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Youth Power!

A Primer to Youth Empowerment

rsa e v i nn ide! A r 6th tic p 2 es nalis t a r eb natio l e h Ic ST wit

Editor’s Note

Anniversary Messages

Dear Readers,

Message from the Malacañang

Youth empowerment is in the air! Though election is still several months away, we already see different organizations encouraging everyone, especially the youth, to take a more active role in nation building. STI has likewise started its own campaign, “Simulan Natin!,” which is also the battle cry for this year’s 26th Anniversary. The theme encourages the whole STI community to stand up, take the initiative for positive change, and be more socially responsible! We also featured several student and alumni achievers with such amazing stories. Read their stories and be truly inspired with their wonderful experiences. Learn a thing or two, and let your own dreams shine! Take a peek on the newest batch of STI stars as they crossed all borders and showed off their skills in our annual Tagisan ng Talino and Talent competitions. And on a lighter note, Facebook has undoubtedly stormed our country with its cool, cute, and funny applications. Find out which application has the most number of active users and which applications are made by our very own fellow Filipinos! National pride is certainly at its peak in this issue! Join fellow STIers nationwide, and start weaving your own destiny today!

STIMULI Editorial Staff Editor-in-chief:

Elbert de Guzman

Managing Editors:

Jennymarie Dy Karen Precious La Rosa Jazmine Katigbak

Associate Editors:

Karen Ocampo Connie Andrada Bang Lawag Jenny Bobadilla

Contributors: Layout and Design:

Hernan Alar Roni Arap, Jr. Aisa Baizas Ray Ciocon Chum dela Cruz Mhel Garrido Febe Mag-ili Dyan Laurice Manalo Rodel Osorio Johndison Porras Evelyn Ventura Maria Lourdes Vitales Fe Zacarias

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate STI on the inauguration of the STI Academic Center at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For almost three decades, STI has been a significant advocate of valuable IT education in the Philippines. And today, we are one with the STI students, faculty, and personnel from Luzon to Mindanao, in celebrating this very significant milestone in your 26th year as an institution known for academic excellence. Allow me to extend my sincerest gratitude to STI for continually campaigning for youth empowerment and advocating quality IT education. May STI remain steadfast to its commitment of producing globallycompetitive graduates armed with the right knowledge, skills, and values who will make our country proud. Mabuhay STI!

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Republic of the Philippines

Message from the STI President Twenty-six years ago, we had a dream of making a difference in the lives of the Filipino youth. We dreamed of giving them access to affordable, cutting-edge education which will be available not only to a single region but throughout the nation. Over the years, we have made good on this promise. From Manila, we have expanded geographically and established a presence throughout the country from Laoag to Cotabato. Our academic portfolio has grown from our core IT courses to include business, engineering, healthcare, and education. Our strength as an educational institution is supported by the respect we have garnered from our peers, the partnerships we have formed with business organizations and the recognition we have gained for our socio-civic projects. Despite our successes, we have never lost sight of our commitment to relevant, life-changing education. We continue to innovate the ways in which we teach and impart the skills and knowledge necessary for success. We provide venues where creativity is expressed and intelligence and knowledge are tested. As we see it, education is not the only reason for our existence; instead, it is our mandate to develop each of our students into productive and responsible citizens of the country ready to take on the task of building a nation. We are humbled and privileged indeed to witness the individual successes of the hundreds of thousands of students who have passed through our doors. Our collective dream has turned into a steady drumbeat of progress not only for our country but also for ourselves. We remain confident that the next twenty-six years will usher in a new age for STI, and a more formidable breed of STIer ready to take on any challenge. Congratulations and mabuhay tayong lahat!

Arlene Angeles President Monico V. Jacob STI

In this Issue

Message from DepED Warmest greetings to the management, faculty, and students of STI as you hold your 26th Anniversary highlighted by the inauguration of the newly founded STI Academic Center in Global City, Taguig. The essence and practical significance of technology education in our country as what STI provides has seen no boundaries most especially in these difficult times. Through your efforts, many students are given alternatives to still pursue their education and become competitive in their chosen careers. Your theme, “Simulan Natin!,” aptly expresses the primary importance of keeping strong memberrelations through constant fellowship. This can only be attained if you are united in the commonality of your purpose – to continually strengthen your commitment to instill positive change in yourselves and the nation. May this celebration be another avenue to respond to the needs of the country’s workforce while serving your interests and those of the students. Mabuhay!

Secretary Jesli A. Lapus Department of Education

Message from CHED Our warmest greetings and congratulations to the STI administrators, faculty, and its partner stakeholders on your 26th Anniversary celebration and inauguration of the new STI Academic Center. Through the years, STI remains steadfast in its mission of producing competent ICT professionals. Starting with just two IT schools in the early 80’s, your institution now provides ICT-enhanced education to more than 100 campuses here and abroad. STI has also expanded its network to provide innovative and relevant education at the basic, secondary, and tertiary levels. Now, with the establishment of the new STI Academic Center, the technological and academic standards of all STI campuses across the country are further strengthened to meet the needs and demands of industries today. The inauguration of the new Academic Center truly expresses STI’s commitment in nurturing globally competitive graduates in the fields of ICT, Healthcare, Business and Management, and Engineering guided with its vision and mission with utmost integrity, dedication, and creativity.

Cover Story


Simulan Natin! A Primer to Youth Empowerment

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Once again, to the STI community, CHED wishes you the very best as you celebrate this momentous event and many more years of continued success. More Power and Mabuhay!

Chairman Emmanuel Y. Angeles Commission on Higher Education

Message from TESDA I send my warmest greetings and congratulations to STI on the occasion of its 26th Anniversary. Your anniversary theme, “Simulan Natin!,” is an invitation to STIers, friends, and partners to continually strengthen their commitment to instill positive change in themselves and the nation. For the past 26 years, STI has been one of the more active partners of TESDA in the education and training of young Filipinos. TESDA is in solidarity with STI campuses nationwide in your pride and joy as you launch the STI Academic Center during your anniversary event. The continual advancement of your academic standards and facilities will result to a better organization, quality-trained STIers, and consequently, jobready Filipinos. Keep up the good work! And cheers to more years of partnership in technical-vocational education and training.

Director General Augusto Boboy Syjuco, Ph.D. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

STIMULI is a publication of STI. Send your original poems, short stories, comments, and questions to the STIMULI Editorial Team at the STI Academic Center, University Parkway Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634 or email

Zoom Photojournalism! into

By: Jennymarie Dy Managing Editor

A picture tells us a story. It could be of a mother and her children reunited after long years of working abroad. Or a young student happily receiving his college diploma, grinning ear to ear. All these visuals and emotions can be captured forever in a photograph. Photography is currently one of the best past times of people today. After all, there is no age limit to it and unlike before where you have to be a professional photographer to be able to take pictures, today everyone can take pictures – young and old alike. I bet that everywhere you go you’ll hear lots of camera clicks and see people taking pictures either from their mobile phones or their point-and-shoot digital cameras. And let’s face it, taking pictures has never been this quick, easy, and fun! However, there is another side of photography that you might also find interesting– Photojournalism. According to our college professor, it is a form of journalism that creates images (by taking pictures) in order to tell a news story. The great thing about this is that anyone with a camera can try his hand at covering culture and political events. You don’t need to write anything. The pictures will tell the story for you.

So, what are the essentials in photojournalism? •

Timeliness is crucial! Of course, since this is a form of journalism, you have to consider the freshness of your photos. Are the subjects in your pictures very timely? In photojournalism, it is important to take into account that your images should have meanings in the context of a recently published record of events.

• Do not be biased! Just like in news, you have

to be careful of being objective. Make sure that the situation implied in your photos is a fair and accurate representation of the events. Bear in mind that as photojournalists, we have to be as honest as possible regardless of our own personal opinions.

• Focus! Photojournalism

is all about the visual documentation of the things going around us. Nothing illustrates it more accurately than the photographs of people doing the things that people do. However, you also need to learn how to separate g o o d photos from common pictures. Say there’s a Fun Run in your local community, you will have more compelling pictures if you take shots of the participants running their hearts out to reach the finish line rather than photos of people simply standing in front of the event’s banner.

Study the masters! Reading books on photojournalism is not enough, it is also important that you learn from the professionals. Watch how they go about their business and you may learn a thing or two from them. Always carry a notebook and write down notes. Not everything can be relied on memory alone. At this day and age, it is critical that we become responsible citizens. We have to be more aware of the things happening around us. And if we see something worth telling everybody, then speak up! Or you can practice photojournalism and take a picture!

Be persistent! If you get negative comments on your photos, then so what? You don’t have to get personal about it. Remember that these critiques point out your weaknesses and will help you eventually get better.

Are you a Photographer or an Artist?


You can be both. Discover what makes a photograph stand-out as a passionate work of art. Take a shot of expertise in camera works from the basics to the advanced techniques. • Basic Photography by Mike Mariano with Jim Paredes as Guest Instructor • Photography of the Human Form by Jim Paredes • Digital Film Making by Quark Henares • Photojournalism by Benoit de Lorme

Learn from the Masters at the STI Center of Arts!

To know more, please call (02) 789-3099 / (0920) 906-1256 or visit our campus at the 5/F STI Academic Center, University Parkway Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634

STI College – Calamba Looks Back at the Past By Maria Lourdes Vitales, G.E. Faculty STI College – Calamba June is a very special month for the locals of Calamba. Here, people celebrate not only the country’s Independence Day but also the birth of our national hero and Calamba’s pride Dr. Jose Rizal. And yearly, it has been the town’s tradition to celebrate these two momentous events with a big and colorful festivity!

STI goes MAD! By: Ray Ciocon, Academic Consultant STI College – Tanauan Once again, STI College – Tanauan gives the extra mile to help care for the environment by supporting MADaboutUS, a marine ecological awareness group which has mounted digital underwater shootouts in Batangas, Cebu, and recently in Bohol. The group has extended their awareness campaign not just in Batangas but also in Cebu and Bohol. Their goal is to ultimately educate the people on the marine ecosystem nationwide. STI College – Tanauan Board Director Joel Uichico and his friends in the diving community has always been a big supporter of MADaboutUS. They provide IT support and venue whenever the said organization has an event. In their recent underwater photo event in Bohol, the STI team was led by STI College – Tanauan and STI College – Lipa School Administrator Ms. Leorose D. Mojica with help from STI College – Cebu and STI College – Tagbilaran. For more information on MADaboutUS, please visit to see and appreciate how wonderful God’s creations are under the sea.

Under the scorching heat of the sun, around 850 students and faculty from STI College – Calamba joined the parade together with hundreds of locals. The outpour of people sharing in the fun and excitement with colorful balloons, and giant floats flooded the streets while the drums and lyre bands entertained everyone with their exhibitions. There were also competitions participated by various schools and colleges. And it was a moment of pride when STI College – Calamba won 3rd place in the Paligsahan ng mga Pinakasimbolikong Karosa sa Araw ni Rizal which showcased Rizal’s works in Dapitan. As the big and jazzy celebration winds down, people could not help but reflect on the bearing of the past events to where we are today. While walking down the streets of Calamba, people were struck with the spirit of nationalism and the strong urge for positive change – to continue molding the minds and hearts of the youth and encourage them to become responsible leaders of the future.

Honor Students Second Semester, 2008-2009 Summa Cum Laude/GHP

Arnold G. Apilis Jr. (STI College – Fairview)

Magna Cum Laude/GHP

Marc Daryl Mateo (STI College – Balanga), Joseph Aaron Briones (STI College – Calamba), Regina Anne Dimaano (STI College – Marikina), Louie Dean Hona (STI College – Novaliches), and Leonel Mendoza (STI College – Sta. Maria)

Cum Laude/GHP

Maria Criselda R. Naje (STI College – Alabang),Dionn Roman Tauli (STI College – Baguio),Bella D. Alima (STI College – Balagtas), Reymond G. Tugadi (STI College – Balagtas),Khamella Jimenez (STI College – Balanga),Kristine Evangelista (STI College – Balanga),Christian Jesser Dela Rosa (STI College – Balanga),Mhar Jolongbayan (STI College – Balayan), Jerica G. Meliton (STI College – Batangas), Jaru Andrian T. Villanueva (STI College – Batangas), Princess Rebecca Abdul (STI College – Calamba), Editha D. Gacusana (STI College– Calamba),John Stephen G. Carbonell (STI College – Caloocan), Joy B. Janiola (STI College – Caloocan),Joan B. Janiola (STI College – Caloocan), Ian V. De Guzman (STI College – Caloocan), Paul Simon B. Obnial (STI College – Fairview), Christian Paul G. Duran (STI College – Fairview), Mark Kennyden C. Abarintos (STI College– Fairview), Jomariss B. Plan (STI College – Fairview), Rodella M. Garcia (STI College – Fairview), Ervy Galvez (STI College – Global City),Kristine Arcenio (STI College – Kalibo), Chestin T. Chua (STI College – Las Piňas), Roxanne Amerie Miňoza (STI College – Novaliches), Tessa Mavel Madjust (STI College – Ormoc), Solomon Solis (STI College – Ormoc), Gemmary Magallanes (STI College – Ormoc), Martin Martinez (STI College – Ormoc), Roselito G. Sicsic Jr. (STI College – Ormoc), Mary Grace J. Jarito (STI College – Recto), Myda N. Sulit (STI College – San Fernando), Kristel Joy C. Lazatin (STI College – San Fernando), Frederick L. Eco (STI College – San Pablo),Jane O. Maldia (STI College – San Pablo), Aiza M. Bulan (STI College – Shaw), Radee DJ. Estrada (STI College – Shaw), Christopher Hernandez (STI College – Shaw),Dyan A. Duela (STI College – Shaw), Dian S. Avellana (STI College – Shaw), Joanna Marie S. Torres (STI College – Shaw), Iricher B. Supera (STI College – Surigao),Girlyn G. Antillon (STI College – Tacloban), and Saida M. Mahamod (STI College – Zamboanga)

With High Honors/GHP

Jadson Rae Fernandez (STI College – Global City), Marife Magtalas (STI San Jose), Karla Catrina Astudillo (STI San Jose), Maria Danica F. Santos (STI College – Shaw), and John Titus Arbado (STI College – Tanay)

With Honors/GHP

Reinalyn P. Lobitaňa (STI College – Alabang), Norman M. Delos Reyes (STI College – Alabang), John Paolo E. Casyao (STI College – Alabang), Marie Rose R. Sy (STI College – Angeles), Johnny Gustilo (STI Bacolod), Mon Bryan Monera (STI College – Bacolod), Richard Rommel Noceda (STI College – Bacoor), Hiroki Konno (STI College – Bacoor), Gellie Ann Cruz (STI College – Balanga), Clarizze Sacdalan (STI College – Balanga), Realyn Baliña (STI College – Balayan), April Jumarang (STI College – Balayan), Myzel De Torres Perez (STI College – Batangas), Jepte C. Osera (STI College – Batangas), Joelo A. Masikap (STI College – Batangas), James Mark A. Ocba (STI College – Caloocan), Mark Angelo B. Regalado (STI College – Caloocan), Ramon P. Villanueva Jr. (STI Cauayan),Jerome Y. Escudero (STI College – Cubao), Gerald Allan N. Salvatera (STI College – Cubao), Mary Jane Acosta (STI College – Dasmariñas), Kristina R. Alcaide (STI College – Fairview), Gian Paulo E. Arcon (STI College – Fairview), Venus T. Oabel (STI College – Fairview), Rochunse C. Vargas (STI College – Fairview), Josephine D. Dolorfino (STI College – Fairview), Joana Marie Q. Belga (STI College – Fairview), Kristal O. Aragon (STI College – Fairview), Melanie L. Eduarte (STI College – Fairview),Kristine Bridget S. Rangel (STI College– Fairview), Miguel Angelo R. Navera (STI College – Fairview), Hazel V. Mallari ( STI Guagua), Ma. Teresa A. Baron (STI Iligan), Danica Hans Dumapias (STI Iligan), Kit Apolinario (STI College – Kalibo), Neil Charlon H. Aranda (STI College – Las Piñas), Ria D. Tecson (STI College – Malolos), Audrey Ross C. Cerio (STI College – Marikina), Crisanto S. Sarmiento (STI College – Marikina), Stevenson R. Ocampo (STI College – Marikina), Edgar Allan R. Levy (STI College – Ortigas-Cainta), Rodsil Czar Sacmar (STI Ozamiz), Lester P. Nubia (STI College – Parañaque), Morris C. Brazil (STI Pasay), Anna Jane O. Matillano (STI College – Puerto Princesa), Jinky L. Manansala (STI College – San Fernando), Ryan Fabros ( STI San Jose), Marife Corpuz ( STI San Jose), Joanne Meryl C. Arimas (STI College – San Pablo), Marjorie G. Lodriguito (STI College – Shaw), Mark Anthony M. Tigao (STI College – Shaw), Shouji T. Sano (STI College – Tacloban), Rowena San Pedro (STI Tagaytay), Lyndon Buan (STI College– Tanay), James Paul Fulgado (STI College – Tanay), Avelino Garfin (STI College – Tanay), Mick Quitiong (STI College – Tanay), Josephine Nanea (STI College – Tanay), Jasken Medina (STI College – Tanay), Raselen Jo Cayabyab (STI College – Tanay), Madelo Melitante (STI College – Tanay), and Ruben Madriaga (STI Valencia)

With Honors

Eunice Quintanilla (STI College – Bacoor), Adonis M. Poloyapoy (STI Calbayog), and Aljor E. Ramirez (STI College – Surigao)

StimuliOctober 2009


STI San Pedro Makes Waves at Historic Fest By: Evelyn Ventura, G.E. Instructor STI San Pedro

In celebration of the Sampaguita Festival 2009, an annual event that aims to promote the Sampaguita industry in Laguna, STI San Pedro joined the constituents of the said province in setting a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the Longest Fresh Flower Lei Garland and Largest Fresh Flower Medallion categories last February 21, 2009.

STIers’ Battle Cry in Cotabato: Sinimulan Na Namin! By: Roni Arap, Jr., Faculty STI College – Cotabato While the whole country grieved for the death of the Philippine icon for democracy, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, her signature yellow color became highly visible in Cotabato City on August 5, 2009 — but for an entirely different reason.

Hundreds of residents line up for the relief operation

STI College – C o t a b a t o spearheaded a relief operation project to the flood victims of the Municipality of Sultan Kudarat. This project has been an annual thing as Sultan Kudarat and other nearby municipalities r e g u l a r l y experience flood due to heavy rains and the overflow from the Simuay River.

The flood on August 1, 2009 was recorded as one of the most tragic calamities in the history of Sultan Kudarat. Approximately 10-12 feet of strong water current made thousands of residents temporarily leave their houses and evacuate to higher grounds. Even two weeks after the incident, there are still a lot

Led by STI College – Cotabato, STI Headquarters, and the local barangay officials, including other establishments such as JW Fong, Ang Chin Hua Trading, Aquabest, 603rd BDE, 37th IB, and MUST Construction, the unified team extended its support, Happy with their “goodie bags” and distributed hundreds of packed goods to about 600 families. The goods filled up two military trucks and one civilian truck.

StimuliOctober 2009

The 10-day celebration, which started on February 14, was a colorful and historic festivity with exciting activities that include trade fairs, an amateur singing contest, parades, historical exhibits, social and religious gatherings, and tribal dance and sports exhibitions. This much anticipated event was also witnessed in many parts of the country courtesy of various media coverage.

STI San Pedro’s faculty and staff with Mayor Calixto Cataquiz and wife Baby (center)

Aside from actively participating in the Sampaguita Festival, STI San Pedro was also the official tabulator of the Hiyas ng San Pedro and Ginoong San Pedro 2009 pageants. San Pedro Mayor Calixto R. Cataquiz encouraged thousands of participants in the celebrated festival to render the same dynamic involvement, support, and commitment for the upcoming Centennial Foundation Anniversary of San Pedro, Laguna.

STIers hand out packed goods to flood victims


Pictures, videos, and other necessary support documents needed to confirm the authenticity of the said flower garland and medallion were already formally submitted to Guinness World Records Headquarters in London, England.

Packed goods for children

The project is part of STI’s longtime commitment to social responsibility. And in reply to this year’s 26th Anniversary theme, “Simulan Natin!,” STI College – Cotabato proudly chants, “Sinimulan na Namin!”

of residents found staying in evacuation centers, afraid that the water level will rise again.

P r o u d l y wearing their STI Silver Anniversary t-shirts and enthusiastically waving blue and yellow flaglets, STI San Pedro’s STIers holding the sampaguita lei students, faculty, and staff cheerfully held on to their modest part of San Pedro’s sampaguita lei stretching to 2.1 kilometers or 6,889.76 feet of its overall length. It broke the current Guinness World Record of Waikiki, Honolulu at 1.6 kilometers or 5,336 feet. Thousands of people also marvelled at the sampaguita medallion, which broke another record with its 6-meter diameter.

Busy with the preparations

STI San Pedro once again hopes to be a vital part of the history of their revered and respected town!

STI, ABS-CBN Partnership Kicks Off in Mindanao, Metro Manila By: Karen Precious La Rosa Managing Editor

One year before the actual date of Philippine elections, STI has once again joined the esteemed alliance of media giants in their quest to empower the youth and ensure a clean and honest elections in 2010. Following four previous partnerships in the 1998, 2001, 2004, and 2007 elections, STI and ABS-CBN have revitalized its collaboration as the country’s trusted provider of early election results focused on the correct vote sampling that showcases the profiling of how Filipinos voted nationwide. With the “Boto Mo iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula” (BMPM) campaign for Halalan 2010, the powerhouse team of STI, ABS-CBN, Globe, The Philippine Star, and Business World aims to encourage Filipinos, especially the youth, to take an active role in the upcoming 2010 elections.

STIers in Baguio helped in the registration

Targeting the youth sector, the BMPM campaign kicks off with voter’s education targeted towards first-time voters. Starting July this year, ABS-CBN is holding several Citizen Journalism workshops nationwide with youth volunteers being educated on the electoral process and citizen journalism – highlighting the power and responsibility it entails. Recently, the BMPM caravan headed to Mindanao wherein almost 500 students from STI College – STIers in Bacolod loves to help with a smile General Santos and STI College – Davao flocked the KCC Mall Convention Center in General Santos City and the Ateneo de Davao campus, respectively. Our brave and conscientious students learned a lot from the motivating and in-depth words of ABS-CBN Senior Vice President for News Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN’s News Gathering Head Charie Villa, and ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) COO Glenda Gloria. The caravans are scheduled simultaneously in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These have toured La Salle Greenhills, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Sta. Mesa, Eastwood City, Luneta, SM Baguio, Kawit Cavite, Peñarade Park in Legazpi City, Plaza Libertad in Iloilo City, Bacolod, the Oval Plaza in General Santos City, and Cagayan de Oro. In parallel, a booth is set up in their various workshop locations to gather BMPM Patrollers and at the same time, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) goes on-the-ground with the team to allow first-time voters to register for the upcoming elections. Our students from STI College – Global City and STI College – Taft have also enthusiastically and tirelessly rendered their talent and time to be part of the series of music video adaptation for the BMPM election campaign theme song. Alongside Bituin Escalante, and youth bands Periodico and Sugar Free, STIers sang their hearts out and eagerly performed their poses, stunts, and blocking.

A scene from BMPM’s music video in Marikina

STIer Receives Two Top Seller Awards in Singapore By: Fe A. Zacarias, OSA/Placement Officer STI College – Fairview Anna Marie Martin, a third year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student of STI College – Fairview was awarded two Top Best Seller Awards by Chomel Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Anna Marie worked as a retailer in the said company for six months as part of her on-the-job training (OJT). Impressing the Singaporeans with her stunning beauty and confidence, she was also offered a modeling job for TV commercials and print ads by Create Talents Pte. Ltd. Together with 18 other students, Anna Marie is part of the last batch of trainees sent by STI last year to experience working in different companies abroad. These students were able to help their families financially by sending them the allowances they received as trainees. More than the monetary compensation, the Anna Marie (center) w/ fellow trainees greatest thing these students cherish from their extraordinary training was the wonderful experiences that will forever be part of their lives. They were able to live through the excitement of dealing with customers from different nationalities, thus enhancing their ability to readily adapt in a multicultural environment. This international training program is part of STI’s goals to give its students the best preparation available to help them succeed in their chosen careers. True enough, Anna Marie Martin along with the other students in the program lived up to the school’s expectations.

STI SIFE Team Joins National Competition By: Ray Ciocon, Academic Consultant STI College – Tanauan The STI College – Tanauan Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) team joined the SIFE Philippines National Competition on July 17, 2009. The event was one of more than 40 SIFE National Competitions being held across the globe this year. SIFE is an international non-profit organization actively present in more than 1,400 university campuses in more than 40 countries. SIFE teams create economic opportunities in their communities by organizing sustainable outreach projects that teach market economics, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental sustainability, business success skills, and business ethics. The projects are judged based on creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. According to SIFE CALABARZON Coordinator Mr. Ray Ciocon, STI College – Tanauan is the first STI Campus and the only college out of six in Tanauan City to join the SIFE Competition. “We hope that more STI Colleges will join next year to share some of the practices in their community business development outreach projects,” Mr. Ciocon adds. This year, the STI College – Tanauan SIFE Team started its Sow a Seed for Wealth in Health Project to help students and members of local cooperatives improve financial literacy by making its online Tagalog version of the Cash Flow Quadrant available through The project, also their entry in the competition, likewise involves training student-members of Seed Multi-Purpose Cooperative to promote Moringa (malunggay) Powder, VCO, and BeHaPpY&WeLL Water as immune system-boosters for added protection against A(H1N1) and other diseases. Angie Baldo, president of the STI College - Tanauan SIFE team only has positive things to say about the competition, “It was worth the experience! In competing to help others find ways to a better life, our team members and I have become better persons. Thanks be to God, to SIFE, and to STI!” For more information on SIFE, please visit

StimuliOctober 2009


Simulan Natin!

A Primer to Youth Empowerment

By: Jazmine Katigbak Managing Editor

STIer, do you feel the nation buzz? Soon enough, our beloved Lupang Hinirang will expect another transition. But more than the 2010 Elections, there is a greater battle cry to change for the better – a better self, a better community. Advocacy campaigns pushing for positive change have started ringing the bell. In all

these, one sector stands out as the driver of empowerment – the YOUTH.

Did you know that 56% of the country’s voting population is comprised of the young generation from ages 18-34?* And, as we anticipate more of youth engagement, let’s take a closer look at the highly esteemed movements which bravely stepped out as flag bearers.

YVote Philippines aims to unite the youth vote as it is a powerful force in the selection of our future public servants. The movement brings forth the youth agenda which is anchored on the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as set by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). These are eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, and developing a global partnership for development. In simpler terms, YVote enforces the youth sector per chapter or locality with common concerns, be it youth engagement, environmental causes, anticorruption crusades, among other values, which are all line with the MDGs. The groups then hold open forums to share their sentiments and suggested plan of action. Since all issues are based on the MDGs, discussions in one chapter can still relate to the other dialogues in further areas across the country. And why are these discussions significant? Because Youth Vote Philippines will

present the youth agenda to the winning candidate who will then work on the action plans and report the accomplishments to the UN in 2015, by the

ABS-CBN launched a massive campaign for people empowerment with with Boto Mo, i-Patrol Mo (BMPM) which began in the 2007 elections. Anna Rodriguez-Dela Cruz, ABS-CBN’s Head for the Current Affairs Program Unit and concurrently Committee Head for the BMPM Patroller Activities, explains that during that time, “the thrust of ABS-CBN was to be a pioneer in terms of pushing for citizen journalism in the country. The best stories are found with the people who are embedded in the community who live these stories. We want people to be in charge of their own lives.”

end of the millennium challenge. This is an enormous accountability of the next President to the people who have escalated him to the highest position in the land. In this way, the election campaign “promises” can be translated into definite policies which would uplift the state of the nation. According to Tanya Hadama, YVote’s Regional Convenor, the movement takes a serious role in voter’s education and strongly supports youth registration. The organization has partnered with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in bringing onsite registration to the communities as it is essentially the first crucial step to make our vote count. Check out YVote at www. * Data from YVote Phils

YVote Philippines in Rock the Riles 2007

Apparently, BMPM’s central force is also the youth while it also leverages on the role of technology in changing the phase of the elections. Anna elaborates that BMPM has become a movement. It now also advocates citizen journalism and conducts series of seminars headed by the seasoned broadcast journalist herself, Senior Vice President of ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs and Managing Director of ANC, Maria Ressa. BMPM’s MOA signing with STI and other partners

The campaign became so successful that even after the elections, it was turned to Bayan Mo, i-Patrol Mo, shifting the focus from the elections to anything that concerns the communities. In this way, the media not only assisted the public in their complaints, but also mobilized them in achieving solutions. With the elections fast approaching once again, the campaign captures the same concept as people become watchdogs of the electoral process. “We really focus this time on the theme Ako ang Simula because we want to drive at the point that individually the change starts with you.”


StimuliOctober 2009

ABS-CBN and partners raise their phones and signify active citizen watch for Halalan 2010

We all know that Emilio Aguinaldo was the first President of the Philippines. However, some historians actually consider Andres Bonifacio to be the first President.

As one family, STI carries out the initiative to mobilize our community and be part of this good cause towards personal enrichment and nation building. Over the years, the institution has manifested its share of social responsibility through various involvements in both national and local activities. As we celebrate our 26 years, STI once again proves our commitment not only in academic excellence but also in nation t r a n s fo r m a t i o n . Tagged as SIMULAN NATIN!, this year’s anniversary theme Taking seriously their role sets the shared in the registration inspiration and the collective action of every STIer to make a difference.

STIers helped out in BMPM’s volunteer registrations

So how do we actually translate this? Not just in words, but in actions. Not alone, but as one. And as one community, together we support and we are taking part in voter’s registration and voter’s education. We have partnered with ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, i-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula. And even

after the elections, we will keep a watchful eye on the new leadership while we continue to uphold our commitment to become better— for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, for our country, for our future. In our own humble way, we raise the Filipino banner!

When the Katipunan went into an open revolt in 1896, Bonifacio transformed it into a de facto revolutionary government and was known as the Tagalog Republic. A de facto government is a shadow government without any power, constitutional-wise, but still adapts the same laws, standards, and practices of a legal government.

Aside from being the first female President of the Philippines and in the whole of Asia, Corazon C. Aquino was also the only Filipino so far to be given the distinction of Time’s Woman of the Year (1986) because of the relatively peaceful manner in which she assumed the presidency. After her death, she was again featured on the cover of said magazine’s August 2009 issue and was lauded for being an icon of democracy.

On a final note, bear in mind a quote from the classic Lino Brocka’s Orapronobis, “Kung hindi tayo, sino? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?”

STIers with Winnie Cordero of Umagang Kay Ganda

Photos by: Mhel Garrido, YVote, and ABS-CBN

It has also received requests from very big groups asking that during the latter’s activities, BMPM sets up registration booths. To make things more exciting, youth bands are also teaming up with the movement for major concerts. Even more, the COMELEC has likewise partnered with BMPM in voter’s registration. ABSCBN sets up registration booths nationwide and extends them worldwide with five global bureaus. “Magugulat ka talaga sa mga tao, nakapila sila kahit tatlong oras. People do want to be part of something. That is why it has morphed into a movement. It’s bigger than we thought it would be. All these individuals who start together can create a stronger impact. You’re

maybe aware, ikaw ang simula. From the start, you can patrol your vote but people don’t want to do that alone. If they feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves, they will come out.” Certainly the call to vigilance does not end in 2010. Like YVote, BMPM will guard public interest as she firmly believes that the user-generated content is here to stay. Anna declares, “traditional media plus new media make the world a better place. We pioneer it and we’re going to own it even after the elections.” On partnering with STI during the Halalan Media Count and advocacy programs, Anna affirms, “we’ve been working with STI since 1998. It’s always been STI who’s been very supportive. You also have the big reach all over. In almost all our regional network offices, may STI na malapit. Mahirap magpartner sa hindi kasinglaki namin ng reach.”

More of Boto Mo, i-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula on

StimuliOctober 2009



2 6 T H


STIers chant “Simulan Natin!” in STI’s 26th Anniversary Celebration By: Jennymarie Dy Managing Editor

The crowd gets better and better each year! An overwhelming 16,000 students from various STI campuses nationwide stormed Enchanted Kingdom on August 28, 2009 to witness the culmination of the two-month long annual STI Talent Search competition. Due to the astounding number of people, the competition was held simultaneously in two venues – the Band Stand and the Space Port areas. Prior to the Talent Search however, STIers also witnessed another brilliant performance from our students as they showcased their flair and wit in the annual Tagisan ng Talino (TNT) held in the newly inaugurated STI Academic Center on August 24 & 26, 2009. Year after year, the skills and talents of our students continue to amaze everyone – either in Talent or in TNT. And this time, another batch of stars emerged and shone brighter than the rest! Aside from these competitions, the 26th Anniversary theme, “Simulan Natin!,” was also formally launched. The theme encourages everyone, especially the youth, to instill positive change not just within themselves but also to the entire community – fellow students, faculty, staff, and administrator. This will also be the battle cry of all STIers for the rest of the year. ABS-CBN’s News Gathering Head Charie Villa and young broadcast journalist Atom Araullo were also present to advocate and heighten awareness for youth empowerment, and likewise explain further ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, i-Patrol Mo campaign, and the role of STI as a partner. Top artists like Sponge Cola and STI College – Fairview’s Gloc 9 also entertained the crowd with some of their hit songs. Other featured stars who added fun during the event were PJ Valerio, Aiza Marquez (also a student from STI College – Quezon Avenue), Hansom, Join the Club, and Pinoy Dream Academy finalists Liezel Garcia and Sen Nichols. The day certainly ended in high spirits as everyone were treated to a truly spectacular show!


StimuliOctober 2009

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StimuliOctober 2009


Student Achievers Amazing People. Heartwarming Stories. By: Jennymarie Dy, Karen Precious La Rosa, and Karen Ocampo Editors

In a time when bad things usually outweigh the good ones in our life and our future seems so bleak, it is more important than ever to have even just a glimmer of hope. Hope…that our life can and will get better. To help you along the way, here are some truly inspiring stories from fellow STIers who never lost hope, overcame all obstacles, and became successful in their own right. So read on, be inspired, and start your own inspiring story today!

Be Your Own Hero Young or old, the dream of having superpowers has crossed one’s mind one way or another. While some of us fantasize about flying to unknown places in a snap, others long for super strength and save the world like a superhero from a comic book. Sadly, reality kicks in and we wake up knowing we won’t be flying along EDSA with a red cape on. What each of us can aspire, however, is to become our own superhero. Take the story of Jesse for example. Jesse Reuben Monang Bestre, or Jesse, is outstanding not just because of his academic feat as a recent graduate of BS Computer Science from STI College – Baguio. His “superpowers” are also attributed to his ability in balancing scholastic achievements with his exemplary leadership skills, dedication to community service, and good moral values anchored on his healthy relationship with God. What seems to be difficult for some students came naturally for Jesse. His life is a daily balancing act that he continues to work on passionately, in a conscious effort to set his priorities straight. According to Jesse, “Time management is very essential. I have to prioritize the most important things and only when it’s finished do I move on with my next task. My first priority is my spiritual life because I believe that with God, everything will go well as He’s always there to lend a hand.” Recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region Jesse during the TOSP awarding in Malacañang (CAR), Jesse also reached the next level as part of the roster of National Finalists in the 2009 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP).


StimuliOctober 2009

Jesse with other national finalists for TOSP

Dr. Darwin Jaime, College Dean of STI College – Baguio attests to Jesse’s perseverance. In his nomination letter to the TOSP committee, he stresses that “Jesse knows how to manage his time well –participating in the Rotaract club’s events while organizing, planning, and supporting school activities at the same time. In spite of all the tasks he juggles, he had maintained good grades in his subjects.” Jesse is a proud descendant of the Igorot ethnic group of the CAR, and an active member of the Midtown Church of Christ. The son of an evangelist and a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), he accords all his actions and achievements to his armor of strength: God, family, and friends. In his final essay for the TOSP, Jesse shares his insights on his faith. He wrote, “When things are getting tough, I believe that prayer helps. I have to maintain my relationship with Him and also with my friends and family because without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” Reading Jesse’s accomplishments on paper would appear to be overwhelming, but his simplicity and humility outshines every honor he has received. His mantra

in life remains simple, he always aims to be a role model for others and be able to influence the people around him positively. In his own words, he sees this as “a chain reaction” wherein people will realize the goodness he has done and would naturally emulate only the goodness that they see. This is one of Jesse’s most powerful hero traits.

Even without the mask and virtual weapons, Jesse has become a young leader, outstanding Filipino youth, humble servant of our Creator, and his very own hero.

*Special thanks to Dr. Darwin Jaime, College Dean, and Ms. Maggie Rillera, School Administrator of STI College – Baguio for the photos and other information used in this story.

A Hard-Earned Success Enjoying childhood did not come easy for Michelle Papina. She lost both her mother and baby brother when she was 9. It was such a tragic blow and her family really took it hard. Being the eldest, Michelle knew that she had to remain strong for everyone. Together with her siblings, she moved in with their grandmother while their father worked elsewhere. Two years after the tragedy, their father remarried and they were separated from him. It is their grandmother, with the help of their aunts and uncles, who has helped raise them. Though they were not lacking in love, it was hard for Michelle and her siblings to grow up without their parents. There was no one to attend the PTA meetings, no proud mother or father to watch them perform in school programs, help them with their assignments and comfort them when they’re feeling down. Through all these, Michelle remained strong and determined to be successful in life. “My grandmother is a very tough woman. She became our mother, father, grandmother, and yaya. As much as she wants to provide us with all our needs, she is often very busy earning money for all of us. To compensate for her hard work, we studied very hard and were able to get scholarships,” Michelle shares. In college, Michelle took her classes very seriously. It was her ticket, after all, to a better life. She studied hard and was a consistent dean’s lister. She also worked part time as a student assistant so she would have money for her allowance.

Having to inject her part time job in her schedule, there were times when she had to go to class with only a few hours of sleep. Though it was difficult, Michelle managed her time and energy well and her efforts eventually paid off. She graduated Cum Laude last March and was even awarded the prestigious STI’s CHED Student of the Year.

In college, Michelle took her classes very seriously. It was her ticket, after all, to a better life. She studied hard and was a consistent dean’s lister. She also worked part time as a student assistant…Though it was hard, Michelle managed her time and energy well. Now, Michelle is gearing towards fulfilling her dreams of a better life and brighter future for her family. She shares, “I plan to work hard to support the needs of my family. I want my grandmother to stop working and simply enjoy her life.” For her country she also hopes that, “the Philippines will have a leader who is sincere in his/her desire to help our nation, someone who will serve the people with all honesty and dignity.”

From Ordinary to Extraordinary Marife Magtalas used to shy away from the limelight. She would rather work behind the scenes than speak up in front of a crowd. But all that changed when she went to college and things began working to her advantage. She started out as a student assistant which helped broaden her social and communication skills, since the position entails a lot of dealing with various types of people. She also assisted teaching high school students with computer programs whenever the STI Mobile School visited their area. Soon, her leadership skills and passion in doing community work gradually came out and got noticed.

different schools in Nueva Ecija aiming to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth all over that province. As NEFESCO’s vice president and one of its founding members, her leadership skills are further honed and tested as she handles more demanding projects for the entire province. These include spearheading medical missions for the indigenous people, engaging the youth to be registered voters, and coordinating voters’ education seminars. Marife has never felt such joy as when she is helping out in various outreach projects for their community. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she will be a recipient of numerous leadership awards such as the STI’s TESDA Student of the Year, Natatanging Lider Mag-aaral ng Nueva Ecija, and Achiever of the Year to name a few.

The turning point in Marife’s tertiary life came when she was elected president of student council. Handling various activities, she recalls that one of the toughest projects she handled during her term was organizing the MuziKabataan 2008: Battle of the Bands and Dance Competition. It was a fundraising project where they invited Despite numerous extraparticipants from different schools to compete. Marife (third from the right) with her classmates curricular activities, Marife never neglected her Just like any other big events, the project had its share of numerous difficulties. studies as she graduated with High Honors in Being the great leader that she is, Marife turned every obstacle into a life-learning Diploma in Information Technology last March opportunity and gained a lot of experience from it. 2009. Not bad for a girl who, two years ago, preferred to be just one among the many Marife represented STI San Jose in the Nueva Ecija Federation of Student Councils faces in the crowd. (NEFESCO). NEFESCO is an organization which consists of student leaders from

StimuliOctober 2009


Student Achievers Inspire. Dream. Believe. A simple boy from the mountains with a big dream, Arnold Apilis is the classic example of how much can one person achieve if only he has the determination to overcome all the odds. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Degree on BS Business Administration last March, he confidently shared his story with the entire STI community during his valedictory address, hoping to inspire everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Mark Twain once said and I quote, “Many years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Try new things. Don’t forsake opportunities because they may be new and a bit uncomfortable. Explore, dream, discover. If you can do all these, you can look back in many years with more memories and less regrets.”

Here is an excerpt of his speech: It’s been a cold and bumpy road out there. The mountains were steep. It was not an easy climb for all of us especially to me who has been a working student since first year. I used to stay late at night at the private clinic where I worked as receptionist, janitor, and messenger as well. I came to the city right after I graduated from Banaue High school. It was a great adjustment for someone who grew up in the Mountain Province. Here in the city, I only have myself to depend on. There were times, when I wanted to turn around, pack up, and call it quits but my dream pushed me through. We, Ifugaos, are used to climbing mountains and facing the harshness of life. I consider this a big factor for my success. We are almost there on the mountain top and we can now view a brighter horizon, leaving behind us all the struggles and challenges we conquered along the way. Together, let us savor the fruit of our labor, the product of our laborious journey. The question is, “What lies ahead of us in this vast horizon?” My friends, the climb is not yet over. The real one has just begun. More and greater challenges await us. But there is nothing to fear because our teachers, parents and friends have equipped us with the necessary skills, knowledge and the remarkable Filipino values to ensure that we reach the mountain top. Be brave.

Arnold (seated) with his classmates

We should always remember that life is not about keeping yourself warm in the fire but it’s about building your own fire. It may not happen right now but Arnold is certainly on his way to reach the mountain top. And supporting him along the way is his family. “I always consider my family as my source of inspiration. I want them to be always proud of me.”

STIer hailed as Most Outstanding Nurse Peter Jake S. Jacob of STI College – Las Piñas was chosen among 725 nursing students as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Student Nurses of the Philippines in the 2nd Pinoy Nurse Expo: A Tribute to the Global Nurse. “It was like beating the red light, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, however my passion to surmount the challenges overpowered me to move double time,” recounts Peter on his experience. Even though Peter is undergoing a lot of struggles as a son taking care of his sick mother, he did not let the negative things hinder him from reaching for his dreams. An important Pinoy trait that Jacob possesses is his love for his family and


StimuliOctober 2009

for God. No matter how heart pounding the experience was for a first-timer like him, he still found it humbling to deserve such an honor. “The biggest lesson I have learned from this experience is not to be afraid to face challenges, and that we all have to remain determined – know what we want, act to achieve it, and pray for God’s guidance,” Peter further shares. Recipients of the distinction were screened based on exemplary academic performance, clinical skill proficiency, involvement in extra-curricular activities, significant achievements, contribution, and advocacy. Peter is proud to be a Global Pinoy and is happy to verify that his education and training as an STIer surpasses the standards needed by the real world.

A Better Life, A Brighter Future! Most of us take a long time deciding on what we want to be when we grow up. It is rare to meet someone who knows exactly what he wants at such a young age. This is the case of Romerico Cruz. Romerico experienced a great loss very early in his life. His mother died when he was a kid and was forced to mature earlier than his peers. Fortunately, his aunt was there to take care of him. She became his second mother and, eventually, his inspiration. “My aunt first worked abroad as a nurse and then became a doctor when she passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination. I have seen how her profession works and it was then that I got inspired to take up BS Nursing as well.” Romerico fondly recalls how he used to give his professors a hard time in STI College – Cubao. “Whenever I reminisce my college days, I begin to sketch my boyhood.” He was considered strong-willed and unruly by his peers. His professors even described him as confrontational and provoking. But with the continued support and guidance he received from the Dean of Nursing, Bernardita Reyes, Romerico was able to get on the right track. One unforgettable experience during his internship at the Eastern Bicol Medical Center has strengthened his passion for the healthcare profession. “A wounded man was brought to the operating room due to a vehicular accident. At that moment, there were no doctors present in the room and I had to rely on my limited knowledge to give him first aid treatment.”

EASY-TO-COOK PINOY RECIPES By:STIAisaHQBaizas Filipino cooking is a reflection of the colorful history of the Philippines. It is a fusion of the many cultures that influenced us – Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Mexican, and American. And we, Filipinos, just seem to have a talent for borrowing the best from the other cuisines and turning it into something uniquely fresh and delicious. From this, our own cooking style and cuisine emerged and evolved. Here are some mouthwatering recipes that will surely leave you craving for more!

Tuyo Pasta Serving: 5 Ingredients: 250 grams spaghetti noodles (cooked per package directions) 250 grams tuyo ½ cup cooking oil 1 cup olive oil or canola oil How to Prepare: 1. In a frying pan, fry tuyo in cooking oil. Scale the fish and remove the fishbone. Set aside. 2. In a different frying pan, heat olive oil or canola oil and sauté garlic until golden brown in color. 3. Slowly pour in the vinegar. Let it simmer for a minute. 4. Add a piece of bay leaf and paprika. 5. Add in tuyo. And cook for two minutes. 6.Toss the tuyo-olive oil mixture with the cooked spaghetti noodles.

The patient was to undergo leg amputation, but the man was in such horrible pain that he had a cardiac arrest. In the absence of doctors around him, Romerico was able to handle the critical situation well and revive the patient notably.

Nilasing na Saging

“We were already exposed to these kinds of settings during our nursing laboratory classes so I knew what to do. I knew I could do it. I became an instrument in extending someone’s life and I find it very rewarding.”

Ingredients: 8 pieces lakatan (peeled and sliced diagonally) 1/3 cup white sugar ½ cup water ¼ cup rhum

It was in that moment that Romerico realized that there is so much satisfaction in helping out his countrymen first. He wants to boost the skills and expertise of the Filipinos in the medical field. After graduation, Romerico was still not satisfied with just the diploma in his hands. He wanted to get further certification and so he immersed himself into a 3-month review under Universal Workers, Incorporated (UWI) for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). All his hard work and determination eventually paid off when he passed the NCLEX last April 5. Now, Romerico walks, or rather struts, with his head held high wearing his uniform with his title on it. For Romerico, those two mean everything. “I consider my uniform and title as my image. It conveys my innermost personality.” Do not be deceived, however, by his naturally caring personality. Behind those gentle smiles lurks a very perceptive and analytical person. Whenever election year comes along, Romerico carefully takes note of the candidates he wants to vote. He even has a checklist. “He/She must be firm with his/her decision and must have a clear vision. I hope to see in his/her platform his/her plans for the nursing graduates. We expect to have more vacancies in the Philippines so we won’t be swayed to leave our country and work abroad.” Romerico has come a long way from being a troubled student to a proud nurse. Indeed, knowing what he wants to do in his life at a young age prepared him early in facing the world and offering his services to his country with confidence and sincerity.

1 head garlic, crushed ¼ cup vinegar 1 piece bay leaf (dahon ng laurel) 1 tsp paprika

Serving: 4 1 tbsp butter ½ cup all-purpose cream (chilled and whipped) ¼ cup nuts (chopped)

How to Prepare: 1. In a saucepan, boil sugar in water until syrupy in consistency. This will take around 3-5 minutes upon boiling of mixture. 2. Add the rhum and let mixture simmer for another minute. 3. Melt the butter in the mixture. 4. Lay sliced bananas in the saucepan. Cook for another minute. 5. Remove saucepan from fire and let the mixture cool down. 6. Arrange bananas in 4 dessert cups. Drizzle with the syrup. 7. Top with whipped cream and chopped nuts

Did you know that…? • Patis became a part of most Filipinos’ diet after the Japanese occupation. But did you know how it came to be? One day, Aling Tentay, an enterprising lady, stored in jars some salted fish that turned into fragments even before they dried. While in jars, the fish fragments turned into a liquid substance that tasted like the Patis we use today. And that’s how Aling Tentay’s dried fish business turned to a thriving Patis business. • The Philippines is considered to be the world’s third largest producer of bananas. Large plantations in Southern Mindanao produce most of the bananas exported by the Philippines. The first two spots are Costa Rica and Ecuador, respectively.

StimuliOctober 2009


Embracing a New Kind of Life! By: Karen Ocampo Associate Editor

embracing. She strongly believes that even without an official government position, she can still exude her patriotism by becoming a public servant in her own ways. True to her commitment, she still actively participates in various community activities. She is currently a Business Analyst in the Lawson Software, Inc., a multinational IT company that develops service and support enterprise software. Raquel was given the opportunity to handle one of the big projects of the company and was deployed to Saint Paul Minnesota, USA for an in-depth threemonth training. At such a young age, the then student assistant fighting to make ends meet has been fortunate enough to tour around the Philippines and the United States.

Ever since her college days, Raquel S. Gamboa already knew herself as determined and competitive, she was certain that one day she would be able to escape poverty and provide for her family.

Today, Raquel is slowly enjoying the fruits of her labor – inching closer to her dream day by day.

Not prolonging her quest, the young but mature student looked for alternative sources of income to alleviate the expenses of her family. “I started my first day in school as a scholar and I knew I could make it until my last day in school.”

“I accepted the challenge because I think leaders are not born but made. I believe that there are innate talents and there are skills that can be developed.” She was also fortunate enough to have found a post as a student assistant in then STI College – EDSA-Crossing (now STI College – Shaw), and for three years she was assigned to the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices. Apart from her busy schedule, she was still able to excel in her studies and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS).

Los Angeles, Hollywood

Being the devoted daughter and sister that she is, Raquel has sent her siblings to private schools and she has already provided her retired father a van for rental that could be another source of income. Plus, sponsoring a grand vacation for her whole family in Bohol last 2007 and this year in Boracay!


Raquel was also recognized as a youth leader in her church and eventually the people encouraged her to run as Kagawad in Barangay Guadalupe Viejo, Makati. Overwhelmed with compliments and truly inspired, Raquel welcomed the challenge and embarked the world of politics. “I accepted the challenge because I think leaders are not born but made. I believe that there are innate talents and there are skills that can be developed.” Raquel was titled as one of the youngest candidates with promising platforms including the adaptation of modern technology. She proposed the likes of “JobStreet,” a resume- databank where workers from their Barangay could upload their credentials and her role as Kagawad was to coordinate with business establishments in Makati and refer her constituents to employment opportunities. Raquel did not win however, as she placed 8th out of the 72 candidates who ran for the position. The loss however did not hinder her from continuously sharing her passion and dedication to elevate the lives of people to the good life she is presently

San Francisco, USA

“Life will give you a great deal, only if you are willing to exert yourself! Blessings will come your way if you work hard to achieve your goals. It takes time but then again it’s worthwhile.” Raquel is truly grateful to her Alma Mater. Without the support of STI, she would not have been able to come across these special privileges. STI has truly served as a meaningful key to enjoying the life she has today! Thus, she wanted to give back and incorporate her learning from STI to achieve modern change.


StimuliOctober 2009


Are you ready…

n w o r u o y t r a t s o T BUSINESS? By: Karen Precious La Rosa Managing Editor




Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Are you a “self-starter?” Do you like doing things your own way? Can you get along well with different types of people? Do you see yourself taking charge and seeing things through? Do you always set plans and make sure you have a “Plan B” when things don’t normally go the way you want them to be? Can you make big decisions even when you are under a lot of pressure?

So, you want to start your own business… Entrepreneurship may sound easy, but starting your own business is quite tricky – difficult most of the time, but gratifying once you get used to everything. Research is very important and taking risks would be fundamental. Hear from our fellow STIer who decided to tread the waters of being an entrepreneur... John Carlo Nova started out as an employee until he finally decided to put up his own software development team.

If you answer “yes” to most of these questions, then you definitely have the qualities of a successful entrepreneur in the future!

The Good News and the Bad News Everything has a good side coupled with the not-so-good counterpart. But looking at the bigger picture, what is more important would be how you are able to pick the good and nurture it well to outweigh the bad.

PROS • Just the thought of planning what business you will put up until the official first day of operation of your very own company is quite an exhilarating experience! Thinking of calculated risks, the possible dreams you will achieve, and seeing your name appended to a company that is yours will be very gratifying. • With you being your own boss, you will enjoy a full control of your work schedule and commitments. Remember to remain responsible by keeping track of your attendance though! • Your independence will be limitless! Entrepreneurs love the idea of not being answerable to anyone else. It will also be fun to freely speak your mind at any given time.


StimuliOctober 2009


Na me : John Carlo Rodriguez Nova Nickna me : “Caloy” Occupation : President / CEO, Victa Software Solutions

Course & Ca mpus: Cyber Programming,

STI College – Olongapo Batch : 2002

My childhood a mbition was : To become a Scientist

• Especially for businesses that are still starting, you should be prepared to realize that you would have to leave behind the security of receiving a monthly paycheck.


• Regardless of having a flexible schedule, there will be times wherein you would have to sacrifice your personal time to attend to a lot of very important tasks at hand.

A Typical Day:

• All major decisions will rest upon you, and unlike regular employees who are not worried too much about the status of the business, you on the other hand must be very much concerned about how your business is doing. You always have to remember that every decision you make requires a lot of responsibility.

People would be surprised to know that : I used to be a Hardcore Band Words I live by: Success doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and hard work is the key which leads us in creating value in this society and being the best that we can be. My day can be summarized into three powerful words: Project Planning, Execution, and Management. The aim of Victa Software Solutions is to transform complex theories to pragmatic application through critical and logical analysis. They are able to achieve this by using their innovative intervention as an anchor. Since their services are client-based, they bank on their capacity to facilitate the requirements of their clients and converting it to become a competitive product while providing them with cost-efficient services. As the team was starting to strengthen its foundation, they proudly focused on local companies that need their technological expertise. Right now, they are using their Pinoy talent and expertise to develop the online portal for all towns in Zambales.

From Team STI to Power Team of Victa Software Solutions Na me : Ryan Fermin A.

Na me : Marcus Aurelius B. Reyes Nickn a me : “Mac”, “Hawke” Occupation: VP – Operations Course & Ca mpus : BS Computer


Nickn a me : “Shiro” veloper Occupation: System De te in cia so Cours e & Ca mp us : As

Science, STI College – Olongapo

Batch : 2001

y, Computer Technolog po STI College – Olonga Batch: 2008


Na me : William Philip R. Villena Nick na me : “Yam” Occu patio n: Project Manager Course & Ca mpu s: Cyber Programming,

Victa Software Solutions is an Olongapo-based firm founded by John Carlo and his schoolmates from STI College – Olongapo. The company caters to the streamlining of IT infrastructure of small and large scale enterprises.

STI College – Olongapo Diploma in Computer Studies , STI Baliuag BS Computer Science, STI College – Balagtas Batch: 2004

Animation and More! By: Jazmine Katigbak Managing Editor

Be dazzled with their creativity! Be inspired by their innovation! These are just a few of what you can expect from NewAge Animation Production. With an impressive portfolio in animation works, website development, systems development, audio/video production, graphics designing, and advertising, this team is rapidly getting the market’s attention.

“Although we have a heart for the arts, most of us in the production team started clueless. When we enrolled in STI, we learned the fundamentals of animation. The support of our advisers definitely had a bearing on our competitive level now and how we foresee our future in this field.” – NewAge Animation Production

NewAge Animation Production is the brainchild of our very own, Lawrence Wey, a 2-year Multimedia Arts alumnus who graduated in 2007 from STI College – Muñoz –EDSA. Together with his batchmates, Lawrence is now living his dream of becoming an animation and post-production specialist. Equipped with the training and skills by their Alma Mater, these young talents are proving that they have a knack in this industry. In 2007, they won a major award in the Coca-Cola blog making contest, “Save Mother Earth,” with Best in Delivery Design. They were also the team behind website designs for Switchtek Construction Corp., Boiler Construction, and Instrument Science Systems, Inc., to name a few of their projects. To make things more exciting, they have an The NewAge Animation Team entry to the prestigious “Animahenasyon 2009,” the third Pinoy Animation Festival organized by the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI). The members target an overwhelming 40 episodes under animation series category. They will also be competing for a short clip animation, music video, and demo reel teaser trailer. Suffice to say, when you need a trusted team for your post-production needs, you can count on NewAge Animation Production!

The Team

- Laurence Wey - Jamie Hill - Jayson Constantino - Michael Ubales

Student Trainees

- Elvis Lester Nagrampa - John Pol Lanting - Maximillian Mari Bacolod

Multimedia Advisers from STI - Eduardo Rodrigo - Marissa Flores - Jelyn Lapuz - Ryan Marcos

Special thanks to Rommel Molina (Computer Animation Professor)

Visit and support our fellow STIers! For inquiries, call (632) 927-6322 / (+63) - 09234983657 / (+63) - 09216711152 or through

StimuliOctober 2009


takes on RP! By: Karen Precious La Rosa Managing Editor

With the strong influx of Pinoy Facebook users in the past few months (an overwhelming 611,000 daily users log-on every day since March 1 according to Janette Toral as posted in www. on March 19, 2009), a lot of internet users started eyeing Facebook (FB) as the new “Mecca” for social networking sites in the Philippines. One thing that clearly sets FB apart from the others is being the leader in terms of offering the widely diverse and colorful applications (apps) that provide special services to users globally– from remembering birthdays, invitation for

MyCalendar (Developer: MyCalendar)

events, to playing online games with friends, and even starting and joining causes and online petitions. Whatever gender, age, or status in life you have, Facebook has something that will appeal to your palate! Even Lola Techie is now famous in the small screen as she lovingly reminds her apo of her Superpokes and what-nots. Below is a compilation of the most popular FB applications based on the Monthly Active Users (MAU) tallied by* Know more about the apps that you are enjoying and find out others that you can try! G2G and see you in FB!


(as compiled by, posted on March 3, 2009) I Pinoy (created by Bea and Tom Pestano) – This application allows Filipino users around the world to proclaim that they are proud Pinoys. Funny Pinoy Signs (created by Bea and Tom Pestano) – A compilation of Pinoy ingenuity when it comes to signages! Ivebeenhere (created by Melvin Vivas and Karla Vanessa Redor) – Promote the wonders of the Philippines

as you share the various tourism spots you have been to and a wish list of other locations within the archipelago that you wish to visit soon!

Mabuhay! From the Philippines with Love (created by Lita Clarin) – A fun way to send balut or lumpia to all your kapamilya and kapuso abroad that you miss! How Pinoy are You? (created by Bea and Tom Pestano) – Test your lineage and measure your Pinoy level.

(Developer: Zynga)

MAU: 18,706,105

MAU: 10,801,081

Never miss a birthday, an appointment, or an event with MyCalendar. With its email notification feature, you don’t need to log-on to FB just to remember special dates, it’s like a personal secretary of sorts that can keep track of your social calendar.

Live in a virtual world where you can hang out with friends, play games, adopt a pet, and just have a grand time with your online buddies!

Send YUMeals (created by Tina Solis Terrado) – Pinoys are naturally food lovers! Share a special dish and enjoy with friends!

Pet Society

Pinoy Fruits (created by Teresa) – Send a basket of local fruits to friends – even outside its season!

MAU: 14,573,067

Pinoy Dishes (created by Marlin) – It’s a potluck Facebook party!

Texas HoldEm Poker (Developer: Zynga)

MAU: 15,171,849 It wouldn’t matter if you are a hard-core, high roller type of poker player or if you just want to spend hours playing poker with your friends. This app will always have a table welcoming you whenever you want.

Farm Town

(Developer: Playfish)

Create a pet and take care of it! Pet Society is an app that includes games for you to play with your pet inside a virtual world.

Farm Ville

Island Rose Flower (created by Ubersoft, Inc.) – The global Pinoy flower shop hits Facebook and reaches out to more Pinoys!

UPD8 (created by Globe) – Key is accessibility! Receive alerts and post Facebook updates through your Globe phone! Other Pinoy Apps include: Philippines Beauty, WarningSign, Christmas Lantern, MyPhilippines, Proudly Pinoy, Pinoy Poke, Pinoy Favorites, and Pinoy Superhero.

(Developer: Zynga)

MAU: 17,733,630 Be the best farmer with your own virtual farm! Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise your own farm animals with friends.

(Developer: Slashkey)

MAU: 15,047,731 Check out this lively, engaging, and interactive farming application in FB. Plant anything and everything in this virtual farm and have an instant taste of the “modern rural life.”

Mafia Wars (Developer: Zynga)

MAU: 15,443,203 Relive the Godfather in you with this app. Start a Mafia family with your friends and express your evil side while vying respect and eventually be the ruling clan in all of FB. * Data as of August 04, 2009.

What is a Facebook Application? According to, Facebook applications “are the source of entertainment for the populace of Facebook.” It allows Facebook users around the globe to “interact with friends, do personal stuff.” Monthly Active Users (MAU) is a web metric used to assess engaging Facebook applications based on frequent returning users measured within a month.

StimuliOctober 2009


Programmer’s Ambition By: Johndison O. Porras, 1st year DIT STI San Francisco

I want the world to know my name And shout with joy for me. Those folks will recognize my dream And hail me everyday. I will make the best page And compete with others. I will dethrone Bill Gates And produce works better than his. I will sit with famous people And drink and dine with them all. I’ll chat with them in the finest place And friendship, I will establish.



By: Febe B. Mag-ili, st year BSIT STI College - Santiago

By: Rodel Osorio, 1st year DIT STI Antique

The only gift from our parents that will bring us to success. The only thing that we can keep that no one can ever get.

Una kang nasilayan puso ko’y naantig, wala pang isang minuto nang ako’y iyong mapaibig. Naglalaro sa aking isipan mga letra ng iyong pangalan, kailan mo kaya malalaman tinatago kong nararamdaman.   Damdaming nagtatago salitang nagbabago, isipang nalilito pusong nababato.   Sa isang sulat na lang ipararating mga salita na nais sayo’y sabihin, giliw sana’y iyong malaman tunay ko sa ‘yong nararamdaman.

It is a strong foundation and can give much contribution in building a strong nation. Yes, it’s no other than education. But others don’t pay attention no time for education. It seems that they have no ambition not realizing they made the wrong decision. Soon we’ll know its essence and importance as we realize it’s too late for a second chance. And later we’ll learn and recognize that it’s the best armor against poverty and ignorance.

Pinid na Pintuan By: Dyan Laurice Manalo, 1st yr. BSIT STI College - San Fernando

The Power of Love By: Chum dela Cruz, Alumna STI College - Calamba

Hindi mawaglit sa aking murang isipan Nang ako’y unang umibig nang lubusan Sa aking puso’y waring may kumakatok At nagsasabing “puso mo’y hayaang tumibok.”

They say loving makes you happy How can it possibly be true If you feel so empty inside And always feeling blue?

Naaalala pa ng ika’y makilala Puso ko’y anong saya Hindi masukat ang naranasang kaligayahan Animo’y nililipad ako ng iyong pagmamahal.

Sometimes I find it crazy Because it makes me feel dizzy Yesterday I said “YES!” But today I said “NO!”

Ngunit yaong pakiramdam ay madaling naglaho Dahil sa sakit na dinanas sa piling mo Hinayaan ko lamang na mapaikot mo At paasahin na mamahalin mo.

I’m afraid to get hurt That’s why I don’t give love But love is very magical That makes its way to mend a heart.

Taon na ang lumipas at hindi pa tuluyang naghilom ang sugat Ngunit patuloy pa rin ako sa paghahanap Ng isang taong kakatok sa aking pinid na pintuan At magwiwikang…“nais kong manatili sa puso mo habambuhay…”

Before it’s only “dub-a-dub” But now it’s “luv-a-dub” I don’t know how to explain This feeling I have for you.


StimuliOctober 2009

I may get hurt many times To have your love But I’ll take all the risk Just to have you by my side!

I want to walk with noble men March on a red carpet with them. I’d like to meet the world leaders Presidents and Prime Ministers. I’ll tour around the earth To eat the sweetest grape To have the finest fine To get the best that’s mine. The world will know my name The folks will recognize my dream. I know they will someday I wish… I hope someday.


By: Hernan Alar, 3rd year BSCS STI College – Global City

Theories, ideas, and knowledge combined, Travel through our veins and conquer our minds. A thing that changes the life of every student, To enjoy progress and individual development. Hypothetical proposition and dissertation, An argumentative point of view representation. A research study but more than a requirement, Combination of hard work, commitment, and excitement. Expect something that isn’t very easy, ‘Cause you might fall victim of your own fantasy. Don’t underestimate your thesis development, Or you’ll end up with nothing, anxious, and silent. System Development in a variety of type, Designed to improve each man’s way of life. Can be applied in a diverse type of fields, Progress and improvement is what it would yield. Idleness and laziness should be eliminated, You have to be serious, keen, and dedicated. Or else you’ll find yourself in a quarrel, With either your coordinator or your own adviser. Simple rules to apply when having a thesis, Positive attitudes shall be in your memories. Know your duties and don’t be such a fool, Just focus, cooperate, and follow all the rules.

Answer the quizzes below and find out how well you still know our culture, language, and other Pinoy trivia!

Pinoy Myths and Stories

Sari-Sari Store

Pinoy Myths and Stories

• Sidekick Darna Sidekick ni ni Darna • Nuno sa… Nuno sa… • Para hindi magalit yung ano ang sinasabi kapag daraan Para hindi magalit yung #2,#2, ano ang sinasabi momo kapag daraan kaka doon? doon? • Kung manika ang mangkukulam, ano naman mambabarang? Kung manika ang sa sa mangkukulam, ano naman sa sa mambabarang? • Lolang mahilig magkwento Lolang mahilig magkwento • Inilalagay kalahati katawan manananggal para malusaw Inilalagay sa sa kalahati ngng katawan ngng manananggal para malusaw itoito • Sino si Flavio tagapagtanggol mga naapi? Sino si Flavio nana tagapagtanggol ngng mga naapi? • Dito raw may pinakamaraming aswang Pilipinas… Dito raw may pinakamaraming aswang sa sa Pilipinas… • Pinoy counterpart Ariel, little Mermaid Pinoy counterpart ni ni Ariel, thethe little Mermaid • Kontra-aswang Kontra-aswang

D Starts with Answer P T Province na pinakamaraming bagyong bumibisita sa isang taon B I B A P C D B

• Dating member ng That’s Entertainment na naging sikat na MTV VJ Famous Pinoy/Pinay • Nakaimbento ng fluorescent lamp

• Musician na nasa Guinness Book of Records • Direktor na nanalo sa Cannes Film Festival Dating member ng That’s Entertainment na naging sikat na MTV VJ D • Famous Pinay Donitadesigner Rose based in the USA na galing sa Cebu • First Filipinang Miss Universe lamp Nakaimbento fluorescent A Agapito Flores • Pinoy icon in bowling Musician na nasa Guinness Book of Records L Levi • Naging classmate siya ni Bill Clinton Celerio • Two consecutive years na Fighter of the Year sa Top 6 Direktor na nanalo sa Cannes Film Festival B at kabilang Brillante highest paid athletes ngayon ayon sa Forbes Magazine Mendoza • Bulilit Pinay na nagmula sa Little StarUSA at ngayon ay Hollywood’s Rising Famous designer basedBig in the na galing sa Cebu M Star na; Lhuillier naka-duet na rin niya sina Celine Dion at Josh Groban Monique First Filipina Miss Universe G Gloria Diaz Epol/Apple Pinoy icon in bowling P Paeng Nepomuceno • Durungawan sa daw English W Naging classmate siya ni Bill Clinton G Gloria • Bureau sa Filipino K Macapagal-Arroyo • Chalk sa Filipinoyears na Fighter of T the Year at kabilang sa Top 6 Two consecutive • Eskrima sa athletes English ngayon ayonFsa Forbes Magazine highest paid M • Kalupi Englishsa Little Big StarWat ngayon ay Hollywood’s Rising Bulilit na sa nagmula • Palikuran sa English T Star na; naka-duet na rin niya sila Celine Dion at Josh Groban C • Pen sa Filipino P • Pulgada sa English I • Sponge sa Filipino E Epol/Apple • Violet sa Filipino L

Ano ang “P” sa Jose P. Rizal? P Protacio Ano ang okasyon kapag November 2? A Ano ang huling tula na isinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal? Mi Ultimo Adios

Araw ng mga Patay M

General Information Starts with Answer Ilang tao meron ang 500 peso bill?


Labingtatlo (13)

Sinong Manuel ang nakalagay sa P20? Q Quezon Dating tawag sa lugar na pinagkakatayuan ng UP Diliman Sora


National Artist for films/movies (clue: actress) Nora Aunor

General Information

Window Kagawaran Tisa Fencing Wallet Toilet Pluma Inch Espongha Lila

Donita Rose Agapito Flores Levi Celerio Brillante Mendoza Monique Lhuillier Gloria Diaz Paeng Nepomuceno Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Manny Pacquiao Charice Pempengco


Famous Pinoy/Pinay

Pinoy Myths & Stories

Saang commercial natin narinig ang linyang ito “Magpakatotoo ka!”? S Sprite

Dating pangalan ng Gil Puyat Avenue Buendia





Bubble gum na pink at may kasamang comic strip sa loob ng wrapper B Bazooka Joe Tunay na pangalan ni Michael V. B Beethoven



Ding Punso Tabi tabi po Insekto Basyang Asin Panday Capiz Dyesebel Bawang


General Information

Sa anong produkto kilala ang Pateros?

Sari-Sari Store

•Pen Ilangsatao meron ang 500 Filipino P peso bill? pluma •Pulgada Sinong Manuel ang nakalagay sainch P20? sa English I • Dating tawag sa lugar na pinagkakatayuan ng UP Diliman •Sponge Pinasikatsang gag showE na ito angespongha Dating Doon Filipino •Violet Sa anong produkto kilala sa Filipino L ang Pateros? lila • National Artist for films/movies (clue: aktres) • Bubble gum na pink at may kasamang comic strip sa loob ng wrapper • Tunay na pangalan ni Michael V. • Saang commercial natin narinig ang linyang ito “Magpakatotoo ka!”? • Dating pangalan ng Gil Puyat Avenue




Labingtatlo (13) Quezon Tandang Sora Bubble Gang Balot Nora Aunor Bazooka Joe Beethoven Sprite Buendia


Pinasikat ng gag show na ito ang Dating Doon Bubble Gang


Batanes Limasawa Protacio Araw ng mga Patay Mi Ultimo Adios Nancy Navalta Annie Batumbakal Kapit Bisig para sa Pasig Marimar Sungka

sa English W bagyongwindow •Durungawan Province na may pinakamaraming bumibisita Bureau Filipino K kagawaran sa isangsataon • Dito ginanap ang unang misa sa Filipino •Chalk Ano ang “P” sa Jose P. Rizal? •TAno ang okasyon kapag November 2? •tisa Ano ang huling tula na isinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal? • Sinong athlete na hermaphrodite daw? sa dispatsadora, English F sa gabi siya fencing •Eskrima Sa umaga ay bonggang-bongga • Program/Campaign para sa Pasig River sa English telenovela W wallet •Kalupi Kauna-unahang ni Thalia na ipinalabas sa Pilipinas • “Subi,” “Sunog,” bawal laruin pag walang patay Palikuran sa English T toilet


Sinong athlete na hermaphrodite daw? N Nancy Navalta Sa umaga dispatsadora, sa gabi siya ay bonggang-bongga A D Annie Batumbakal A K L Program/Campaign para sa Pasig River B Kapit Bisig para sa Pasig M G Kauna-unahang telenovela ni Thalia na ipinalabas sa Pilipinas P M G Marimar M “Subi”, “Sunog”, bawal laruin pag walang patay S C Sungka

Famous Pinoy/Pinay

Starts with Answer Sari-Sari Store

Dito ginanap ang unang misa L


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BOTO MO, i-PATROL MO A Primer to Youth Empowerment takes on RP Are you ready… Photojournalism! Nationwide A cool keep for STI Students Octob...