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Lale Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church Twinned with St George’s Church, Leeds Located: Soroti, Uganda

Photo: Lale PAG Church sends their greetings to St George’s Church Leeds


The members of Lale PAG church send their greetings to their brothers and sisters in Christ at St George’s Church, Leeds. We are pleased to be starting this new relationship with you and are happy to be able to share what has been happening in our community and praise God that you are joining us in prayer. We would love to also pray for you so please send any prayer requests so we can ask God to bless you in your faithful work. In His Mighty Name Pastor Daniel Eyou, Lale PAG Church

Church Mobilisation in Lale In November 2012, a new approach to the church ministry was introduced titled Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP). Christians found working in the church compound at the time of visit to collect updates reported that PEP has benefited them enormously in the following ways: 

They have learnt to read, understand and interpret the Bible.

They are now more serious about supporting each other, particularly the people who are most needy e.g. the widows and orphans (James 1:27). Around June this year they built a grass thatched house for one elder who was too weak to repair or construct his house.

They are able to use improved land management practices considering that the population has grown yet the amount of land available is fixed.

Christians have been encouraged more than before to support their own development initiatives through contributing locally available resources; citing Jesus who used the locally available fish to feed 5,000 people

Impacts on the church With this spirit in mind the Christians, along with some non-born again neighbours, have started participating seriously in the construction of their church building. Construction of this church building had stalled because of a lack of community participation. However as a result of PEP Bible studies looking at how to make the most of the resources God has given us members of the church have become activated to fully participate in the construction. As of August 2013 Lale church had 3,000 clay bricks and 4 bags of cement on site received from the congregation who were willing to contribute further despite the biting hunger situation resulting from the failed crop harvest. They cited Acts 20:35 as the underlying scripture stressing on the statement, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. The branch church Pastor of Ogerai church (Charles Ewangu) has skills in building and mixing concrete and was providing free technical supervision to the site workers. He was being supported by a friend who is not a believer but is being brought on board by the PEP teachings which encourage community members to work together despite their religious differences.

Photo: Lale Church under construction

Prayer Points: 

Please pray that we can source one hundred and twenty corrugated iron sheets and timber which is required to complete the construction work. “We need all the remaining balance of materials and Pray to God that He stretches His arm of provision” said Charles, the Ogerai branch Pastor.

Please also join us in praying for those who are weak in their faith and for more people to be saved.

Lale Update  

Updates and prayer points from Lale.

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