen

A sumptuous feast prepared by worldclass Filipino chefs

For the chefs of HBA Palace, food preparation is a piece of cake

2003 • STI Nursing Program was introduced in STI College – San Pablo. • STI launched international campuses in Denpasar and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

18 STIMULI 2012

2004 • STI conceived the first and only Enrollment to Employment or E2E System. • STI partnered with the Philippine Sports Commission. • Halalan 2004 partnership with ABS-CBN • The STI College – Olympians Men’s Basketball Team joined the NAASCU League.


There was once a young boy who would go fishing with his lolo before the break of dawn, and sold their catch with his lola in a wet market in Carigara, Leyte for the rest of the day. He lived a simple life in the province, until one day, he decided to go the distance. He knocked at every opportunity and the doors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened for him. Rodhil Balendo Sabay and his younger brother grew up under the loving care of their grandparents. Because their family had very limited resources back then, Rodhil had to look for a job immediately after his high school graduation to be able to help cover their daily expenses.

The Road to Riyadh Rodhil decided to return to Manila after college for a second shot at establishing his career in the city. But because of the intense competition among job applicants and the low-hire job market at that time, he had a hard time finding a good job. Setting his sights on higher ground, he submitted applications for jobs abroad through an overseas employment website. After a series of rigorous interviews, he found a company that offered him an opportunity to fly to Saudi Arabia. On February 2012, armed with his passion for cooking and unrelenting drive to reach for his dreams, Rodhil flew to one of the fastest growing cities in the world — Riyadh.

Some Things are Worth the Wait Life after high school didn’t go easy for Rodhil. But because he was determined to continue studying, he travelled to Manila and tried his luck in finding a job. He experienced working as a house help, a waiter, and a mall salesclerk for a few years hoping that he would be able to save enough money for college. Rodhil returned to Leyte in 2005 to work as an assistant cook for the Leyte Industrial Development Estate (LIDE) Management Corporation, still holding on his goals and aspirations. In 2008, the right time came for Rodhil to finally enter college. His strong interest in cooking made him decide to pursue the 2-year Hospitality and Restaurant Services (HRS) program of STI College – Ormoc. Things started to look up for Rodhil in college. He was a consistent dean’s lister and was able to champion various regional competitions in cooking and table setting. He graduated in 2011 with an academic distinction.

Life in the Palace Today, Chef Rodhil works as an Assistant Chef at the HBA Palace in Riyadh which is owned by one of the most prominent families in Saudi Arabia. As the Assistant Chef, he prepares the ingredients for the meals to be cooked, assists the Head Chef in preparing the meals, and plans the day-to-day menu for the palace staff and guests of different nationalities. Chef Rodhil’s specialty dishes include cakes, cold desserts, and roasted meat. Looking forward with renewed optimism, Chef Rodhil shares, “I plan on furthering my experience here in Riyadh so that I can work in a luxury hotel in Europe in the future. I’d also like to build a small business in the Philippines, and someday, return to my alma mater to share my knowledge to future STIers.”

2005 • STI gave renewed excitement to the National Youth Convention. • STI partnered with De Los Santos Medical Center to form the DLS-STI College of Health Professionals. • Partnership with Air Philippines and Wendy’s through the STIAA.

STIMULI 2012 19

campus news Inspiring Change in the Youth Today Inspiring the participants were guest speakers, Mr. Carlos “Pido” Aguilar, Jr., author of ABUNDANCE, and social entrepreneur Joseph “Joe Green” Castillo, who shared their insights and challenged the youth to initiate change within and influence others to do the same.

Leading the call for change are the 4,000 participants of the LEAD Youth Forum

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Spearheaded by STI College – Zamboanga, around 4,000 high school participants rallied together in one of the biggest youth gatherings in Zamboanga City — the Leading in Excellence to Achieve Development (LEAD) Youth Forum held on February 27, 2012 at Zamboanga City Coliseum.

As the forum ended, the journey for this young generation continues as they accept the challenge to lead the nation in the future. The event was also graced by Mayor Celso Lorenzo Lobregat, Schools Division Superintendent Pedro Melchor Natividad, Mr. Christian Olasiman, staff and representative of Congresswoman Maria Isabelle “Beng” Climaco (1st district of Zamboanga), Youth advocate Ms. Meryl Grace Agudelo, Regional Director of TESDA IX Dr. Lorenzo Macapili, and other partner institutions. *Special thanks to Fung Kay B. Choi, School Correspondent, STI College – Zamboanga

With the theme The Change I Want to See Begins with Me, the forum inspired the young generation to spark change through little deeds that can make a big difference and empowered them to unleash their potentials to become great leaders of the society someday. “We, at STI College – Zamboanga, have always been committed to provide the youth today with several venues where they can gain insights and inspiration that will help them develop their characters and become more responsible citizens of this nation. That’s why this LEAD forum was conceptualized and executed,” says Ms. Norwesa Madriaga, School Administrator.

2006 • STI launched its Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management Program. • STI has reached out through the Gift of Knowledge (GOK), extending invaluable scholarship grants to those in need. • STI joined Gawad Kalinga (GK) International Congress and GK Expo 2006.

20 STIMULI 2012

Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lorenzo Lobregat graced the forum

TNT 2012 High Flyers and Achievers Named From the tip of Luzon to the end nooks of Mindanao, the best and the brightest STIers gathered in the national finals of Tagisan ng Talino (TNT) 2012. Held on March 6 and 8, 2012 at the STI Academic Center Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, the contenders battled in two main categories: the Plates and Palates and the Facts and Flairs. Under the Plates and Palates, the finalists showcased their culinary flair as they competed in All in Place (Table Setting with Menu Card Preparation), Center of Attention (Edible Centerpiece Presentation), and Chef Xpress (Cooking Competition).

Young prodigies proudly pose with their mentors and friends

STIers from all over the country display their skills and creativity in various fields

For the Facts and Flairs, the finalists demonstrated their academic competencies in Think Quest (Team Quiz Competition), INTO Programming (Programming Competition), Stand Up and Deliver (Impromptu Speech Competition), BITs and PCs (PC Assembly Competition), and Essay Does It! (Essay Writing Competition). At the end, more than the bragging rights and prizes, the TNT is a learning experience for all the participants to strive to be their best and spread their wings wide in order to achieve great heights. For the complete list of winners, visit


2007 • Driving Where IT Matters, the 1st Mobile School Bus embarked on its journey to high schools in Luzon.

• STI held the ground breaking ceremonies of the STI Academic Center at Bonifacio, Global City.

• Halalan 2007 partnership with ABS-CBN

• STI signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) for the “Shell-Jollibee Scholarship Program.”

• STI partnered with the Shell Foundation for the “Gas Mo, Bukas Ko” campaign. • Together with DZMM, STI awarded scholarships to Natatanging Kapamilya. • 1st batch of nursing graduates achieved 86% passing rate in the board exams.

STIMULI 2012 21



Your College Survival Guide COMBAT MORNING RUSHES Do you always find yourself in the middle of morning rushes? Or have you always caught yourself cramming, looking for your papers, gathering what you need or doing last-minute preparation before going to school? These tips will do the trick for a hassle and stress-free morning! HOMEWORK FIRST POLICY Before you spend time chatting with your friends and browsing your social network sites, make sure to commit your time first in your research paper, homework or project even if they are not due the next day.

BAG ON-THE-GO Get your stuff ready before going to bed. A checklist will ensure you have everything you need for school. WAKE UP AT THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED Set your alarm clock before you go to bed or have your parents or roommates wake you. Get enough hours of sleep to ensure you start the next day right.

GET AN A+ RANK Putting everything off until the night before the exam is not the ideal way to prepare for an A+ report card. This study guide will help you get the best grades!

YOUR TANDEM BUDDY Classmates can be helpful especially during review time, but choose someone who can help with your studies, not a partner in crime.

PLAN A TACTIC A study plan will give you an idea how much time is left before an exam. Identify what subjects you don’t know as much about and try to focus on these.

A HEARTY BREAKFAST MAKES A HEARTY MIND Set out a quick breakfast or snacks that you can grab and eat on the way to school in case you run short of time to eat a full breakfast. Although an unhurried breakfast will help you gather your thoughts and arrive at school calm and ready.

SNEAK IN STUDY TIME Short and repeated periods of study are effective. You can go over your notes while waiting for the bus, during study halls or extra time at lunch.

22 STIMULI 2012

Amid all the frills and excitements of being a college student, there are a few pitfalls that come along your way unexpectedly. However, you can turn away from these setbacks when you are armed with necessary information you need to survive. We lay down some of the most common battles that college students come across and give you weapons to deal with these situations. Read on and get ready as you step your way into the battlefield!

SAVING YOUR PRIVATE POCKET Financial trouble is a common glitch among college students, but a well-managed budget will keep up with your expenses. Go after these tidbits and have no holes in your pocket. TRACK YOUR MONEY Make a personal budget based on your savings and allowance. Once you have an account on how much impulse buying costs you, it will be easier to tell yourself NO! DO THE MATH A budget is like a diet. Just because you mess it up today doesn’t mean you can’t start all over again. If you overspend your budget this week, commit to work within your budget next week. SAVE UP NOW! If you are a smart spender, you can always allot a portion of your allowance to your savings. Starting the habit this early will pay-off for your future.

117 ALERT Emergency planning might seem like the farthest thing from your mind but in reality, a crisis can occur anywhere at anytime. Here are some tips on what to do if a disaster happens. BURGLARS ATTACK • When commuting, do not keep valuables in your back pocket. This is a vulnerable place for pickpockets. If your bag has a secret pocket, place your valuables there. • Wear your school bag on your front and bring only what you need. • Report the incident right away to the nearest police station and leave the chasing to the authority.

WHEN CALAMITY STRIKES • Always take note of exit points from your dorm or classrooms to know exactly where to go if emergency arises. • Keep emergency hotlines on your phone. • Stash an extra blanket, flashlight, first aid kit, and a few days of non-perishable food and bottled water in your dorm just in case you get stuck without power. • Keep calm because you’re more likely to think clearly and respond to a situation properly.

Sources: I http://www.moneymanagementtips. com/students.htm I I

STIMULI 2012 23




The 29th STI Extravaganza More than 20,000 students from various STI campuses nationwide gathered on August 31, 2012 at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for STI’s 29th Anniversary. With the theme, XXIX: Ready for Thirty, STI kicked-off a year-round celebration with explosive activities and events that sparked the runway toward its much-anticipated 30th Anniversary in 2013.

24 STIMULI 2012

Exceptional skills and talents were showcased in several talent competitions held simultaneously in the new Enchanting Events Place and Eldar’s Tent.

Christian Michael Varias from STI Pasay and Haidee Cañobas from STI College – Tanauan together with the other finalists of Mr. & Ms. STI 2012 in a one-of-a-kind quest for beauty, wit, and character

STI College – Novaliches’ Kastigo rocks the Enchanted Kingdom with their explosive act

Former PBB Housemate Kian Kazemi and Ms. Philippines – Earth 2007 and former Ms. STI 2001 Jeanne Harn dressed-up to the nines

Charmaine Nadado of STI College - Las Piñas bags her second STI Singing Idol National Championship

The energy-filled winning performance of STI College – Balagtas’ Balaraw Dancers wows the crowd

STI’s homegrown music talents took the stage for the Battle of the Bands and STI Idol Singing Competition. While the crowd loudly cheered for their favorites in the Hataw Sayaw Group Dance Competition and the much awaited search for Mr. and Ms. STI 2012. Some celebrities who graced the festive event were TV host and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Kian Kazemi, Ms. Philippines – Earth 2007 and Ms. STI 2001 Jeanne Harn, Protégé finalist Denise Barbacena, ABS-CBN News reporter Sol Aragones, and awardwinning rapper and STI alumnus Gloc-9. In the coming months, STI will also hold numerous academic competitions in computer programming, culinary arts, essay writing, public speaking, and more across its campuses to hone and develop the skills of the country’s next generation of experts. For a complete list of winners, visit http://www.

Bayan Patroller Sol Aragones challenges the students to actively participate in nation building by becoming agents of change in their communities

Gloc-9 and Protégé finalist Denise Barbacena render a spectacular performance for STIers

STIMULI 2012 25

STI College – Las Piñas’ Juicy J Project and STI College – Naga’s Pusong Bato captivate the audience with their acts

Protégé finalist Denise Barbacena takes the stage for an encore performance

Ms. STI candidates are all smiles with Former PBB Teen housemate Patrick Sugui

Former PBB Teen housemate April Sun serenades the Mr. STI candidates with her angelic voice


26 STIMULI 2012

Future music sensations Norberto Pasion III from STI College – San Fernando and Ann Christian Santander from STI College – Muñoz-EDSA

The hosts keep the energy levels up in Eldar’s Tent

STIers enjoy their Enchanted Kingdom experience The crowd goes wild as Gloc-9 delivers another performance

Best in Sportswear winners France Angelo Yap of STI College – Tanauan and Donna Marie Watson of STI College – Angeles pose in their edgy sportswear

STI Dancers pump up the celebration

Mr. and Ms. STI 2012 Christian Michael Varias from STI Pasay and Haidee Cañobas from STI College – Tanauan exude confidence and sophistication in their formal wear

STIMULI 2012 27

campus news A Digital Engagement

Graphic design and digital arts are the two hottest trends today especially with high school students. Recently, STI College – Iloilo partnered with different high school institutions in the province of Iloilo to conduct a free Digital Arts Training to high school students. The Digital Arts Training was designed to empower the high school students with proper training and skills in photo editing and image enhancement. The training includes lectures and hands-on exercises on Digital Imaging softwares such as Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Corel Draw. During the opening program at Mandurriao National High School, STI College – Iloilo’s Academic Head Mr. Ronnie H. Grabato shares, “We are delighted to share this program to our partner high schools. As we all know, the Digital Arts Training is a joint project of the STI Student Council and the


• The Dolphy Aid Para sa Pinoy Foundation partnered with STI to grant scholarships to

28 STIMULI 2012

High school students unleash their creative potential

Information and Communications Club with the full support of faculty members, alumni, and 3rd year BS Information Technology and 4th year BS Computer Science students. We hope that through this activity, we are able to do our part in molding the youth towards nation building through the discovery and articulation of their creative potentials — guiding them to be the best that they can be.” *Special thanks to Lloyd Celis, School Correspondent, STI College – Iloilo

deserving children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).


• The official website of STI Colleges and Education Centers won the Best Web Site Award in the 11th Philippine Web Awards (PWA).

• STI Naga formally broke ground.

• The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) together with STI launched the “Tayo Na! Trabaho Na!” Labor Day Jobapalooza ‘09.

• Amadeus, the world’s top Global Distribution System (GDS) provider, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with STI.

• The 2010 Halalan coverage coined as Boto Mo iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula campaign is a tieup between ABS-CBN and STI.

campus news The Rise of the Dragon Fruit Culinary expertise flared in Ilocos Norte as the province celebrated the first Philippine Dragon Fruit Festival. Students from different schools in the province gathered to compete in the different categories of the Saniata Dragon Fruit Cook Fest held from July 5-8, 2011 at Teatro Ilocandia, Batac, Ilocos Norte. STI Laoag’s 2nd yr. Hospitality and Restaurant Services (HRS) students Joel Idnay and Meldrick Baptista bagged the Best Appetizer award for their dish, Dragon Fruit in Rubix Cube with Vinaigrette Sauce. The other specialty dishes prepared by STI Laoag’s 2nd yr. HRS students showcasing the versatility of the dragon fruit were Fish Cake with Dragon Fruit Sauce by Nadia Pingol and Clara Mae Corpuz (Main Dish Category) and Dragon Fruit Soufflé (Dessert Category) by Hasty Valdez and Clarisa Estacio. *Special thanks to Michelle Colobong, School Correspondent, STI Laoag

A Remarkable First in Misamis Occidental After going through tough preparations, four 2-yr. Information Technology students from STI Ozamis brought remarkable achievement to their school after acing the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Programming NC IV Assessment held on March and April 2012 at STI Ozamis’ Computer Laboratory.

(From left) Marvin Aya-ay, Jhobet Baroga, Junnel Gallemaso, and Mark Fajardo

They were Mark A. Fajardo, Jhobet L. Baroga, Marvin Aya-ay, and Junnel Gallemaso who spent a lot of time preparing for the Programming NC IV Assessment which consists of competencies that are required for developing or writing program codes using a personal computer or workstation as part of systems development. According to TESDA Region X, the four examinees are the first students who passed the said assessment in the province of Misamis Occidental. Fajardo took the exam on March while Baroga, Aya-ay, and Gallemaso last April. Now, the four passers hold a certification issued only to individuals who achieve all the required units of competency for a national qualification defined under the Training Regulations.

STIers impress judges with their creative dragon fruit dishes *Special thanks to Alistair D. Luzon, Academic Head, STI Ozamis



• New STI Academic Centers were inaugurated in Naga, Fairview, and Alabang.

• STI partnered with TELUS International Philippines for the TELUS International University.

• STI launched its redesigned homepage and Official Facebook Fan Page.

• STI Academic Center – Novaliches was inaugurated and STI Academic Center – Malolos broke ground. • New academic programs were launched: -Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts -Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology -Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management -Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

STIMULI 2012 29


’s LetZumba! Now that people are getting more and more health conscious, various fitness programs have popped up. And the latest fitness trend to sweep the world is Zumba! Zumba is a dance workout that offers classes in more than 110,000 gyms across more than 125 countries. This invigorating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, and calorie-burning fitness program certainly moved millions of people toward joy and good health since its inception in 2001. What made it even more exciting is the mash-up of various dance styles such as hip-hop, samba, salsa, mambo, rumba, flamenco, Bollywood, belly dance, and even martial arts. Aerobic elements can also be found within this new fitness craze. Zumba was introduced in the country in 2011 and many Filipinos are already getting hooked!


THE According to Zumba fitness creator, Columbian Alberto Perez, Zumba uses the principles of resistance training and fitness interval training to increase caloric output and all-body toning. The easy dance steps of Zumba aim to help those who are not fond of working out to change their attitude about it and have fun with the program.

Different Types of Zumba Classes Zumba Gold

Targets the active, older adults by modifying the moves and pacing of Zumba to suit their needs.

Zumba Fitness

Features exotic rhythms that is set on a highenergy Latin and international beat.

Zumba Toning

The perfect program for people who want their body toned by using lightweight maraca-like Toning Sticks.

Aqua Zumba

Known as the Zumba “pool party,” this water-based workout zeroes in to cardioconditioning and body toning.

With this dance exercise in disguise, you can easily burn 600 to 800 calories in a one-hour class and more than 800 calories in an advanced Zumba class! So whether you enroll in a gym class or buy an at-home fitness DVD, it’s time to party yourself into shape and shed off those extra pounds! Sources:

STIMULI 2012 31

Form follows function.

The Lytro Light Field Camera boasts an 8X optical zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture, capturing maximum light across the entire zoom range.

MUSIC Beyonce is Back with More! The new mom, international pop diva, entrepreneur, and People’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman in the World is set to release a double album for 2013. According to Ryan Tedder, composer of Halo and Lyric Producer for I am Sasha Fierce, “The conversations about her next album literally just started and there are two projects happening, She’s not interested in 2012, she’s interested in what’s going to sound good for 2013.” The 16-time Grammy winner, during an interview with Essence magazine, shared about her 9-month break from performing saying that, “My personal retreat gave me strength and a creative reawakening.” With inspiration from daughter Blue Ivy, fans, and music enthusiasts, this powerhouse performer is all set to release a new range of unstoppable songs. Sources:

32 STIMULI 2012

Speed, indeed.

Light field technology translates to faster snaps. Without an auto-focus motor, the Lytro’s instant shutter means you don’t lose time focusing.


Extruded anodized aluminum structural skin. Center of gravity shutter button. Intuitive multitouch screen

Lytro Light Field Camera Release Date: Late 2012

Storage Type: Internal flash drive Technology: Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0 Lens: 8x optical zoom and Constant f/2 lens Controls: Power button, Shutter button, Zoom slider and Touchscreen

on the shelf

GADGET Intelligent design.

Display: 1.52 in and 38.55 mm back-lit LCD display with glass touchscreen Battery: Long-life Li-ion internal battery The revolutionary Lytro Camera is unlike other conventional cameras that capture only a single plane of light. With Lytro, it has the technology called light-field photography that enables the camera to shoot instantly without the need to focus first. Once the photo is posted, anyone with the URL can refocus the image just by clicking on it. Now, there’s no more fuss on focus and you can just go on clicking one picture after another! Source:

The Wolverine Release Date: July 26, 2013

After being riddled with shoot delays, all Wolverine fans will be happy to hear that the sequel to the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine will finally be shown in 2013. Dealing with the aftermath of the memory-erasing injuries he sustained in the first installment, Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai so he can get a better control of his primal urges. Full of danger and romance, Wolverine falls in love with the heir to a Yakuza family and will fight against samurais, ninjas, and the Yakuza while confronting the mysteries of his past. Partially based on the 1982 Wolverine comic book arc, the movie is directed by James Mangold and features: Hugh Jackman (Logan/ Wolverine), Svetlana Khodchenkova (Viper), Will Yun Lee (Silver Samurai), and a collection of Japanese actors such as Hiroyuki Sanada as Shingen Yashida, a Yakuza crime boss; Hal Yamanouchi as Yashida, head of the Yashida clan; Tao Okamoto as Mariko Yashida; and Rila Fukushima as Yukio, an assassin. Sources:

STIMULI 2012 33

Chasing Vict ory The STI College – Olympians Track & Field Team

As early as 5 o’clock in the morning, while everyone is still asleep, they are already on their running shoes and ready to take on three-hour drills and training in the running arena of the Marikina Sports Complex. This has been the discipline and routine for the sprinters of STI College – Olympians Track and Field Team. “In a week, we train three or four times especially when we are preparing for an intercollegiate league. And since we are not only wearing our own running shoes but the name of our school too, we make sure that we run any race at our best,” says Dan Marasigan, varsity member.

The winning Track and Field team cherish their victory

And for this team, all their hard work and sacrifices have paid off when they reached the finish line victorious after a neck-to-neck race with the best of the best athletes in the 11th National Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (NAASCU) League. 34 STIMULI 2012

The team start their day with a rigorous training

Held on March 13, 2012 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Pasig City, the STI College – Olympians Track and Field Team came out strong after acing the overall champion and 2nd runner-up titles for the Men’s and Women’s Divisions, respectively. “It was a monumental success for our team this year and we are overwhelmed with this achievement. We lagged behind from last year’s standing and so we pushed ourselves to the limits, stayed focus, and gave our 100% in this league until we finally chased the victory,” says Mr. Mhel Garrido, Officer-in-Charge for Sports Students Development. “It’s still a long way ahead for the entire team, but this is the mark of a much stronger and faster set of sprinters in the future leagues,” he concludes. The STI College Olympians also has commendable teams in Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, and a Pep Squad.

Writer’s Block Oras Na! Ni: Mark Vincent Garis, 3rd yr. BSHRM, STI College – Tagbilaran

Unti-unti nang nasisira ang ating kalikasan Dahil na rin sa ating kalokohan At kung ito’y magpapatuloy Buhay, kailanma’y ‘di na dadaloy. Mga isda’y nauubos na sa dagat Sapagkat di tayo marunong mag-ingat Kahit maliliit ay hinuhuli Hindi na tuloy nagagawang magparami. Mga gubat ay nakakalbo Dahil na rin sa pagtotroso Mga ibong hapong-hapo Hindi na makadapo Sapagkat wala ng mga puno. Mga ilog na dating ‘sing linis ng kristal Ngayo’y ‘sing dumi ng kanal Dati’y tampisawan ng mga bata Ngayo’y tampisawan ng mga basura. Oras na upang magbago. Oras na upang malaman ng tao Na abnormal na ang panahon At iligtas ang ating kalikasan. Kung hindi pa ngayon, kailan pa? Hihintayin pa ba natin na makaranas ng sakuna Bago tayo’y kumilos? Ngayon na ang tamang oras Upang kalikasa’y mailigtas Bago ito tuluyang maglaho Hindi pa huli ang lahat, may panahon pa!

Ina... Tanging Yaman sa Mundo Ni: Gerson Ramos, 2nd yr. BSBM, STI College – Lipa

Ina ko, ikaw ang ilaw at liwanag sa ‘king buhay, Na nagmamahal, nag-aaruga at s’yang gumagabay, Sa ‘king likuran, nakaagapay at nakaalalay, Upang buhay ko ay maging maunlad at matiwasay. Ina ko, ang pagmamahal mo ay di kayang tumbasan, Pagmamahal mo na sa aki’y binigay at nilaan. Mamahalin mo ako hanggang sa magpakailan pa man, Ibibigay mo ang lahat para sa ‘king kapakanan. Ina ko, salamat dahil nandito ka sa tabi ko, Ikaw ang s’yang nag-iisang tanging yaman ng buhay ko, Na lahat ng bagay ay gagawin ko para sa iyo, Upang masuklian ko ang mga sinakripisyo mo. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko sasabihin sa’yo, Na “Salamat at MAHAL KITA” ng buong buhay ko, Hindi ko masasabi ng harapan sa iyo ito, Basta’t ika’y aking mahal kahit gumuho ang mundo.

Isang Ngiti Ni: Hazelyn Mayoya, 3rd yr. BSIT, STI College – Fairview

Paghinga nang napakalalim Pagbilis nang pintig ng puso Di maintindihan ang damdamin Hindi maintindihan kung ano. Tuwing pagod sa pag-aaral Tuwing, ‘di maganda ang araw Makita lang ang iyong mukha Napapawi lahat ng pagod. Kahit na ako’y malungkot Nagagawa mong ako’y pangitiin Kahit ako’y umiiyak Nagagawa mong ako’y patawanin. Sa tuwing nakikita mo ako Mapansin na ako’y nasa tabi Mapansin na ako’y nakatingin Sana ay ako’y iyong ngitian. Kahit na ako’y malayo sa’yo Kahit di mo na ako lapitan At kahit di man ako kilala Sana ay ako’y iyong ngitian.

Marapat na tayo’y magpasalamat sa ‘ting Maykapal, Binigyan tayo ng isang INA na ating minamahal, Sila ang tinuturing na dakilang tao sa ‘ting buhay, O ina ko, mananatili ka sa aking PUSO.

Tulong-tulong tayong sagipin Mahal nating kalikasan ORAS NA ng PAGBABAGO!

STIMULI 2012 35


Put On AND Take Off

Your Ultimate Guide to Layering in Style Let Your Jacket Do the Talking Step out looking like the star athlete of your school by sporting a letterman jacket. Layer your jacket over a shirt, or let it hang on your shoulder if the day gets warm. Team it with a comfortable v-neck shirt, don a nice pair of jeans, and hit a sharp fashion home run anywhere!

Photos used in this article were taken from, a social networking site where you can get fashion inspiration from people around the world, and, a site that features the unique and diverse styles of people in the Philippines.

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Say hello to wardrobe versatility! There’s a style technique that will let you achieve the right look for whatever your day brings — layering. Because it’s always a good idea to be prepared for any situation, it is essential to wear versatile pieces of clothing that can blend well from day to night, and everywhere in between. So dare to look different, add more personality to your get up, and mix up your style with these trending looks!

Go Preppy and Pretty in a Cardigan Prettify your basic outfit by topping it with a cardigan. Play around with your favorite pieces of clothing to find more possibilities to conceal and reveal whenever you feel like it. Create a polished, layered look that’s perfect for any time of the day by matching your ensemble with a simple neutral cardigan.

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STI Honor Students (Second Term, A.Y. 2011-2012)

Student of the Year Awardees

Baccalaureate Paolo U. Hipolito Bacoor

Pre-Baccalaureate Marvin Dale R. Guerrero Vigan

Magna Cum Laude Alabang Miko Angeline A. Chio Caloocan Jemarie S. Mayuyo Fairview Regine P. Abanador Fairview Ma. Lorraine P. Batol

Las Piñas Shaw Shaw Tanay

Ace Anthony C. Austria Maria Irizsha H. Sambo Christine L. Austria James Quiel Custodio

Cum Laude Bacoor Baguio Balagtas Balagtas Balagtas Balagtas Cagayan de Oro Caloocan Caloocan Caloocan Caloocan Caloocan Caloocan Cubao Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Fairview

Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview General Santos Global City Global City Global City Las Piñas Las Piñas Marikina Muñoz-Edsa Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ormoc Ortigas-Cainta Quezon Avenue

Catherine J. Calimlim Arlene V. Forte Josie S. Failanga Mike Angelo V. Villanueva Karell Nadine Koleen M. Aquino Yvan Roy T. Otero Howell A. King, Jr. Roxanne B. Lacson Jomar P. Ponce Paul Christopher D. Belencion Junevievi Biñas Maridhelle Charisse I. Pineda Don Gerald N. Nombre Andrew Jemar F. Valenzona Eunice P. Patagnan Muse A. Hirakawa Glithel L. Loriaga Michelle Christine N. Oblena Elizabeth T. Mamasig Evangeline D. Camallere Jenemy C. Sabando Jason S. Batester Edilyn A. Fuentes Malvin Ralph N. Ceñidoza Dana Marian C. David

Paolo U. Hipolito Joshua P. Rarama Cris Norman P. Olipas Joemarie S. Sy Lordel A. Balite Maria Caren T. Ramilo Anna Fay A. Edulsa Raymond T. Rendon Justin Xyrel A. Dorongon Debbie Ann M. Batadhay Jemar B. Gacal Elene B. De Guzman Jackie Lou M. Francisco Stefanie Marie E. Samaniego Ronabelle J. Rubi Daisy R. Talagtag Cathleen G. Paguirigan Jelie An O. Saenz Baby Joan A. Mangampo Janelle Marie C. Lara Kelvin Paul A. Tan Maria Teresa C. Baladjay Iriz A. Trinidad Charles Peterson J. Adison Kristine Joy J. Avena

Fun Page Are You a Deadline Beater or do Deadlines Beat You? How do you deal with deadlines? Do you plan ahead to accomplish your assignment or project before the target date? Or, do you procrastinate and work on it only when it’s closer to your deadlines? The way you deal with deadlines can reveal certain aspects of your personality. To discover its hidden meaning, answer the following questions honestly: 38 STIMULI 2012

1. You’re assigned to make a report on a famous person. The day of the presentation you: a. have an in-depth research about President Ninoy Aquino, visuals ready in PowerPoint presentation. b. aren’t worried. You read Yahoo news daily! c. borrow your stack of handouts ready for your classmates concerning the fashion history of Paris Hilton. 2. Tomorrow is a chemistry test covering five chapters, but your crush asked you to come to his basketball game tonight. You: a. tell him you can’t make it. b. go to the game and take him out for ice cream later. His chemistry is more important than any test! c. go to the basketball game, of course! You’ll study tomorrow. 3. It is five minutes before the history exam and you need a test booklet. You: a. grab one from the stash you keep in your binder. Better safe than sorry. b. hope that the girl across the aisle will have an extra. c. scramble to the Library to purchase one.

Quezon Avenue Quezon Avenue Recto Recto San Fernando San Fernando San Fernando Shaw Shaw Southwoods Southwoods

Maria Liezl M. Lascota Angel H. Suria Riza R. Ramiro Ma. Emily R. Mangubat Jennifer S. Torres Roda M. Simbillo Wilma G. Yanga Leah E. Java Kelvin G. Tan Loven Oscar L. Reyes Blessie S. Triviño

Southwoods Southwoods Southwoods Southwoods Southwoods Sta. Maria Surigao Surigao Tanay Tanay

Roxanne Nicole G. Daluz Leonika A. Kayat Angelo P. Rivera Chico Postrado Hazel B. Norte Denmark B. Mendoza Novie Dave B. Perez Maricel B. Reyes Christian Amonoy Marien Shalome Cruz

With High Honors Dasmariñas Marikina Parañaque

Marinel G. Guray Iris Jane De Leon Rodolfo Luigi Miguel M. Ebreo

Pasay San Jose

Mark Anthony P. Rilveria Angelica M. Espina

With Honors Baguio Balanga Balanga Balanga Caloocan Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Ilagan Las Piñas Muñoz-Edsa Muñoz-Edsa Muñoz-Edsa Muñoz-Edsa Muñoz-Edsa Muñoz-Edsa Olongapo Ormoc

Jericah D. Jacosalem Andrie H. Bayaca Angelica C. Valdecañas Jemalyn S. Manrique Arianne B. Formentera Mike Wilson V. Sadiwa Ruben R. Reyes, Jr. Reander S. Agulto Ira Erika B. Barboza Dave P. Tamayo Dang Cecilia C. Abadiano Jennifer G. Ancho Lalaine T. Magat Alliza Marie V. Achacoso Wilmor H. Toribio Jester J. Dumanog Mae Anne T. Aniciete Aldreanne M. Retome Faith Marie E. Suganob

Ormoc Pasay Quezon Avenue Recto San Jose Shaw Shaw Shaw Shaw Southwoods Tacloban Vigan Vigan Vigan Vigan Vigan Vigan

Maria Leonora P. Orcales Christian Z. Manguerra Geraldine C. Baylon Angelo P. De Guia Marilyn M. Fontanilla Ruela M. Dayrit Mary Ann S. Dado Mizel L. Unabia Mathew Mikhail T. Arcilla Athena M. Farcon Jovenianoi L. Camitoc, Jr. Nixon Arenas Joanna Marie Carpio Jerizza Dela Fuente Nevilyn Vega Ben Genesis De Peralta Marvin Dale R. Guerrero

4. It’s almost time to cram for finals. Your notebook is full of: a. substantial notes to share with your best friend! b. doodles. You’ll look at the practice tests later. c. only today’s lecture; you’ll catch the rest of the notes at the study party. 5. You’ve been assigned a group project. Your friends know to: a. ask you to do background research; they can count on it being thorough. b. have you do the oral presentation; it won’t take any preparation. c. let you design the PowerPoint presentation; it can be done the night before! Source:

If your answers are mostly:


You’re a Time Manager! You’re the one whom everyone depends on for class notes and you always get stuck with the group report. When you’re assigned your next big project, you can help your group along by assigning specific tasks and sticking to them. That way you’ll still have everything planned out in advance, but have time for yourself as well. Stay organized.


You’re a Wing-It Woman/Man! You seem to feel you can conquer anything. Although self-confidence is a great virtue, be careful to leave enough room for the unexpected. If you get a syllabus at the beginning of the year, grab your calendar and schedule out a little block of time each weekend for big projects. That way, you’ll be more prepared, less stressed, and have more energy to spend in other activities.


You’re a Last-Minute Person! Cramming is your signature style. You’re excellent at performing under pressure. Even though last-minute saves have served you well so far, don’t forget that later on, life could require more planning.

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STI’s partnership with ABS-CBN has started in 1998 and now spans more than a decade, which includes both national and local elections. In the 2013 national poll, STI will once again work hand-in-hand with ABS-CBN in conducting voter’s education to the public and as Citizen STI, we will also serve as Bayan Patrollers during the on-the-ground activities.

Be part of the quest for clean elections. Be a Bayan Patroller. Be a Citizen STI.

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STI Tertiary Stimuli 2012-2013