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28 May 2021

Edition Seven

Newsletter Fortnightly news and events for St George’s Parents

From the Principal Tina Campbell

WOW! The school production last week was just such a glorious celebration of the talent of our staff and students within the performing arts here at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. I was so proud and impressed by the innate energy, passion and joy shown by the whole cast and crew both on stage and backstage. The School of Rock was clearly a production where everyone worked together to ensure its success. The special family of St George’s shone through, everyone supported each other, and perhaps most importantly there was a real sense of belonging created by being involved in the show. The backstage singing as the cast prepared for the show each evening was indeed a highlight shared with me by Mr Lim. I admired the enthusiasm of the performers on stage and was astounded that whilst the rehearsals were mostly undertaken here at school, either in the drama studio or on the roof top, that the whole cast and crew appeared to transform seamlessly to performing on the main stage at the Heath Ledger Theatre. What a delight to be a part of such a professional performance. Each character on stage demonstrated their unique A school of the Anglican Schools Commission Inc.

strengths, gave it their all and absolutely nailed the sense of humour and fun which was evident throughout the production. I hope that like me, if you were lucky enough to attend the show, that you just loved it. There was certainly lots of laughter throughout the theatre each night amongst the audience and the buzz of excitement was indeed tangible throughout the Heath Ledger Theatre. So, I would like to thank all the staff involved, it was an exceptional production. Roll on next year! The creative side of schools is something that I believe remains so important for students. It is something that we endeavour to encourage here at St George’s. It develops creative thinking, selfexpression, confidence, motivation, and innovation. Indeed, there is growing evidence showing a strong relationship between the cognitive capabilities developed through learning and communication in

drama, dance, media, music, and the visual arts with students’ academic and social skills throughout the curriculum. There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand’. Whilst this holds true for all practical components of courses it is crucial to the development of our creative strengths and capabilities. Such subjects provide students with an outlet for their emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise be able to express within a classroom. It allows them to escape their own world and to be someone else, somewhere else, explore a new role, try out new things and experience life a little bit differently within a safe and secure environment, even if it is just for a moment. The positive effects of young people involved in such art-rich educational programs includes things such as higher achievements in reading, language development and mathematics. They help to build skills of tolerance, empathy, a growth mindset, and collaboration. They foster innovation, build confidence, develop cultural and self-understanding as well as strengthening a variety of communication skills. Creative pursuits encourage students to use their imagination, become better problem solvers and critical thinkers as well as creating a feeling of togetherness. Creativity is also multidisciplinary, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, develop a sense of purpose, improve focus and encourage us to be lifelong learners. Providing opportunities for young people to explore their creativity, whether at school or elsewhere has been seen to enhance future career prospects. The demand for creative, critical, and curious thinkers is perhaps one of the fastest growing attributes of employers within the workforce currently as these skills support well-rounded, capable individuals

St George’s Anglican Grammar School

who are potentially better prepared for tomorrow’s careers. Even our ‘left brained’ maths and science experts are building these skills within their students. I am thrilled that at St George’s we already value, celebrate and applaud the arts in all its many different dimensions by cultivating such important skills across the curriculum in a variety of subjects. We are dedicated to developing these strengths and seeing all students be centre stage and in the spotlight, allowing them the opportunity to truly shine during their educational journey. ‘The School of Rock’ clearly showed the success of our endeavours - our future within the arts is indeed a bright one. Congratulations and thank you to all involved in what was a sensational production. Staff Changes for Semester Two Earlier this term Miss Lauren Carrick let me know that she had made the difficult decision to leave St George’s at the end of the term after almost six years of committed service. Lauren has decided to take some time out of teaching and to travel Australia with her partner before looking to return to her teaching passion within a junior school setting. Mr Daniel Caplan will also be leaving us at the end of Term Two as he is relocating to Melbourne to be with his partner. It is exciting times for both of these staff and whilst we are sad to see them leave, we wish them all the very best for their future adventures outside of St George’s. We will farewell them properly at the end of term as they conclude their time with us. We are currently advertising for their replacements which I hope to be able to announce before the end of term. Tina Campbell


Chaplain’s Corner This week in Chapel I reflected on power and how we use it. This is timely because in the Christian calendar we are celebrating Pentecost. Some consider Pentecost to be the Christian Church’s birthday because it commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Christ during a gathering for the Jewish festival of Shavuot. The alighting Holy Spirit upon those gathered gave them the ability to speak in many different languages, so that the hearers could understand the worship in their own native tongue. This miraculous happening was another sign to the followers of Christ that God’s grace and mercy was not limited by faith or culture, and that the message of the Gospel was for all peoples. This event of Pentecost inspired Christ’s followers to continue in their efforts to build up their community and empowered them to be inclusive of all peoples, regardless of their differences. In Chapel I issued an invitation to the students to use their power for building up rather than tearing down and for inclusion rather than exclusion. The message of the Bible is clear about how we should move through the world. We are called to walk humbly, to care for each other and to be welcoming of ‘outsiders’ or those who are different

to us. We are encouraged to share wealth rather than hoard resources. We are called to work for the empowerment of our communities, rather than building up the individual. Sometimes the Christian path diverges with the path that the prevailing culture sets before us. An easy way to tell the difference is the gauge set by Bishop Michael Curry when he said: ‘If it is not about love, then it is not about God.’ The Holy Spirit is God’s love in the world that lights the path we are called walk. The invitation to come along for the journey is extended to all. Blessings Chaplain Sarah

School Operations

Susan Lazenby

Congratulations to the directors, cast and crew of the School of Rock. What a performance of fun and laughter it was. And such good dancing too! The confidence and energy of our students is admirable and the opportunity to work with industry professionals at the State Theatre Centre is inestimable. Our School continues to grow in numbers and adventures. • The Year 12 Physical Education Studies head down to the Swan for their rowing coaching, even on the windiest days when rowing is a challenge.


Nine Music students will compete in the ASC Piano Competition next week and there is an ASC Rock Concert in the middle of June. • Our Mock Trials team has prepared thoroughly and presented their case in court in front of a judge. You will read more about them in due course. • The most anticipated adventures are the Year 8, 9 and 10 Camps. Next term, we will be photographing whole year groups for the School Yearbook and digital copies of these group photos will be made available to all families.

31 May - 3 June

Year 12 Examinations

2 June

ASC Piano Competition

3 June 4 June

Walk for Reconciliation Mid-term break for students

7 June 8 - 15 June 9 - 11 June

WA Day holiday Year 11 Examinations Year 8, 9 and 10 Camps St George’s Anglican Grammar School

Pastoral Focus Hilton Hardman

2021 Push Up Challenge

raise greater awareness of mental health issues within society. The school has taken up this challenge and collectively completed 11,309 pushups in the first week of running this challenge. Hopefully we will continue to push the boundaries as we complete the mornings routines.

The Student Guild has looked to focus on both the physical and mental health of the students at St George’s. Therefore, over the next four weeks, the school will take part in a PCG pushup challenge! Each PCG will have the challenge of accomplishing 3,318 pushups as a collective group, and the first PCG to reach this goal will be awarded with a scrumptious pizza lunch. This challenge has seen student’s who wish to take part start their morning doing push-ups while being cheered on by their PCG classmates. It’s a fitness frenzy in the morning within a number of highly competitive PCGs alongside their PCG teacher. This challenge is dedicated to the 3,318 Australians who lost their lives to suicide in 2020. It seeks to

Something to try with an Anxious Child Anxiety in schools is nothing new, but it has been on • the rise in recent years, impacting many students. While reading up on anxiety, I found an article by Renee Jain, who designs Anxiety Relief Programs for students. What I took away from this article was that while • there is no one-size-fits-all solution for anxiety, there are many great research-based techniques that can help manage it, many of which are simple to learn. Renee created an anxiety relief program for kids called GoZen. She had seven ideas, but the one outlined below is a strategy we use at school and recommend. • Teach Your Child to Be a Thought Detective The best remedy for distorted thinking is not positive thinking; it’s accurate thinking. Try a method we call the 3Cs: St George’s Anglican Grammar School

Catch your thoughts: Imagine every thought you have floats above your head in a bubble (like what you see in comic strips). Now, catch one of the worried thoughts like “No one at school likes me.” Collect evidence: Next, collect evidence to support or negate this thought. Teach your child not to make judgments about what to worry about based only on feelings. Feelings are not facts. (Supporting evidence: “I had a hard time finding someone to sit with at lunch yesterday.” Negating evidence: “Sherry and I do homework together--she’s a friend of mine.” Challenge your thoughts: The best (and most entertaining) way to do this is to teach your children to have a debate within themselves.


Curriculum Update Victoria Kelleher

Year 11 and Year 12 Examinations

not achieved minimum requirements are highly Timetables for Year 11 and Year 12 Semester One recommended to attend relevant literacy and/ Examinations have now been sent to our Year 11 or numeracy co-curricular activities at lunch and and Year 12 students as of Wednesday 26 May via after school to support their learning. The relevant member of staff will be in direct contact with the Direqt Message. respective students in due course. In preparation for these examinations, it is important to note that students must attend all examinations Year 11 2022 Information Evening wearing full winter uniform. Year 12s may wear For current Year 10 students their leavers jackets. Students who are absent The Year 10 Subject Selection and Parent from an examination must provide the school with Information Evening is taking place on Wednesday a medical certificate obtained on the date of the 23 June (Week 2 Term 3) in Room 2.5 from 6.00pm. absence. Year 11 and 12 students may stay at home Year 10 students and their families will have the to study if they do not have an examination. opportunity to listen to information about the Year 11 and 12 students who study General and/or variety of 2022 pathways and subjects on offer from VET Certificate subjects must attend school if they the various learning areas across the School. From have unfinished work in any of their subjects and 6.00pm – 7.00pm there will be a Parent Information complete the work at school where they can obtain Session for parents and Year 10 students which will explain the subject selection process for Year 11 assistance from their teachers if required. Any students coming into school during the 2022 at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. From examination period must be wearing the full winter 7.00-7.30pm there will be a Q&A session with the Head of Curriculum and Heads of Learning Areas uniform. to ask more pertinent questions regarding subject OLNA March 2021 selections for 2022. Attendance for Year 10 students Results have been received from the School and at least one parent is highly recommended on Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) this evening. regarding student performance in Round One of Year 12 Student Portal the OLNA testing for 2021. Students and families have received feedback through Direqt Message Information was sent to all Year 12 students on on 06 May. This communication informed students 29 April directing them to School Curriculum and of their achievement, and if they are required to Standards Authority Year 12 Student Portal. It is re-sit any element of the tests in Round Two in important for all Year 12 students to log on and keep track of important information and announcements September. for Year 12. The student portal can be accessed at Students must achieve Category 3 in all three components of OLNA in order to demonstrate the achievement standard. Students who have

St George’s Mastermind Tournament At St George’s we continue to encourage and support the pursuit of academic excellence. To further inspire students we have developed a new challenge called the St George’s Mastermind Tournament. St George’s Mastermind is an inter-house challenge where at the end of each month the academic results of every student will be calculated. The top ten students across Years 7 and 8, Years 9 and 10 and Years 11 and 12 (ATAR and General) will be published to the School Community. Points will then be awarded to the student and their respective House. At the end of the school year, the Champion House will be awarded the Mastermind Trophy at Presentation Night. It is exciting times at St George’s! We look forward to all students taking up this challenge. 5

St George’s Anglican Grammar School

Congratulations Mrs Campbell On Monday 17 May, the Commissioning of Mrs Tina Campbell as Principal of St George’s Anglican Grammar School was held at the beautiful St George’s Cathedral, Perth. It was a wonderful celebration involving the whole School Community. We look forward to the continued service and growth of St George’s under Mrs Campbell’s tenure as Principal.



We are very lucky to have David Emery join the team at St George’s ealier this year as the new Facilities and Maintenance Officer. We asked David to tell us a bit more about himself and what he does around St George’s. What sort of duties do you have at St George’s? I look after everything that is either broken or not working and I oversee all cleaning and maintenance contracts. I go from fixing a leak in the gutter to removing furniture between classrooms. I am on call for whoever needs my help. 7

What’s the most exciting part of your job? It is a really dynamic job. Every day is different. I love it because it is also very sociable. There are so many wonderful people I get to work with and chat to, and everybody at St George’s is just delightful.. Where did you work before joining St George’s? I returned home to Perth in 2000 after spending 10 years in Europe. One of my many jobs in Europe was as a mechanic and skipper of a fleet of yachts that sailed throughout Greece. It was also where I met my beautiful wife, Aileen, who also happened to come from Perth… Scotland! On return to Perth, I started working in construction management. I have been a Building Manager and Commercial Site Manager for companies such as Fleetwood and Pact. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I am an avid Scuba diver, sailor and skier. What was your favourite subject at school? I was very good at mathematics. My mum is still disappointed I did not continue with a career in maths, however it is a skill I have never lost and rely daily on for my work around the school. Are you a coffee or tea person? Both, but a flat white is definitely my number one choice. St George’s Anglican Grammar School

Around the School PHYSICAL EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES This week in the West Australian newspaper, and on the nightly news, it was reported that “five out of six high school students are failing to meet national guidelines for daily exercise”. That’s only one in six teenagers reaching the target of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. St George’s Anglican Grammar School aims to provide as many different sporting options as possible to ensure students are meeting these guidelines. Students from Years 7-10 have two hours of PE timetabled into their week. Year 9 and 10 also do another one-hour Fitness Class in their week and there is also the Outdoor Education option for students. The ACC, North Western Associated Schools (NWAS) also enables all of our Year 7-10 students the chance to be involved in after-school sporting teams, playing regular fixtures during Terms One and Two. When students head into Senior School they have the option of choosing to study sports science principles through the General Physical Education Studies (PES) programme where 50% of their timetables classes involve a practical component. Currently the Year 11 PES class is doing Basketball at Loftus Recreation Centre and the Year 12 PES class are enjoying the privilege of being able to learn Rowing with the West Australian Rowing Club down on the foreshore. The Year 12’s are understanding that Rowing is the ultimate team sport as coordinating together is essential – it has certainly been a delight to see them build their rowing skills and capacity.


Year 11 Politics students (both ATAR and General) took the short trip up to WA Parliament for a tour recently. The students were taken around both chambers and asked wonderful questions of the staff who were busy setting up for the first sitting day of this Parliament. The Clerk of the Legislative Council was more than happy to share his intricate knowledge of the uniqueness of our upper house. The thrill of the visit for many of the students was running into the Premier himself, Mr Mark McGowan. Mr McGowan discussed the importance of politics and the challenge of studying it as someone who has spent 24 years serving the WA community. We will be dropping by again to see our local representatives in action later on in the year. We are so very lucky to have all these institutions available to us just up the road! The classroom certainly comes alive at St George’s. Coutney Evans IN THE WORLD OF SCIENCE Excursions, incursions and competitions are an essential component of the Science curriculum. They aim to enrich, engage and excite our students learning and provide real life contexts to the content they work so hard on learning in the classroom. We have been very busy of late!

Students at St George’s are provided with many sporting options. The best part is that they make the most of these sporting opportunities as we aim to develop students’ into lifelong, active and able individuals who possess the knowledge and understanding to remain fit, healthy and happy people. Jodie Scheele

St George’s Anglican Grammar School


Around the School Science and Engineering Challenge Students from Years 9 and 10 were selected to compete in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge. In small groups, students were faced with everyday challenges facing engineers and scientists and were competing against other schools to come up with the most successful and innovative solutions. Tasks included controlling power stations, building a bionic hand, constructing earthquake proof towers, developing and decoding messages sent through fibre optics, building turbines, constructing hovercrafts, and building a bridge to transport gold.

a keynote presentation, undertook two hands-on workshops in a STEM subject, and participated in a Q&A panel. Perth Zoo

Our Year 7’s headed to Perth Zoo on Friday 28 May, to consolidate their learning in Classification and Taxonomy. They participated in an education experience naming Fantastic Beasts, and then completed a classification trail applying their learning around the beautiful zoo. Big Science Competition All students from Years 7 – 9 participated in the Big Science Competition this week. This competition is designed to test student’s problem-solving skills and scientific inquiry skills in a range of science contexts. We eagerly await the results to see how our students faired in the competition against their peers across Australia and New Zealand. WISE Women

Nobel Pathway The Year 9 Nobel Pathway has been immersed in a Marine Biology unit this term. They have been learning about the classification of a variety of marine animals and conducting biological dissections to fully experience the life of a Marine Biologist. We were also fortunate to have a guest speaker, Dr Brian Cohen, parent of Clare (Year 9) and James (Year 12) who came and shared his experience as a Marine Ecologist and the isopod he named!

On Thursday 27 May, the WISE Women Showcase was held at Murdoch University. This is an event for female students in Years 8-10 that aims to demystify careers in STEM and showcase the career opportunities available. Students attended Charlotte Donovan St George’s Anglican Grammar School



St George’s Anglican Grammar School

St George’s Anglican Grammar School