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Edition Four 08 APRIL 2022


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From the Principal Tina Campbell

This week saw the St George’s Team of The World’s Greatest Shave go live on the rooftop. It was wonderful to have so many staff and students involved in only our second year of taking part in such a significant fundraiser for lifesaving research and support for families facing leukaemia. The excitement of being in the city allowed us to also take over the barbershop next door with Next Level Barbershop supporting us in our endeavours to have heads shaved and ponytails chopped. My sincere thanks to Mr Hardman and the Student Guild for organising the event and for all involved – both those who donated money and those who took the plunge and had their heads shaved or hair cut. It was a great event to conclude the last week of term for us here at St George’s. Today we also raised more money through the COVID safe Colour Run to celebrate Gandhi House Charity Day. The atmosphere at the event was superb and so much fun was enjoyed by all involved. Year 12 Gandhites and Mr Quan were tireless in their efforts to ensure the event could go ahead whilst also respecting current restrictions. It was certainly a terrific end to Term One, full of smiles and laughter.

Easter is the ultimate season of renewal. Whether you are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, worshipping at church, decorating colourful Easter eggs, undertaking Easter egg hunts, or just eating chocolate, I encourage you all to take time to embrace the new life of this season especially as we enter it after a term of uncertainty with rising COVID numbers, quarantine periods, close contacts and mask wearing mandates.

With Easter School Holidays now upon us, it is a time for us all to recharge our batteries and to create some much needed ‘time out’ for ourselves and for our children. 1

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

We are hopeful that there will be some changes to school routines next term and once confirmed, these will be communicated to families in the holidays. At the moment, the Phys Ed Department are busily planning for Inter-School Sport and Inter-House Cross Country; Father Gift is looking at the possibility of whole year groups gathering at St George’s Cathedral in a COVID safe way for our weekly community worship on a Monday; the Music Department is developing plans for Battle of the Bands Week, and Principal Coffee Mornings may also be able to resume. We have also been given special permission to have our Semester One examinations at 441 Murray Street to allow us to have more space between each study desk for the students involved. I am excited about the many possibilities that we hope lay ahead of us for Term Two and a return to more normal routines for everyone.

having to think about school the following day, is liberating for everyone. Staff and students alike are eagerly looking forward to and anticipating the excitement of this two-week break. I hope that all of you will manage to have some family time during the Easter break. Holidays allow us all to feel more relaxed, conversations are easier, we laugh more often and perhaps we even begin to appreciate each other more than we realise in the ‘busyness’ of the school term. It is a time to ‘disconnect’ and just to ‘be’ in the present and even potentially to daydream for a while. Whilst for many of our senior students these school holidays will also be a time to prepare themselves for Semester One examinations, they too need to have at least half of the holidays as a time of rest and relaxation. I encourage some much-needed PJ days for us all!

Easter is a serious Christian holiday as it celebrates the very essence of our Christian faith. It is a reminder that Christ died and rose again for all of us. As Christians, His death and resurrection transformed our lives as we endeavour today to live our lives celebrating the freedom of goodness, lives that display a love and respect for our neighbours, and lives that seek to consistently restore hope and mercy within the world in which we live.

I wish you all a holy and happy Easter and hope that you and your loved ones stay well. My hope too is that those families currently experiencing COVID, recover swiftly to have time to celebrate Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday this weekend.

Holidays are a wonderful way to have a break from regular routines. These holidays with borders open may allow us all a chance to travel, to catch up with friends or family living in WA, interstate or overseas; to finally read that book that has been on the bedside table or to get stuck into the garden. Students can spend time with friends, biking, skating, surfing, getting to the movies or just being out and about outside. No need for nightly homework, and not

I look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 27 April where we will commence Term Two. Mrs Tina Campbell Principal

2 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Pastoral Focus

Extended Pastoral Care Groups

Hilton Hardman

The change from Year group PCG groups to Cluster PCG groups has allowed the School to move toward cross-year group interactions. This is something St George’s is extremely proud of and known for.

World’s Greatest Shave 2022

The last three weeks has seen Extended PCG dedicated to PCG clusters working on teamwork activities, inner-city excursions, and vertical House meetings to acknowledge students doing fantastic things for their House and School. Some highlights from the last three weeks have been the Senior School newspaper fashion designs, the Middle School tower building contest, and the paper airplane building/ cake making competition. PCG Clusters have enjoyed picnics in the park, ice cream breaks, or even trying out some of the local restaurants. All activities have been focused on these small groups interacting and developing the strong bonds across the year groups that we are known for and celebrate here at St George’s. We have dedicated time slots during the term to allow for these interactions in between our Protective behaviours program and Guest speaker discussions.

This year’s Student Guild have continued the new tradition of supporting the Leukaemia Foundation by taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave. As a small school, we were delighted to have twelve students signed up along with three members of staff. These individuals, along with the support of our school community and Gandhi Charity Day, saw the school raise over $8000. The day itself was full of laughter and students sporting new hairstyles. The rooftop was converted into the St George’s Barbershop with music playing in the background and each student being cheered on as they had their hair cut. As a School, we are incredibly proud of all students and staff who took part.

Student Mentors This will be the fourth year that we have been running our exciting Student Mentorship Program. Nominations took place at the beginning of this term where students across Years 10 to 12 could self-nominate as Mentors. These students have now completed their training program designed to develop the skills of supporting others while understanding the personal boundaries of mentoring. Mentors will provide an approachable and non-threatening alternative for students who need support with any concerns or personal issues that they might be facing whilst at school They will have fortnightly group sessions run by the Head of Pastoral to debrief and provide ongoing guidance and support. This aspect of the program is predicated on the knowledge that students are often more likely to speak to a trusted peer than to an adult. Not only will our Mentors be a support for their peers, but they will also learn transferable life skills through being part of the program. The following students have completed their initial training and will be appointed as student mentors at the start of Term Two: Roisin Beesley, Tom Sweeney, Audrey Hunt, Holly Dear, Hamish Monk, Ho Kit Wong, Lauren Martin, Isla Andrews, Gwendelin Tan, William Moesker, Sadie Tibbitts, Raquel Quyn, Kelsey Goss, Emily Muir, Ari Lienert. Training will continue in Term Two, and we expect more students to be added to this list. Huge congratulations to all involved. 3 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Chaplain’s Corner board. One month on... it has been quite an exciting experience: arriving halfway through the term, Chapel attendance limited to just one class, learning to produce a video service for class chapel, and learning to use SEQTA! But I have managed to settle quickly because of the love shown by staff, teachers, and students. I am proud of the resilience of students who work diligently under their masks every day at school. I am humbled by the welcome I have received. The Student Guild told me not to worry. They said, “We love our chaplains at this School.” They have worked with me in making the best out of Chapel while we have just one class attending per week. Greeting students at the front entrance as they arrive every morning is an absolute pleasure. A Year 7 student asked me with excitement, “Are you Fr Gift? You are my new RE teacher!” Another Year 7 girl ran up to ask me if I was Fr Gift. She was so excited to meet me!

When I told close friends that I was leaving parish ministry for School Chaplaincy, there were mixed feelings. Someone said, “That’s a huge jump from parish ministry to school chaplaincy.” Another said, “I admire your courage, how do you manage to stand in front of hundreds of school students? I can’t even stand before a dozen.” Another close friend said, “I know you have lectured in colleges, but high school is completely different especially here in Australia.”

How can one not be happy to be here with such a happy, resilient, and welcoming group of students? Enjoy your school holidays. See you next term.

Yet Archbishop Kay had confidence. She said to me, “You will be a gift to the School, you are the right fit for St George’s, you will do well for them.” Our Principal too had confidence, so she brought me on

Father Gift

School Operations Susan Lazenby

family as we celebrate the most significant time on the Christian calendar.

As the leaves on the plane trees in the city start to dress in their autumn best, it is time to check that winter uniforms are ready for Term 2 and Term 3. Over this summer, our students have put on a growth spurt, so please check that hems are the right length. Skirts must touch the top of the knee and trouser hems should brush the top of shoes. The regulation School backpack, or pull along bag, are the only bags to be used by students to and from School as they are considered part of the school uniform. Tara Uniforms have received new stock of uniform requirements, so please make a booking with them for fittings at their showroom. There is also a smaller bag that can be used for transferring bags between classes in the city and these can be purchased directly from reception. Download the order form here and hand in to reception.

Events coming up in Term Two:

In Term Two and Term Three, the school blazer is to be worn every day to and from school, and Year 12s are to wear their blazers to Chapel and formal occasions. Our distinctive blazers dot the CBD in the winter terms providing a little spot of brightness! These school holidays are a great time to ensure it is dry cleaned and ready to be worn with pride. The Co-Curricular Handbook will be available at the start of the holidays for students to make their selections for Term Two. It will be sent via SEQTA with an e-copy of the handbook and the link to the selection form for submission. Travel safely this holiday, keep well and find time to relax with your

27 April

Students commence Term 2 (Winter Uniform) Year 11 Geography ATAR Excursion, Perth Hills Discovery Centre

2 May 3 May 5 May 10-13 May 11 May

St George’s Day Parent Teacher Interviews Inter-House Cross Country, Kings Park Year 7 and Year 9 NAPLAN Parent Teacher Interviews

4 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Curriculum Update Anthony Bochrinis Interim Reports Interim reports have been released today to all families and provide a progress report of your child’s Term One results ahead of Parent Teacher Interviews early next term. Interim reports provide feedback from students’ teachers in the following four domains:

In the new term, we will be bringing all Year 11 and 12 ATAR students to 441 Murray St to allow them to feel more comfortable in this space.

Parent Teacher Interviews You are now able to book Parent Teacher interviews. Due to the current climate with COVID, Parent Teacher Interviews will operate slightly differently this year on the following scheduled dates:

For each of the above domains, teachers provide an affective which defines the areas at which you are excelling and what areas we can focus on for the remainder of the year:

You can book Parent Teacher Interviews following the information that you will receive via SEQTA. There is the opportunity to come to the School to meet your child’s teachers face to face or to meet them online if this is your preference.

Years 11 and 12 Semester One Exams While the start of the holiday break is a chance to relax and decompress from the business of Term One, it is also a great opportunity for our Year 11 and 12 Students to begin preparing for their Semester One exams. Please see below a template study calendar that students can use in their upcoming preparations, although we do encourage them to have 50% of the holiday period as time away from their books: We also have some very exciting news! With our recent purchase of 441 Murray Street as the future location of St George’s, we have just received special permission from the City of Perth to use this location to host our Semester One and Two exams. This allows us to host the exams in a COVID safe way with desks spread out more than is possible at 10 William Street. 5 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

graduation. Discussing career pathways with family and friends over the break is a good way to find out where your passions lie and how to turn them into a reality. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Part of the key to success is ambition. This week I have launched Career Focus. These interviews will explore the careers and journeys of people within our community. Hopefully they will inspire discussion around the dinner table about career paths and ways to achieve them. In this first Career Focus, I introduce Matt Schmechtig, who has an interesting journey from professional basketball player to successful gym owner.

The Oxford dictionary’s definition of a career is: “An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” Right now, St George’s students are at different stages of their education career. The Year 10s are at a crossroad where they begin to start to think about their subject selections and the choices that will inform their future careers, while the Year 11 and 12 students are starting to think about what direction they might take after

Don’t forget to also check out the Careers Portal on SEQTA for the April edition of the Career Compass and the Career Spotlights.

The Laurence Library has invited students to join a “film” club. We would like to set up a film studio where students can create their own news program and documentaries. We hope to have a team of students from across the School to keep us in touch with all student activities and interests.

Our Library is slowly filling with books. Next term we will be ready for students to borrow. Years 7 to 10 will borrow to enable a Schoolwide reading program. All staff and students in English classes from Years 7 to 10 will spend half a lesson a fortnight reading. We are working to improve literacy and aim to have every student in the School reading on a regular basis. This is a very exciting initiative. Lego Club is going well. The Club has extended to include one session a week for staff. While the progress is slow, it is wonderful to see so many people working collaboratively on this very special and unique project.

The Laurence Library has also called for students to help create advertising content for the e board in the Library. This will be used to promote Library activities as well as literacy information, information about new books and other items related to our collection. Any interested students should contact me by email or come in to chat to me on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. For any student interested in a media career, this is a wonderful opportunity. They will learn how to use various apps to create exciting visual content. Together, let us read. Dr Annette Pedersen

6 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Around the School

The timing of the Day Trips provided a welcome break for the students to enjoy being outdoors and provide them with the opportunity to take a step away from the classroom and reflect on all that has been achieved in their first term of High School.

Year 7 Adventure Days

Thank you to the teachers who attended and participated in the activities each day. Without your support the program would not have been such a success for the students. Wednesday – Mrs McArthur and Mr Hatton Thursday – Miss Wilkinson and Mr Kerrigan Friday – Mr Bochrinis and Mr Collins Mrs Taryn Sephton Head of Year 7 (Acting)

Peeking into Picture Books: An Interactive Incursion

Due to COVID regulations, the format of the 2022 Year 7 camp was changed from an overnight camp to three separate House Day Trips to the Swan Valley Adventure Centre in Middle Swan. With three hot and clear days forecast for 23-25 March, spirits were high, and the excitement was evident as each House group met in the Fitness Centre for a briefing prior to departure. The Day Trips provided the opportunity to take on new challenges in a safe and supportive environment. The sand pit at the end of the flying fox provided for some excellent landings, some more successful than others. A challenging commando course which encouraged competition between teams, the crate climb where trust was tested and built, and raft building where team work was the focus, were all highlights of each day.

Ever wonder where the Wild Things are? On a warm Monday afternoon, our Year 9 students entered their English classroom, not entirely sure of what to expect. Sure, it was an English class, there would be ‘words and things’ but would they enjoy it? Would Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s dairy make an appearance?

The students were fantastic in their encouragement of one another and the way in which they embraced each activity with enthusiasm. The connections created at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre will be long lasting and looked back upon with positivity and humour. This term we’ve been examining multimodal texts, focusing on Picture books and Graphic novels, from classics like Where the Wild Things Are, to John Marsden and Shaun Tan’s The Rabbits, as well as The Arrival and Cicada. Conducted by one of the Fremantle Literature Centre’s engaging Education Officers, this was the perfect workshop to prepare our Year 9 students for creating their own Picture Book, building on the overarching concepts we had been exploring which include the importance of storytelling in preserving culture, promoting acceptance, and investigating identity. This interactive workshop examined the creative process authors and illustrators of Picture Books follow, such as forming ideas, 7 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

editing, storyboards, dummy books, layout, illustrations, and editing. The presenter, Ms Natalya Hawrylak, incorporated a range of original manuscripts, preliminary drawings, and artwork. Students were inspired by the creative process of famous authors such as Shaun Tan and Gary Crew, and enjoyed a brief walk down memory lane, viewing images of Picture Books from their childhood, learning about the genesis of these stories and the context behind their creation.

Besides the bragging rights, Damien Shifu is an outstanding instructor (If you were not paying attention you had to do burpees!) and the forty minutes went very quickly. The students quickly learnt some basics of Kung Fu and were able to put together some movement progressions. Hopefully, we will be able to arrange another session later in the year for more students to have a go! Mrs Danielle de Witt Foreign Languages Coordinator

Later, students had a chance to view and analyse a range of images from great Australian Picture Books, read a range of books, as well as practising illustrators’ techniques, like drawing an image with their dominant hand and attempting to draw the same image with their non-dominant hand. Ms Cornell and I look forward to reading the original picture books our Year 9s have been working on and are hoping to set up a display of their work in the newly established Laurence Library for others to read and enjoy.

Lives on the Lawn

Ms Nicole Della English Teacher

Kung Fu Fundamentals Some lucky Year 8 students were only 2 degrees of separation away from Ironman!!

As part of the St George’s family, you and your family are invited to join the St George’s Anglicare Ambassadors, in conjunction with the Uniting Church WA, for the ‘Lives on the Lawn Project’ installation to stand in solidarity with the 1635 refugees and asylum seekers currently in detention or on bridging visas in Western Australia. The installation is designed to raise awareness. You and your family are invited to attend the installation on the morning of Palm Sunday, 10 April 2022. It will occur on the lawn of St George’s Cathedral - our Chapel. The St George’s Student Ambassadors have been invited to attend, and participate, in the spirit of their service in our Anglican School, where Service is a key element of Anglican identity and part of our motto – Wisdom, Grace, Service.

It all started when I received an email offering a free online Kung Fu lesson through the Museum of Chinese Australia History in Victoria. I scheduled the online session, made sure the students knew to wear their PE uniform and come to the Fitness Centre for their lesson and then we started our Zoom meeting with the instructor, Damien Chauremootoo, who was taught by the Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu, William Cheung.

If you and your family would like to attend, please arrive at 9am to support the other volunteers in planting the 1635 cardboard figures, representing the 1635 refugee and asylum seekers, into the lawn outside St George’s Cathedral. After planting the figures, you and your family are welcome to attend the 10am Palm Sunday Service at the Cathedral. This service includes waving palms and a procession from the Ascalon (next to the Cathedral) into the Cathedral building.

Everyone was very impressed, but then came the best part – Damien Shifu (master) who helped to train Robert Downey Jnr in Ironman… and he even has his mobile number! Yes, we were all starstruck! Sadly, he wouldn’t share RDJ’s phone number with us.

Mr Ryan McBride Religion Teacher 8

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

FlexiTrack Students Flying High!

Mrs Tagore’s Year 8s have designed and built prototypes of sustainable housing. These models have better floor plans than many of our houses! The students’ understanding of how intelligent design, backed by Science, can help make a real impact on sustainable housing, is inspiring to hear and we hope they continue to work on their ideas in the future.

Our Year 12 FlexiTrack High students achieved an important milestone by successfully completing a quarter of the Murdoch University preparation course this term. The students have learned key skills ranging from writing a thesis statement to referencing journal articles and presenting a critical analysis to their university tutor. We celebrated this marvellous achievement with a special morning tea to congratulate the class on all their hard work.

The Year 9 Nobel students are completing their Maritime and Marine studies unit this term with an excursion to the Shipwrecks Gallery and the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. We are so fortunate to have such a wealth of resources available for our students to access and reflect on their learning as they see the artefacts they have learnt about.

FlexiTrack High is a university preparation course that takes learners through all the academic skills required to be successful at university. Once completed, all students will gain direct entry to Murdoch University to over one hundred undergraduate courses with a 70 ATAR. It has been an impressive start to this new and exciting course. Well done, everyone! Mrs Sharan Tagore APEx Coordinator

News from Science As the term rounds out, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the amazing things our students have accomplished in Science.

Nobel Pathway The Nobel Pathway students in Years 7 and 8 are completing their rotations for the term. Mr Dempers’ students have been solving some Global Problems with help from experts at CSIRO. Students’ solutions to the Global Problem of Sustainable Energy and Land Use include developing marine reserves for fish stocks, the development of rechargeable lithium batteries and transparent solar panels for use in the CBD.

Year 10 Nobel students have been challenged in Psychology this term. Completing a high-level investigation on Visual perception, students have gained further insight into how the brain processes sensation and how environment can influence our perception and, in turn, our behaviour. Next term we are looking forward to further case studies to understand the biological basis of behaviour. 9 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Dissecting Science

Students were also given the opportunity to capture macroinvertebrates found in the Lake, which included the Gambusia, an invasive species found at Herdsman Lake.

In our other classes, students have been working hard preparing for assessments, and reflecting on the feedback given by staff. There is always time for practicals, and safe practice in laboratories is a focus for all years so students can use their laboratories to their full extent. Mrs Tagore led an in-depth dissection on the mammalian heart for our Year 11 Human Biology students. To say they were captivated is an understatement!

The students ended the day with a nature walk around the Lake and an up close and personal greeting with a blue tongue lizard which is kept in captivity at the Discovery Centre. A big thank you to the staff at the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre for providing this wonderful learning opportunity for our students. We wish all our students a safe and restful holiday and Easter period. Use this time to recoup, reconnect and be ready to start term two with vigour! Ms Charlotte Donovan Head of Science

Gandhi Colour Run On Friday 8 April, St George’s students headed to Langley Park to celebrate one of our key events of the year, the Gandhi Charity Day Colour Run. In conjunction with the School’s World’s Greatest Shave event, the Colour Run proceeds will be donated to The Leukaemia Foundation which helps support more than 13,000 Australian living with the disease.

Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre On Friday 25 March, the Year 9 students went on an excursion to the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre. As part of the Year 9 Science curriculum, students had the opportunity to understand the importance of ecosystem conservation and also how different biotic and abiotic factors contribute to the different types of flora and fauna which call Herdsman Lake their home.

It was great to see all the students completely covered in colour, as well as some teachers who got more than they bargained for when they signed up for the Colour Run!

The Year 9 students conducted abiotic testing of the water at the Lake, which includes testing the pH, temperature, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen, and discussed the importance of these factors in the survival of the native wildlife.

A massive thank you to a large number of people who all worked together to ensure the event was a success: to the Year 12 students who came down to help organise the setup for the event, to the City of Perth for allowing us to run the event at Langley Park, and to Horizons West Buses for being flexible and transporting our students between the School and Langley Park and allowing our students back on their buses having completed the colour run. And thank you to all parents and students for their kind donations, it was indeed a wonderful way to conclude Term One and colourfully head into holidays. Mr Peter Quan Head of Gandhi 10

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Looking Ahead in Sport


Anouk Potter Year 8

Term One sure has gone fast! We have been fortunate to still have lots of Physical Education taking place, despite the COVID restrictions. The Phys Ed Department commend the students on their commitment to wearing masks and adhering to all the necessary requirements to ensure we continue to play and stay safe! In Term Two, students will be engaging in kicking sports for their PE lessons and then Athletics. Looking forward to Term Two’s events, we have Inter-House Cross Country on 5 May which will involve all St George’s students and will be hosted at Hale Oval, in a majestic 1.5km bush circuit where students will run (hopefully) or walk two laps. The North Western Associated Schools’ (NWAS) Inter-School sporting fixtures will hopefully begin again in Week Four of Term Two. Years 7 and 8 will compete on Tuesdays after School, and Years 9 and 10 will compete on Wednesdays after School. The only exception being the Years 7-10 Girls Soccer Team, who will all compete on Wednesdays after School. Students will meet in the Fitness Centre at 3:15pm and will board a hired bus at 3:30pm to travel to the venue. Games are scheduled from 4-5pm and then students can be collected from the venue or can return to School on the hired bus. We will be competing across the sports of Netball, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Badminton and AFLX. Fixtures are as follows:

17 and 18 May 24 and 25 May 31 May and 1 June 7 and 8 June 14 and 15 June 21 and 22 June

Aranmore Catholic College Kingsway Christian College John Septimus Roe Carmel School Mercy College FINALS

Have an amazing holiday, stay healthy and keep active. Happy Easter everyone! Ms Jodie Scheele Head of HPE

ST GEORGE’S ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL A school of the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. KW noiswd cee lo ed mgeGFraaitche SSeerrvviic

Anouk recently competed at the Long Course WA State Swimming Championships held at HBF Stadium. She had an incredible weekend, receiving a gold medal in both the 400m IM and 200m IM, and silver medals in the 200m Fly, 100m Fly and 50m Freestyle. This capped off a great season, with Anouk’s team also achieving two gold medals, Girls IM Relay and Girls Freestyle Relay, earlier in the month. But that’s not all… Anouk also managed to swim three U13 National qualifying times for the 400m IM, 200m IM and 50m Free, which qualified her to compete at the Age National Championships in Adelaide. However, as Anouk is only twelve, she is ineligible to compete (you must be 13 years old). We are all confident you will make it to the National Championships next year Anouk! Congratulations on your fantastic results.

Alexandra Griffin Year 12 Congratulations to Ali for taking out the gold medal in the Women’s 5000m Walk U18 at the 2022 Australian Track and Field Championships held at S y d n e y Olympic Park last week. In extremely tough conditions, with the wind and rain blowing into the competitor’s faces, Ali was able to maintain her focus and deliver a very impressive performance. Ali now has her eyes set on the 10km walk next year! Keep up the amazing work Ali.