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Volume 3 Issue 9 Friday 13 November

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Principal's Message Dear parents, pupils and alumni, A very warm welcome to this week’s newsletter. I hope you have had an enjoyable week and that those of you who are predominantly or exclusively learning online at the moment are coping as well as you can. I hope too that any of you who have been self isolating whilst the rest of your classmates have been in school have been able to access the live lesson streams and that these have helped you to follow the lessons and take maximum advantage of Google Classroom. This week in school (and online!) we have been celebrating book week with a plethora of activities to encourage a love of literature and reading in all of our pupils. At this time of year I am always reminded of just how important reading (and reading to children) is in ensuring that children reach their full potential with their academic studies. This week has also seen the House Poetry Competition and our Remembrance Commemorations as we remember all those who have lost their lives in conflicts around the world. Mr Ryan led a poignant online assembly for the Senior School pupils which helped set this important feature of the annual calendar in context for all those who attended.

David Tongue, Principal

Bonfire Night Perseveres ‘in the year of the mask’ SENIOR SCHOOL


Hundreds of pupils, parents and staff tuned in to watch the live Video Premiere of Bonfire Night 2020 – “In the Year of the Mask” – and total views continue to climb on the School’s YouTube channel. More than 100 entries were received from pupils competing for prizes in the Best Mask, Best Costume, and Best Pumpkin categories. Each of those entries is featured in the video, along with the winners’ names in each Year Category.

Best Costume

Thomas, Dragons Riccardo, Year 1-2 Nina, Year 3-4 Giulio, Year 5-6 Pedro, Year 7-8

Best Mask

Tomas, Year 1-2 Vassilissa, Year 3-4 Adam, Year 5-6 Mathias, Year 7-8

Best Pumpkin

Yuxi, Dragons Fernando, Year 1-2 Leonard, Year 3-4 Carolina, Year 5-6 Eliana, Year 7-8

Special Prizes Funniest Pumpkin: Elena, Year 6 CC Creepiest Pumpkin: Lola, Year 5 CC Best Classic Pumpkin: Lara, Year 3 CC Most Creative Pumpkin: Giacomo, Year 5 CC

Most Original Mask: Winnie, Year 2 LS Scariest Mask: Giancarlo, Year 8 Best Makeup: Maria, Year 4 CC Best Homemade Costume: Nathan, Year 6 LS Best Group: Agnes, Alessandra, Fran, Year 6 LS

Parents of St George’s wishes to thank everyone who contributed to this successful event in challenging times: pupils who worked hard to create their entries, parents who uploaded digital files, teachers and pupils who joined in the TikTok-style dance, those who contributed images of past Bonfire Nights, school staff who appeared in the video, and all those who helped ensure an appealing, well publicised effort.

Watch the Bonfire Night 2020 video Parents of St George's Virtual Meeting will be held on Thursday 19 November, 10-11am



City Centre Junior School Cello String Programme During the Year 4 Music lesson, Ms Fabiola Pereira, Visiting Musician, was on hand to explain and talk to the pupils about the Cello. Everyone had the chance to listen and discover something special about the instrument and hear it being played live as well as leading them in singing one of their class songs. We are thrilled to be able to offer an exciting opportunity of providing a special 10 week programme for our pupils to be introduced and to explore further, learning the cello in a group setting. Our talented group of pupils have already signed up and eagerly waiting to embark on their learning journey. Their first lesson is on Thursday morning. We all look forward to hearing from them soon! Mr Ian Du Feu Teacher of Music

Illustrator TomJUNIOR Mclaughlin Inspires Year 5 Pupils During Book Week CITY CENTRE SCHOOL

Year 1 Drop Everything and Read During Book Week

24 September




Year 3 and Year 5 Design Book Covers During Book Week!

La Storta Junior School Dear Parents, This has been a really enjoyable week for everyone! In many ways it started last Friday with a wonderful reminder from the Parents of St George’s about the ways we have come together as a school community in pre-COVID days. Their Bonfire Night and Halloween video made a splendid job of evoking the fun and thrills of that evening over past years and enabled our pupils to be creative and still take part in its traditional competitions. Then it was Book Week and we read and wrote and drew as authors and illustrators, learning from our two virtual real authors and illustrators; Tom McLaughlin and Gail Clarke, and our teachers of course, about the power of words and pictures to take us into other worlds and become different characters for a time. Our overriding theme of Curious Creatures has been well explored this week. Thank you parents for all your support in making this week the success it has been; your multilingual story videos are superb, and will be treasured by staff and children alike…and your support for our Readathon is very much appreciated. There is much to gain by everyone in taking part; reading for pleasure and accumulating some very necessary funding for our main school charity ZOA. I wonder what is in store for us all next week…? Chris Williams Head of La Storta Junior School

The Joy Of Reading During Book Week LA STORTA JUNIOR SCHOOL As well as decorating bookcovers, pupils across the Junior School shared some very inspiring and scenic photos to demonstrate their love for reading! See more on the Padlet!

Dragons Become Mathematicians! In Maths this week, Dragons were looking at how to measure with non standard units. They began by looking at the differences in lengths of two objects. Year 4 Investigate The Effects on Teeth! Year 4 began an experiment investigating the effect of different drinks on teeth (although they used eggs as they behave in a similar way to teeth.) Pupils submerged the eggs in various drinks and left them for 7 days. Year 4 are monitoring the experiment to see how the results unfold ... let's see what happens next week!

Parent Teacher Evening:




In celebration of Halloween, Gothic Character Descriptions were written in English lessons

Senior School

Bon Voyage! In Year 9 French lessons, pupils have been learning how to talk about holidays - where they like to go, what they like to do and how they like to travel. They talked about the national French rail company, la SNCF and le TGV (train Ă grande vitesse, or high-speed train) which connects the major cities in France. Pupils then looked at some of the different adverts used by SNCF over the years and in particular the use of different adjectives and comparative structures in the adverts. The Year 9's then designed their own posters for a new (imaginary!) TGV which would take travellers from Paris to Rome in four hours!

By Jade



Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 Maths STORY WRITING Competition: Entries close Friday 15 January Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 Maths PICTURE Competition: Entries close Friday 12 March Year 12 and below Maths ONLINE TEAM Competition: Entries close Friday 28 May

Dear Mathematicians, Why not have some shared goals, exchange experiences and celebrate your success together? Read further details on all three competitions on this information sheet

and indicate your interest by emailing us the form: by Friday, 12 December. We look forward to getting to meet you virtually!

The Spirit Of Reading During This Year's Book Week Key Stage 3 began by decorating postcards as book covers and listening to their form tutors read extracts of their favourite books and poems. This helped to inspire pupils to read their own extracts aloud and reflect on the act of being read to. They also took part in ‘Drop Everything and Read’, taking 20 minutes a day to read their own books for pleasure, and had a virtual visit from author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin. Pupils began to decorate their tutor room doors as book covers, and listened to talks from two of our very own published authors in the English department, Ms Fayruz Mandil and Ms Charlotte Butterfield. The Senior School closed Book Week with a House Poetry Competition and celebrated reading by dressing up as their favourite book characters! See Photos!


Year 9 Cultural Convergence

As part of their openended and extended homework task, Year 9 pupils have been creating masks, jewellery and headgear reflecting their diverse cultural heritage and the mixture of cultural influences that make them who they are as unique individuals.




Year 9 CAT Tests On Thursday 19 November, all Year 9 pupils will sit CAT tests (Cognitive Abilities Tests) in periods 1 to 3. The assessments are designed to inform teachers about where the pupils are currently in terms of ability, and to pass on strategies for teaching and learning. They do not affect groupings in school. The tests will be conducted by Mr Trevor Bestall, Director of Student Support Services. If you have any queries, please contact Mr Bestall

Sixth Form Up-coming Virtual University Events organised by various Colleges and Univerities around the world! 19 October - 23 November Gateway to the UK webinar events (British Council) 13 & 14 November at 11am - 5pm UCAS EXPO: Creative subjects 19 November, 6pm - 8pm PPE Around the World

Supporting ZOA During Book Week!


Artwork by Heidi, Year 13

ZOA (the Zambian Orphans Appeal) needs to raise 11,000 euros this year to support children at the Serenje Orphans Children’s Home and several of their older former residents who are finishing courses at University. Book Week was a great opportunity to support our international fellow pupils in Serenje, Zambia. Georgians Read Together...For ZOA! As part of Book Week, all pupils were encouraged to read to their maximum and raise money for the charity at the same time. Pupils set themselves time targets for reading and were given a sponsorship form to bring back at the end of the Read-a-thon with any money raised. See the "Extreme Reading" photos on the dedicated Padlet. The La Storta Junior School ZOA committee would like to say... Francesca and Ag “thank you for supporting ‘Georgians Read Together’ during Book Week and helping to raise money for the orphanage in Zambia. The money is still in quarantine so we can't tell you the total amount yet but we will keep you updated in future newsletters. Our sponsored read-a-thon is still live. Please keep reading each day over the weekend and remember to fill in your form and ask family and friends for sponsorship. Remember to bring in the money you collect next week or go to and donate there. We have really enjoyed book week and we hope you enjoyed it too!" Francesca and Agatha, Year 6

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The Week @ St George's - 13 November 2020  

Volume 3, Issue 9

The Week @ St George's - 13 November 2020  

Volume 3, Issue 9

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