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From the Principal Tina Campbell

Farewell Year 12s, the Class of 2022 - What a magnificent school!

The positivity and warmth of staff, students and the entire St George’s Anglican Grammar School Community has been truly heart-warming as we have commenced Term Four with all the emotions that this term brings.

Term 4 represents both an end and a beginning.

In many ways the cycle of life is imitated in this one single term and during this time the values and attitudes which we take with us along that cycle defines both the journey and who we are.

This week we have seen Wisdom, Grace, and Service in abundance here at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. The Opening of the wonderful annual Art Exhibition, the Academic Awards Assembly, the Handover Assembly, the ‘Wannabe’ Day, the Year 12 Breakfast, the Year 12 Pilgrimage through the School with Father Gift, the Year 12 Farewell Assembly and Video and finally the Valedictory Service. It has all provided a wonderful sense of occasion and a fitting farewell to the Class of 2022.

I would like to congratulate all Year 12 students on their many fine achievements and accomplishments this year. I wish those steadily preparing for their final examinations the very best of luck. I encourage them to embrace every examination that they face by seeing it as an opportunity to demonstrate their rich learning and academic flair. I am certain that they will all do brilliantly, and I remind them that their teachers are here to support them if they need to visit in the lead up to their ATAR and WAUFP examinations. It is wonderful that this year’s exams are being held at 441 Murray Street for our St George’s students.

Over the September school holidays we received the delightfully exciting news that all our inaugural Murdoch Flexi Track High Students graduated, a sensational accomplishment and one for which I am deeply indebted both to the students themselves for their hard work and commitment to their studies but also to their teacher, Mrs Sharan Tagore. Mrs Tagore joined the ranks of St George’s Staff this year and has been there to guide and support these students along the way. Many doors are now wide open for

Edition Fourteen 21 OCTOBER 2022

these students to take their next steps post school and a new pathway has been firmly established for future St George’s students to follow.

On Tuesday, we saw the Year 12s come dressed for their ‘Wannabe Day’ as St George’s staff. It was just sensational, very well executed, meticulously planned and an extremely well-kept secret I might add. I loved the student Senior Executive Team and the many character traits that they mimicked to a tee throughout the day – Well Done Year 12s.

My thanks to the Year 12 Class of 2022 for the positive energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm, and compassion that they have shown throughout all their farewell events. They have been resilient and responsible as a year group, and we are so very proud of the emerging young adults that they have so quickly become. I know I speak for all the staff in saying that they will indeed be missed, we have cherished our relationships with them. In the words of the lovely Mrs Kerfoot who was the invited staff speaker to the Year 12s at their final assembly – ‘Hambani kahle’ – which in the Zulu language of Southern Africa means go well, farewell, travel safely and go in peace till we meet again. These sentiments are echoed in the blessing that I offer each graduating class as they come to the end of their St George’s journey.

This week we announced and celebrated the appointment of our 2023 Student Leadership group with the baton of leadership ceremonially passed over to Tom and Milla as our 2023 School Captains.

These students have already stepped up to be seen as the very public face of leadership within the School. Alongside the other Captains and Prefects as well as the whole of the Year 12 Class of 2023, I am confident that we are in safe hands.

I welcome the journey ahead, the impact that the Class of 2023 will make and the new initiatives and ideas that they will undoubtedly bring as the new leaders of our school, seeking to build on the strong foundations left by our 2022 graduating class.

I wish all of our students and families a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing weekend after such a busy start to Term Four. Warmest wishes, Tina Campbell Principal

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

School Operations

What an inspiring start to Term 4 we have had!

The dignity and enthusiasm of the Year 12s during their last day of school on Wednesday set a brilliant standard for all students to aspire to.

As a school, we have very clear expectations around the presentation of our students, and their conduct whist at school. To see all of the Year 12 dressed beautifully, and perfectly, in their full winter uniforms at the Valedictory Ceremony was a sight to behold.

However, it is not just for significant moments on the calendar that this level of presentation is needed. Every day students need to wear their appropriate uniform, correctly and with pride.

Please remember the following for Term 4:

• Summer dress

• Many girls need to drop the hem of their dress or purchase one that is a better fit. The dress needs to stop at the knee. Many are far too short.

• White shirt and grey shorts

• PE uniform – only for during PE. Students must change back into their summer uniform after the PE class.

• School socks

• Black shoes, polished, with the laces tied together

• Blazers are still required, by all students, for Chapel, every Monday. They do not need to be worn with a tie in Term 1 or Term 4

It has been disappointing to see some wilful damage starting to happen around the school, this includes the irresponsible dumping of rubbish rather than placing it in the bin. In particular, students who base themselves on Level 2 and Level 4 need to take responsibility for keeping their spaces clean and tidy. Please do not get up and walk away when you have finished, leaving your rubbish

on the table or floor. Staff will be targeting repeat offenders over the next few weeks and will issue detentions to students who do not do the right thing.

Please remember that, bar an emergency or appointment, students must arrive at school by 8.20am at the latest. PCG, the formal and important, start to the day, begins at 8.30am and all students must be present by this time. We have too many students who are not meeting this 8.20am arrival time.

Coming up soon

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON
24 October Guild Induction, St George’s Catherdral 26 October Tour Morning 27 October Laurence Library Opening 28 October Coffee Morning 28 October WAASA Year 11 Student Leaders Day 31 October WACE Examinations Start 2 November Year 7 Immunisations 4 November World Teacher’s Day


Proverbs 22.6 says, “Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” This scripture makes clear certain realities: 1., that we have children, 2., that children will not remain children, they develop and grow, and that one day they must be weaned into adulthood. 3., that we have a responsibility to help children to transition from childhood into responsible adulthood. The reality is we will either produce young people who will go astray, or those who will become responsible leaders, and who will eventually replace us in stewarding the earth as we ourselves age and retire— this is the preferred beautiful picture!

The school plays a huge role in this nurturing process. In the last few days, we have been going through this phase here at St. George’s Anglican Grammar School. We have had a busy week focused on students taking on new responsibilities as School Captains, and our Year 12s going through various farewell rituals as they exit high school into a whole different world. Some of them will be going to college or university, while others will take a gap year to decide on what they want to do, some into the workforce and some to TAFE.

The school played its part in the “training” of these young people on whose doors adult responsibilities are now knocking. As School Chaplain, I see chapel as that place where we make sure that our young people are natured spiritually and are “trained” to become responsible citizens of both the earth and heaven.

I am confident that our outgoing Year 12s are going to do well in the world, and that they will represent us with aplomb. I just rejoiced


Anthony Bochrinis

seeing the Student Guild members happily transfer their leadership roles to the Year 11s with reassurance that their successors will carry the St. George vision for success onwards and upwards supported by the newly created Prefect group.

Father Gift

4 Years 7-11 Assessment Schedules

Valedictory Awards

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON
Year 9 OLNA Round One Year 9 OLNA 2022 Round One begins next week: • Writing Monday 24 October - Room 3.5 - Periods 1 and 2 • Numeracy Tuesday 25 October - Room 3.5 - Periods 1 and 2 • Reading Wednesday 26 October - Room 3.5 - Periods 1 and 2 Students are to ensure that they bring their device, charger and a pen/pencil. Many thanks to our families who attended our recent OLNA Information Evening. If you were unable to attend the event, you are able to view a recording of the presentation, click the image below.. Term
Please click on the links below to find the assessment schedules for each year group. Year 7 Assessment Schedule Year 8 Assessment Schedule Year 9 Assessment Schedule Year 10 Assessment Schedule Year 11 Assessment Schedule
Congratulations again to our Year 12 Subject and Special Award Winners announced at the Valedictory Ceremony held on Wednesday 19 October 2022. Click here for the full list.

Pastoral Focus Hilton Hardman

2023 Leadership Team

At our Chapel service on Monday, 17 October, we announced the 2023 Student Leaders. Part of that ceremony is always to thank and acknowledge the outgoing Student Leaders.

It has become clear that this year’s Student Guild has displayed an unconditional love for our school and what it stands for. They have shown passion, commitment, resilience, and flexibility this year, with a healthy dose of humour which they have demonstrated often during our meetings.

They have most certainly left their mark in developing the termly VOICE newsletter, which is a newsletter by the students, for the students. They did this with the mindset of having students from across year groups develop a better understanding of different year groups’ highlights and experiences. This linked in with our vertical system philosophy and the interaction across year groups that we encourage.

They have laid the foundation for the school’s first buddy program, which will launch in 2023 with the incoming Leaders continuing their hard work and efforts in creating this program.

The Guild has continued their support of local charities and ran several events celebrating, Worlds Greatest Shave, R U OK DAY, Wear it Purple Day, Idahobit day, Harmony Day and the list could go on.

I want to thank the Guild for their leadership during this period and for their unwavering commitment to their fellow students and the School.

One key message I pass on to all of the incoming Student Leaders each year is the need for them to understand that they are a caretaker of their elected position. They should strive to leave it in a better state than when they received it as they are not only a representative of their school and house, but also a representative of each person who has held that position before them. Like those before them have left their legacy, it is time for them to start theirs.

I have no doubt that the 2023 Leadership group will serve our school community with the same level of energy and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to those students.

2023 Student Leadership Team


St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON Katelyn Barr Claudia Gordon Claire Dyball Katherine Mullaney Kelvin Ni ART PREFECT DRAMA PREFECTS LIBRARY PREFECT MUSIC PREFECT Katherine Trager SPORT PREFECT Jordynn Brown SCHOOL PREFECT Greta Bushell ACADEMIC CAPTAIN Gwen Tan CHAPEL CAPTAIN Ben Gardner COMMUNITY CAPTAIN Nicole Ni INTERNATIONAL CAPTAIN Ellie Townley PERFORMANCE CAPTAIN Ophelia Burchell SERVICE CAPTAIN Nick Millington Ella Moss MANDELA HOUSE CAPTAINS Parker Samuelson Niamh Bingham GANDHI HOUSE CAPTAINS Sydnee GouldLorena Bongiovanni LINCOLN HOUSE CAPTAINS Tom Sweeney SCHOOL CAPTAIN Milla Howard SCHOOL CAPTAIN

9 Study Tips for Term 4

Term 4 is that last long haul before students will be rewarded with summer break and Christmas – that is worth getting excited about. It also means exams, reports and preparing for next year.

If your child is in Year 12 with final examinations coming up, they might be feeling the pressure more than ever. Hopefully they have already started revising, but if not do not stress, there is still time. Perhaps they have been putting it off because they are not sure where to start or it just feels completely overwhelming. If they have not already started, now is the time to knuckle down, to have a study plan and to stick to it. ATAR exams begin on Monday 31 October.

Everyone is different, right down to the way that we learn and study. Perhaps your child is a visual learner who needs pictures,

images, graphs, and diagrams? Does recording their notes and listening to them over and over help? In which case they are an auditory learner. Or are they a verbal learner who retains more when they read material?

The Laurence Library has been a hive of activity over the past two weeks. Firstly, we have been busy selecting prizes for our graduating Year 12 students. This is an exciting and rewarding task. It is always a pleasure to linger in book shops, as it is a pleasure to celebrate the achievements of our students.

We have also been processing deliveries of new books provided from our Book Week Book Drive. These books are slowly making their way onto the shelves. Our shelves are being reorganised to separate senior from junior fiction to enable our young readers to readily find fiction that interests them.

During the October break new shelving was installed for the books we are purchasing with the funds awarded to us from the Anglican Schools’ Commission. This is providing books for reluctant readers and readers with dyslexia. The shelving allows books to be displayed front facing, which is much more appealing for these readers. With the announcement of our 2023 Student Leaders, we were delighted to learn that the Library Prefect is Katherine Mullaney.

Whichever way your child learns best, help them work out what it is, come up with a realistic schedule, then most importantly of all – stick to it. If their goal is peak productivity, retention, and some of the zen that comes from feeling confident they know their material, check out the links below.

Work and Learning Styles Study Tips Learning Styles Questionnaire

Remember, nothing rewarding comes easy! Mrs Sharan Tagore APEx and Careers Coordinator

Katherine is an avid reader and passionate about books. I expect she will contribute some very innovative ideas to our library over the next twelve months. Congratulations, Katherine.

In the meantime, I have been reading the latest from local author, Dave Warner. Another novel in his crime series, it was a relaxing and easy read. I am also reading Burn Patterns by Ron Elliott. This is an unusual crime novel about a fire bug and is enjoyable bedtime reading. I am also reading, on the urging of my students, The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black. It promises to be a little different from other teen fiction in this genre.

Together, let us read.

Dr Annette Pedersen Library Services Coordinator


Around the School

Prayers for Climate Change

The St George’s Student Leaders, Fr Gift Makwasha and myself, joined the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC): Western Australian Chapter at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Perth, on Thursday 13 October in a multi-faith service to pray for the world in our response to address climate change.

We were welcomed by and joined with leaders from the Aboriginal community, the Baha’i faith, the Buddhist tradition, the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Church Christian denominations, and the Islamic tradition. In prayer, these leaders urged everyone present to raise awareness of the devastating effects of climate change and take action for a better, safer, more sustainable and life-giving future - free of climate degradation.

The St George’s Student Leaders were exemplary in their conduct and outstanding examples of how the future of climate heath is in their hands. As part of their witness and example, they have committed to keeping the conversation open at School and supporting the student body in small and large climate change awareness/action campaigns. It will be exciting to watch this space and see their ideas develop and grow.

For more information, and to find out how to get involved, click here.

Science Club

During Term 4, Year 7 and Year 8 students are invited to join Mr Heath in Science Lab 1 to carry out further fun practical work in addition to that carried out in Science lessons!

If you are in lower school, come along and join in these voluntary drop-in sessions. They are held on a Thursday lunchtime, open to Year 7 students on a Week A and Year 8 students on a Week B.

It will be great to see as many of you there as possible – with a new practical available each time.

Many thanks to Ms Chatfield for organising the equipment for us.

2022 Art Exhibition

The annual Art Exhibition was held on 19-28 October, with our corporate neighbours Brookfield generously housing us again. We are privileged to be able to use such a wonderful venue for our annual show. The works certainly looked smart in the space at 108 St Georges Terrace. The opportunities that this provides our budding young artists is unique and greatly valued.

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON
Congratulations to this year’s Art and Design award winners: Senior Principal’s Acquisition Prize 2022 Saira Afridi, Year 12 Photograph Self-Portrait Junior Principal’s Acquisition Prize 2022 Jessica (Jess) Bakes, Year 10 Madonna Skateboard DWA Architects Award 2022 Ela Findlater, Year 12 Drained and Dissevered’ The Derek Cotterall Concierge Prize 2022 Sienna Graydon, Year 12 Untitled, Oil on Canvas ASC Christmas Card Design Competition Brier Moss, Year 7

Highlights of this year’s Art Exhibition were the media presentations and the animation explored by Year 11 and Year 12 students. The wearable art that the ATAR and APEX student completed. In addition, the works from all students in 7 to 12 on display highlight the dedication of our Creative Arts students. It has been a pleasure to be part of their journey in what has been another wonderful 12 months of creativity at St George’s Anglican Grammar School.

Year 10 and 11 River Cruise

Last Friday, 14 October, the Year 10 and 11 students put on their party clothes and boarded the Crystal Swan for our annual River Cruise.

While it was definitely chilly standing on the jetty, once inside the boat feeling cold was no longer a problem as the students danced the night away.

I would like to thank the staff of the Crystal Swan for running an awesome event, the St Georges staff for helping out on a Friday night and of course the students for a night that proved to be full of fun, energy and laughter.

Following is a reflection on the evening from Year 11 student Parker Samuelson.

The river cruise is a great opportunity for Year 10s and 11s to interact out of school and get their groove on! Before boarding the boat, we spent some time at the Barrack Street Jetty catching up with friends and taking photos in front of the sunset. Once the Crystal Swan set off, it was time to go downstairs and hit the dance floor. The boat is filled with windows so you can see all the beautiful Perth landmarks whilst cruising along the Swan River. Too loud?

Upstairs was a dedicated ‘chill-out’ zone, with Jenga, food, soft drinks, and tables and chairs to sit and chat. The Year 9s should get excited for their turn next year!

Mr Vincent Lim Head of Lincoln House News From Science

Welcome back to Term Four!

This will be my last newsletter article this year, as I head off this week on a long awaited and much anticipated long service leave.

Mr Michael Heath will step up to be Acting Head of Science in my absence, and I thank him for his enthusiasm to fill the role for the remainder of the year.

Already this term our students have had a busy time in classes with practical lessons. Mr Dempers Year 7 Nobel class have started their coursework with an egg drop competition. Some eggs managed to survive their great fall! This is a fun, and easy practical for students to compete in, setting them up for the Inquiry based Nobel course operating this term.

The Year 10 Nobel students have been preparing for their practical on bacterial transformation. We have worked hard on learning the theory behind recombinant DNA technology, so this week will we put that into practice to make some bacteria glow in the dark! Stay tuned to find out our success rate!

We welcomed all our Year 12s back for their final few lessons. ATAR students have received their MOCK examination results and have been given clear direction on where to improve for their final WACE examinations. We had some wonderful results, and all students should be pleased to see the results that their hard work and effort brings. Our APEx students have successfully completed their courses and should be exceptionally proud of their achievements this year; just as we are.

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

As a final part of their revision the Year 12 Human Biology students went to Boola Bardip museum to engage in the displays of stone tools, rock art and a quick visit to the whale to observe examples of evidence of evolution. It is so wonderful to take advantage of this wonderful resource so readily available on our doorstep, and to encourage our students to remember their learning can continue, even when they leave the walls of St George’s.

At the end of Term 3, all the Year 7s visited Scitech to enjoy a planetarium session, consolidating their work on Earth and Beyond. The students were then given a short session on the main floor where they were introduced to Forces and Simple Machines. The Year 7 group were impeccably behaved and really enjoyed their time exploring Scitech with their teachers. I encourage them to continue to visit Scitech as they’ll find many of the exhibitions inspiring.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for a wonderful year! I will miss you as I head off for long service leave, but I will be back and I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2023.

Mandela Charity Day – Last Day of Term 3

a brain injury. Students were asked to donate a gold-coin upon entry and Mandela PCG’s were tasked with selling snacks and drinks for the afternoon. There were a lot of thirsty and hungry teenagers that afternoon and we are super proud to announce that we raised $1,200 for Epilepsy WA. Once again, the St George’s students, staff and families have shown that we are a generous and caring community. Thank you!

Theatre Challenge and Glee

What an amazing afternoon! Students and staff were entertained by rock bands, singers, dancers, a satirical magic show, a mime and finally a contortionist. The show-stopper and the winner of the inaugural Mandela Talent Show was Year 8 student, John Skinner! John danced to Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life” and had the entire audience cheering his every move and clapping along with the music. Runner-up was Jordynn Brown, who made most of the audience gasp in sheer amazement at how flexible a human body can be!

A huge thank you and congratulations to all the participants – it takes a lot of courage to get up in front of one’s peers and share your talents. Thank you also to the audience who were so supportive of each and every performer.

The aim of the Mandela Charity Day was to raise money for Epilepsy WA. Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world and can be either genetically inherited or be the result of

Every year one of the most anticipated events takes place at the Perth Town Hall, the annual Theatre Challenge and Glee event! This year we saw record audience numbers who were wowed by our student’s spontaneity, creativity, choreography and camaraderie.

Theatre Challenge 2022 saw the introduction of a new format that was challenging, exciting, hilarious and unpredictable. Each House had a team of 12, including students from all year groups, who participated in a two-hour improvisation workshop with Dr Stephen Platt of the Big Hoo-Haa. In each workshop the students were reintroduced to the basics of improvisation and learned the six improvisation games that were going to be played over the course of the evening.

The performances were outstanding. It was fantastic to have so much audience involvement in the event and to see new improvisation games played. The judges provided the students with outstanding feedback which no doubt they will take onboard to next year’s event. The overall results were tight and only one point separated Lincoln and Gandhi Houses. A big congratulations to Gandhi House who were the overall winners of the Theatre Challenge event.

All Houses should be incredibly proud of the innovative and polished Glee performances that they created over many hours of

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

rehearsal. The Year 12s did a fantastic job with the choreography, and it was great to see some new concepts and technical innovations included in the performance which certainly added a new dimension.

We had a panel of external and very experienced judges this year. Lincoln’s performance was a circus theme, full of energy and bright colours. Mandela had a prison theme after being sentenced to jail for winning Glee too many times. Gandhi went on a summer vacation, destination unknown. After their plane crashed, a spectacular glow in the dark dance was performed with dancers ending up stranded on a remote beach.

The energy and enthusiasm for the Glee event is wonderful to see every year.


World of Sport

Year 7-10 PE classes are concentrating on hand-eye coordination and striking skills this term.

Students have been enthusiastically participating in the following sports this term:

• Year 7 Tennis at Kings Park Tennis Club

• Year 8 Softball at Wellington Square

• Year 9 Cricket at Wellington Square

• Year 10 Floorball at Revolution Sports

Please ensure students have their hats for these classes. Mr Sloan remains with us in Phys Ed this term and I return from my travelling adventures of long service leave and Mr Gharsallah begins his for the remainder of the year.

We had a great start to our Co-Curricular Archery program this week. Every Wednesday students travel to UWA’s Hale Oval to meet our expert instructor, Mary, from Archery-to-Go.

There are still some places available. If your child would like to attend, please contact Student Reception.

Film and Media Club

During Term 2 and Term 3 this year two new exciting co-curricular options were trialled for students to take part in, these were Film Club and Media Club.

A group of creative students worked collaboratively on a short film and produced a static advertisement for the group to attract new members. The short film was written, directed, and performed by students. Both groups were facilitated by Ms Brown and Dr Pedersen.

In 2023, we will be offering Media Club again and encourage creative and independent students, with the ability to work productively in a group, to sign up for this exciting co-curricular option.

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON Congratulations to Gandhi House on winning the title for 2022! Mrs Renee Miller and Mrs Courtney Crisp Drama and Dance Miss Jamie Pedler Head of Mandela House

Lia Watters Year 7

Lia Watters’ running achievements continue! Lia has been selected in both the ACC All Stars Girls U/13 Cross Country and Athletics Team. She placed in the fastest top five girls at the ACC Cross Country which earnt herself a position in the team.

In Term Three the ACC run all the Athletic Carnivals from J-Division to A-Division. Lia achieved the fastest U/13 girls time for both the 800m and the 1500m races awarding her the All Stars accolade in Athletics for 2022.

Lia has recently competed in Nationals and has a bright future ahead of her with her running abilities.

Lia, we are proud of your outstanding performances this year and we congratulate you on your success.

Sienna Graydon

Year 12

Congratulations to Sienna Graydon for being included in the 2022 publication of Primo Lux, an anthology of promising student poetry, as selected by the English Teachers Association of Western Australia, from Year 10-12 students across the State.

This year’s Primo Lux will be launched at Clancy’s Fish Pub, in Fremantle on 6 December from 6.30pm.



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