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Edition Twelve | 3 SEPTEMBER 2021


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From the Principal Tina Campbell

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller We have certainly had ‘daring adventures’ here at St George’s over the past two weeks.

be part of the St George’s Book Week celebrations. There were so many imaginative bookish and wonderfully inspiring costumes to choose from. Selecting the finalists was not easy and words are not enough for many of the creations by the teachers ~ an outstanding effort by one and all in the spirit of adventure.

Each year since 1945 the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week. During this time schools and public libraries spend one glorious week celebrating books, literature, authors, and illustrators. They encourage a love of learning and a celebration of novels old and new. The theme of Book Week this year was ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ which evoked thoughts of ancient times, futuristic realities and alien or fantasy lands. There were even a couple of aliens to welcome the students into the School first thing on Thursday morning for our Book Week Dress Up Day much to the surprise of regular city slickers heading into their workplaces! The buzz of excitement throughout the school was palpable and saw everyone involved with a little bit of creativity and a lot of daring. We had a marvellous array of costumes. The Book Week costume parade at lunchtime saw judges ponder a Jedi from a galaxy far away, a range of Mad Hatters with Alice in Wonderland, lots of characters who would have been best suited playing Quidditch at Hogwarts and a few Where’s Wally characters. I was amazed by the variety of costumes and the efforts of staff and students alike to

The daring dress ups continued as we celebrated our diverse and inclusive spirit at St George’s with the ‘Wear it Purple Day’ on Friday 27 August. This is an annual LGBTIQA+ awareness day which was established specifically for young people in Australia to start the conversation and keep it going about diversity and acceptance. 1

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

School Operations

We had lots of students and staff throughout the school celebrate our own desire to ensure that we promote a culture at St George’s of inclusion and acceptance for all students, staff and families. Our desire is to support all students to be proud of who they are and create a sense of belonging for everyone within the School. Rev Sarah and her team of helpers created a wonderfully inspiring and purposeful purple prayer wall on Level 4 at lunchtime empowering all students to have a voice, to be heard and, most importantly to me, respected.

Susan Lazenby

Those of us who sat in the auditorium of the Perth Concert Hall listening to the musical performances from the schools of the Anglican Schools Commission, will agree that their talent and confidence is impressive. As the notes of the Combined Schools Orchestra lifted the voices of the Massed Choir in John Rutter’s composition For the Beauty of the Earth, the celebration of music rang around the Concert Hall. Congratulations to all involved.

This week we celebrated our strong sense of connectedness as members of the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. network of schools as part of ASC Schools Week. A special Eucharist service was led by Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy AO in St George’s Cathedral on Wednesday afternoon with every Western Australian ASC School represented. We also sent our thoughts and prayers to our ASC friends and colleagues in Victoria and New South Wales who are currently in an extended period of lockdown and were unable to join the service in person. The culmination of the week will be the Combined ASC Schools Concert which has been ably led and directed by our very own Head of Music, Mr. Michael Newton. This will take place at Perth Concert Hall tonight at 6.15pm. From all accounts, and from the sneak previews that I have been able to see springing up from our basement, the concert will be a sensational showpiece of the many genres of music across ASC schools. Michael Newton tells me that we are the only school with students involved in every performance and so I am excited to attend my very first ASC Combined Schools Concert. I hope to see many of you there as part of the St George’s Community.

What a great Book Week we enjoyed last week. It culminated in students and staff dressing as a character from a book or film. How inventive and creative our students are! Some members of staff were unrecognisable in their costumes. Who were the mysterious ‘Other World’ aliens greeting students on Thursday morning? Earlier in the day, it was quite a spectacle as teachers in character walked down to 10 William Street for class. We certainly add colour and interest to the city. Well done to the Languages Department for the week of quizzes and activities for Book Week. Mandela House Charity Day is this week with the legendary Lip Sync Battle raising funds for their chosen charity. In the evening, each House has a team competing in the annual Theatre Challenge. The highlight of the evening is the Glee House competition. Bookings open soon, so keep an eye on your emails and our social media pages. With only three weeks of school remaining this term, it is time to check summer uniforms to make sure that students have the correct attire for next term. Please mark every item with your child’s name. The Lost Property is building up again and will be on display in Week 8 in the Cafeteria.

As I reflect, it has most definitely been ‘daring adventures’ here at St George’s over recent weeks and with only three weeks till the end of term we have plenty more to fit in till the September school holidays are upon us. With all good wishes, Tina Campbell

Coffee and Conversation with the Principal If you are in the city next Friday morning and would like to join me for coffee and conversation, please come along to the first of our very special Coffee Mornings, allowing us the opportunity to get to know each other better over coffee and croissants. Our hope is that these will quickly become a regular feature at St George’s encouraging a close and connected community throughout the School. I look forward to meeting with those parents able to attend on Friday 10 September at 7.30pm.

6 September

If you are unable to make this one please pop one of the Term Four dates into your diary – Friday 28 October and Friday 12 November.

7 September


9 September

R U OK Day

10 September

Principal’s Coffee Morning Mandela Charity Day - Lip Sync Battle Theatre Challenge/Glee, Perth Town Hall On the Roof Sleep Out, St George’s

A chance to share a coffee and catch up with the Principal and members of the School Executive Team. Level 4 Café 7.30am - 8.30am Friday 10 September 2021

17 September

Bookings required. RSVP to

ACC Athletics Carnival, WA Athletics Stdium Literature Theatre Excursion, State Theatre Centre

2 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Chaplain’s Corner They drew a circle that shut me out heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took them in. by Edwin Markham

For our Monday chapel services we follow a lectionary, which is a yearly calendar for the Anglican Church of Australia. It advises us of Saint’s Days, feast days and gives us Bible readings for every day of the year. God does not reserve love and blessing for those who are successful, perfect, or set in their ways. God loves everyone, especially those who know the value of drawing ever widening circles that encompass and gather people from all walks of life.

Currently, the lectionary is serving up many readings about inclusion and difference. This Monday we heard from the Gospel of Luke 4:16-30 in which Jesus’ life is threatened for the first time, right at the beginning of his ministry. He upsets members of his own community because he tells them that the people they have excluded have been blessed by God instead of them.

The action of God is to extend love and forgiveness to all, regardless of whether they are perfect, flawed, successful or struggling. As willing and grateful recipients of God’s love, we in turn love and forgive each other. In this action the circles are drawn wider and wider, and we are enriched with diversity and communal blessing.

It is a very human characteristic – to assume that when we are ‘doing everything right’ and hitting all the markers that we have set for ourselves, that we will be ‘saved’ or ‘safe’ or successful. Unfortunately, the boundaries we set for ourselves are not always commensurate with the boundaries that God would have us live within. Ours are far too narrow.

Blessings and prayers Chaplain Sarah

Pastoral Focus

themselves. Do you want to feel good about yourself because you work to make others feel good?

Hilton Hardman

Personal responsibility is so important in the development of our young people. They need to be making decisions about the type of person they want to be. They need to be supporting that desire through their words and their actions. They need to take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions and the associated words and actions.

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realise that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” Dalai Lama

Mandela Charity Day

One of the great lessons we always hope to impart to our students, and certainly that we hope they leave St George’s with, is the importance of personal responsibility. The impact our actions have on others is essential, and we understand this better when we take responsibility for our actions.

Lip Sync Battle On Friday, 10 September, the mic will be off, and the battle will be on as Mandela House hosts its annual Lip Sync Battle. This year, the event will be live streamed from Perth Town Hall to Lincoln and Gandhi PCG audiences back at the St George’s campus, with viewing parties organised for maximum enjoyment. As a tradition, we will raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, a worthy cause that is close to our hearts. Stay tuned for more details about how you can donate and vote for your favourite performances in the coming days.

In schools, it is not unusual to hear “they did it first” or “it was just a joke, I didn’t mean it” when we speak to a young person about their actions. But realistically, we all have to ask ourselves, does this make it okay? “They did it first” has no end. Retaliation for a misdeed is a neverending path to retaliation. I often ask students in this situation a couple of crucial things: how did you feel? And, do you really want to be responsible for making someone else feel that way? The bottom line is that we can’t make ourselves feel better by making someone else feel bad, and that requires us to make a different choice: to choose to not retaliate. And what of “it was just a joke”? Similarly, the question would be, what value is there in making fun of someone to entertain ourselves? If our words or actions amuse or make ourselves bigger by making fun of someone, what does that say about us?

Theatre Challenge/Glee Our annual Theatre Challenge/Glee is happening on the evening of Friday 10 September at Perth Town Hall. Theatre Challenge is an improvised comedy event that sees each House compete with a team of their strongest and most hilarious Year 7-12 students to participate in various drama games on the night. The night is topped off by the Glee Dance Extravaganza! Who will take home the trophies this year? Limited tickets will be available in the coming days.

One of the big questions I ask young people is what type of person do you want to be? Really each individual needs to define that for 3

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Curriculum Update

• may win an award (including students who are not sitting ATAR course examinations) and who have not indicated their preference to have/not have their name published in the media or on our website.

Victoria Kelleher

Year 12 Student Portal - Urgent

• are unaware of the requirements for achieving the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority has extended the final date for submissions to Thursday, 16 September 2021.

All students must complete the submission process by the extended deadline of Thursday, 16 September.

There are still several students who have not completed the process. This is the last opportunity for our students to complete the online Student Declaration and Permission. ALL Year 12 students are required to complete the online Student Declaration and Permission.

Personalised examination timetables for Practical and Written ATAR course examinations will be available to students who have completed the submission process from Thursday, 9 September.

Year 12 Semester Two Examinations

Please note: Students will be required to complete the online Student Declaration and Permission when they log in to the portal before they can gain access to other important information such as their course enrolments, examination timetable/s and results, including their 2021 WASSA, WACE and Awards certificates.

Year 12 students will sit their Semester Two Examinations for their ATAR subjects during Week Two of the Term 3 holidays. These examinations are the final school-based examinations our Year 12s will complete before they sit their ATAR examinations. A copy of the timetable has been sent to our Year 12 students via SEQTA.

Students can access the submission page at: https://studentportal.

Important Dates for Year 12 Students

When students log in, they will be prompted to provide a mobile number. Should the School Curriculum and Standards Authority need to contact a student urgently via SMS during the examination period, they will contact using this mobile number.

Monday 4 October – Friday 8 October

Year 12 Semester Two ‘Mock’ Examinations Wednesday 20 October

Year 12 Final Assembly and Valedictory

Failure to complete the submission process may impact schools with students who:

Monday 01 November

WACE ATAR Written Examinations Begin

Empowering our Students


This week we had an exciting delivery of some ‘C-Pens’! The C-PEN is an assistive technology suitable for students with dyslexia, language disorders or low literacy levels. The C-Pen Reader is a portable, pocket-sized device that reads text aloud with an English human-like digital voice. This could mean the students entitled to be read aloud to in a test may be eligible to use this.

Mr Anthony Potter Congratulations to Mr Potter, father of Anouk Potter (Year 7).

We hope that by using this assistive technology, students may lessen the anxiety and trepidation that often comes with worded questions or significant texts in assessments, as well as building independence and a sense of achievement in their learning.

This medal is from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is a silver medal and was won by the men’s Hockey team (the Kookaburras).

Premier’s Anzac Student Tour

The Kookaburras played well through their pool matches and advanced all the way to the finals. They lost to Belgium in a penalty shootout in the gold medal match.

This historical education program will focus on the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin. Student ambassadors will embark on a unique experience as they investigate the Anzac legacy in the context of nation building between the wars, and explore defence of the home-front during World War II.

My dad is the Assistant Coach of the team and I am very proud of him.

Tour members will be guided by the question “Why might historical events matter to me, my community or the world?” Students from across WA have submitted their entries for the chance to be selected as ambassadors for the tour. It is with great pleasure that we can announce, Katherine Mullaney (Year 10), has been selected as one of the 20 State Finalists to porgress to panel interviews on 4 October 2021. We wish Katherine the best of luck! 4 St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

Around the School

Science Snapshot

ACC Athletics Carnival LIVE STREAMED! We wish the 2021 St George’s ACC Athletics Team all the very best with their running, jumping and throwing at the ACC G-Division Carnival taking place at the WA Athletics Stadium next Monday, 6 September. Since our inaugural year in 2017, we have been elevated from I-Division to G-Division through successful performances from past St George’s athletes. We wish you all the very best for your events. You can watch all the action from the ACC LIVE STREAM private link.

2021 ACC Athletics Team Under 13

Under 14

Anouk Potter

Emily Everett

Zara Moesker

Ava Watters

Matilda Smith

Amelie McKeon

Alyssa Peake

Joss Walker

Nancy Hunt

Zuri Hawkins

Serafima Bell

Phoebe Taber

Erin Sinclair

Madi Fabre

Stella Pickup

Lara Jones

Zoe McAuliffe

Owen Lane

Adam Strophair

Henry Beck

Cooper Grant

Campbell Bradley

Liam Mitchell-Bathgate

Aramis Surtees

Adam Lazarevski

Thomas Fulton

Emran Noori

Jasper Bridgeman

Jonah Rose

Alex Brown

Jaymen Mills

Brayden Tan

Open Day in the Science Department was a full day of learning and exploring. Students were welcomed into the Crime Lab, where they developed their problem-solving skills in a Forensics environment. After a half day of learning, the students were then challenged with solving a terrible crime that had been committed during their lunchtime! The students all worked together, using a multidisciplinary approach and scientific communication to determine the suspect. Open Day allowed our students to see how Science operates in daily life and encourages them to consider future studies in Science by choosing to study the Nobel Pathway. Some Year 10s went to UWA to participate in the annual Science Café. Some students have provided their reflection on the day.

Last week we attended the annual Scitech science café that UWA held for year 10 students across Perth; we talked with STEM industry professionals. We were lucky enough to chat with current students that are studying at university, one in particular being Massimo a previous St Georges student who is studying Physics and science communications. Claire Dyball

Dylan Momberg Harrison Mackey Under 15


Zara Brown

Bonnie Baugh

Holly Williams

Coco Johnston

Sadie Tibbitts

Alexandra Griffin

Serena Lee

Brianna Goss

Kaylee Chin

Yvonne Borchers

Emily Muir

Katherine Trager

Macy Mackay

Emily Ross

At last week’s Science café, I learnt more about the different pathways that I could pursue in STEM and that I am interested in biomedical research and forensic psychology as two potential career paths.

William Moesker

Lauren Martin

Orphelia Burchell

Nathan Mitchell

Sydney Gould

Harry Joyner

Bernard Bolum

Alex Hassan

Benedict Bolum

Asher Cox-Cullen

Francis Bolum

Hayden Cowell

Jeremy Karagania

I learnt that there are many paths to becoming a STEM professional and that I don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Ethan Lane The Science Cafe was very eye opening for my future pathways for when I leave school. The number of fields and branches of jobs for future science students is exciting. Jacob Radici

Charles Beck Jacob Radici Callum McGillivray Harrison Flower 5

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

year to keep the Street Connect Bus and services running. Some statistics in context: • Of the 17 schools, St George’s came 14th in fundraising. This is impressive for 9 Students. • The top school was All Saints. Their 51 students raised $18,388 and their top student raised $1,040 • The top fundraising student for the whole event was from one of of Perth College’s 23 girls. She raised $2,360 of their total, which was $11,813. By any measure, the event was a success and our St George’s Anglicare Ambassadors made a valiant contribution to this. I thank them all AND offer my thanks to Mrs Campell who stayed until the formal activities and obligatory photos were over. It was an exhausting, but fantastic experience for a worthwhile cause. Our Year 12 Human Biology students went to Perth Zoo to conduct their Primate study and to explore the content on evolutionary trends in hominins. They were fortunate to be delivered a lecture from a Perth Zoo expert, and then had a great day observing the Primates in their enclosures. It was a fantastic opportunity to observe both primate characteristics and behaviour, drawing many parallels between the apes and us! I hope they draw on their day to reinforce the content as they finish off their study in Human Biology.

But we are not stopping there! On 17 September, St George’s will be holding their annual ‘Sleep Out on the Roof’ where further funds will be raised for the Street Connect Bus. Registrations for this event will open in Week 7. Watch this space for more information. Mr Ryan McBride

Mountain Bike Riding in Outdoor Education Mountain Biking is one of the exciting activities enjoyed by our Outdoor Education students. Recently, a group of Year 10s ventured to Dwellingup to ride the Mundi Biddi Trail.

Ms Charlotte Donovan

Under the Stars at Optus Stadium

We all left school at 8am by bus and on arrival at the trail, we were greeted by Mr Peter White, who was to be our guide for the day. Students were allocated a Mountain Bike and two students were selected as the ‘Navigation Leader’ and ‘Back Rider’. These two students navigated the group using a map on both the Mundi Biddi Trail & the Marrinup Mountain Biking trail. These two jobs were rotated throughout the day, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership qualities.

A huge congratulations to the Year 10 Anglicare Ambassadors, Team St George’s, who attended the Anglicare Sleep Out at Optus Stadium on Friday 20 August. Greta Bushell Katherine Mullaney Lauren Martin

Milla Howard Ophelia Burchell Sienna Holley

Claudia Gordan Gwen Tan Daniel van Olden

The day was well received by all students, but I am sure everyone was very tired that evening after riding 20km on challenging terrain!

The total amount raised by all students, from 17 Anglican schools, was over $153,000. This was almost $50,000 more than Street Connect expected to raise. Team St George’s raised a total of $4,230 and Greta Bushell raised $980 of that amount herself.

Upcoming Events:

23 September - Year 9 Orienteering Excursion, Kalamunda 14 October - Year 10 Mountain Biking Excursion, Dwellingup

Every cent raised will help keep the Street Connect Bus running and support homeless youth in Perth, who sleep rough every night of the year. Sleep Out is the largest single fundraising event for Street Connect in any given year. They need ½ a million dollars a

If you do have any queries about Outdoor Education, please email Ms Jackie Sullivan 6

St. George's Anglican Grammar School – THE DRAGON

ART competition We need your help in designing the 2022 Student Diary cover Create an artwork celebrating our 2022 School Theme: Dream Big. Work Hard. Make it Happen. The winning entry will become the cover of St George's 2022 Student Diary. Ent

For a copy of the entry form and terms and conditions Click Here

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