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Edition Five 06 MAY 2022


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From the Principal Tina Campbell

It was wonderful this week to be able to have so many of our students all together at St George’s Cathedral to celebrate St George’s Day. There was a deep sense of pride and joy as we came together once again after only gathering in class groups for the majority of Term One.

happy thoughts which supports a positive mindset. A smile can therefore help us even on the most difficult of days. A smile expresses emotion and influences our emotional experience as we work, learn, and grow within the St George’s School Community. Studies show that people who smile a lot

Coming together as a whole school community and being able to see the students faces and their beautiful smiles was certainly uplifting and reminded me of the importance of a smile. Whether it is a grin, a smirk, or a broad beaming smile, there is no denying the feel-good power of this simple facial expression that we can see more fully now from behind the COVID masks. Smiling not only offers an immediate mood boost, but it also helps our bodies to release cortisol and endorphins that provide a wide range of additional health benefits to make us feel upbeat and positive. The physical act of smiling increases our happiness and lowers the levels of stress that we all encounter in our day to day lives. The science of smiling therefore shows us that it is indeed good for us, both physically and mentally. Darwin developed the Facial Feedback Response Theory which suggests that our brains recognise the movement of our facial muscles so when they are in a smile position, we begin to think 1 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

often appear more likeable, more courteous, and more capable. Smilers tend to be more productive at work and gain more satisfaction from their work. They even apparently tend to make more money. Smiling is contagious, it crosses all boundaries, is understood in all cultures and in the words of the late writer and poet, William Arthur Ward, “A warm smile is a universal language of kindness.” A smile conveys warmth, friendliness, compassion, and approachability. It says, you are welcome and cared about without the need to speak any words. Most often when you smile at someone, they will smile back, and a smile can, more often than not, change someone’s day for the better. This week I have been able to smile broadly about. Our St George’s Day Service with our Year 9 – 12 students at St George’s Cathedral. Our Parent Teacher Evenings where we were able to welcome families to the School for face to face meetings. Our Inter-House Cross Country where students stepped up for House spirit and House points. I encourage you all to start each day with a smile; we certainly have so much to smile about here at St George’s. Tina Campbell

Colours come to St George’s Anglican Grammar School

A warm welcome back to our international students

Exciting news!

With the Western Australian borders open to international students, the Anglican Schools Commission International have welcomed over eighteen students back to Perth since late February, with more arriving during Term Two. Many of the students have been studying remotely with the ASC International since early 2020, so they are very excited to be onshore studying face to face at one of our eleven schools located in Western Australia.

This year, we will be introducing Half Colours and Colours here at St George’s Anglican Grammar School to recognise exceptional performance in sport, the arts, academics, and service. These will be awarded at our Awards Assemblies which occur in Terms Three and Four. We look forward to being able to recognise students who perform to a high level in these areas across all year groups. Half Colour Awards will receive a framed certificate. Full Colour Awards will receive a Colours badge. There will also be Principal Honour Awards for students who receive multiple Colour Awards. More details and the criteria for each award can be found by clicking the image below.

To welcome our students back, ASC International held a celebration at the Study Perth student hub.


The central aim of the Colours Award System is to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and reward students for their commitment, involvement, achievement and excellence across several specific categories whilst at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. Colours are awarded for distinguished merit and recognise commitment beyond the confines of the classroom. All nominations for Colours must have demonstrated the following criteria: n n



A sense of commitment and enthusiasm for the area in which they are being awarded Colours . A cooperative and collaborative attitude towards both staff and their peers within their subject area and across the School both inside and outside of the classroom. A sense of loyalty and service to the School above and beyond that which would be expected of all St George’s students. Exemplary attitude and effort and presentation as a St George’s student and ambassador of what a Colours recipient represents within the School.

At St George’s Anglican Grammar School, the categories for Colours are Sport, Arts, Academic and Service.


Will be awarded to students in Years 7 – 9.


Will be awarded to students in Years 10 – 12.

COLOURS CATEGORIES SPORT COLOURS will recognise students who consistently exhibit a superior level of sporting skills whilst representing the School across a number of different sporting codes.

To be eligible for Junior or Senior Colours, students must attend all training sessions and matches. They must maintain high uniform standards and demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. They should be outstanding team members and have made positive contributions in a range of school-based teams and interhouse and inter-school carnivals. They must also be committed to their participation in Health Curriculum and must be recognised for their sporting performance at either national, state, ACC or School level. Students will be nominated for Colours by the Head of Learning Area (HoLA) – Physical Education. Outstanding performance in an individual sport or team for a minimum of one season leads to Half Colours. Full colours would be awarded to a student who has achieved Half Colours and has continued to be an outstanding member of their team. They would exhibit a superior level of commitment in at least two sporting teams or individual sports showing commendable sportsmanship and strong leadership. Students showing outstanding performance in sports outside of school sports can be considered for Sports Colours where

Our International Student Ambassadors had the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge about Perth, while our new students shared their experience with remote studies and their travels back to Australia.

ACADEMIC COLOURS will recognise students who have received Subject Excellence Awards in more than three subjects , including at least one core subject in both Semester One and Two.

Their behaviour within the classroom must be exemplary and they should have committed time to academic pursuits within the co-curricular domain to extend themselves beyond the classroom over the twelve-month period.

We look forward to further events as we continue to welcome more students to the ASC International family of schools.

Academic Colours are awarded to students who excel academically. To be awarded Half Colours students must achieve a minimum of three subject excellence awards in Semester One, with at least one of these being in a core subject of Maths, English, Science or Humanities. They must demonstrate consistently strong results across the semester. Full Academic Colours would be awarded to a student who has already achieved Half Colours in Semester One and who continues to excel academically. They would be expected to consecutively achieve at least three subject excellence awards in Semester Two with one being in a core subject. To be awarded Academic Colours they should have an outstanding report in both Semester One and Semester Two and their behaviour should be exemplary across the school in all areas.

SERVICE COLOURS will recognise students who

We wish all our students success in the year ahead. 2

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

have demonstrated significant service to the School and wider community within a 12-month period or made outstanding contributions to a number of school-based activities and events.

Chaplain’s Corner regular/ordinary teacher, I am their chaplain, I am their priest. So, in class I always say, “Do not put me in an awkward position, I do not want to grab your phone or make a negative report about you.” And students understand this. We have a very good relationship - I love them, and they love me! These students are excited in the presence of their chaplain. For me, that is the method, flood the students with love and they respond well. When you correct them with love or spend a minute to affirm them or tell them that you believe they can do better than that, they respond well. I have also noticed that teachers too, need encouragement. These people give a lot in their work. Teachers need to be affirmed and supported. I feel that at St George’s, our Monday morning briefings do just that. In every briefing, we have a time of reflection and prayer, and the briefings infuse the energy into teachers so they can successfully go through the week.

I have been here at St George’s Anglican Grammar School for nearly a month and half now, and I am absolutely loving it. Each morning when I remember that God’s mercies are new every morning, St George’s Anglican Grammar School comes to mind.

I am very excited that we are finally able to worship together as a whole School in the Cathedral. I am looking forward to all the upcoming events and services.

I ask myself every day, “What exactly is my role at St George’s besides teaching religion and conducting school services? How can I as a chaplain make a difference in the School?” I always remind my students to view me with different lenses because I am not like their

Father Gift

School Operations Susan Lazenby

Welcome back to Term Two and an especially warm welcome to the new families to the School Community. We look forward to meeting you soon at a School event. As our students move around the city in their distinctive red blazers, this is a reminder that they are to wear their blazers to and from School every day, and when they move between buildings or go on excursions that require them to be in their full winter uniform. We have at long last returned to Chapel at the Cathedral, so Year 12 students need to remember to wear their blazers on Mondays.

Events coming up in Term Two:

The exception to wearing full school uniform to and from school presently are: • If students have Physical Education or Outdoor Education in Period 1, they may come to school in their PE uniform; they are to change into their school uniform at the end of their PE or Outdoor Ed lesson. • If students have PE or Outdoor Ed in Period 6, they may go home in their sports uniform. • Students participating in NWAS are to change into their sports uniform during lunch so that they are in time to leave with their team at 3:15 pm. Our Co-Curricular Programme has started with many students involved in various activities at School and around the city. On the days of Parent Teacher Interviews this term, students should check with the coordinator of their activity for any changes to this program necessitated by the staff members attendance at Parent Teacher interviews.

9 May

Student Guild and Year 12 Commissioning, St George’s Cathedral

10 May 11 May

NAPLAN Reading NAPLAN Writing, NAPLAN Language Conventions Anglicare Ambassadors Master Class Parent Teacher Interviews

12 May

NAPLAN Numeracy Year 10 Excursion - Careers Expo, PCEC

13 May

NAPLAN Catch up day Parents Coffee Morning Year 8 Immunisation Round 2 Year 7 Immunisation Round 1 catch up Year 10 Immunisation catch up

17 May

NWAS Year 7/8 v Aranmore

18 May

NWAS Year 9/10 v Aranmore

19 May

Parent Teacher Interviews Online

3 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Pastoral Focus Hilton Hardman

and bug spray. Vapes are colourful, with flavours which make them more appealing to young people without a clear understanding of the inherent risks involved in vaping.

St George’s Day 2022

What can you do as a parent or carer?

There are ways you can help protect your children from vaping: • Whether you suspect your child is vaping or not, take the time to talk to them about it and help them understand all the risks involved in this new and emerging popular trend. It is never too late to have the conversation. • Try to start the conversation with your child in a relaxed easygoing way, perhaps taking the cue from around you, such as a note from school, a news story about it, or seeing people vaping on the street. • If your child is vaping, encourage them to stop, and let them know that help is available, and that you are there for them. • Try to research the different types of vapes available and the risks associated with using these products. • Report those who are selling vapes to minors or selling vapes containing nicotine to underage students.

This year, we celebrated St George’s Day on Monday 2 May. Students gathered in their PCG clusters during Period 1 to take part in a range of service-learning activities. There was much discussion around this important topic as service plays such a key part in our St George’s Day celebrations. My thanks to Mr Ryan McBride for putting together a service-learning activity for all students to be involved in as part of his role as Service-Learning Coordinator. The Student Guild and Anglicare Ambassadors collected the donated hygiene products to support Anglicare through their Street Connect Program. As always, we were blown away by the generosity of our families and the shared desires of both the School and families to help those in need.

Please feel free to view the this link for more information about vaping.

Our St George’s day Eucharist took place in our usual Chapel period and saw the winners of the Spirit of St George Awards announced.

Become a host family for international students

The recipient of this award is seen as a student who consistently upholds and exemplifies the School’s ethos and values, actively seeking to live with wisdom, grace, and service, and reflect the bravery and courage of St George to stand up for that which is good and right.

“Hosting is one of the best things I have done. My children have made so many friends from hosting international students over the years. We have really enjoyed the process and highly recommend it!”

This 2022 Senior Spirit of St George Award recipient was Ali Griffin, and the Junior Spirit of St George Award recipient was Ava Watters.

– TL Wee, Host Family Hosts play a valuable role for students whether they are students from regional WA or overseas. ASC International is proud of our in-house Homestay Program which ensures the safety and welfare of our students. We have a range of hosting options from short to long term stays. Your home will be an environment where students feel safe, supported, and included.

Vaping Information for Parents, Guardians and Carers Do you know what they’re vaping?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to become a homestay host. We recognise that hosts come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and different family compositions. Hosts can be singles, couples, families, single-parent families, empty nesters, the list goes on.

We are urging parents to find out more and talk to their children about the hidden impacts of vapes. Alarmingly, we are hearing of this growing trend across Western Australian schools. Young people may think they are simply inhaling flavoured water; however, this is far from the truth. Vapes can contain the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer,

For more on our homestays host community click here. 4

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Curriculum Update

Round One OLNA Results

Anthony Bochrinis

Parents of Year 10-12 students who sat an OLNA assessment in March of last term will be notified early next week of the outcome. Additionally, next steps by the School will also be outlined in working with students who have yet to meet this graduation requirement.

Externally Set Tasks Our Year 12 APEx students are busily preparing for their Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) that begin this week and run until 20 May. As these in-class assessments are worth 15% of their final grade, I strongly encourage students to ensure that they take up opportunities for additional study and revision offered by subject teachers.

Years 11 – 12 Semester One Examinations Semester One Examinations for our Year 11 and 12 ATAR students are fast approaching! Students and families have been sent a copy of the Semester One examination timetable via SEQTA Direqt Message. To support students in preparing for exams, you are most welcome to view the following YouTube videos that provide further information: Year 11: Year 12:

Parent Teacher Interviews It was lovely to have parents in our School on Tuesday night Week 2 for the first of three Parent Teacher Interview sessions. Many productive conversations were had and academic goals for students mapped out for the coming term. Please note that bookings are open for our remaining two sessions as per the table below: Please note that bookings for our final two sessions will close on Tuesday 10 May at 9:00am.

NAPLAN In Week 3, our Year 7 and 9 students will be sitting their NAPLAN tests from Tuesday 10 May to Thursday 12 May. All students will complete four tests across these days in Periods 1 and 2. Please see the outline below for the schedule for the week: To prepare for NAPLAN tests, the School asks students to ensure that their laptops are fully charged for the start of each day. Tuesday 10 May

Reading Test (65 minutes)

Wednesday 11 May Writing Test (42 minutes) Language Conventions Test (45 minutes) Thursday 12 May

Numeracy Test (65 minutes)

Friday 13 May

NAPLAN Catch Up Tests 5 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

A positive attitude, resilience, and a willingness to persevere and work through difficulties will equally help to allow them to THRIVE.

Exams are fast approaching for our senior students and the word to remember is PREPARATION. Preparation is key to success. Make sure you have a good study plan and if you don’t know where to start, talk to your teachers about how to create one that works for you.

More importantly, a young person’s work and study habits have the most potent impact on the results they receive at the end of the year. It is worth keeping in mind that the study habits they develop in school also impact on their success in life beyond school.

Here is a link to a useful booklet that you can use as a starting point. All the best everyone and remember my door is always open should you need to talk through your PREPARATION for exams and study routines

This article from Arrive and Thrive provides useful tips on how to develop positive habits and battle procrastination.

Creating positive habits in secondary school and beyond

Don’t forget to also check out the May issue of the Career Compass and the latest Career Spotlight.

Natural ‘smarts’ is not the only factor that will impact on a young person’s success at school this year.

Mrs Sharan Tagore

Our Reading Program launched this week. All students in Years 7 to 10 will be reading as part of their English curriculum class. We hope to extend this to everyone reading, staff and students. Our Library marketing campaign was initiated during the holidays with an inviting media display in the Library. Information about important events and things of interest to students will also be uploaded to classroom screens as a screen saver. Term Two in the Library will be very exciting. We are ready to welcome borrowers. All students and staff are encouraged to visit the Library to borrow a book. If you are unsure what you would enjoy reading, please ask and I can help you to find a wonderful book. Books take us, effortlessly, to other worlds, other lives, and other times.

The Library is creating a variety of activities to encourage reading and support literacy. Uber Reads will be released in the staffroom in Week 3 and in the fullness of time, there will be a “murder” in the building. With a great collection of books, all things are possible. Together, let us read. Dr Annette Pedersen 6 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Around the School

Year 11 ATAR Geography Fieldtrip

Lives on the Lawn

On Wednesday 27 April, the Year 11 Geography students participated in a fieldwork experience at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre as part of their course, Unit 1: Natural and Ecological Hazards. The purpose of the fieldwork was to investigate the impact of fire on our environment.

In the Book of Ruth in the Hebrew Scriptures, Ruth’s husband died, and she was in danger of being rejected from her marriage home as a foreigner. She was viewed with suspicion and as one not to be trusted. However, she did not hide. She remained in this foreign marriage land and committed herself to the traditions of her marriage family.

After meeting our guide for the day, we completed scenario mapping using data from a recent bushfire in Sawyers Valley. Taking into account the wind speed and direction on the day and local topography such as aspect, incline and fuel load, the results were a reminder of how quickly uncontained bushfires can travel through areas which have not recently experienced a prescribed burn.

The Book of Ruth is a story about challenges. Not, as you might think, a challenge to remain in a foreign country, but the challenges that countries must address when someone seeks refuge in their country. They are, after all, an alien in this ‘foreign’ land and could be seen as a threat to that country’s sovereignty.

Our guide outlined how First Nations People have effectively managed the land through cool mosaic burns in autumn and spring over thousands of years and showed us examples of how native vegetation such as Jarrah and Marri trees have adapted to be able to survive bushfires.

The big question for any country is to ask: How should we treat the refugee seeking asylum in ‘our’ land? On Palm Sunday, 10 April 2022, the St George’s Anglicare Ambassadors, and members of the School Community, in conjunction with the Uniting Church WA, prepared for and set up the ‘Lives on the Lawn Project’. 1,635 cardboard figures were planted in the lawn outside St George’s Cathedral. They represented the 1,635 refugees and asylum seekers currently in detention or on bridging visas in Western Australia.

We then participated in field work away from the Discovery Centre, visiting two sites to collect and compare fuel load and canopy measurements in a recently burnt and unburnt areas. Sketching

the forest profile of both locations provided a visual reminder of the environment for further discussion back at school. The day concluded with an assessment of the buildings at the Discovery Centre and a discussion on improving the fire safety of the centre through preparation, mitigation, and prevention strategies.

Service is a key element of our Anglican identity and part of the motto on our school crest including Wisdom and Grace by which we seek to live our lives. By their actions at this event as well as throughout the school, St George’s Anglican Grammar School students spoke clearly, ‘We must open our hearts and homes, in solidarity, to the refugee seeking asylum in our midst.’

Fortunately, the rain held off for most of the day and the time spent out in the natural environment in the Perth Hills was a lovely way to start what is shaping to be a busy Term Two. Ms Taryn Sephton

Ryan McBride

Geography Teacher

Service Learning Coordinator 7

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Happenings in Drama

Wider Reading

In Week 3 of Term Two, the English and Languages Department in conjunction with the Laurence Library, will be introducing a Wider Reading Program to St George’s. The Program is being introduced to provide students with opportunities to engage with fiction and to help them develop reading stamina and sustained levels of concentration that come from consistently reading for twenty five minutes.

Term two has started with a bang in the drama department! Years 9 and 10 students have commenced their Co-Curricular Program activities with WAYTco focusing on devising a new original work in the King St Arts Centre Studio. Students are privileged to be working alongside WAYTco’s Artistic Director James Berlyn, who is an extremely experienced and recognised theatre maker. In their first session, students worked as an ensemble to understand each other’s creative interests and passions. They will begin exploring their ideas and voices for their original works next week.

All members of the English and Languages Department will participate in these reading sessions and the ensuing conversations that are likely to emerge about favourite authors and genres. All students in Years 7 to 10 will participate in the Program during their last Week A lesson. This requires that all students in Years 7 to 10 are to be in possession of a fiction text. We would greatly appreciate it if you could discuss this Program with your children and help them to select a novel to bring along in Week 3 or encourage them to visit the Laurence Library for support in this. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this initiative or the novel that your child will be bringing with them. Mr Damien Kerrigan

Head of English and Languages (Acting)

News from Science Welcome back to Term Two! We trust that our students all had a relaxing break and have started back this term with renewed energy. This term brings many things for students to be involved in for Science. Our Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be competing in the Big Science Competition over the next two weeks. This allows students to pitch their Science knowledge and skills against peers across Australia and New Zealand. St George’s often has highflyers in this competition, so we wish our students success and may the best scientist win!

The Year 10 Drama class have received their scripts for the ‘Short and Sweet’ Festival to be held at the Subiaco Arts Centre in June. Students will direct, design and act in two 10-minute plays, competing against other Perth Schools. The Year 10s will also have the opportunity to collaborate with WAAPA directing students who will mentor St George’s students. Watch this space for tickets to see this in the coming weeks, you will not want to miss out! Mrs Renee Miller

Perth Zoo will be visited this term by our Year 7s, for a Classification Education experience and by the Year 12 ATAR Biology class, for a re-cap on their Homeostasis unit. Stay tuned for more information from your Science teacher in this regard.

Drama Teacher

8 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Respect - Respecting other students, school property and yourself.

Examinations are looming for the Year 10, 11 and 12 students. While this can be a time of stress, Semester One examinations can also be seen as a stepping stone toward greater achievement and improvement. For some, this will be their first time sitting an exam, while for others these are some of their final examinations. All students are encouraged to seek help from their teachers and to attend Homework Help sessions if they have any questions, queries, or concerns. Science teachers may also be offering extra exam tuition; reach out and ask if you are interested in a revision session.

Integrity - Being honest and doing the right thing, regardless of whether any teachers are watching. Diversity - Including others and accepting everyone as an individual. During the Extended Pastoral Care Group lesson, the students spent some time in their House groups reflecting on last term. What went well, what didn’t go so well and what they could do differently this term. They then used this reflection to assist them with creating their academic and pastoral goals for Term 2.

Our Year 11 Human Biology students were set a Bingo revision task over the holidays. The results were brilliant: videos, presentations, chalk drawings and building models, all showed that revision can be fun. The students worked individually and in groups to achieve the task and showed that developing a positive approach to learning pays dividends.

These goals have been logged onto SEQTA and students have been encouraged to share and discuss these with their parents. In particular, are these goals specific, are they measurable, are they achievable, what steps should be taken to work towards these goals, who can assist and how will we know when they have been achieved? There is much dinner time chatter to be had concerning these goals. We look forward to another productive and positive term for our Year 7 students. Ms Taryn Sephton

Happy Science!

Head of Year 7 (Acting)

Ms Charlotte Donovan

Inter-House Cross Country Carnival

Head of Science

We are indeed fortunate to have the most picturesque Cross Country track in Western Australia. On Thursday 5 May, our students competed in the Inter-House Cross Country Carnival at Hale Oval, Kings Park. The 3km track meanders through the spectacular Kings Park bushlands. Congratulations to everyone involved and to Gandhi House, who won the 2022 Inter-House Cross Country Shield.

Year 7 Values Certificates have returned!

345 Points

This week during Extended Pastoral Care Group, twelve students from the cohort were awarded a Values Certificate. These students were nominated by their class teachers during Term One for demonstrating actions and behaviours in line with our school values. Pleasingly, nominations are already rolling in from teachers for Term Two.

280 Points

262 Points




U/13 Girls

Lia Watters

Scarlett Wallace

U/13 Boys

Jesse Nossiter

Quinn Slater

U/14 Girls

Alyssa Peake

Anouk Potter

U/14 Boys

Emran Noori

Information that has been shared with the students about our School Values:

Cooper Grant and Sebastian Munday

U/15 Girls

Ava Watters

Amelie McKeon

Faith - Being kind and helping others.

U/15 Boys

Alex Brown

Henry Beck

Excellence - Doing your best in activities, wearing your uniform properly and giving everything a go.

U/16 Girls

Kaylee Chin

Emily Muir

U/16 Boys

Jared Moro

Nathan Mitchell

Justice - Being fair, sharing and allowing everyone to have their turn.

Open Girls

Alexander Griffin

Bonnie Baugh

Open Boys

Callum McGillivray

Samuel Crowford

9 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

(all other divisions). We meet in the Fitness Centre at 7:00 am for a prompt departure at 7:05 am and will be back in the building at 8:00 am in time to shower and change into school uniform.

Sportsmanship Awards U/13

Scarlett Momberg


Macy Chapman


Sonny Wilson


Max Ferguson


Ethan Buckley

2022 St George’s ACC Cross Country Team

The Associated and Catholic College’s (ACC) Cross Country Carnival is on Thursday 2 June at Alderbury Reserve. Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent the School in the 2022 St George’s ACC Team. Training takes place every Monday and is open to anyone that would like to improve their endurance. The ACC Team is encouraged to come along as they will need to train for the 3km (U/13 and U/14) or 4km distance

Under 13 Boys

Under 13 Girls

Jesse Nossiter Quinn Slater Lennox Krebs Ethan Hardley Mason Montgomery Jurgen Brooks Reserves: Adam Lowe Charlie Rigby

Lia Watters Scarlett Wallace Phoebe Monk Mia Starkie Mila Austin Ava Darragh Reserves: Meg Docherty Alexandria Szick

Under 14 Boys

Under 14 Girls

Emran Noori Cooper Grant Sebastian Munday Adam Strophair Adam Lazarevski Gabriel Bott Reserves: Harvey Miller Aidan Milligan

Alyssa Peake Anouk Potter Asha Freeman Nancy Hunt Zoe McAuliffe Zara Moesker Reserves: Jade Fletcher Mia McGurk

Under 15 Boys

Under 15 Girls

Alex Brown Henry Beck Jasper Bridgeman Benjamin Humphreys Owen Lane Rory Bingham Reserves: Cooper Wallace Erik Beltz

Ava Watters Amelie McKeon Charlotte Bense Joss Walker Alison White Zuri Hawkins Reserves: Sophia Warren Orla Neri

Under 16 Boys

Under 16 Girls

Jared Moro Nathan Mitchell Dylan Herbert William Owen Hamish Monk Cooper Zuideveld Reserves: Linus Miller William Moesker

Kaylee Chin Emily Muir Audrey Hunt Clare Cohen Meg Purser Holly Williams Reserves: Macy Mackey Montana Willis

Under 19 Boys

Under 19 Girls

Callum Mc Gillivray Samuel Crowford Tom Sweeney Ethan Lane Giles Heather Jeremy Karagania Reserves: Caleb Lucas Isaac Declerck

Alexandra Griffin Bonnie Baugh Sydnee Gould Gwendelin Tan Milla Howard Coco Johnston Reserves: Claire Beltz Marianna Beeken

10 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON


Ava Watters Year 9 Ava, together with her team, achieved the Silver Medal in women’s artistic gymnastics at the WA State Championships held last weekend Ava was also recently selected for the WA State Gymnastics Team and will compete at the National Gymnastics Championships at the end of May in Brisbane. Congratulations Ava, we wish you all the very best for the upcoming Championships.

Jenna Everett Year 12 Jenna travelled to Victoria with the WA Sailing Squad to take part in the Victorian Youth Championships and Selection Regatta. With the uncertainty over the last couple of years due to COVID-19, it was wonderful to finally put all her hard work and training to the test. The regatta took place over the Easter weekend at Williamstown in Victoria. With the lack of National Championships over the last two years, this regatta was also going to be the selection event to form the Australian Team that will attend the World Championships in the Netherlands later in the year. Jenna, along with her skipper, Annabelle, had a roller coaster of a regatta! They experienced typical Melbourne weather - all four seasons over the weekend. They finished strongly to take out second place in the female division. Unfortunately, they just

ST GEORGE’S ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL A school of the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. KW noiswd cee lo ed mgeGFraaitche SSeerrvviic

missed out on the Australian team, but the podium finish earned them the opportunity to stay on for another four days to take part in The Australian Sailing Youth Squad camp. We are very proud of Jenna; she showed some amazing strength and resilience over the two weeks in some pretty tough conditions. We are looking forward to what comes next for her.

Mckenzie Wilson Class of 2021 Congratulations to Mckenzie Wilson for her recent feature in The West Australian newspaper and being selected for the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine. McKenzie’s Year 12 art piece was selected to be part of the 2022 Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA. Her artwork, Afterglow, was one of only 49 works by students selected for the exhibition from schools across Western Australia. Click on the image to read the full feature that appeared in The West Australian. The Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition is open now until 24 July 2022 at the Art Gallery of WA and we encourage you all to head there for a visit