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St.Helens Town Hall is a building of timeless elegance and is the perfect place to host your big day. Whether you would like to get married or form a civil partnership, just like you, your ceremony should be special, personal and unique. The stunning Victorian building hosts a multitude of beautiful features that will make your special day perfect. We offer various options for your ceremony and there are a number of ways you can make your ceremony unique. These include adding personal vows, music, or poetry readings which are special to you as a couple. Please note that these cannot be religious in nature. Likewise, the room where the ceremony is taking place cannot be decorated with religious icons. We can accommodate up to 100 guests in the Council Chamber and up to 60 guests in the Ceremony Room.

Giving Notice Couples who wish to marry or form a civil partnership and live within the district of St Helens must make an appointment to see the Superintendent Registrar for St Helens regardless of where the ceremony is taking place, with the exception of Church of England weddings. Legal notice of the intention to marry or form a civil partnership must be done within 12 months and more than 28 days before the ceremony takes place. Some later appointments are available up to 5.00pm on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can book an appointment to give notice of your intention to marry or form a civil partnership, by calling 01744 676789 or by visiting www.sthelens.gov.uk/marriage.


The stunning Ceremony Room, with its wood panelling and period features can hold up to 60 guests and is available Monday to Saturday. See website or contact St Helens Register Office for current prices.

TheCounciChamber l

For larger parties the Council Chamber, with its historic dĂŠcor, will comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. Available on Friday and Saturdays up to 5.30pm. See website or contact St Helens Register Office for current prices.

TheRegister Office

For those couples who just want to keep things low key, there is the statutory Register Office Ceremony Room suitable for the couple and two witnesses. This room is available Monday to Thursday at 9.30 am only. See website or contact St Helens Register Office for current prices.

Wedding Breakfast &Reception

Our Main Hall provides a superb setting for wedding breakfasts and evening receptions. The Hall can accommodate up to 120 guests for a wedding breakfast and up to 150 guests for an evening reception. The Hall is equipped with a bar and is licensed to sell and serve alcohol until 1am. Our high standard catering and bar team provide a range of delicious food and drink menus to suit all tastes and budgets, from tempting canapĂŠs and sparkling champagne to wedding breakfasts and delicious gourmet buffets. Friendly staff will help to accommodate your needs, from pre-booking through to running your event on the day itself. If you have a particular date in mind, we recommend that you contact the office as soon as possible to check availability. Contact the Events Team on 01744 675326 or email events@sthelens.gov.uk.

Car Parking

Unfortunately, there is no on-site car parking for ceremonies taking place Monday - Friday. There are several car parks in the vicinity of the Town Hall that can be used. Details can be found at www.sthelens.gov.uk/carparks. There is access to the Town Hall Plateaux, which is strictly limited to the main vehicle only. A pass will be issued to the driver on arrival for the ceremony. On Saturdays, the Town Hall Car Park will be available for wedding guests.

FAQs RegardingCeremonies at St.Helens Town Hall 1. Can I book a surprise wedding? No, each person needs to give their own notice of marriage. 2. What is the capacity of the ceremony rooms? At the Town Hall there are three rooms available. The Ceremony Room, which seats 60 guests, The Council Chamber, which seats 100 guests and the Register Office suitable for the couple and two witnesses. 3. Can we bring our own flowers? Yes, you can in the Council Chamber, but silk flowers are provided. Many brides put their bouquet next to the register when having their pictures taken. We do ask that all flower arrangements are removed at the end of the ceremony as the room may be booked for another ceremony. 4. Can we put bows/ chair covers on? We regret this is not possible as the room may be booked for other ceremonies that follow yours. 5. Can my dog be a ring bearer? We regret that only assistance animals are allowed in our offices. 6. Who can act as witness? You must bring two witnesses who can be family or friends and should be over the age of 16. If an interpreter is needed, then you should also arrange for them to attend. The interpreter must be one of the two witnesses who can sign the register. 7. Is there a dress code and can army personnel come in uniform? There is no dress code, although we do expect the ceremony to be dignified. Members of the armed forces are welcome to wear their uniform. 8. Can photographers take pictures during the ceremony? Yes, and you will be given a copy of our protocol to give to your photographer. 9. Is confetti allowed at your offices? Yes, as long as it is used outside of the building and is biodegradable. 10. Can I pay for my wedding in instalments? No, the payment options will be explained to you at the time of booking your ceremony. Our office accepts credit cards and payment can be made by telephone.

Contact us If you are considering St.Helens Town Hall as your chosen ceremony venue, please do not hesitate to contact us for a viewing. Call 01744 676789 to make a viewing appointment. thedesignstudio@sthelens.gov.uk


Thank you for choosing to hold your ceremony at St.Helens Town Hall celebrating your ceremony in a building of timeless elegance. The Victorian Town Hall is a perfect setting! Ceremonies at St.Helens Town Hall can cater for up to 60 guests in the newly refurbished Ceremony Room or up to 100 guests in the Council Chamber. The wedding ceremony will take approximately 20 minutes and we must advise that only a civil (non-religious) ceremony is permitted. Any music, readings, words or performance, which forms any part of the ceremony, must be of a non-religious nature. The content of the ceremony must be agreed in advance with the Superintendent Registrar who will be attending the ceremony. Ceremony fees are published on St.Helens Council’s website and are available from the Register Office. Fees are reviewed annually. The Superintendent Registrar will offer you a suitable time for your ceremony subject to availability. Weddings are conducted as follows:

Council Chamber up to 100 people (this number must not be exceeded) Friday/Saturday only up to 5.30pm Ceremony Room up to 60 people (this number must not be exceeded) Monday-Thursday up to 4.00 pm & Friday/Saturday up to 5.30pm The disabled entrance (left hand side of main steps) will be open immediately prior to and after each ceremony. Car Parking - Access to the Town Hall Plateaux is strictly limited to the main vehicle only. A pass must be collected by the driver of the vehicle and returned immediately after the ceremony. Monday to Friday guests are requested to use local car parks there are several in the vicinity of the Town Hall.

Ceremony content

The Superintendent Registrar will make the final decision on any wording used, and will not accept liability for any omission. Late Arrival

In the event of late arrival for a ceremony, the Registrar conducting the ceremony reserves the right to amend any ceremony details, including but not limited to, content, start time, duration, playing of music and access to facilities for photographs. Room Capacity

For safety and comfort, the number of guests (adults and children) must not exceed the maximum room capacity. Additional guests will be excluded from the ceremony. Maximum room capacities are: Ceremony Room 60 and Council Chamber 100. Conduct and good order

The hirer will be responsible for maintaining good order during the ceremony and will ensure that any particular person or item is removed from the venue immediately on the request of the Registrar conducting the ceremony. Liability

The Council will not accept liability for: • The failure of any music system provided by the venue, you or a third party. • Any delay or loss caused by your late or non-arrival. • Any loss caused by a request from you, your representatives or guests to delay the ceremony. • Any loss or compensation where a ceremony is stopped from proceeding because (a) it would be void if it went ahead, (b) an offence under the Marriage or Civil Partnership Acts would be committed, and (c) it would be against the public interest • Any decision to delay the ceremony is at the discretion of the Registrar conducting the ceremony. • Loss or damage or consequential loss or damage of any articles left or stolen from its venue. • Any unforeseen change to a ceremony due to a health and safety requirement.


In the event of a ‘Force Majeure’, the Council will endeavour to perform your ceremony on your chosen day. We strongly recommend that you take out ceremony insurance to cover losses or expenses incurred in the case of events outside our control. ‘Force Majeure’ means war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, governmental action, fire, flood, severe weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any other act or matter which notwithstanding the reasonable diligence and foresight of the Council and its partner providers, is beyond their reasonable control. The Council cannot accept liability for the failure or neglect on behalf of an Approved Premise, of any agreement between you and an Approved Premise for the use or provision of any services and/or facilities. The reasonable requirements of the Registrar conducting the ceremony must in all respects and at all times be met. Your privacy matters to us please view our privacy policy at www.sthelens.gov.uk following the links to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Photography & Video Guidance Photography and video at ceremonies General Terms

Registrars attend many venues to conduct ceremonies. The Registrars will often meet the couple for the first time on the day of the ceremony. They will not have discussed any photography wishes beforehand as this is a matter for the couple and the photographer to discuss in advance. It is also the responsibility of the photographer to check with the couple that no guests will object to having their picture taken. We ask you to let us know beforehand of any particular requests for photographs from the couple, such as guests delivering a reading. We would expect there will be some pre-ceremony photographs of the couple. We do ask that you complete taking photographs 15 minutes before the start time of the ceremony. This is because we have to interview the couple in private (without the photographer being present) just prior to the ceremony. There is no bar to the photographer/ videographer being in the room during the ceremony. As the photographer, if you have any preference as to where to stand, please speak to the Registrar on duty on the day. In general, it could be anywhere in the room but I would ask you bear in mind the following practical points: • There must be no obstruction of any fire exits by equipment such as tripods or trailing wires. • The marriage register must never be readable from any pictures taken. • The use of flash should never be interfering with the sight and vision of the Registrars, the couple or anyone giving a reading. • Use the quietest setting possible on your camera. • We ask you not to move around as it is extremely distracting for the couple, the Registrars and guests. An excellent time for you to take photographs is as the guests gather in the ceremony room and the couple enter separately or together. During the ceremony, we will pause, if you have asked us to, for you to take photographs whilst the rings are being exchanged. We will also pause for you to take pictures of the ‘first kiss’. We can also ‘stage’ the handing over of the marriage certificate. There are two particular points where we ask you not to take pictures. This is during the ‘declaratory’ and ‘contracting’ words when the couple repeat the legal wording necessary to contract a marriage. The third time we ask you not to take pictures is when the couple sign the official register. The marriage register contains details of other couples therefore it is for this reason the register cannot be photographs or videoed. We will however, provide a ‘staged’ register with ample opportunity for you to take pictures at that point. If issues arise, then it is hoped these will be resolved on the day of the ceremony. The photographer can always discuss the matter with the Registration Services Manager following the ceremony by contacting the Register Office on the next working day.

Contact Centre Wesley House Corporation Street St.Helens WA10 1HF Tel: 01744 676789 Minicom: 01744 671671 ➜ www.sthelens.gov.uk/contactus Please contact us to request translation of Council information into Braille, audio tape or a foreign language. thedesignstudio@sthelens.gov.uk


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Ceremonies at St Helens Town Hall  

A brochure for anyone looking to hold a ceremony at St Helens Town Hall.

Ceremonies at St Helens Town Hall  

A brochure for anyone looking to hold a ceremony at St Helens Town Hall.