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Volume 2 Issue 10 Friday 8 November 2019

City Centre Junior School • La Storta Junior School • Senior School


Principal's Message Dear pupils, parents and alumni, I hope you had a wonderful half term break. I recently attended a lecture given by Professor Robert Plomin - a Research Professor at King’s College London - on how DNA makes us who we are, on emerging trends in the use of DNA data and on the potential impacts of this usage on education. The lecture outlined the huge advances that have been made in recent years to our understanding of DNA itself, the role it plays in making us who we are and its numerous potential, commercial and practical applications. Professor Plomin’s thesis and warning to schools is that parents will increasingly look to DNA profiling to obtain details of their children’s ‘hard wired’ competencies, potentials, talents and strengths. He cited numerous examples where the seeds of this trend are already being noticed - from prospective applicants to the most competitive universities providing DNA evidence of their deep ancestral ethnicity to take advantage of positive discrimination quotas to a company offering DNA swabs that test for the presence of the ACTN 3 Gene which is responsible for fast-twitch explosive muscles and suggestive of high athletic potential. DNA health testing is becoming increasingly common and already has the potential to identify the likelihood of an individual developing some medical conditions including certain types of cancer, early onset Alzheimer’s, celiac and Parkinson's disease. When those watching the lecture were asked if they would want to know if they had a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s the responses were fairly evenly split. Whilst many felt knowing would help them to focus on adapting their lifestyle to try and reduce their high risk, an equal number felt they would rather not know and continue enjoying living their life in blissful ignorance. Knowing you have an innate talent for something is, of course, very different than knowing you have a risk of developing a health issue. Unsurprisingly, a far higher proportion of the audience stated they would be keen to identify a strength they had the genetic potential to develop. There are, however, risks and warnings. Genetic predisposition towards a talent does not always result in that talent developing. Whilst evidence suggests that ‘nature’ may be more important than previously thought, ‘nurture’ is still fundamental. Academic potential profiling has been widespread in schools for many years with perhaps the most famous being standardised aptitude tests such as the IQ test and the CAT or Cognitive Abilities Test. The dangers of an over-reliance on such testing (and on labelling children) was vividly demonstrated in a famous study by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson. I left the lecture convinced that continuing to have the highest expectations of what all children can achieve - regardless of their genetic predispositions - was the only way forward.

David Tongue, Principal

The next Principal's Clinic will run on Tuesday 12 November at 8.45 - 9.45am in the Refectory, La Storta


Celebrating Diversity at St George's All pupils at both City Centre and La Storta will be taking part in Anti-bullying Week from 11 - 15 November. Next week is anti-bullying week across all three sections of the schools. As well as a series of lessons, activities and assemblies we will be having an

"Odd Socks Day" on Tuesday 12 November. This is a chance to celebrate that we are all unique. The day sends an important message to people that they should be allowed to be themselves, free from bullying and helps celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and positive way. All pupils have to do to take part is wear odd socks to school on that day.

Do you want to know more about how to spot the signs of bullying? What to do if your child is being bullied? Or even talk to your child about bulling? Please visit for helpful advice. Educators gather for groundbreaking researchED conference ResearchED Rome 2019 has taken place at St George’s, bringing together over 100 educators from across Rome, Italy, the UK and Europe to share knowledge and research on teaching practices. Read more about


Due to the weather forecast, we have taken the decision to postpone Bonfire Night scheduled for this Friday evening. Bonfire Night will instead take place on the following Friday 15 November, beginning at the same time of 6.00pm. Should rain again occur on Friday 15 November, the event will still go ahead as scheduled on that evening, making use of the indoor facilities. Do keep your costumes, trick and treats, and most of all your spirit bright for Bonfire Night! Any pumpkins made can be submitted to to be included in the judging competition. See you next Friday 15 November to enjoy a night of fun, food, games and surprises! We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Detailed information is available on Firefly




City Centre Junior School

Dragons trip to Fattoria Salvucci Dragons had an interesting learning experience and a very enjoyable day out before half term. Pupils visited a farm and saw all kind of animals.

The Poppy Appeal Raising money through poppies supports those who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces, and their dependants. Poppies are available at school: contributions can be placed in the collection box next to the school office. See page 16 for information about the Remembrance Sunday Service.



Year 3 to Year 6 Artwork Display Pupils designed and created some beautiful sea-themed art work recently.

Key Stage 2 Rugby Session by Experienced Coaches! On Thursday, well trained coaches from the Italian Rugby Federation visited to deliver a fun session to Key Stage 2 pupils.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Parent Teacher Meetings (PTEs): To give parents the opportunity to discuss child progress. MON & TUES 11-12 NOV

Please arrange child care when the meeting is taking place, however if this is not possible please let the teacher know so that children can be supervised in the school dining room while your meeting is in progress. Please note: Clubs will not take place that week. However Dance Club and Yoga Club will take place as normal.


Bonfire Night at La Storta from 6.00pm


Christmas Carol Concert at 5.30pm at La Storta Cathedral (next to the school)


Parents Quiz Night at City Centre

Name tags: To request labels, please complete an order form and return it to Ms Ciorba (



MON & TUES 11-12 NOV



La Storta Junior School We have come back refreshed from our half term break and have rekindled our enthusiasm for learning at school in the company of our friends and classmates. Teachers too have recharged their batteries and are busy providing high quality speaking and listening opportunities to help pupils understand how they can be successful in their lessons, as well as preparing a wealth of hands-on activities to enable them to practise skills and apply the knowledge they are learning. It all adds up to a busy and engaging atmosphere around our school this week! It has been especially exciting for pupils in Years 1 and 2 as they came together for their first combined Topic afternoon on Thursday this week, based around the theme of ‘Celebrations’. Staff from both Year groups plan together, then independently teach a mixed group of Year 1 and 2 pupils a particular aspect of the topic. Our Italian teachers, Ms Spagnoli and Ms Garuti, support them and provide an opportunity for the children to speak and listen to Italian as they learn. In this way, the pupils have a purpose for practising their Italian outside their Italian lessons and are encouraged to make links between their English and Italian vocabulary. There is also time for some violin lessons from our Strings Programme to take place too! Christine Williams Head of La Storta Junior School

The Poppy Appeal Raising money through poppies supports those who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces, and their dependants. Poppies are available at school: contributions can be placed in the collection box in Reception, C Floor. See page 16 for information about the Remembrance Sunday Service.



Dragons The Red Dragons have been learning about "people who help us". Therefore, the youngest St George's pupils visited employees in the Administration department to say "thank you!" Popping into their offices and greeting them "good afternoon" really put a big smile on their faces!

Sewing Club The Junior School sewing club have been very busy learning new stitches to use in a Winter Display. It takes a lot of concentration! Look out for it in the Junior school corridor in December!



ANNOUNCEMENTS Bonfire Night Notice: Parents are reminded that Junior School pupils are not allowed to stay after school for this event unless supervised by a parent/adult carer (not a Senior School sibling) from 3.30pm onwards. Please keep Ms Girgenti informed at More information about Bonfire Night on page 4.


Parent Teacher Evening: A letter has been sent out inviting parents to make an appointment with their child’s Class Teacher, as this is an opportunity to talk specifically about your child. Please note that no after school activities will be taking place on this day.

EAL Presentation: The EAL (English as an Additional Language) Department will be holding a THURSDAY presentation in the Junior School Music Room from 2.45pm – 3.15pm. The presentation headed by Ms 14 NOVEMBER Monica Bertuzzi will offer parents the opportunity to understand the approach to learning for children whose first language is not English.


After School Activities Cancelled:

There will be no after school activities running on this day. We would be grateful if parents would collect their children promptly at 3.30pm. Children will be taking regular buses after school. Please inform and of any bus changes on this day.

Orchestra Ensemble:

Orchestra Ensemble will still take place on Thursday during the day (Period 4). Children are reminded to bring their instruments to school on this day. Children will be collected or take their regular transport home at the end of the day


Christmas Carol Concert: at 5.30pm at the La Storta Church, next door to the school. Everyone


All Trip information is available on the Trips page

is invited to attend and performers will receive details separately.

Thank you to parents for their support with uniform: Getting It Right Week. Individual Pupil Photographs The individual photo samples and order forms have been sent home in an envelope with the children this week. Sample sizes of the photos are on display on the Junior School notice board (next to Ms Girgenti’s office). Please make your order by Friday 6 December with the form provided in the envelope ensuring that you write your child's name and class on the form and please kindly provide the exact change for the order. Envelopes may be placed in the red letter box outside the Junior School Office.



Senior School

Minerva House wave their flag victoriously!

St George’s Achieves Coaching School Accreditation Four of St George’s staff delivered our first in house Coaching Course this October, and have been given the Coaching School Accreditation by our external leading educational coaching specialists, Graydin. In addition to the eighteen staff members trained in coaching last year, an additional sixteen staff members across our three sites are now trained in coaching tools to help both staff and pupils in an ever-changing professional environment. Our four members of staff are now trained to deliver the programme in-house, enabling St George’s to train both staff and pupils in Coaching techniques for the future. This year has also seen the launch of our first student Coaching Programme (The “BE” Programme) in which twenty Year 12 pupils have been given the opportunity to learn coaching skills as part of The Core enrichment programme on Wednesday afternoons. Pupils have learnt tools to enable them to develop both self-awareness and curiosity, in addition to their academic programmes. Comments from participants include: • “I loved it! And love how it is applicable in so many different situations.”

• “I think this course guides us in being a better communicators which will have a positive effect in the work place and beyond.” • “Very valuable course. Coaching is a learning tool that can be used in many contexts (professional and personal).” • “Coaching is something to embed as part of your daily life, private and professional. Once coaches embed it, it will easily be spread amongst friends and colleagues as it is something you strongly believe as a tool to improve individual awareness and making change.”

Questions about the programme can be directed to Ms Megaw at laura.megaw@stgeorge.



ReVERBeration Project Featured in the Latest IB World Magazine

The ReVERBeration Project is a collaborative sound sculpure based project which involves 12 IB World Schools. Read More.

House Singing Competition! There Can Only Be One Winner! All four houses have been practicing their House songs over this half term culminating in the much anticipated house competition finale held on the Oasis!



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Remembrance Day: All Saints', which is the English Anglican Church for Rome, Via del Babuino. Service begins at 10.30am

FRI - SAT 22- 23 NOV

Chicago Musical Performance: Please see the poster on page 16.


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Monday 11 November

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University of British Columbia, afternoon presentation at St George's

University Representatives - Further upcoming visits Friday 15 November: CIS University Fair at John Cabot, over 40 universities attending This is a free event designed exclusively for those who aspire to study internationally. Register for the CIS Univeristy Fair here More information about Universities and Courses on Firefly

In memory of Mark Bushby, Class of 1999 St George's sends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mark suddenly lost his life at the age of 39, leaving behind his wife Julia and two young daughters. Having worked in education since graduating, he had developed a passion for supporting the well-being of the students in his care, and increasingly made the link between positive mental health and exercise. During his time at St Joseph’s College, Mark was introduced to the charity Sport in Mind and became an ardent supporter of their work in the local area. Mark encouraged fundraising, assemblies and sports sessions at school to promote Sport in Mind and reduce the stigma around mental ill health. Present at the launch of the new logo SiM, Mark was always supportive of the charity Sport in Mind. In Mark’s memory, his family have set up a page to support the work of Sport in Mind both in the local area and beyond. It is the wish of Mark’s family that his dedication to supporting the mental health of young people is strongly supported as part of the huge legacy he leaves behind.

Please donate to support the work of Sport in Mind via the Justgiving page. Thank you


Music for Mia On 30 October, a group of St George’s pupils showcased their musical abilities for an important cause, in an event to raise money for charity and remember the cousin of their friend and classmate. The setting was the prestigious Theatre Sala Umberto in the heart of Rome, where the third edition of the Concert of Mia took place in front of a large audience to support the Mia Neri Foundation. Mia Neri (cousin of current pupils Enrico and Giovanni) passed away in 2014, at 11 years old, after a strenuous fight against a malignant brain tumor. Her legacy of courage, dignity and self donation inspired parents, family and friends to establish the Association the foundation in order to raise funds to support medical research within the field of childhood tumors. Congratulations to Emily, Dania, Ondina, Elisa, Florence, Elsie, Koko, Joanne, Gaia and Enrico for their inspiring performances. Thank you to Mr Everhart (Director of Music), Mr Waddington (Year 6 Class Teacher) and Ms Liberati (Percussion Teacher) for their leadership, support and participation.


Remembrance Sunday: 10 November 2019 The Senior School Choir and the Chamber Choir have once again been invited to sing at the Remembrance Sunday service at All Saints' Church on Sunday 10 November. Pupils will be joining with our own Parents Choir, as well as the choir from All Saints', which is the English Anglican Church for Rome, Via del Babuino. The service will begin at 10.30am - All parents are welcome! For those who would like to participate in the Choir, please read the letter in full.

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The Week @ St George's - 8 November 2019  

Volume 2 Issue 9 Friday 8 November 2019

The Week @ St George's - 8 November 2019  

Volume 2 Issue 9 Friday 8 November 2019