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Issue 103, Autumn 2016

Bring It On! 'Bring It On' production The 18-20 October saw the school’s annual whole school musical being performed in the Sue Cormack Hall. Following the great success of last year’s production of Les Miserables, this year saw a total contrast in the form of a contemporary musical ‘Bring It On’. The play focussed on the life of Campbell Davis, former head cheerleader at Truman High School as she struggles to fit in at a new school after suspicious circumstances see her re-districted to inner city, Jackson High. Seventy girls were involved in the performance, both on-stage and as members of the backstage crew and this was the largest cast since Head of Drama, Mr Carroll’s, first St George’s musical in 2012. The action was vibrant and dynamic and rehearsals have reflected this taking the form of dance offs, rap sessions and cheerleading workshops by a visiting cheerleading coach. Dedication and commitment by all involved over the intense six week rehearsal period meant that the cast created a production that thrilled the audience. Mr Carroll commented: “The pace of the show was remarkable with towering human pyramids, wild throws and lifts which were made to look easy by the hard-working and passionate cast. This show was put together in six weeks from start to finish which is testament to the hard work of everyone involved. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of the girls”.

Welcome to St George's The start of term saw St George's welcome our First Year, Third Year and Lower Sixth pupils and also our new Headmistress, Mrs Hewer. Mrs Hewer joins us from St Mary's Ascot where she was the Deputy Headmistress. The first week of term at St George's for new pupils was a fun-filled time with boarders and day girls getting to know each other and enjoying many activities. We wish all of the girls an enjoyable time with us at St George's and we look forward to getting to know Mrs Hewer better as the year progresses.



Visits Day Visits Day is an annual event each Autumn term and took place on Wednesday 14 September. First to Fifth Year pupils travelled to various locations to enjoy some fun activities and learn new skills. First Year - Marwell Zoo First Year girls visited Marwell Zoo which they very much enjoyed and was the perfect trip to get to know one another. First Year pupil Isabel reflects on the day: "We saw lots of different animals and took part in lots of different activities. The first animals we saw were the penguins, followed by the emus. The zoo was a wonderful experience and the best way to meet everybody. One of my favourite events was visiting the tigers and leopards. The friendly giraffes were everybody's favourite. I had a wonderful experience, made lots of new friends and learnt about a variety of animals and the sounds they make!"

Second Year - Sutton Life Centre Second Year girls visited the Sutton Life Centre in London. Sutton Life Centre is a unique, state of the art educational and community facility in South London, promoting good citizenship, personal safety and the environment. The girls learnt important skills to keep them safe in the modern world. These included using public transport and social media in ways that would keep them out of danger. The girls particularly enjoyed the tour of the model home, where they learnt how to stock their fridge with healthy foods and how to react in the event of a fire. The workshops in the afternoon focused on staying safe on line and promoting an awareness of the threats posed by drugs and alcohol.

Third Year - Bushcraft Third Year pupils travelled to Henfold Lakes in Dorking, where they did 'Bushcraft' and bonding activities under the supervision of staff from 'Action Days Out'. The girls were taught how to build a shelter and start a fire using a kit without matches or a lighter. They then built the shelters, started fires and cooked delicious food over the fire in groups. Everyone had lots of fun.


Fourth Year - Spy Centre


Pupil, Isabella reflects on the fun day out at a Spy Games Centre. "Fourth Year girls went on our Visits Day to Spy Games near Milton Keynes. The activities we did were based either outside in a large field or inside a barn. We were split into four groups of about ten and each competed in a series of games and challenges to earn Spy Dollars. The team with the most Spy Dollars at the end of the day were the winners. We took part in a total of eight challenges, with a break for lunch in between. These challenges included the Minefield, which involved guiding a blindfolded person through an obstacle course, and another where we had to construct a cannon to fire things from. As well as the physical challenges, there were also mental ones, such as using clues to figure out a code to unlock a safe. We were tested on our knowledge of countries and flags, and also had a demonstration of how to handle a gun. My favourite challenge was the laser room, where we had to crawl under and jump over lasers to reach a diamond at the other side of the room. One of the challenges we found most difficult was the observation challenge. It was supposed to be simple; we just had to find a series of objects in an area right in front of us. We found it much harder than we thought we would! Overall, it was a really enjoyable day for everyone." Fifth Year - Lunch and Theatre Trip The Fifth Year had golden tickets to a world of pure imagination for our Visits Day on Wednesday 14 September. Before delving into the world of 'Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory', we enjoyed a plentiful lunch in Covent Garden at the Wildwood Restaurant. Before long we were extremely full of pizza, pasta, ice cream and warm chocolate brownies. We were fortunate enough to have the first three rows of the stalls to enjoy Roald Dahl’s deliciously dark tale of young Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka, which came to life through the entertaining West End musical. The girls marvelled at the chocolate garden, an army of squirrels and the curiously peculiar Oompa-Loompas. It was a musical that was choc-full of fantastical treats and special effects to dazzle our senses. Sixth Form - Theatre Trip On the School’s Visit Day, Wednesday 14 September, the Sixth Form girls and tutors attended a matinee performance of Wicked. The St George’s members of the audience enjoyed the show which, in its early scenes showing a group of students arriving at college, had some parallels to the beginning of the academic year in Ascot. The elements of sorcery, wizards and witches were, perhaps, less applicable. Its main storyline of accepting diversity and celebrating the talents of all those in a community certainly had resonance. Despite the London traffic leading to a rather late return, all those present enjoyed a fabulous show which helped the girls to get to know each other and bond as a Sixth Form. 2


Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Third Year visit to the Neasden Mandir The Third Year spent the morning of Wednesday 28 September at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. This beautiful building is a Hindu temple in Neasden. The girls learnt how the mandir was built entirely by volunteers using traditional methods and materials. Indeed, the Swaminarayan Mandir has been described as being Britain’s first authentic Hindu temple and Europe’s first traditional Hindu stone temple. It is a place of great peace, beauty and tranquillity. As we listened to talks by our engaging guide, observed the Arti ceremony and visited the Hindu exhibition, the girls immersed themselves in the stunning marble carvings and embraced the heart of Hindu culture. This warm and welcoming community, which lies only an hour away from Ascot, provides a perfect means to understand the Hindu faith within our local community.

History and Politics Lower Sixth visit to Westminster On Monday 19 September, Lower Sixth History and Politics pupils visited the Houses of Parliament to extend their studies on democracy in the UK. They also gained a further understanding of how the UK Parliament works. The girls enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Parliament as well as a workshop on how laws are made in the UK, followed by a trip to the Supreme Court and a visit to the Churchill War Rooms. With Sir Winston Churchill being a past pupil at St George's when it was a boys school in 1882 at the age of seven, the girls were especially interested in the Churchill War Rooms and the history held there.


Lower Sixth visit to River Tillingbourne Pupils, Esme and Rosie reflect on their trip:

"As part of our A-level course, the Upper Sixth Geography students went on a trip to visit the River Tillingbourne in Surrey. We investigated the differences in velocity, depth, width and sediment size along the course of a river. The afternoon consisted of gathering all of our material together to make some conclusions and carry out statistical analyses on our data. Overall we had a fun and exciting trip". 3

Windsor Festival Schools Programme On Tuesday 18th October, Upper Sixth pupil Ellen, accompanied by Mrs Jones, travelled to Windsor Castle to receive an award for her entry into the creative writing section of the Windsor Festival.


English Ellen’s sensitive and sensuous writing, entitled “Hands”, had clearly impressed the judges, and one of them, Mr Alastair Niven, a former Man Booker Prize judge, took the time to praise her personally for the quality of her work. The prize winners received their certificates from Admiral Sir James Perowne, Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle, and were then invited to a private viewing of the Royal Library. This offered a fascinating glimpse into the history of the library, its wonderful collection of books and photographs, and the various treasures that are on display. Highlights were an account of George VI’s coronation in 1937 written by the Queen, then aged eleven, and the shirt worn by Charles I on the day of his execution. The English Department would like to congratulate Ellen on her success; as well as being given this exciting experience, she received a fifty pound prize for herself and an additional fifty pounds for the school.


Third Year visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival


First Year visit to the Berkshire Book Award launch

On Wednesday 12 October, First Year pupils visited LVS Ascot for the launch of the Berkshire Book Award 2017. The Berkshire Book Award is a young person’s book award wholly nominated and voted for by the young people of Berkshire. Carnegie Medal winning author Tim Bowler was on hand to speak to the girls about children’s literature, writing, poetry and to read from two of his novels. The girls were able to speak to him afterwards and take home signed books. First Year girls comment on their visit: Joanna: “His stories took me to a magical dimension, and with every word, I was able to understand the emotion through his words.”

On Friday 14 October, the Third Year girls visited the Cheltenham Literature Festival. First on the agenda was a talk by award winning children’s author Marcus Sedgwick.

Ava: “It was an amazing experience and definitely one to remember.”

The event opened with a question and answer session where the author discussed the realities of being a writer and the process of bringing a novel from idea to reality. Then followed a discussion of his new book Saint Death where he outlined the extensive research behind the novel.

The girls came away from the day entertained and excited to read more of the books they had heard about. There is certainly a buzz in the air over who will be the recipient of the year’s Berkshire Book Award when the winner is announced on the 3 May 2017.

The highly interactive event was deemed to be entertaining, funny and engaging. Afterwards, the girls followed the Roald Dahl Discovery Trail, worked out their Roald Dahl name and explored the Waterstone’s Children’s Hideaway tent.

Girls can nominate their book of the year up until Friday 25 November 2016 on the Berkshire Book Award website 4


Art Fourth Year and Lower Sixth Photography visit to Kew Gardens

First Year visit to Pitt Rivers Museum "On Wednesday 28 September, First Year pupils went to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The museum was full of many different and interesting pieces of artwork, with over 5,000 visible pieces on display across three floors! We drew many things such as shrunken heads, headdresses, Noh masks and many more!" Kendra, First Year

On Tuesday 20 September the Lower Sixth A Level photography pupils and Fourth Year GCSE pupils travelled to Kew Gardens as an introduction to their new courses at school.

Fourth Year, Fifth Year and Sixth Form visit to Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace

The Lower Sixth girls took their cameras and looked at using aperture and shutter speed to begin their project titles of ‘Self’ or ‘Reality' or 'Illusion’. They worked through a list of different tasks that had to be complete throughout the day, for example a picture with motion, a picture with a short depth of field or a picture of reflection. Everyone took a photograph for each task, with some superb outcomes to use in their projects.

The Art Department took GCSE and A level pupils to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Thursday 6 October. The girls had the opportunity to meet artists and see an array of textiles work, which will develop their knowledge of textiles and give them first-hand experience.

The Fourth Year girls spent a lot of time in the green house making a collage of the fascinating exotic plants, using different coloured paper, big felt tip pens, watercolour and pencil. ‘The Hive’ by Wolfgang Buttress was one of the highlights of the trip. It was a large metal structure, constructed of many hexagons to capture the look of a honeycomb, it fascinated the girls who also got a talk from one of the sites conservation experts about what the artwork symbolised. The trip was a fantastic start to the new courses and was a lovely day to take pictures and draw.

Pupils, Nancy and Louisa with textile artist, Jan Beaney

Introducing our new Artist in Residence Ruth Spencer Jolly is the new Artist in Residence at St George’s. She has just graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art. She works predominantly with moving image, interrogating the way that new technologies associated with the Internet, such as social media, online dating and the 'Internet of Things' are affecting person-to-person communications. She is keen to investigate their impact upon feminism and the gender agenda. Is the digital age going to aid equality, or amplify inequalities?

Fifth Year and Sixth Form Art and Upper Sixth Photography visit to the Tate Modern and Tate Britain On Monday 10 October, Fifth Year and Lower Sixth art pupils along with Upper Sixth Photography pupils visited the Tate Modern and Tate Britain. They began their day by visiting the Tate Modern, where they looked around the newly built Switch House with over 50% of the work in this new gallery belonging to female artists. At the Tate Britain, the girls were lucky enough to visit the Turner Prize Candidate exhibition. The work this year consisted of three female artists and one male and was overall strongly sculptural.

Within the context of an all girls’ school Miss Jolly is keen to specifically focus on matters directly affecting the young women of St George’s and she hopes to involve some of them in her interdisciplinary and musical works.

It was thought provoking and a variety of media was used. The winner will be announced in December. 5

Chapel Choir visit to St Paul's Cathedral for Evensong On Monday 19 September, the Chapel Choir were invited to sing Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral for the fifth year running, whilst the Cathedral Choir were on holiday. The service is the one Cathedral service which is led almost entirely by music, with the Choir singing preces and responses, the psalm for that evening, the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis of the Canticles and also an anthem. Well done to all of the girls who gave a superb performance. Readings from the Old and New Testaments are led by the Canon in Residence and the prayers are led by a Minor Canon. St George’s Reverend J. Sistig also joined in the readings. Many people are regulars at Choral Evensong and for tourists it is a service they come especially to take part in. Evensong was then followed by a well-deserved meal for the girls, staff and parents at nearby Pizza Express.

Drama Fourth and Fifth Year and Sixth Form Drama Workshops On Tuesday 13 September, Steve Kay visited St George’s to teach the GCSE and A Level pupils some physical theatre techniques, along with some exhilarating lifts. Throughout the afternoon, the girls were lead through some warm up exercises, to help focus their minds and bodies before learning some exciting lifts in pairs. This was extremely beneficial to them in the lead up to the 'Bring it On' performances. The lifts taught by Steve will also enable the girls to achieve a higher standard of performance. Separated into pairs, the girls devised their own movement piece, incorporating the lifts, before performing it to their peers. Afterwards, the girls constructed a physical theatre piece as a whole group, to create a short movement piece set on a train, which enabled them to use their imagination, and practice the techniques they had learnt earlier on in the workshop. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were eager to use the techniques they learnt within their own work.





Bring It On! Congratulations to the cast of 'Bring It On'. What a stunning performance! More photographs can be viewed on our website at





Boarding Fun

Boarding Fun The boarders at St George's have had lots of fun this term; a visit to Madame Tussauds and evening activities in the boarding houses.

Madame Tussauds On Saturday 24 September, the First to Fourth Year boarders were taken on an outing to London. While some shopped till they dropped with Miss Crawley on Oxford Street, others joined Miss Johnson to explore Madame Tussauds. Highlights for the girls included waxwork figures of One Direction, Beyonce and Colin Firth (maybe the latter was just for Miss Johnson!). The girls particularly enjoyed taking part in the Sherlock Holmes Experience - where they delved into the deepest, darkest corners of the museum, designed to look like various scenes taken from the book. They adopted the role of detectives and followed actors around locations, watching events unfold and helping them discover “who did it”. Their favourite part of the day however, was a 4D cinema experience of a Marvel film. Spiderman jumped out at them, the Hulk sneezed water in their faces and Wolverine’s claw jabbed them in the back. All in all, a terrific, fun day out enjoyed by all!

Activities First to Fourth Year girls have been enjoying many fun evening activities since the start of term including Soap Making, Rock Painting, film and popcorn nights on a Friday and a cupcake decorating competition in Markham.


Head of Boarding Houses The annual election for the Boarding Head of House and Deputy Head of House positions took place recently St George’s. The Boarding Head of House's principal responsibilities include ensuring that the House and the girls work effectively to fulfil their potential in a caring and enjoyable environment. The chosen girl is a key figure for their House and also for the girls within it and serves as a direct link between the girls and the house staff. The Boarding Head of House also ensures that the Boarding House is represented at all whole school events. Each candidate gave a talk to all members of their Boarding House and House staff as to what they could bring to the Boarding House, which was followed by an election. Congratulations to Markham Head of House, Katie, Head of House, Tiffany in Knatchbull House, and Head of House, Juliette, who will represent Loveday House, for being elected by their fellow pupils and the House staff.

Markham House "Katie is an ideal candidate for the position as a strong role model for the other girls within the house. Katie is extremely hardworking and approachable, the girls will no doubt feel comfortable expressing their ideas to her. We are confident that with Katie's strengths, Markham House will continue to grow in strength." Mrs Soni, Markham Housemistress

Knatchbull House "Tiffany came into the Third Year as a full boarder in Markham three years ago. She comes from Hong Kong where she attended Victoria Shang Hai Academy, an English-speaking school. Tiffany arrived at St George’s on the personal recommendation of Amy, an old Georgian and a close family friend. As a full boarder she understands how the boarders feel and is keen to take the lead in organising events and outings for them. In school she is studying Business, Psychology and Photography and enjoys badminton and squash. She hopes to go to university in the UK."

Loveday House "Juliette is a boarder from Paris. She has been boarding here for four years and is at the centre of the boarding life at St George’s. As both Head of Loveday House, and Boarding Prefect, Juliette has many ideas she would like to carry out in this role. One of Juliette’s main aims is to ensure there is regular and positive integration between the different boarding houses; there has been mention of a Quiz using ‘house families’ as the competitive groups; this will include groups with girls from every year group working together. Juliette is extremely excited about the prospect of playing such an integral part of the boarding life at St George’s, and can’t wait to get started." Mrs Condliffe, Loveday Housemistress 10


Heads of Boarding Houses


Socials Lower Sixth social with Eton College On Saturday 10 September, Lower Sixth pupils hosted a black tie social for boys from Eton College at St George's. The evening began with a meal in the Sue Cormack Hall, followed by a Celidh. All of the girls had lots of fun dancing to traditional dances and thank you to all of the staff involved for joining in and making the evening so enjoyable.

Third Year social with Eton College On Saturday 17 September and Saturday 15 October, Third Year pupils hosted socials for boys from Eton College at St George's. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal followed by a disco in the Sue Cormack Hall.


On Friday 23 September, St George’s supported the Jeans for Genes charity by asking pupils and staff to wear their jeans for the day, asking for a £1 donation to do so.


Jeans for Genes mufti day The pupils very much enjoyed raising money for the charity and with over £240 raised which will go towards a range of initiatives that improve the lives of between 4,000 and 6,000 children affected by a genetic disorder.

Macmillian Coffee Morning

St George’s took part in the 'Biggest Coffee Morning' with pupils and the Parents Association selling cakes on Friday 30 September. All of the cakes and treats looked delicious and were very popular with the girls! Well done to everyone who helped on the day. Over £500 was raised for Macmillan by parents, girls and staff in support of the important work the charity does for families who have been affected by Cancer.

Mathematics Workshop Admissions

On Saturday 24 September, St George’s welcomed pupils in Year 5, 6 and 7 from local schools to enjoy fun activities with the Mathematics Department. The children spent the day using bearings to navigate around the tennis courts, de-coding cyphers and secret codes, and also creating a logo using a computer. Thank you to Mr Wilson and the Mathematics Department for putting on such an interesting day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Open Morning

On Saturday 8 October, St George's welcomed over 75 families to their Open Morning. The day began with tours of the school by the current pupils, followed by speeches from Mrs Hewer and the Head Girls and the opportunity to meet staff over a delicious light lunch. Thank you to everyone who visited us and we hope to welcome many more families to St George's at our next Open Morning on Friday 24 February 2017. 12


School Photograph On Friday 16 September, the whole school and staff made their way to the playing fields to take part in the school photograph. Luckily the weather held out for the photograph to be taken and the whole school looked very smart and cheerful.

Staff raising money for charity St George's Electrician, Colin Smith with nine of his friends and family took part in the annual Palace to Palace 45-mile charity ride which started from Buckingham Palace and finished at Windsor racecourse, on Sunday 2 October. Palace to Palace, is a Prince's Trust cycling event with an iconic route. Colin took in the sights of Buckingham Palace, before cycling through Richmond Park and the beautiful Surrey countryside towards the finish line alongside Windsor Castle. Colin and his team raised over £1,600 for the Prince’s Trust.

Horse Riding

Famous for a day!

Second Year pupil Imogen has successfully qualified at the Kent County Show for the Horse of the Year Show which took place in October at the Birmingham NEC. Gabriella spent an exciting morning being filmed for Blue Peter, doing yoga and showing how she introduced yoga classes to her friend.

Imogen and her horse 'Nevada' qualified in both the Working Hunter Pony and Show Hunter Pony categories, an achievement that has not been achieved for many years. Her story has also been published in the August/September edition of 'Showing World'.

The episode was aired on BBC1, on Thursday 22 September. Well done Gabriella, for being awarded your Blue Peter Sports Badge!

Imogen was successfully placed tenth in the Horse of the Year


Army leadership exercises The start of the new academic year saw the Lower Sixth Form enjoy a leadership course put on by members of the British Army at St George’s. The weather on Wednesday 7 September was extremely hot, but that did not put off the new Sixth Form pupils as they set about a range of command tasks showing impressive teamwork and leadership where needed. The highlight of the afternoon, was the chance to run down the 100m long inflatable obstacle course that had been created and proved to be a fun but exhausting challenge! The Army staff were extremely impressed with the girls and everyone gave it their all, which is very encouraging indeed for the year ahead. Sixth Form mother and daughter champagne tasting evening On Friday 30 September Mr Carroll and Mr Wright, along with the Surrey Wine School, hosted the mothers and daughters of the Sixth Form for an evening of Champagne Tasting. Our experts explained to the group the champagne making process before those present went on to sample and discuss the six champagnes on offer. These ranged from a budget supermarket’s premium offering to the most famous champagne made by one of the major houses in the region. The bubbly was drunk alongside a fantastic offering of cheese and biscuits. All those present enjoyed an excellent evening and left with a much better understanding and appreciation of champagne. Lower Sixth visit to USA College Day fair in London On Friday 23 September a group of pupils from the Fifth Year and Sixth Form attended the Fulbright Commission’s US Universities Fair 2016 in West Brompton with Miss Collyer and Mr Wright. This is one of the largest conferences of its kind in Europe and saw over one hundred universities and organisations involved in college education in North America attending. The girls were able to approach representatives from a wide variety of US universities and discuss all manner of issues relating to such important elements as applications and student life in America. All the girls returned to Ascot with a much better understanding of the process of applying and inspired to look further into the exiting possibilities of tertiary education “across the pond”. 14

Sixth Form

Army Leadership Exercises

Key Dates

Form Captains, Deputy Captains and Charities Representatives New Form roles announced Well done to the following First to Fifth Year Form Captains, Deputy Form Captains, and Charity Representatives who were all voted in by their peers recently. They are all important roles to fulfil, and the Form Captain will canvas the views of her Form Group and feed these into the School Council meetings with the Head Girls and Mrs Hewer. The girls will also play a lead role in Form Group planning and events.

Form 1NA 1CL 1CM 2AF 2DK 2WF 3LJ 3MJ 3AP 4NG 4KS 4FR 5ML 5JO 5IH

Form Captain Charlotte Lucy Kendra Lucy Charlotte Lala

Deputy Captain Isabel Lara Isabel Annabella Jacqueline Ariana

Charities Daisy Claudia Rosa Olivia Lydia Thea

Olivia Alexandra Georgia

Phoebe Alicia Amelie

Avah Eve Olivia and Sasha

Isabella Omosigho Millie

Lousia Phoebe Emma

Grace Carla Catherine

Leila Isabella Amelia

Alice Victoria Lolade

Ellie Beatrix Henrietta

Key Dates for Autumn Term

There are many key events taking place at St George's after half term including our Fireworks Display, Autumn Concert and the First Year Pantomime. Please see below a snapshot of events taking place. Please do visit our website at for live calendar updates.

Key Dates

Autumn Term 2016

23 October - 3 November Upper Sixth History and Politics trip to USA 10 November Autumn Concert 11 November Fireworks Display 13 November Remembrance Service 15 November Chapel Choir sings Compline 16 November Upper Sixth Drama performance 18 November Parents' Association Quiz Night 19 November Confirmation Service and Tea 22 November Nocturne piano recital by Mr Hillier 24 November Lower Sixth Drama performance 25 November First to Third Year Concert 27 November Upper Sixth trip to Serena Hall 28 November Second Year History visit to Hampton Court 30 November Upper Sixth Form Drama Shakespeare visit 2 - 4 December Lower Sixth visit to Vienna 6 December First Year Pantomime 4 December Advent Carol Service 16 December Carol Service and Last day of term

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