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13 January 2020

We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and we would like to wish our Hild Bede family a very happy New Year!

Winter Ball The SRC exec and Ball committee have worked tirelessly to put together the wonderful Nutcracker Ball which was enjoyed by all and they even brought ABBA to Hild Bede!! What can we say, we all danced the night away. A big thank you to everyone who was involved, it was a night to remember.

!!! Message from the Principal !!!

I wanted to take this opportunity, having enjoyed one term in my service as your College Principal, to send a few words of thanks to you, a little news and some reflections, and above all best wishes for a happy, peaceful and successful 2020. This has been the busiest and the best term of my professional career. Hild Bede boasts the most extraordinary talents, a dazzling portfolio of activity and a generosity in intellect and heart that has consumed and charmed me. I have been the ‘formals’, balls, quizzes, our theatre, ‘open mic’ nights, supported our sports teams, begun to work with our Art Society on our remarkable collection of art and treasures, been thrown in the air by our cheer-leaders and almost every week, enjoyed the serenity of our chapel and choir. Our student colleagues are inspirational, energetic and charming. I am enjoying the privilege of working with a complement of staff, mentors and our SCR whose attention to the care and welfare of those students, their development, providing the very best of service in housekeeping and catering and portering and management of the community is humbling. Repeatedly, quietly, I find them going the extra mile to help a student out or making sure an event runs safely and well. With are gifted commitment and service that reflects the deep affection that they have for College. We have also suffered loss, notably the passing of the giant figure of Dr Vernon Armitage, ‘Prin’, and we send our kindest thoughts to his family from the College that loved him. In that I have seen the depth of affection and regard we have for Hild Bede’s people. I have enjoyed the opportunities already afforded me to meet some of you, our most great and grand community of alumni. I look forward to making many more 2

connections, forging friendships and working with you to keep you informed and I hope more engaged with us. This is very much your College, made and maintained by your stewardship of our history and identity. You will receive from us shortly the annual Alumni Magazine which demonstrates how far and wide, deep and inspiring your community is. I want to apologise for the delay is publication, caused by some complications in production arising from a change in design and print procurement. Meantime, if you use social media technology you are most welcome to follow my engagement with this amazing College community via our instagram account which is to be found at simonforrest_hb_principal. We are likely to have a lot of work ahead and we need you to help us with this and make it a success. I briefed the Alumni Association AGM on the prospectus for developments on the site which we inhabit and while we await a decision ultimately to be made by the University Council on whether it will go head we are beginning preparations to ensure that renovations and new build are appropriate and sensitive to College and that we thrive in any period that they take place. I anticipate being able to write to you at more length about this during the term. This will also be an opportunity for me to share with you our long-term thinking about a vision and plan for the College taking us to 2030. We began discussions with colleagues across the University about this in the week before the Christmas vacation and had a positive reception and some helpful support in refining it. As soon as is possible I will write a summary for the entire College Community. It has been said that the first 100 days in where one makes one’s mark in an organisation or community. That might be true in many ways, but in Hild Bede one also needs to see that from another perspective – it is Hild Bede that has made it’s mark on me as I begin to explore, enjoy, revel in and understand my service to this extraordinary community. I have learnt much and enjoyed everything. I have reached one absolutely firm conclusion. Hild Bede is a big beating heart – an intellectually and socially generous family where people look out for each other, grow and develop. Where traditions are safe and respected and life breathed into them by each new generation of wonderful student colleagues. I wish you a happy and peaceful start to the New Year. Warmest wishes

Professor Simon Forrest


SAVE THE DATE - London Drink’s Reception We have a new location! We, the Principal, Vice-Principal, the Chair and myself, are very much looking forward to seeing and meeting you all in London. Thus far, we have had a tremendous amount of interest for both the tour around the stables and the drink’s reception. The tour around the stables is fully booked and there is a waiting list. For those of you who have received a confirmation email, if you are no longer able to make it, please let me know by emailing Steph Maurel at so other members of our Hild Bede community can enjoy it. Regarding the Old Bank of England pub, as many of you have booked in, we had to search for a new venue. We have booked part of The Trading House and it is equally, if not more, impressive (think cinema, as it has been used a few movies, meets Victorian antiquarian). There will be live music starting at 6:30pm and extra tables will be booked for anyone who wants to be downstairs by the band. It is fair to say that we are very excited. The event begins at 6:30pm on 20 March, 2020. If you would like to attend, please book here!


!!! Message from our Chair, Darren Funnell !!! On the 1st November 2019 we had a quorate AGM meeting for the first time in a couple of years. My first as Chair. They took it well – mostly. Thanks to all those who made the AGM possible ☺ It is clear to me that we are a rich tapestry of individuals from all walks of life and colleges. First and foremost we exist to unite and represent the interest of all our members. This is why, in order for the association to be future-fit, we presented a revised constitution that was accepted by majority. One of the key elements of the constitution is to make the committee an oversight body rather than an executive. What does this mean? Well, the association has a new framework where all members who want to contribute CAN contribute by leading/engaging in agreed work groups. This will help drive the diverse and different priorities that we share. Ever fancy heading up a communications group? Maybe you want to be the lead for a Bede Association work group? Maybe there is a specific interest and you want to start a group with those who share the same? Now is the time to do it. It was also good to have the enthusiasm and commitment from our New Principal, Simon Forrest that the alumni association remains an integral part of college – of course it does. There are over 17000 of us – what a pool to draw from, what talent and experience. This richness will be critical as we move through the change coming with the Leazes Road redevelopment and what that means to college spirit and life. I feel that we have a robust mechanism now to contribute and engage as plans formulate. The association will keep all members engaged on that journey. No AGM can exist without a follow on reunion – tradition. Wonderful food from the catering staff, and great enthusiasm in the Vern. That’s the sort of spirit we should retain even through times of change. Finally, a plug - there is a great event organised by Steph in London in March 2020 – sign up if you haven’t already. I will be there. Watch the attendee list freefall ☺ Take care - wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now. Darren 5

HBT - Hild Bede Theatre news

HBT is proud to announce that their 2020 musical will be Disco Inferno! 'Jack is an aspiring musician who wants nothing more than to be famous, so signing away this thing called a soul is a small price to pay. But Jack soon finds all that glitters isn't gold on the other side, especially if you're all out of love' This jukebox musical has a range of 1970s songs including 'I Will Survive' and 'Play That Funky Music' and promises to be a fun and light-hearted show!

Alumni news! Helen Lidington nee Parry is married to David Lidington MP, who has been given a knighthood in Teresa May’s honours list. So post investiture, Helen will be Lady Helen Lidington. Well done to both of them. Helen and a group of Hild Bede Alumni & partners meet at different UK locations every year for a weekend of activities, plus wining & dining. The rest of us are: Martin Wadsworth, Helen Lidington nee Parry, Sue Beck nee Winter, Martyn Brereton, David Samson, David Hood and Jeremy Gladwin. If anyone would like to join them in the future, please contact


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The Hild Bede Bugle - The January Edition 2020  

The Hild Bede Bugle - The January Edition 2020