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Edition Four 22 March 2019

St George’s Anglican Grammar School; an exciting, innovative co-educational secondary school based in a high-rise building in the Perth CBD. The School caters for local and international students in Years 7-12, and is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools in Western Australia. We are committed to child safety and protection, and expect all staff, volunteers, visitors to the School and contractors to respect and abide by all policies, procedures and practices developed and put in place by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and/or the School in this regard.

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From the Principal Mr Gary Racey

International Women’s Day/ Anglicare Event

It was my pleasure to attend an Anglicare WA event recently at the Palace Cinemas on William Street to celebrate International Women’s Day. The theme behind the evening was around social justice, and in particular women’s rights. The movie that followed a presentation by Dr Katie Carter, Anglicare WA’s Mental Health & Trauma Practice Consultant, is called ‘On the Basis of Sex’. This is an inspiring movie based on a true story about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a struggling attorney and new mother who faces adversity and numerous obstacles in her fight for equal rights. When Ruth takes on a ground breaking tax case with her husband, attorney Martin Ginsburg, she knows it could change the direction of her career and the way the courts view gender discrimination. As I reflected on the film afterwards, I was struck by the fact many people continue to make statements around ‘how far we have come’ and, ‘I can’t believe the world used to be like that’. Yet I question; “How far should we have come?” Have we really come that far? To think that one of the first public statements surrounding women’s rights occurred over 100 years ago, yet we still require movements such as ‘MeToo’ to bring attention and action to the inequity towards the female gender. We as a society must ask and question why this generation 1

is still dealing with an archaic way of thinking and levels of discrimination that are totally unacceptable, and act now rather than rest on our laurels and congratulate ourselves on how far we have come. At St George’s we embrace equality and seek to educate our young people in many areas of social justice. International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show our young people, both boys and girls, that the world celebrates equality, diversity and opportunities for everyone. We are proud to be a co-educational school where we can celebrate and embrace all that both genders offer, and International Women’s Day permits us to highlight the contribution our young women bring to our school. They inspire, motivate and challenge our community and are future leaders – we cannot be more thankful.

Year 7 Thrive

The photo above, picturing some of our young women with ‘attitude’, is from the Year 7 Thrive event held at the Perth Convention St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Centre on Thursday 8 March. Aside from the benefits of the actual activities to support our students transition into secondary school, one of the things I was most impressed with was our sense of community. A colleague from another school shared with me a comment from a third party who was present at the event, someone that had never seen or heard of our school: “Now that is a community!” This statement was without any prompting, but simply a ‘feeling’ they got from our students and staff and watching them interact with each other. How amazing! As they say, culture will eat strategy for breakfast every day of the week!

educate and guide our students as to the dangers and pitfalls of the cyber world, it is in our homes that is the first line of defence. As we move forward, the School will be seeking to engage specialists in this field, and others, to run forums for parents to support you in managing this everchanging landscape.

Parent Code of Conduct

Our overarching Child Protection Framework, ‘Creating Child Safe Institutions’, directs the School in this important area. One suggested strategy within the framework is the need for a ‘Parent Code of Conduct’. St George’s Code has been forwarded to parents/guardians of our school in a separate communication and ACC Swimming Carnival I encourage each family member to read Congratulations to our ACC interschool the document. The introduction of this is swim team and staff/coaches for their to further promote a safe environment for performance at the recent ACC Swimming our students, staff and parents/guardians. It Carnival. A win for the second year in a row is hoped that the adults in our community in a higher division each and every year is acknowledge the importance of such a guide something to truly celebrate. Whilst our and seek to impart the expectations within interhouse carnival is participation based in it. A further copy can be found in the Parent its approach, which is wonderful, this event Handbook on SEQTA. permits our more serious swimmers to enOn the Roof Concert gage in an extremely competitive environment. It should be noted that we had Along with the myriad of excursions over the past couple of weeks, including some stand out performances, but it was Sculptures by the Sea, Fremantle Prison,Year our consistency across the day that stood 12 Art Perspectives, NWAS sport, Curtin out for me and earned this victory - a true definition of a team win, which I applaud. The University etc, the ‘On the Roof Concert’ was finally held on the actual rooftop! This weekly training sessions certainly paid off followed nearly a year without access to the and all competitors represented the School roof and then a potential storm when the with pride and a positive attitude. A proud last one was planned, and it was well worth day indeed! waiting for. Thanks to all who contributed Cyber-Safety and attended this wonderful occasion. I bring to your attention the information forwarded to families from ‘Family Zone’ Gary Racey regarding the ‘MOMO challenge’ and encourage any parent/guardian who has not Principal read the information previously sent to do so. Whilst we as a school do all we can to

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From the Head of Curriculum Mrs Angela Tanham

Study Notes

Writing Study Notes that will help students revise for tests and exams is a skill that many students find difficult to master. There are many methods out there and include hand written notes, typed notes, mind maps, dot points and other methods that will assist recall. An often debated topic is should study notes be handwritten or typed? There are pros and cons to both methods, but students must remember that tests and exams are hand written under our current educational system. The chart linked here lists the pros and cons of each method.

Students will need their WA student number and other personal identification information. It is important that students check that their information is correct as changes cannot be made to subjects after Thursday 4 April. Part I of the Year 12 Information Handbook is now available on the SCSA website at I encourage all Year 12 students to use the handbook as a reference point as they work towards their WACE.

Angela Tanham

Head of Curriculum

Interim Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings

All students will receive an interim report this term. The reports will be available in SEQTA after 3.30 pm on Tuesday 26 March. Also on this date parents will receive an email with a link directing them to the portal where they will be able to book appointments to see their students’ teachers at the parent teacher evening on Thursday 4 April from 1:30 pm until 6:30 pm.

Year 12 Students

2019 Year 12s can now check their personal details and enrolments online in the student portal via: 3

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Head of Pastoral Mr Hilton Hardman School Socials

The schools first Junior School Social for Year 7 - 9 will be taking place on Friday 5 April. This event will offer food, soft drinks, karaoke, DJ, access to unlimited pictures at the photo booth and various activities between Level 4 as well as the Rooftop. These two venues will be transformed into appealing areas where students will be able to relax, dance or catch up with their friends.

Mobile Phones at School

At St George’s Anglican Grammar School, we encourage the use of technology during lessons for the enhancement of students educational experience. Students may carry their phone on them during the day; however, it must be on silent or switched off. Phones may only be used on school premises or at school activities if permission is given by the supervising teacher. This includes restricting phone use before school and during recess and lunch. We encourage the use of phones for educational purposes; for example, voice recording a section of a lesson or photographing the board (with permission), but any use that is not for educational reasons is prohibited.

Our Senior School Social for Years 10 – 12 will be taking place on Thursday, 11 April on The Crystal Swan. The Crystal Swan is a highly sought after school formal cruise Phones will be confiscated for the remainder venue with quality dining, exceptional service, of the day from students found to be stunning views and an overall unique misusing them. experience. We ask that families support this by ensuring The river cruise on the Crystal Swan will that all contact with your child during school include; DJ, fully enclosed upper deck, fully hours goes through the school. If you enclosed lower deck with large dance floor, require them to have information before the magnificent panoramic views from both end of the school day please contact levels of the City Skyline and spacious upper reception on 9312 0800 and we will pass a and lower deck for mingling. message to them. As a school, we always encourage our students to get involved in such events; it allows them to develop friendships, make memories and experience something new. Students have been encouraged to hand their forms in if they plan on attending these events.



St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

The Year 7’s and 8’s recently attended ‘Thrive’, a leadership conference at the Perth convention centre with over 2500 other students. Throughout the day students had the opportunity to listen to speakers, participate in learning activities and be entertained by local artists.

A number of guest speakers shared their life experiences with the students. We heard Shawn Redhage: “Try and try and try and try from Akram Azimi, a refugee and former and try and try, until you succeed.” Australian of the Year, Brett Stanford a famous Youtuber, a number of sports people; Hilton Hardman Tasmin Cook, Maddison de Rozario, Ashton Head of Pastoral Agar and Shawn Redhage, just to name a few. A vast array of topics were covered including resilience, authenticity, connection, courage, dreams, mental health and emotions. “Today we went to Thrive, we listened to lots of guest speakers who talked about being yourselves and pushing your limits to be the best selves you can possibly be. It was inspiring to hear what they had to say, most of it was their childhood stories and them telling us what they did right or wrong and how you can learn and grow from their stories and our own experiences. "Talking to someone doesn't make you weak" -Marksman Loyd, “Their quotes are really true and makes you view the world from a better perspective, a more positive one.” – Olivia Reid The students were asked what they remember most from each of the guest speakers. Brett Stanford: “You have to fail to succeed.” Phil Evans: “Your wellbeing is very important.” Tasmin Cook “Take every opportunity that comes your way.” Marksman Lloyd: “It's okay to speak up.” Maddison de Rozario: “Learn to love yourself.” Ashton Agar: “It's okay to talk to someone if in doubt.”


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Music Coordinator Mr Michael Newton

These past few weeks have been very busy with the chapel band performing for the Commissioning of the Guild at St George’s Cathedral and bands and students prepared for the On The Roof Concert. This is always an exciting event and for many students, this will be their first time performing to a live audience. The roof top concert is an amazing experience for students as it gives them an opportunity to perform live, and to watch and support their fellow musicians.

5. What’s your advice for anyone learning Music? Don’t worry about when you start. Philip Glass, a famous movie composer and great pianist started learning at the age of 18, just because he suddenly had a desire to follow the music.

Michael Newton Music Coordinator Ronan Dixon performing

Muso Profile - Ronan Dixon 1. What instrument(s) do you play? I play the piano, synthesizer and just about any keyboard type instrument. I additionally play a tiny bit of guitar, but I’m not too great at it. 2. What first got you interested in Music? When I was young, I got a synth for my birthday, the Korg m50. I would jam on it all the time, using the presents and drum patches. After a while, I started getting piano lessons and it developed from there.

One of the Chapel band members performing at the Guild Commissioning

3. What’s the best thing about Music at St. G’s? Probably the opportunities it brings along with the people. I love to come to the music room during recess and lunch and just jam. 4. Why should other people do music? It is good for your brain, it is fun, and it is just in general a good skill to have.You may even one day become a professional musician. But you can’t know whether you will unless you start somewhere. 6

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Head of English Mrs Susan Lazenby

On Friday 8 March, we said goodbye to Chiaki Kido, who has been at St George’s for the last 10 months as a volunteer Japanese teaching assistant. A huge thank you to the Grubelich and Bongiovanni families, who welcomed Chiaki into their homes with lots of love and laughter. During her time at St George’s, Chiaki worked with students from all year levels, helping them learn Japanese through one-onone conversation practice and small group activities. As you can see from the student comments below, Chiaki will be sorely missed! Danielle de Witt Japanese and Mandarin Teacher “Chiaki helped all of us learn so much over the year. She was really helpful with helping me practice speaking and reading Japanese. In and out of the classroom she was always lots of fun! All of us are going to miss her so, so much! (thank you)!” Greta Bushell,Year 8

much, and of course I am very sad that this is her last year at St George’s, but I hope she knows that the students of St George’s will be forever grateful for her help and kindness.” Gabriella Navarrete,Year 12 “Chiaki-San has been an amazing teacher this year! I loved her friendliness and her approachability, which helped me feel more comfortable in asking her questions. I’m going to miss her jokes and her uplifting encouragements! I hope she comes back and visits us soon!” Meagan Tan, Year 11 “Chiaki is always there to help us with Japanese and makes each lesson more fun and enjoyable. We are going to miss talking to her and learning with her.” Kate van Olden,Year 10 “Chiaki-San was a great help and taught me to really enjoy the subject of Japanese alongside Mrs de Witt. It was very nice to see her each day, ready to help out the students to learn, and it is very sad to hear that she will be leaving.” Parker Samuelson,Year 8 “Chiaki is a really calm and understanding teacher and I enjoy talking with her. She is the kind of teacher where I won’t feel embarrassed to ask a question and she is also really nice.” Bailey Bridgeman,Year 9

“Chiaki has always been a committed, dependable, and friendly teacher assistant to all the students of St George’s. We all know Mrs de Witt can only be at so many places at once, and with Chiaki, it ensures that everybody (especially in the Year 7, 8 and 9 classes!) are receiving the full support they need. I still remember all the times she has helped me with speaking practice, and I felt as if I always learned something new, Susan Lazenby like more vocabulary, or how to structure a English Department certain sentence. I am going to miss her very

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From the Head of Health and Physical Education Ms Jodie Scheele

A big congratulations to Year 8 Surf Lifesavers, Austin, Tom, Sydnee and Koby who competed at the Nipper State Championships last weekend. They took on a massive shore-break when a 3m swell hit on Sunday. Future lifesavers of Perth who have important talents and possess life skills that could really make a difference. Although competing from NWAS Summer Fixtures has been a success different clubs in Perth their bond remains thanks to the dedication and commitment strong and we are proud of your by our students. Even though we have not achievements. achieved too many winning results we have achieved, and we will continue to grow. Well Swimming is such an essential life skill and done to all team players. Our final fixture is that is why it is part of the PE Program. this week against Kingsway Christian Term One’s UWA swimming program is College. completed and students and families are commended on their organisation. Swimming techniques and fitness improved, and it was pleasing to witness the team work that developed with the swimming program.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Edition 4 2019 9

The PE Program is ending the term with Cricket for Year 8’s at Supreme Court Gardens, Tennis for Years 7 and 9 at Royal Kings Park Tennis Club and Stand Up Paddle Boarding for our Year 10’s where Outdoor Education opportunities highlight leadership, collaborative skills and self-management skills.

Swimming Carnival

Mr Racey’s comments express my sentiments exactly! I just want to say that I am so proud of each and everyone of you for your performance, your attitude, your dedication and positive team approach. It was honestly a team effort that brought us to the Championship.


Many thanks to the student and staff officials who support in the organisation of the Carnival. The ACC Staff approached me to say how wonderful the student helpers and staff support are from our school. Thank you to the parents who came along on the day and also for your efforts in getting the team to the early morning training sessions and the Swim Meet at Trinity. Preparation and the old saying, “train as you play” really does make all the difference.

Jodie Scheele

Head of Health and Physical Education

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Administration Enrolments

The School Enrolment Policy requires one full term’s notice in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from the School. Where such notice is not received, the School will charge an amount equal to the tuition fees for that current term. To avoid fees in lieu being charged, notice of a student’s withdrawal must be received by the School before the first day of the School Term preceding the Term of the student’s departure. If this does not occur, families will be charged the remainder of the current Term, plus an additional Terms fee in lieu. Upon withdrawal of a student from the School, all fees and charges incurred for that student are payable to the School in full within seven days of exit.

Community Noticeboard Uniform Shop

St George’s uniforms are purchased from Matrix Uniforms Showroom, 1 Hasler Road Osborne Park or online. Uniform fittings are available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. SEQTA The St George’s Anglican Grammar School SEQTA account is not assigned to a staff member and, therefore, is not monitored. Please contact the staff member directly to ensure prompt action to your message.

If the account has been paid in full and a refund is due, payment will be processed for the full refund due within seven days of exit.

Term 1 Tour Dates

If you know anyone that would like a tour of the school, please ask them to book one of these dates. Tours fill very quickly. The last tour date for Term 1 is Thursday 4 April. Please click on the images above for more information regarding the upcoming ATARGET Master Classes. These classes cover subject revision, OLNA and NAPLAN preparation, study skills and tutoring. You can find out more information by visiting their website at


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Edition 4 2019 12

The Science Department needs your help!

Rolling Dinner

Year 9 parents and students have been enjoying dinners rolling around Perth in an attempt to make it both fun and accessible for more families. The first was held in Canning Vale with 12, the second in Burswood with 28 (and 6 apologies). The third one will be held on Friday 5 April in the Yagan Square Food Hall at 7:00 pm onwards to coincide with the Year 7-9 Social. After that one will be held during May at ‘Coast’ in Port Beach, Fremantle at 7:00 pm.

Donations of any old working fish tank accessories will be gratefully received to fit out our 2 new fish tanks. We are seeking Including: • Gravel; • Lights; • Filter and Air pumps; • Decorations (Plastic plants etc); and • Large sheets of acrylic or polystyrene. Also, any ice cream containers (any size, with or without lids) will also be accepted. Students can bring their donations in directly to the Science department or their Science teacher.

These events are organised by a Year 9 parent with the aim of building community for our students by year group. All Year 9 families are welcome. Please SMS 0409767212 to join us. Reservation made for 30 currently. Should any parent wish to start a similar arrangement in their child’s year group we will be happy to include details in the newsletter.


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

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Newsletter Edition 4 2019  

Friday 22 March 2019 - welcome to Edition 4 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.

Newsletter Edition 4 2019  

Friday 22 March 2019 - welcome to Edition 4 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.