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Year 12 Students at the Wall of Hope, Art Gallery of Western Australia

St George’s Anglican Grammar School; an exciting, innovative co-educational secondary school based in a highrise building in the Perth CBD. The School caters for local and international students in Years 7-12, and is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools in Western Australia. We are committed to child safety and protection, and expect all staff, volunteers, visitors to the School and contractors to respect and abide by all policies, procedures and practices developed and put in place by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and/or the School in this regard.

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From the Principal Mr Gary Racey

Singapore/China trip

letter forwarded by Miss Carrick to her Year 7 students, which in my mind encapsulated the need for perspective and that performance in these singular set of tests At the time of release does not paint the entire picture of a child’s of this newsletter, I development and who they are as a person. will be in China on In saying that though, the data that comes behalf of our school. from this testing can be of great value, The international particularly when seeking commonalities connection our of longitudinal data reflecting areas we as a community has via school may be falling short in, but even more our relationships with so the individual value-add for each individstudents from all over the world, but ual – that is where the rich data is. Staff will particularly Asia in our current circumstance, analyse the data when it becomes available cannot be underestimated. It is a mutually and use it to help guide our beneficial relationship that only adds to the programming and gain additional insight in incredible culture within our school. areas of strength and challenge. It is hoped Additionally, international relations and your charges made it through fairly connections are essential to help prepare unscathed and can get back into a normal our students for the globalised community routine again. they will live in post-school. The purpose of my trip is to view and learn from some HBF Run for a Reason vertical schools in Singapore, meet with I was fortunate to participate in the ‘HBF current families and agents of potential new Run for a Reason’ event on Sunday May 19, enrolments in China, and to network to along with my family and thousands of seek future possibilities that may benefit St others. It is such an incredible thing when George’s. I am certainly excited about the so many people come together and act with possibilities that may arise and look forward one clear view and reason. Aside from the to sharing my experience with the staff and importance of the event for fundraising for students on my return. an amazing cause, the event prompted me to reflect on the development of our NAPLAN strategic plan and the strength of our As parents of our Year 7 and 9 students community having a shared mission and would be well aware, we have now coming together for the same purpose or completed this year’s NAPLAN reason, which is the development of a young assessment program. It appears to have person with strong moral values who become a stressful time in the eyes of our reaches their potential in every way. In students and their families in recent years, reading through the various workshop notes which is a shame as the education journey is from students, parents, staff and School so much greater than one set of Council I am so pleased all parties have standardised tests. I was moved by the such an investment in our school and our 1

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

children, and we do indeed share the same vision. This Strategic Plan will give us a ‘reason’ that is clear to all and that has every stake-holders contribution considered, which is so vital.

worth considering.

The theme for NRW 2019 is below, along with an excerpt from the NRW media release: Grounded in Truth On a tangent from my comments above, I Walk Together with Courage challenge our student body to consider what To foster positive race relations, the is their ‘reason’ for turning up to school relationship between Aboriginal and Torres every day; for engaging in classes; for serving Strait Islander people and the broader others. It must go beyond, ‘because I have to’, community must be grounded in a and if it doesn’t it is a time to have a foundation of truth. conversation I would think. I encourage parents/carers to have this discussion and Whether you’re engaging in challenging seek to go deeper than the superficial – conversations or unlearning and relearning when we have a reason, we have a goal! That what you know, this journey requires all of is what breeds success. us to walk together with courage. Be sure to tag on social media using #NRW2019 National Reconciliation Week – 27 May to #GroundedinTruth2019, and #WalkTogethJune 3 er2019 to be part of the national Reconciliation is an area of priority for St conversation. George’s, with the movement being led by our governing body, the Anglican Schools It is interesting how closely this theme and Commission, who are in the final stages statement aligns with the Gospel and the of completing our system’s Reconciliation message found in John 1:3-4 of Walking in Action Plan (R.A.P). This R.A.P. will guide our the Truth. school in the years to come. “It gave me great joy when some believers came and testified about your faithfulness to the truth, One of the activities to support us in this telling how you continue to walk in it. For I have direction is acknowledging and participating no greater joy than to hear that my children are in National Reconciliation Week (NRW), walking in the truth.” which we will introduce to our calendar this John’s perspective offers something higher, year. I look forward to this program growing greater, and lasting. The truth of Jesus and evolving as we place greater emphasis satisfies not for a season, but for all eternity. on it. I thank one of our parents for bringing Those who walk in the truth of Christ enjoy to our attention the Reconciliation Walk, God’s presence working in their lives now which occurs just along the road from St and eternity in Christ’s presence beyond George’s starting from Yagan Square on this world. I encourage our students to read Friday 31 May. This is an event we will more surrounding this message and endeavour to participate in; however, as our familiarise themselves with the Bible and its mid-term break is scheduled on the same teachings. day, we are unable to be involved. In saying Gary Racey that, students are now free to participate Principal independently, which I suggest would be well Edition 7 2019 2

From the Head of Curriculum Mrs Angela Tanham

City of Perth Intergenerational Play Space Project St George’s city location provides the students with many opportunities that they may not get in a suburban school. One such opportunity was afforded to the Year 7 students last week. The School was contacted by a Landscape Architect from a Victorian based Architecture firm named Playce. They are currently working with the City of Perth on a design for an intergenerational play space at Wellington Square. As part of the process, they invited our students to take part in a workshop to help guide and shape the design of the play space. The students were given a chance to have their voices heard to ensure that the final playground design reflects their needs. Feedback from the Architect after the workshop was “They were an energetic group, and came up with some brilliant ideas. It was lots of fun. They were superstars.” Well done Year 7’s.

timetable when they are not sitting an exam. Year 11 and 12 students who study General and VET Certificate subjects must attend school if they have unfinished work in any of their subjects and complete the work at school where they can obtain assistance from their teachers if required. Any students coming into school during this period must be wearing the correct uniform.

Student Mid Term Break

A reminder that all students will have a Mid Term Break from Friday 31 May to Monday 3 June inclusive. The extended break gives staff at St George’s the opportunity to participate in Professional Learning on Friday 31 May, whilst all staff will enjoy a long weekend as we take a holiday for WA Day on Monday 3 June.

Angela Tanham

Head of Curriculum

Semester One Exams

Year 12: Monday 27 May to Wednesday 5 June Year 11: Tuesday 4 June to Tuesday 11 June Year 10: Thursday 6 June to Tuesday 11 June Year 11 and 12 students may stay at home to study if they do not have an exam. Year 10 students must attend school for the full day and will have their usual scheduled 3

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Careers Murdoch University Engineering Open Night Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019 5:15 pm 7:30 pm For more information and to register visit future-students Edith Cowan University Business and Law Information Evening Joondalup Campus Thinking about a Business course or studying Law, or maybe both? Don’t miss this session. Date: Monday 27 May 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

For more information and to register for these events visit whats-on/ CQUniversity Perth Campus Perth Aviation Information Evening Date: Monday 27 May 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start Location: CQUniversity Perth, Room 1.09, Level 1, 10 William St, Perth. To register for this event visit https://spectre.

Media, Communications, Arts and Design Twilight Tour Mt Lawley Campus Tour our Arts Hub and experience the fabulous facilities for students in these disciplines. Date: Wednesday 29 May 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Engineering and Technology Showcase Evening Joondalup Campus Discover why our School of Engineering has some of the best facilities in Australia Date: Thursday 6 June 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm For more information and to register for these events visit future-students/events Curtin University Commerce Information Evening This evening will provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about studying a Commerce degree at Curtin Date: Wednesday 29 May 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm, Lance Twomey Lecture Theatre


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Head of Pastoral Mr Hilton Hardman

The Pastoral program at St George’s continues to provide vital information to the young minds of our students. On Friday 17 May during PAWS, the school had a guest speaker in from Student Edge to talk about cyber safety for Years 7 and 9. The following topics were covered during the presentation: Safe use of Social Media Security & Privacy explained Examples of Scams and how to avoid Digital Reputation dos & don’ts Cyberbullying (including what it means to be a bystander and active participant) How Stranger Danger works and how to avoid Sexting This topic is essential for young students to ensure they are protected during this technology and social media-driven age. The Department of Education has a helpful page to offer support to parents on tips to help your children be safe and responsible online users. The link can be found below:

St George’s Day was a day filled with celebration. The morning Eucharist allowed the school to reflect and grow closer in our Anglican faith. A special mention to the recipients of the Spirit of St George award: Junior school - Ella Tiley Senior school - Eliza Griffin


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

The Year 7 – 10 students brought in 920 items which have been put into hygiene packs and handed to Anglicare WA. The day ended with students taking part in team games at Langley Park, which was aimed to maintain contact between the different year groups and aid in developing new friendships. As we move forward maintaining our focus on providing students with skills to allow them to cope with life’s challenges, week 4 sees Dr Jane Genovese from Learning Fundamentals coming in to share her knowledge. She will address the Year 11 and 12 students on Exam Hacks: Boost Your Performance. Dr Genovese will look to enlighten our students on Learning shortcuts to exam success and how to effectively prepare for exams to achieve maximum results. Topics covered include study strategies, positive self-talk, decreasing exam nerves, creating a plan of attack (study plan), what to do before, during and after each exam, as well as the importance of sleep. I

would recommend all parents to go onto her webpage www.learningfundamentals. to gain insight into how students can be supported during exams, and effective ways to learn at home. During PAWS students in Year 7 – 10 will be involved in inter-house activities around the school and city. Students will break up into their houses and do one of three activities during that period; Amazing race around the city, Picnic in the local park or team games around the school. Your child’s respective Head of House will be in contact with information around these activities.

Hilton Hardman Head of Pastoral


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the IT Department Mr Jason Wakefield

The IT department volunteered the school The IT department into a battery recycling program, and we is responsible for have been operating for many aspects of a several years now. Please use students’ experience this FREE facility to dispose here at St George’s. all your expired household One very batteries (not including car important and and phone batteries). The bin constantly changing can be found in the IT aspect is: SECURITY. Manager’s office on level 1. More information about the program can be Trend Micro, our choice of found here: anti-virus software, has shown School-community/Battery-programs/School that in the last two weeks the agents on student and staff TIP OF THE WEEK - Emoji keyboard computers have detected and passed, If you’re addicted to using emoji, modern quarantined or cleaned 127 threats. And desktop operating systems support them in that same report, the top five detections natively just like mobiles do. On Windows originated on macOS computers. Criminals press the Windows Key + . (period) keys and are targeting the macOS operating system more than ever before, so please make sure on macOS CMD + Control + Spacebar. An Emoji panel will appear so you can carry on your devices are at least protected by a as usual using all the expressions you want. reputable anti-virus program. With help from one of our partners, DataCom, the School is undergoing a Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP). Its purpose is to transparently monitor all the Internet traffic in and out of the network and report on any security holes/vulnerabilities as well as all critical events such as hack attempts and botnet attacks. So far, it has been an eye-opening experience viewing in real-time what are attempting to enter in the network and attempting to get out. We eagerly await the final report so we can take immediate action on all recommended solutions to keep devices, servers and the rest of the network safe from potential external and internal threats. 7

If you missed our previous article, it contained information regarding a new device from Disney to assist parents in the home regarding Internet access. You can also set up age appropriate filters that apply to all their devices. And you can even give rewards to your child when they’ve been good. Please take a look here: - you may find this very beneficial to your home scenario.

Jason Wakefield IT Manager

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Head of Art Ms Carol Wohlnick


This photographic exhibition shines a light on the face of homelessness in Perth and aims to help raise awareness of this important social issue. The dramatic large scale portraits were created by Photographer Phil England of Terrace Photography. Entry is by gold coin donation with all proceeds going to Street Connect. for further information and to RSVP, contact Carol Wohlnick HOLA the Arts on The opening is now planned for lunch time to allow students to attend during school hours. Parents and friends who are able to visit may still RSVP to the above email address.


The Art Department has been invited to participate in the inaugural GREENBATCH recycled sculpture competition to be held during UWA’s Open Day on August 4. One of the aims of the event is to engage and educate the community about plastic pollution.

4 - 7 June - Opening Wednesday 5 June 6:00 pm Level 2 Exhibition

Parents, Staff and Carers are cordially invited to the opening of EYE CONTACT at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. Principal, Mr Gary Racey will launch the Exhibition on Wednesday 5 June at 6:00 pm on Level 2, St George’s AGS, 50 William Street, Perth.

Please rinse and bring in any clear 1 litre Schweppes (or similar) soft drink bottles. Deposit them in the blue bin on the Ground Floor and/or on Level 4 outside the art room. Art students will then recycle these for their sculpture project. Greenbatch is a social enterprise who are building Western Australia’s first plastic recycling facility. Greenbatch strives to perpetuate generational change in their approach to plastic recycling and the engagement of schools and students is a pivotal step in establishing a more

Edition 7 2019 8

sustainable environment. Greenbatch are building WA’s first plastic reprocessing plant, turning the PET plastic bottles we put in our recycling bins into 3D printing filament for schools to build and create with.

Always a highlight of the arts calendar, students were able to closely view a wide range of art forms in approximately 50 different artworks that make up the show. These works showcase the highest performers from the ATAR and General Visual Art courses studied in 2018. This year saw a new look exhibition and a revised name; Pulse Perspectives. The exhibition communicates a broad range of issues and themes that students explored as part of their visual arts practice. This show incorporates a variety of diffierent media from finely knit wire sculptures to mega portraits, video and sound pieces. All works are exquisitely created and communicate important political and social concerns, which our young people considered and explored.

Let them Paint Cake! As the first trimester of budding Year 7 painters move onto their next Art and Design rotation. The results of their skills and hard work are evident in the fabulously designed and deliciously scented paintings featured above. For a closer look and an olfactory experience visit the St George’s Art Exhibition in Term 4 at Brookfield next door, 108 St George’s Terrace. Details of the Art Exhibition to follow. Year 12 Pulse Perspectives Earlier this term,Visual Art students enjoyed an inspirational viewing of the current Year 12 Pulse Perspectives Exhibition at the Cultural Centre, Perth. Edition 7 2019 9

From the English Department Ms Lauren Carrick

Meet the Author The Year 7’s met the author Dianne Wolfer at the State Library on the 9 March. Ms Wolfer is an acclaimed author of many books for teenagers and young readers. The class learnt about how Ms Wolfer combined research, archival photograpghs, telegrams and letters with imaginative storytelling to create the historical narratives, Lighthouse Girl, Light Horse Boy and In the Lamplight. She spoke about her recent novel In the Lamplight, which explores the vital contribution of nurses in World War I. Rose O’Reilly’s sheltered life in the peaceful English village of Harefield takes an unexpected turn with the outbreak of war in 1914. As the war progresses, and slouch hats fill the village green, Rose’s skills grow and she begins training alongside Australian nurses. Then, a new patient arrives, Sergeant Jim O’Donnell is unable to walk and his eyes are bandaged, but he will change Rose’s life forever. The session was intriguing and applicable to both our current Humanities and English studies, focusing on historic sources in History and story writing in English.

Ms Lauren Carrick English Department

Edition 7 2019 10

From the Head of Health and Physical Education Ms Jodie Scheele

We are certainly at our busiest with lots going on in the Physical Education Program.

ACC NWAS (North Western Associated Schools) has started this week with our first games against John Septimus Roe (JSR) Anglican School. Thank you to everyone that played the first fixture. Next week we compete against Kingsway Christian College. Year 7/8 play on Tuesday and 9/10 on Wednesday.

The ACC Cross Country team has really progressed with their morning training sessions. Credit to the students for their regular attendance and commitment! We have had some fabulous runs up the challenging St George’s Terrace incline and into Kings Park. What a magical place to run, so scenic and the grass is soft under foot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Yousri Gharsallah for his commitment to the team. The students have enjoyed his contribution particularly climbing Jacobs Ladder. Last training session is Tuesday 28 May. ACC Cross Country Carnival Thursday 30 May. Students need to arrive at school 8:00 am and meet in the Fitness Centre. We wish all runners the very best in achieving their best at the event.

The PE AFL program is developing the kicking skills of our Year 7 and 8 students. Year 10 have really got a grasp on Touch Rugby and Year 9’s are enjoying Basketball on the courts at UWA.

The last four weeks of this term we begin our Athletics Program at McGillivray Reserve getting the students prepared for the 2019 Inter-House Athletics Carnival which comes up quickly in Term Three on Tuesday 6 August with the 1500m taking place the 1st week back, on 2 August.

Edition 7 2019 11

Administration Enrolments

The School Enrolment Policy requires one full term’s notice in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from the School. Where such notice is not received, the School will charge an amount equal to the tuition fees for that current term.

SEQTA The St George’s Anglican Grammar School SEQTA account is not assigned to a staff member and, therefore, is not monitored. Please contact the staff member directly to ensure prompt action to your message.

To avoid fees in lieu being charged, notice of a student’s withdrawal must be received by the School before the first day of the School Term preceding the Term of the student’s departure. If this does not occur, families will be charged the remainder of the current Term, plus an additional Terms fee in lieu. Upon withdrawal of a student from the School, all fees and charges incurred for that student are payable to the School in full within seven days of exit. If the account has been paid in full and a refund is due, payment will be processed for the full refund due within seven days of exit.

Uniform Shop

St George’s uniforms are purchased from Matrix Uniforms Showroom, 1 Hasler Road Osborne Park or online. Uniform fittings are available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Term 2 Tour Dates

If you know anyone that would like a tour of the school, please ask them to book one of these dates. Tours fill very quickly. 05 June 2019 19 June 2019


Community Noticeboard YEAR 7 PARENTS MID-YEAR DINNER

WHEN: Saturday 22 June 2019, 7:00 pm WHERE: The Camfield (next to Optus Stadium, 1 Roger MacKay Drive, Burswood) RSVP: Sara 0411562192 (Isabelle’s mum), or Vickie 0407 119 855 (Ari’s mum) by FRIDAY 14 JUNE

All Year 7 parents welcome so please come along and enjoy the evening.



WHEN: Saturday 25

May 2019, 7:00 pm WHERE: rant, Port



Coast RestauBeach RSVP: Amanda Sturrock 0409 767 212



!! ! D

All Year 9 parents welcome so please come along and enjoy the evening - must RSVP ASAP.

Student Term Dates - 2020

Term 1 30 January - 9 April New Student Orientation 29 January Students Mid Term Break, Friday 28 February Term 2 30 April - 3 July Students Mid Term Break, Friday 29 May Term 3 27 July - 25 September New Student Orientation 24 July Students Mid Term Break, Friday 21 August Term 4 13 October - 9 December

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Edition 7 2019 13

The Science Department needs your help!

Donations of any old working fish tank accessories will be gratefully received to fit out our 2 new fish tanks. We are seeking Including: • Gravel; • Lights; • Filter and Air pumps; • Decorations (Plastic plants etc); and • Large sheets of acrylic or polystyrene. Also, any ice cream containers (any size, with or without lids) will also be accepted. Students can bring their donations in directly to the Science department or their Science teacher.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Profile for St George's Anglican Grammar School

Newsletter Edition 7, 2019  

Friday 24 May 2019 - welcome to Edition 7 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.

Newsletter Edition 7, 2019  

Friday 24 May 2019 - welcome to Edition 7 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.