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Edition Seven 03 JUNE 2022


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From the Principal Tina Campbell

“Let us consider how to stir one another to love and good works” Hebrews 10:24-25 The School has been a slightly quieter place in recent weeks with the Year 11 and 12 students undertaking their mid-year examinations at 441 Murray Street and the Year 7 – 10 students taking over the School.

National Reconciliation Week runs annually from 27 May to 3 June. It is a time of year where the process of reconciliation is highlighted, but of course, reconciliation is an ongoing matter. It must be at the core of what we do as individuals and as a society, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Year 10 students stepped into the breach and helped to lead our Chapel service by carrying the cross and House banners. My thanks go to Hamish Monk, Linus Miller, Audrey Hunt and Jessica Bakes for doing so with such poise and good grace.

The NRW theme for 2022 is ‘Be Brave. Make Change.’ This depicts a challenge for us all to work together as one to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation.

As we reach the end of National Reconciliation Week, it is important to recall the significance of such an event. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. The dates for Reconciliation Week are highly symbolic, as they respectively commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey – the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision.

As a school, St George’s Anglican Grammar School plays its part in building positive relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures. I am proud that as a school we have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within our St George’s Anglican Grammar School Community. I acknowledge their many positive contributions to our School and school life. I look forward with great excitement to celebrating their culture further as part of our

Reconciliation was the theme of our Chapel Service this week. 1

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

NAIDOC Week festivities which will commence next term and see us involved in a smoking ceremony with an Aboriginal Elder at St George’s Cathedral. The fair and equitable treatment of all individuals, groups and races is fundamental to the very essence of success of any organisation. Acceptance of individuals, their choices and beliefs are part of who we are at St George’s and, as a school, we encourage students to stand up, call out, and be brave when they witness any behaviours or actions that are intended to put down, harass or intimidate. During my address at St George’s Cathedral this week, I encouraged all within the St George’s School Community to be brave, to make small changes in their everyday lives, and to reimagine a better future for our country. With best wishes to you all, Mrs Tina Campbell

School Operations Susan Lazenby

Being in the middle of the term, we are at the exciting stage of considering what Co-Curricular activities we can offer our students. The sailing program is a roaring success thanks to Mr Dempers; Ms Scheele has made sure that NWAS games are forging ahead despite some challenges; students are making effective use of Homework Help, and other activities such as karaoke, table games and gaming are all well attended. Over the next few weeks, we will be compiling the Co-Curricular Handbook to send out for students to make their selections for Term 3. The School calendar is once again filling with excursions, incursions, music events, visiting speakers, socials for students, camp, and much, much more. It is certainly comforting to return to the regular hustle-bustle of the school term and life as we know it.

Events coming up in the next fortnight: 6 June

I encourage you to book your tickets for the Battle of the Bands here to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment from our talented students.

7 June

Thoughts are turning to Semester 2 and the events and plans for Term 3. In Week 2 of Term 3, we have our School Photo Days. This year 3P Photography will be taking the photos in a different format to previous years. Each student will be photographed individually, then composites groups created from these photos. With this technology, we have minimal disruption to the school day.

8 June

Early next term, we also have our Mid-Year Academic Awards Assembly which will be hosted at St George’s Cathedral on Friday 29 July. The hotly contested Inter-House Athletics Carnival is on 4 August. Term Three also begins with our NAIDOC Week celebrations. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events as we merge into our regular routine of celebrations and achievements.

WA Day Public Holiday NWAS Year 7/8 v Carmel Year 8 Camp Information Evening

9 June

NWAS Year 9/10 v Carmel 2023 Year 11 Subject Selection Evening Battle of the Bands Concert

11 June

Scholarship Testing

12 June

Short and Sweet Festival

16-17 June

Year 10 Examinations

17 June

Year 7 Silent Disco

2 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Chaplain’s Corner Chapel is the Heart of Reconciliation On Monday we began the observance of National Reconciliation Week (NRW) in style, right in St. George’s Cathedral, which as a school we are privileged to have as our Chapel. For me, the Chapel is the heart of reconciliation. In Chapel we are reminded about God’s sacrificial love for us. We are reminded about loving other people because, they like us, are children of God. We are reminded to respect everyone because they, like us, are the image of God. In the lovely passage from 2 Corinthians 5.16-21, read by Abbe Radici with grace and passion, we were reminded of how God reconciled us to himself through Christ. God did not count our sin against us, but in Christ he forgave us and adopted us as his children. In Chapel we are reminded to love one another and to forgive one another on that basis. I am pleased that several students were very happy and appreciated our Chapel service focus on the theme of reconciliation. This year we are being invited to continue to be brave’ and ‘make change’ through word and action and to make sure that the ‘unfinished business of reconciliation’ in our communities is tackled. I encourage you all to be proactive in the community. Talk to our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Be interested in knowing their history and culture. Here at St. George’s, we do have Indigenous students. Let them be our starting point in this effort—let us hear their voices and listen to their views. Reconciliation is about having respectful dialogue, which leads to ‘positive action.’ In Chapel I will continue to preach about loving, welcoming, and respecting one another, because Chapel is the heart of reconciliation. Father Gift

3 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Pastoral Focus

Winter Warmers Wednesday

Hilton Hardman

We have news about our next Service-Learning involvement. For Extended PCG on Wednesday 15 June, students will participate in a ‘Winter Warmer Wednesday’ warm clothes donation drive.

The Push-Up Challenge Since 2017, The Push-Up Challenge has seen over 250,000 participants push for better mental health and has raised over $16 million for mental health and suicide prevention in Australia.

For the entire day, to be worn with their uniform, students may wear one ‘Winter Warmer’ item and donate an equivalent new item. For example, if students wear one pair of crazy socks, they will be expected to donate a new pair of socks OR if they choose to wear a different jumper/jacket then they would be expected to donate a new jumper/ jacket. The proviso is that they wear the rest of their uniform as per the School Uniform Policy.

In 2021, The Push-Up Challenge raised an incredible $9 million to help The Push for Better Foundation, Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation and Lifeline Australia run vital mental health programs and save lives. 2021 was the first time St George’s took part in this challenge and we are proud to continue our support of such programs and create awareness around mental health.

All donated items will go directly to Anglicare and support families in need. As the winter nights get colder, we hope to be able to donate a substantial amount of warm clothing to Anglicare as part of this drive.

Gandhi House Captain, Brianna Goss, was selected as the Push-Up Challenge School Ambassador. This was achieved through an external application process, and we congratulate Brianna for taking on this role and promoting student wellbeing within the School.

If your child does not want to wear anything different to school on Wednesday 15 June, then they will be invited to donate a new or freshly laundered pre-loved item from the list below to support this worthy and important cause. In the spirit of supporting those in need this winter, from Weeks 6 to Week 8, families are invited to donate new or freshly laundered preloved items from the list below. All items will be donated to those in need.

During Week 7, students will start their mornings completing push-ups in their PCG Clusters. All push-ups will be logged on the Push-Up Challenge App and we encourage students and PCG Clusters to reach the goal of 3139 push-ups in 3 weeks. Let the best PCG win! Our students loved this challenge last year and we look forward to seeing them take part this year.

Blankets Puffer Jackets

Throws Beanies

Jumpers Gloves

Woolie Socks


Children’s winter PJ’s

Thank you in anticipation of your generous and ongoing support.

4 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Curriculum Update

expected to be present at School for all times outside of their examinations.

Year 11 2023 Subject Selection Parent Information Evening

Students are to arrive at 441 at 8:30am for morning exams and are welcome to have lunch within the city in between their exams on the Thursday and Friday. A formal attendance role will be taken prior to each examination and attendance is compulsory.

Anthony Bochrinis

On Wednesday 8 June from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the Laurence Library, we will be hosting our Year 11 2023 Parent Information Evening. This evening will be split into two sessions, a formal presentation regarding the strategy and implications of subject selection and a more informal Q&A Session with the Subject Selection Team and Heads of Learning Areas.

Any student who is unwell for an exam will require a medical certificate from a GP. Any student undertaking COVID quarantine during the examination period will require a PCR test result as proof of COVID quarantine.

Year 11 and 12 Semester One Examination Results

We continue to encourage families of Year 10 2022 students to explore the Year 11 2023 Subject Selection Information Package to prepare for this evening.

ATAR students in Years 11 and 12 will receive their results from their Semester One Examinations in classes on Wednesday 8 June.

If you are unable to attend this session, we will be livestreaming and recording the information presentation for families. A link to view this recording will be made available on Thursday 9 June.

If these results are not as they expected or hoped, they should make an appointment to discuss these with myself as Head of Curriculum so that together we can plan strategies to help them succeed.

Year 10 Semester One Examinations


Our Year 10 students will complete their Semester One Examinations in core subjects in Week 8. The exam timetable is available below:

Many thanks to all Year 7 and 9 students who attended NAPLAN testing and sought out catch-up opportunities as needed. We had a very high percentage of students able to participate in the national assessment programme this year, despite the disruptions we have experienced with COVID-related absence. NAPLAN results will be made available in mid Term Three.

Year 10 Semester One Exams are based on content that has been taught in classes in Terms One and Two and will form the basis of the prerequisites for almost all Year 11 2023 courses. Please note that students will be completing their exams at our new Examination Centre at 441 Murray Street and will not be

Year 10 Exam Timetable Semester One 2022

• Assessment free period from Thursday 9 June - Wednesday 15 June. • School resumes on Monday 20 June and Exams are returned to students on Thursday 23 June.

5 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Cooper in providing invaluable advice to St George’s students. Presentations and workshops ranged from how to succeed in any workplace to resume writing skills and what to wear to an interview.

World of Work Week This week St George’s Anglican Grammar School hosted World of Work Week – an inaugural three day event of seminars and workshops aimed at helping our Alternative Pathways Experience (APEx) students prepare for life after graduation. Human resources professionals joined leaders from Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Westpac and Price Waterhouse

On the third and final day of the program, students attend mock interviews with a live interview panel of professionals. The students were given feedback on their performance to help them succeed once they leave school. One of our guest speakers, Mr Tony D’Souza from Kitchen Warehouse, was so impressed with our students, he even encouraged them to apply for a job with his company! Congratulations to all APEx students that took part. Don’t forget to check out the Careers Portal on Seqta. Mrs Sharan Tagore

The Library has been busy with a variety of activities this week. One new initiative, Mrs Tagore’s World of Work Week, provided an engaging and hands-on experience for our senior APEx students, introducing them to a range of issues that they will face in the coming years either at TAFE or in the workplace. In relation to our core business in the Library, that is books, there are many new books coming on to our shelves. Students can access the Library Catalogue via the “Oliver” Library tab on the Homepage of SEQTA. Here students can log in to see new books as they arrive, reserve books, renew books, write a review, or request a book.

Our slideshow on the School eboards is providing students with pabulum. Grammar, philosophy, politics and books provide interest and information for the whole School community. Eventually other exciting activities will scroll through this medium so keep your eyes out for them! The first section of the Lego building Titanic is finished. Students are working carefully to complete this Lego project, with an estimated finishing time of December 2022.

Staff can also view ’UberReads’ for staff on the Oliver Homepage. Once a book is selected, staff need to email the library with the book title and the book will be delivered directly to them. Staff are also able to explore the full collection via the Catalogue.

Dr Annette Pedersen 6

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Around the School

The sailing Co-Curricular is the newest one to the group and it stands out quite a bit. Sailing stands out because of the opportunity to get on the water and just sail. So far, we have learnt about how to sail and maintain the boat. I am speaking for everyone when I say, “it’s worth it”. Many of us may have drifted out into the Swan River but we have always had the kind staff members of Mounts Bay Sailing Club and Mr Dempers to save us. – Julian Higginson

Sail Away, Sail Away

Mr Tom Dempers

Science Teacher

On a Musical Note With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, the St George’s Music Department has been returning to more normal routines with ensembles and bands rehearsing. Students are easily adapting to the challenges COVID-19 brings, with many instrumental lessons being conducted via Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Most recently, the Music Department has been preparing for the upcoming Battle of the Bands which will be held on 9 June. This is the first time in two years this event has been able to take place, which has inspired both new and experienced music students to get involved. This year’s concert will, for the first time, involve a House Band competition with Mandela, Gandhi and Lincoln bringing together their best musicians to compete against one another and the points will go towards the House Cup.

Our new Sailing Co-Curricular Program commenced this Term and will run for a total of twenty, hour-long lessons over three terms. The Program is run by three qualified instructors from Mounts Bay Sailing Club every Thursday after School. On the completion of the Program, students will have learnt the basics of sailing and operating a small sailing boat and will receive a sailing certificate for small yachts (four-person Pacer).

Meanwhile, Room G1 has been transformed into a Music classroom, where Year 11 and 12 VET Music students have recently been able to complete course work and enjoy the new instruments available.

Rain, hail or shine, we (mostly) get out on the water. Such is the fun of sailing!

G1 will also provide much needed additional rehearsal space for bands and ensembles as Music begins to emerge from the basement and take over the school! 8AMP is writing gaming music this term and the Virtual Realms exhibition presented 21st Century game design to them as a unique form of contemporary (musical) art. Coming up in Music:

9 June - Battle of the Bands Concert, Convenients (Northbridge) 23 June - ASC Rock Concert (PMACS) 31 August - ASC Piano Competition (PMACS)

A Journey through Virtual Realms

Hear from a couple of our students about their experiences thus far: With the start of a new term come new opportunities. This term, St Georges has signed 20 adventurous students up to do one of the new Co-Curricular activities – Sailing! So far, students have learnt how to manoeuvre their way around an opposing wind, how to professionally get ON the boat, and how to avoid being hit by the boom (I learnt that by getting hit by it.) Though the weather has been changing a lot, we are having a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to every lesson that comes up. – Oliver Bratley 7 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

The extraordinary Ali Griffin who ran her final ACC Cross Country today for us.

The Year 8 Advanced Music Program (AMP) students recently visited the WA Museum Boola Bardip for the Virtual Realms Exhibition.

Since Year 7, Ali has put St George’s on the running map with her achievements. She came in 8th out of 243 competitors. I would like to commend Ali and our U/19 runners who represented the School during their very busy exam schedule.

The students stepped into the realm of the videogame in a series of playful and immersive installations that took them on a journey through sonic landscapes and kaleidoscopic worlds. The exhibition paired six of the world’s most acclaimed videogame developers with six leading media design studios to create a series of large-scale, experimental spaces.

A full list of the ACC results can be found here As always, the team are amazing ambassadors for St George’s and themselves; kudos to each and every one of you for your personal achievements and your enthusiasm.

The Year 8 AMP students are writing gaming music this term and the Virtual Realms Exhibition presented 21st century game design to them as a unique form of contemporary (musical) art, opening up a new way to experience this rapidly evolving platform.

Thank you to the families who come along to support the event. I encourage everyone to come along to the Inter-House Athletics Carnival on the 4 August at UWA Sportspark and witness for yourself the spirit of St George’s.

Beth Watt

2022 Music Captain


Wide World of Sports

It has been terrific to commence the North West Associated Schools (NWAS) fixtures again with students competing in a variety of sport against other schools. Every Tuesday and Wednesday we fill a bus with Soccer, Netball, Badminton and Touch Rugby teams and have headed off to Aranmore, John Septimus Roe and this coming week we will be going up against Carmel School, followed by Mercy College. Teams have shown determination and tenacity. Jodie Scheele

Head of HPE

Yip Yip Circus

We had an impressive representation of fifty-eight students who competed in the ACC Cross Country Carnival at Alderbury Reserve on Thursday 2 June. This is the only Carnival that brings all the Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA (ACC) schools together, meaning many races have 300 plus competitors. Watching that number of students take off from the start line is quite a spectacle. It can also be quite daunting, knowing you must run against all these competitors, but credit to our students who stepped up to the start line and took it in their stride. U/13 Lia Watters came 5th out of 343 runners.

Year 7 Drama students have had the opportunity to work with two performers from Yip Yip Circus in preparation for their Physical Comedy performance assessments later in the term. They spent time learning to juggle and use circus ’tools‘ in session one and then worked on their acrobatic skills in session two. We cannot wait to see how they use their new found skills in their performances.

Lia is a WA State runner who says running makes her feel good. Congratulations on an amazing result Lia.

8 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Short + Sweet Schools Festival

Students will participate in a range of workshops and produce an original unit of work at the State Theatre Company.

The Year 10 Drama Students are working tirelessly on their productions for the Short and Sweet Festival. They will be presenting two 10-minute productions: “Someone Told Me it’s all Happening at the Zoo” and “Playing the Fool”.

Places are still available. Please contact Mrs Miller or Mrs Crisp if you are interested in participating and joining this exciting opportunity to work with the theatre’s elite. Here is a short bio on each of the teaching artists who will be running the workshops: Michelle Hall

Tickets are now available through the link below and we encourage the school community to come along to support them. We would love you to join us and our incredible students in this fun festival.

Michelle’s vision is to bring to life our stories, steeped in epic myth and everyday ritual, priming audiences for playful debate and social change. Michelle works with movement, music, image, verbatim and written text in a live choreographic theatre. Michelle has trained with Giovanni Fusetti (Italy) in the forms of Grotesque, Bouffon and red nose clown, and lead ensemble theatre workshops for Black Swan State Theatre Company, Barking Gecko Theatre and Oxford Youth Theatre (UK).

There are two performances on Sunday the 12 June. We hope to see you there! Tickets are selling fast so be sure to reserve your seats before they sell out. Where: When: Time: Tickets:

Subiaco Arts Centre Sunday 12 June 2:00pm (90mins) and 6:00pm (90mins plus Awards) Book here

Devising and directing projects include Walking on Eggshells (Children in Need UK), Scarlet Ribbons Intergenerational Loneliness Project (Oxfordshire Touring Theatre), The Lorax (Oxford Contemporary Youth Dance), The Land That Disappeared (Peepolykus), Journeys To Freedom (Black Umfolosi), Street Theatre Weeks (Electric Cabaret), Winter of Discontent (National Youth Theatre Festival, UK) and King Lear (Pegasus Young Company).

Drama Co-Curricular Opportunities WAYTco Deviser’s Club

Chisenga Katongo The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful. The way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable. - Barak Obama Chisenga is a Grammyrecognised, Hip-Hop artist born in Zambia and now based in Perth, Australia.

After a rocky start to the Deviser’s Club with lots of COVID-19 absences, we are pleased that this exciting project is back on track!

Before re-branding to the name CHISENGA, the rapper was known as C.R.I.$.I.$ and then later became Crisis Mr. Swagger. He came up with the aliases at the age of 10. Meanwhile, he asserted himself as a world-class creative, trailblazer.

Students have been working together at the WAYTco studio at the King Street Arts Centre to develop an ensemble mentality, explore who they are as emerging creatives, and to establish what they want to say through this performance.

Experienced in film-production and managing creative projects offering people from migrant and refugee backgrounds opportunities to gain new skills and industry experience, Chisenga has worked with WAAPA (WA Academy of Performing Arts), City of Gosnells, Matez in Oz, USAID, IOM (International Organisation for Migration) and the World Music Café.

The ensemble is very excited to begin the next part of their creative process next week – building their performance. Stay tuned for details on this exciting original work which will be presented to you in Term 3.

Black Swan State Theatre Company On Tuesday 7 June, our Senior Students will commence their CoCurricular Program of working with teaching artists from Black Swan State Theatre Company. This is an incredible opportunity for our students to learn from Perth Theatre’s finest and develop their drama skills and connections.

Mrs Renee Miller and Mrs Courtney Crisp

Drama Department

9 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

News from Science

visited the primates and the nocturnal zone and saw all the small critters. We then raced through the African Savannah as fast as we could as it was time to head back to School having had a wonderful adventure out at the Zoo. On the return ferry ride back to School, it was great to reflect on all our incredible encounters and all that we had learnt on our first outing as high school students. – Quinn Slater The Nobel Pathway is running well with our Year 7s busting myths, Year 8s are at the design stage of their sustainable housing challenge and the Year 9s have been learning about Marine Biology this term. They have dissected prawns and a squid thus far. This helps solidify their research on anatomy and scientific naming of marine animals. The Year 10 Nobel students have been learning about biological influences of behaviour and made some brain hats and neurons.

While our Year 11 and 12 Students have been busily preparing and sitting examinations, or completing work for their APEx courses, our Year 7 – 10 students have been enjoying a productive time in their Science classes. The Year 7 cohort went off to Perth Zoo last Friday under the care of the intrepid Year 7 teachers and some wonderful helpers. Perth Zoo offers enriching experiences for the Science curriculum and is well loved by our students and staff. Below are some reflections from the day.

In upcoming events, the annual Science Engineering Challenge for 32 Year 9 and 10 students will be running. Please send Ms Donovan a Direqt Message if you would like to be involved. The Year 12 Biology students will travel to Perth Zoo to learn about Homeostasis and our Year 10s will spend a day immersed in STEM at Murdoch University in Week 10. Happy Science! Charlotte Donovan

On Friday 27 May, the Year 7s took the ferry to the Perth Zoo, for our first-ever excursion in high school. Full of excitement, we arrived at the Zoo and took off to see the animals straight away. My group saw the birds, penguins, reptiles, and some amphibians. I especially liked watching the penguins jump off the ice and swim around, and watching the crocodile slowly move. After that we had recess, then went on to have a talk with one of the staff members at the Zoo. The talk was fun, referencing Harry Potter, solving a riddle, and even petting a snake so we could learn about classifying animals which is what we are currently learning in Biology. When the talk was over, we had lunch on the lawn altogether as a big year group. - Phoebe Monk

Head of Science

The Story Machine

During the second half of our excursion, we enjoyed lunch, and we had fun talking about the experiences the first half of the day had brought. After we finished eating, we all set off in our groups trying to find animals and classifying them based on their physical features. My group went to the Australian area and had fun walking through this section of the Zoo. We then ventured through the Asian rainforest seeing everything from Red Pandas to Orangutans. After this, we

On Monday 30 May, the Year 7 English class visited Raine Square where they each pushed the button on the Story Machine; a machine that distributes one, three or five minute long stories, depending on each student’s preference. 10

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

We brought these back to School so that the students could track the three plot phases of their stories. They were also tasked to identify how imagery, voice and tone had been used.

athlete. Paige won gold medals at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and 2019 World Track Championships in C1-3 women’s pursuit. Paige spoke to the students about mental fitness and how it is just as important as physical fitness, if not more so.

Once completed, they each recomposed one part of the story. The students then created a display in the School Cafeteria featuring the original stories and their rewrites. How great it is to have this at our fingertips here in the heart of the city.

One of her major setbacks was being knocked out of the qualifiers for the 100m and relay races at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. Paige drew on her skills in achieving mindfulness, remembered to be grateful for all she has and, with the support of her family, overcame this setback.

Mr Damien Kerrigan

Head of Languages

The Mandela students practised mindfulness and gratitude with Paige and asked her many questions! We are very thankful for this opportunity and when we are faced with setbacks, big or small, we will remember to use the skills we learned from Paige.

An Amazing Race, Paralympian and Sausage Sizzle in Extended PCG

As part of St George’s Pastoral Program, Gandhi House participated in The Amazing Race around the City of Perth during Extended PCG on Wednesday.

Lincoln House headed to Kings Park for a classic Australian sausage sizzle. The PCGs hopped on the bus and headed to Poolgarla Parkland (the same venue as the Cross Country) where Mr Lim had the hotdogs ready.

Students competed in their PCG clusters against one another to solve five different riddles, taking them to a different location in the City.

The students enjoyed lunch in the park while interacting with students in other PCGs and year groups, playing ball, chatting, or using the climbing equipment.

Congratulations to Ms Donovan’s PCG for winning the race. They all enjoyed their tasty Krispy Kremes as part of the victory spoils!

As always, the Lincoln students behaved brilliantly and conducted themselves well both at the venue and while moving through the city, and we look forward to our next House event. Mr Peter Quan Head of Gandhi Ms Jamie Pedler Head of Mandela Mr Vincent Lim Head of Lincoln

Maths Week Wrap As a Maths Department we loved celebrating Maths Week with the wonderful students at St George’s. Each PCG was given a Mathematician to research and the final posters were presented in CQU.

For Mandela’s pastoral activity this week, students were privileged to participate in a live Zoom session with Paralympian Paige Greco. Paige has cerebral palsy which mainly affects the right side of her body, finding fine motor skills very difficult and she often requires assistance with tasks like using scissors and cutting her dinner.

Each morning the PCGs competed in ’Nerdle’. The winning PCG was 11/12Gandhi Cluster B (Mr Hanssen). During

Before turning to cycling, Greco was a promising track and field 11 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Muso Profile Bailey Bridgeman, Year 12

PCG we also focused on 17 equations and the impact they have had in multiple fields. During the week students also participated in a range of lunchtime competitions and quizzes. Inducing a Big Maths Quiz and Countdown! The overall winners of these competitions was Blake Hutton, and Kaelan Harwood won the Tetris competition. To further celebrate Maths Week, the Year 10s had a presentation on possible careers in maths. Presenters from CSIRO, Main Roads, Australian Defence Force and BHP kindly gave up their time, providing the students with key insights into their careers and how they use mathematics every day.

Instrument At school I played the clarinet and undertook voice lessons. I soon found that I had more of an interest in singing, so I stopped playing the clarinet to focus on my singing in Year 8. Ever since, I’ve been singing in rock bands and loving it.

What first got you interested in Music? Probably the Year 7 music classes as they allowed me to experiment with different instruments until I found something that I was comfortable with. My family is also very big on music, so that has encouraged me to give it a go and always have a passion for music.

What’s the best thing about Music at St George’s? You’re allowed to play whatever song you choose, and it provides students with a way of expressing themselves and their personality through their musical choices.

Why should other people do music?

Thank you to all the PCG teachers and students who supported Maths Week. Miss Chloe Hewitt

Head of Mathematics

ST GEORGE’S ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL A school of the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. KW noiswd cee lo ed mgeGFraaitche SSeerrvviic

I did not realise I had such a passion for playing music until I tried it. I also found it to be a great way to make new friends and develop my music ability further. So, if you are not involved in the music program, you should be!

What’s your advice for anyone learning Music? It may take time to find your style, but that is okay. Play how you want to play and be confident in that and just keep learning and enjoying what you are doing.