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Edition Thirteen 06 September 2019

Isabella Cotter - Peoples Choice Award Winner 2019 St Georges Cathedral Art Exhibition “Roots” - Oil on Canvas

St George’s Anglican Grammar School; an exciting, innovative co-educational secondary school based in a high-rise building in the Perth CBD. The School caters for local and international students in Years 7-12, and is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools in Western Australia. We are committed to child safety and protection, and expect all staff, volunteers, visitors to the School and contractors to respect and abide by all policies, procedures and practices developed and put in place by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and/or the School in this regard.

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From the Principal Mr Gary Racey

As we head into the second half of Term 3 and into finals time for the AFL, we continue to enjoy the company of our Year 12’s and encourage them to keep pushing through to the very end of their high school journey. The next few weeks get a little frenetic for them, but we are here to support and encourage. So, enjoy September and…. “Go the Cats!” Expansion at St George’s A tempter surrounding exciting possibilities regarding the expansion into some new lease spaces for St George’s was floated in last week’s newsletter, and I am pleased to say we have now signed the official documents and are well placed to share these with our school community. However, as with any exciting news, it is good to extend the moment and keep the fans on the edge of their seat. Therefore, a separate mailout will be forwarded to families in the next few weeks outlining the plan ahead and how it will benefit your children and the school as we continue to evolve. City to Surf Congratulations to our incredible team who ran in the City to Surf on 25 August. This is the first year St George’s has put a team in this event and they have certainly set the challenge to the rest of our community for 2020. Unfortunately, I was unable to be part 1

of it this year but definitely setting a goal for this time next year. Thank you to Ms Scheele for introducing the initiative and for preparing the students in the weeks/months leading up to it, and to Mr Hardman, Mrs Gamble and Mrs Green for representing the staff on the day. Thank you also to those parents who stepped up too. Henry Wanyoike – An Inspiring Story Another participant in the City to Surf this year was Henry Wanyoike. Henry is a world record holder in the marathon! Henry is a 14 times gold medallist! Henry is blind! One of the joys of working in education is the opportunity to meet people who inspire, challenge and go against the expectations that some in society place on us. We were so blessed to hear from Henry at the recent Chapel Service and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for sharing his incredible story. When you need a slap of perspective, this certainly fits the bill. Henry provided many powerful messages including, always strive to improve and be the best, see a challenge as motivation, and health is your wealth! Henry’s full story can be found on the Chevron City to Surf website, but ask your child about him – they were the lucky ones to meet and hear him speak. Open Day As indicated in the last newsletter, our Open Day was held on Friday August 23. By the end of the day we had shown nearly 100 families around the school, which highlights St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

the strong reputation we have as a force in education across Perth. The groups were excited about our learning spaces, location, sport and music programs, academic rigour, and vision for the future. The buzz around our school is infectious! Such a wonderful place to come to every day. Year 11 Drama Production - DAGS ‘Oh, my goodness!’ ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Has Miss Cox had a busy year? Hot on the heels of the Annie Junior musical,Year 11 Drama students presented their very own production called, DAGS. Students have been given the task of doing absolutely everything, including directing, building the set, sourcing costumes etc. This is a huge task, but they surely did an outstanding job. Such an entertaining evening and a perfect example of an experience provided that helps develop transferrable life-skills and personal growth, let alone drama skill development. Thank you to Miss Cox for her facilitation. A great job by one and all. Enrolment Withdrawals Whilst we are always saddened when any of our families leave us for another school, reality suggests that it does happen from time to time for various reasons. Therefore, a reminder to families considering a change in 2020, whether that be because of moving house/state or other, notice to the School must be received no later than Friday 27 September (last day of Term 3) or Term 1 2020 fees will be charged in lieu, in accordance with the forms signed at enrolment. To explain that better, if your child notifies their 2020 withdrawal at any point after the date listed above, a full terms 2

fees (Term 1) will be charged to the family account. In saying this, it is hoped our families stay with us and we continue the education journey with you all.


Gary Racey Principal

From the Head of Curriculum Mrs Angela Tanham

At this time of the year, it can be difficult for students to remain focused and motivated with their school work. Losing motivation is natural and is something that will happen to most students during their school journey. The key is to recognise when performance is affected by a lack of motivation and address the issue before it starts to impact on academic performance. Dr Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services has the following tips for improving motivation and overcoming procrastination: REWARDS: Set yourself small specific tasks to do with a specific reward at the end of the task. For some people little rewards are enough to get them going. CHUNK IT DOWN: If the work seems overwhelming or boring or unappealing, break it down into small bearable chunks and just do it one piece at a time.

even look at any other tasks until these 3 are completed. MOTIVATING IMAGES: Find slogans, or images that motivate you and put them near your workspace. Some people are motivated by pain (thinking of the consequences if you don’t study) while others are motivated by pleasure (thinking of all the good outcomes that will happen if you do study). Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit, The Commissioner for Children and Young People, is appointed by the Western Australian Parliament as an independent person who works closely with children and young people, their families and government to make WA a better place for 0 to 18 year olds. The website of the Commissioner has many resources for young people and their families. One such resource is an information sheet - How can you help your child to be engaged in school and learning? The information provided in the sheet is based on the views of WA students as to ways that their families and carers can help their engagement at school. I encourage all parents to read this document and talk to their children about how they can support their educational journey.

24 October Year 12 Final Assembly (11:30 am) and Valedictory (6:00 pm) 30 October – 19 November WACE ATAR Course Written Examinations 4 November – 15 November WAUFP Examinations Canning College 19 December WACE results and Universities Admissions Advice Letters online ECU ATAR Revision Sessions ECU is to offering ATAR Revision Sessions, at their Joondalup campus, as a service to Year 12 high school students. These sessions are suitable for students who are seeking additional support to prepare for the upcoming examinations by attending an additional seminar to complement their existing study program.

As sessions meet their maximum capacity, they will be removed from this registration site. Unfortunately we do not offer a “wait list” facility.

Angela Tanham Curriculum Coordinator

Each ATAR subject generally includes a four hour revision seminar covering the Year 12 syllabus per subject; examination techniques and hints specific to the revision subject; a question and answer session, and a copy of revision notes. For more information and to register visit: atar-revision-sessions-joondalup-2019-tickets-60449144017

FRIENDS: Work with a friend or else tell your friend what work you want to get done and then check in on each other at the end Important Dates for Year 12 Students of the night. Help each other stay on track. 30 September Early Bird Application Fee deadline for applications to WA Universities RULE OF 3: If you can’t get started, write via TISCOnline down the 3 most important things you must 7 – 11 October Semester 2 Examinations get done before you go to bed, then don’t held at St George’s

It is essential that the registration is completed by the student and not the parent or teacher.


4 Edition 13 2019

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Registrations may be checked before entering the venue, so please bring a printed copy of your registration to the event.


experiences including a glitter bar, gaming room, chill out zone and photo booth. Date: Saturday 21 September 2019 University of Western Australia 2.00 – 10.00pm A Day at UWA for Years 10 and 11 Venue: RAC Arena, 700 Wellington St Perth The University of Western Australia has designed “A Day at UWA” especially for Year Cost: $49.95 10s and Year 11s. For more information and to register visit Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, students will have the opportunity to participate in future-students hands-on workshops, meet UWA students and staff, and explore the different degrees Edith Cowan University and exciting opportunities within the Business and Law Information Evening university. Food and drinks will be provided Thinking about a Business course or studying throughout the day. Law, or maybe both? Don’t miss this session. Parents and guardians can register their child Joondalup Campus Date:Tuesday 10 September 6.00 pm – via the link below. The closing date for 7.30 pm registration is 20 September 2019. Please note that places are limited and will be Teacher Education Information allocated on a first come, first served basis. Evening Date:Tuesday 8 October Find out why teaching’s popular at ECU and experience our well-equipped School of For more information and to register visit: Education. Joondalup Campus a-day-at-uwa-evening-session Date: Wednesday 11 September 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm Murdoch University TISC Support Session WAAPA Arts Management and Live We’re here to help you finalise your TISC Production Information Evening application so you feel 100% uni-ready. This session will give you all the info you need to Explore these distinctly different disciplines at our world-renowned academy. gain entry to university. Mt Lawley Campus Date: Wednesday 11 September 2019 Date:Thursday 12 September 6.00 pm 6.00 – 7.30pm – 7.30 pm Sound On Festival Security and Computing Showcase Perth’s only festival for high schoolers is Evening back and better than ever. Tour our fantastic facilities and hear about the courses we offer in this fast-growing This is way more than your average festival. Not only will you be able to listen and dance field. Joondalup Campus to your favourite acts, you’ll also be able to Date: Wednesday 18 September 6.00 hear the artists give advice on our artist pm – 7.30 pm panel, and enjoy a bunch of other free

For more information and to register for these events visit future-students/events Curtin University Early Offers Program Apply by 30 September 2019 to receive your Curtin offer before the ATAR exam period. Knowing you’ve got your place at Curtin sorted means you can spend more time preparing for your exams. For more information visit University of Notre Dame Australia Admissions Info Evening Future unknown? Here’s what you should know when choosing a uni. Date: Sunday 10 September 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm Venue: ND4, Tannock Hall of Education, cnr Cliff and Croke Streets, Fremantle For more information and to register for these events visit https://www.notredame.

6 Edition 13 2019

From the Head of Pastoral Mr Hilton Hardman

Personal Responsibility One of the great lessons we always hope to impart to our students, and certainly that we hope they leave St George’s with, is the importance of personal responsibility. The impact our actions have on others is important, and we understand this better when we take responsibility for our actions. In schools, it is not unusual to hear “they did it first” or “it was just a joke, I didn’t mean it” when we speak to a young person about their actions. But realistically, we all have to ask ourselves, does this make it okay? “They did it first” has no end. Retaliation for a misdeed is a never-ending path to retaliation. I often ask students in this situation a couple of key things; how did you feel? And do you really want to be responsible for making someone else feel that way? The bottom line is that we can’t make ourselves feel better by making someone else feel bad, and that requires us to make a different choice. To choose not to retaliate. And what of “it was just a joke”? Similarly, the question would be, what value is there in making fun of someone to entertain ourselves. If our words or actions amuse or make ourselves bigger by making fun of someone, what does that say about us? 7

One of the big questions I ask young people is what type of person do you want to be? Each individual needs to define that for themselves. Do you want to feel good about yourself because you work to make others feel good? Personal responsibility is so important in the development of our young people. They need to be making decisions about the type of person they want to be. They need to be supporting that desire through their words and their actions. They need to take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions and the associated words and actions. Uniform With us being past the halfway mark for Term 3, we have been looking to remind students of the expectations around school uniform and the importance of continuing to follow the uniform policy. Some of the points we have been reminding them of can be viewed below: Blazers Blazers are to be worn to and from school. They should not be left in lockers overnight. Blazers should be worn all day; they may be removed in class and hung on the backs of chairs if students are warm. School Bags The St George’s school bag is a part of the uniform. No other bags or backpacks are allowed. On days when students have Physical Education or Fitness classes, they may bring their school sports bag as well. St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Sports Uniform Students may only wear sports uniform for Physical Education or Fitness lessons, or when backpacks for an event (for example, Gandhi Charity Day). Arriving at or Leaving School Students must arrive at and leave school in their formal uniform. It is not acceptable to arrive at or leave school out of uniform or wearing a non-uniform item (such as a jacket or jumper) with their uniform. The school uniform must be worn according to the school rules at all times. If there is cause for a student to be out of uniform for any reason, for example, wearing PE uniform instead of formal, the parent must email the PCG Tutor and CC student reception (studentreception@ prior to the student arriving at school. Guest Speaker - Dr Jane Genovese Due to the overwhelming popularity of families wishing to listen to Dr Genovese speak about Study Hacks on 11 September, we wish to advise that this talk is now fully booked at school.

Hilton Hardman Head of Pastoral

8 Edition 13 2019

From the Head of Mathematics and Science Ms Charlotte Donovan

The Science and Maths Departments enjoyed some collaboration time for Open Day in Week 4. Students were invited to join the STEM Challenge, where they had to design, make and appraise a strong bridge made from popsticks and to build a Mousetrap Race Car.

Armed only with a handful of specifications, the students worked tirelessly together to build these engineering structures. To break up the day they also had a couple of ‘Brain Breaks’ with Ms Valentine

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

and Miss Hewitt. The students worked in small teams, collaborated and challenged each other to achieve the outcome of the day. They all enjoyed working ‘beyond the curriculum’ and there were some very strong bridges built and successful race cars. Year 12 Human Biology students have been learning about Primates and the evolutionary relationships leading to

modern humans. This study culminated in a day at Perth Zoo, where observations could be made on some of our closest primate relatives. Having a lecture from Perth Zoo education officers helped cement the trends they have been learning about. The weather held off for us, and the primates were all out for a play.


Some Year 10 students were invited to attend the annual Science Café at UWA. At this event students are given an opportunity to speak with STEM professionals about their careers, research and how they arrived at the different points in their career. We were treated to a keynote speaker who inspired our students to appreciate the diversity of a career in STEM, and a university student who encouraged our students to ‘know what they don’t want to study’.

of the solar system at relative distances. Our guide, Jonathon, was a vey informative astronomer, who spoke in great detail about the celestial bodies. One fun fact he shared with us is that Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, is composed primarily of silicate rock and water ice, and a salt-water ocean is believed to exist nearly 200km below Ganymede’s surface, sandwiched between layers of ice. We then looked at a brief history of the Universe from the Big Bang to Revolutions in Modern Physics that are unfolding today, covering 13.8 billion years!

All brave explorers, including one very scared Physics teacher, then climbed the 45.9m Leaning Tower of Gingin. How do we know this was the height of the tower? We calculated it!! Yes, there is a formula for that. We dropped some water balloons from the top of the tower in a similar way that Galileo did from the Leaning Tower of Pisa nearly four hundred years ago!! We measured the time it took for the balloon to fall to the ground and “It was very insightful, and amazing to see all from this value, using two separate mathematical equations, we determined the the different options when you get to speed of the balloon as it hit the ground and university. It has definitely made me more then how high above the ground we were aware of what career opportunities are out there in the science and maths fields, but not when the balloons were dropped. only that, it was a great day to unwind with friends whilst still being educated. My favourite We then looked at a massive 60 kg mass suspended at the end of a metal wire and saw part of the day was the keynote speaker as well as when we got to walk around and find how it can be used to calculate the mass of the Earth from the time taken for a pendulum our own people to talk to.” - Cosette Pachioli to swing. The last activity of the day involved looked through a solar scope and viewing the sun. Through the lens, the sun looks a Gravity Discovery Centre On Friday 30 August the St George’s year crimson-red colour as this is the wavelength eleven Physics class, in collaboration with of the light that remains after it passes through the filters. Mercedes College, took a trip to the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin. We It was a great day out and a wonderful way to had a full day, participating the in the astronomy walk, a one kilometre walk that celebrate the end of the topic of Linear showcases the various planets and moons Motion that the students have been learning. 10

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

From the Head of Music Mr Michael Newton

In the music department over the last fortnight we’ve had the school open day, for which Electrocity Ensemble conducted a recording session of their latest song and held an open rehearsal in preparation for their performance at the Anglicare National Awards Night at the State Reception Centre next week. There were also a number of volunteers who helped and entertained our guests playing music on every floor during Open Day. The Music Department has also been taking part in a creativity study in conjunction with UWA, investigating the benefits and role of music technology software (in this case Ableton Live) in developing creative processes and outcomes. Instrumental students - don’t forget for everyone that has music lessons to do your practice records over the weekend as it is easy to find, which is on Seesaw.

just such a great feeling. Don’t give up on music, if you really enjoy doing it, then it really doesn’t matter if you’re good at it.

Now I’m loving music so much that I write originals and self-teach myself instruments. What first got you interested in Music? I honestly cannot remember what first got me into music. My parents would always have music playing around the house and my dad is very into sound equipment, so I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life.

Muso profile written by Marvel Sukadis

What’s the best thing about Music at St George’s? I would say the bands that are available and that so many students give music a go because everyone is so supportive. I am in many bands such as, Electrocity Ensemble,Vocal Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Chapel Band, and a band with my friends. Being in all these bands is so much fun and rewarding. Electrocity is such a great band to be a part of, with all the band members being so talented, creative and able to make music that is so unique. In Electrocity I get to help in the group process of writing and recording original songs, that we upload onto Triple J Unearthed! Music at St George’s has opened up so many doors for me and I’m sure it has for others as well.

Coming Up & Opportunities Monday 9 September - Electrocity Ensemble: Anglicare National Awards Night, State Reception Centre

Why should other people do music? We all have our own interests and music may not be for everyone but personally Muso Profile – Riley Watson music has the power to get you through so What instrument(s) do you play? many difficult, stressful times. Music is just I play saxophone, piano and voice and I am in a great way to express yourself and I guess the process of self-teaching myself guitar and feel more confident in yourself. bass. I started out learning piano, then violin, then saxophone, I would sing in my bedroom What’s your advice for anyone learning and in the shower but never ever in front of Music? people; that was until I came to St George’s Don’t be afraid to perform, because once when I started vocal lessons and joined you build up that confidence you never want bands and gained a lot of self-confidence. to leave the stage after a performance, it’s 11

St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

Thursday 12 September - Years 7-11 Rock Bands: ASC Rock Concert, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. Family and friends welcome! Thursday 28 November - On The Roof Concert

Michael Newton

Head of Music

From the PhysEd Department Ms Jodie Scheele The ACC Athletics Team’s preparation is set and ready to go for this Friday’s H-Division Carnival at the WA State Athletics Centre. We wish all competitors the very best for their events. Some students have expressed a sense of nervousness and excitement in the lead up to the event. These feelings are a natural process of a combination of adrenalin and the feeling of the unknown in terms of how things will take place on the day. Students should focus on what they do have control over: A good night’s sleep and nutrition/ hydration so you are physically ready. Knowing when and where your events are and being prepared for the marshalling times. Stretching and warming up for your event

2019 ACC Athletics Team

Foundation. It was fantastic to meet in our School in the morning as we were right at the start line and we were warm and was able to use the school facilities.

Under 13 Under 14 Audrey Hunt Bonnie Baugh Kaylee Chin Sydnee Gould Zara Brown Shanae Green Serena Lee Meg Lang Holly Williams Milla Howard Maya Hardley Mikayla Sherman Audrey Degenaar Macy Mackey Taleisha Mills Tristan Bow Harrison Flower William Moesker Tom Sweeney Nathan Mitchell Koby Pascall Malacai Berrington Dan van Olden Harry Joyner Francis Bolum William Owen Alexander Brits Asher Cox-Cullen Dylan Herbert Mason Chin

On Monday we had the privilege of listening to Henry, a blind Kenyan World Champion. He is an incredible man who runs marathons, his best time is 2.31, which is remarkable in itself; however, he does it blind. He lost his vision after suffering a stroke but his passion for running never stopped. He runs assisted with sighted people attached with an arm strap. Henry ran the City to Surf Half Marathon in 1:17 mins. His message was one of never giving up and being the best, you can be in everything you do. I look forward to setting up the 2020 St George’s City to Surf Team.

Under 15 Open Brianna Goss Eliza Griffin Clara Saull Petra Tan Lillyana McKay Lola McQueen Laval Olivia Flavel Jessica Klimek Ali Griffen Lara McDonald Jemima Beal Elija Sparrow Harry Maude Bernard Bolum Samuel Crowford Benedict Bolum Matthew Porter Isaac Blackwell Koki Matsuo Sam Johnson Hugo Wong Charles Beck Jack Joyner Findlay Samuelson

Jodie Scheele

Head of Health and Physical Education

Visualising your event using all your senses. What it feels like in your muscles (kinaesthetic), what it sounds like, what the track feels like, what is your breathing doing, just to name a few. Sports psychology really gives you an advantage. Keep your expectations realistic and know you are part of a team and just to DO YOUR BEST! The City to Surf Team had a fantastic run with everyone challenging themselves and achieving great personal results. Overall the team raised over $1700 for the Activ

Jodie Scheele

Head of Physical Education

From the IT Manager Mr Jason Wakefield

The Office 365 apps are all available to students throughout their time here at St George’s. Be encouraged to try and learn something new in Office 365. My personal favourite Office 365 app – Teams. When you have a place to create and make decisions as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. • • • •

Communicate more effectively Work better together Customise your workspace Keep your team secure

There is even a free plan for Microsoft Teams, so sign up here today! More video information on Teams can be found here. A reminder to please make sure your devices are at least protected by a reputable anti-virus program. NB: It is school policy to have an active anti-virus installed on all computers using the school network so 15

please take advantage of our free offering of Trend Micro found on the student’s SEQTA Learn home page. Instructions can be found under SEQTA > Documents > Trend Micro for Students Trend Micro last 30-day Stats - Taken from the logs for all computers 52 files terminated or blocked due to suspicious or known behavior 6 spyware/grayware files cleaned 211 blocked websites from the Malicious category 152 virus/malware quarantined or cleaned (FYI: most of them occurred on MacBooks) 905 blocked dangerous or highly suspicious websites

If you have missed any of our IT articles this term, I encourage you to have a read of them here as they may contain information that could help you out in your everyday life. One such article covered information regarding a home internet safety product from Disney. More information here: https://

Jason Wakefield IT Manager

Don’t forget we recycle your household batteries. Please use this FREE facility to dispose of all your expired batteries (not including car and phone batteries). The bin can be found in the IT Manager’s office on level 1. Let’s reduce landfill together!

TIP OF THE WEEK – Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts Credit to the’s resource located here Start a new chat: Ctrl + N Go to Search: Ctrl + E Show all keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + “.” (Control + Period) St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter


Edition 13 2019

School News Student Term Dates - 2020 Term 1 30 January - 9 April New Student Orientation 29 January Students Mid Term Break, Friday 28 February Term 2 30 April - 3 July Students Mid Term Break, Friday 29 May Term 3 27 July - 25 September New Student Orientation 24 July Students Mid Term Break, Friday 21 August Term 4 13 October - 9 December Enrolments The School Enrolment Policy requires one full term’s notice in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from the School. Where such notice is not received, the School will charge an amount equal to the tuition fees for that current term. To avoid fees in lieu being charged, notice of a student’s withdrawal must be received by the School before the first day of the School Term preceding the Term of the student’s departure. If this does not occur, families will be charged the remainder of the current Term, plus an additional Terms fee in lieu.

If the account has been paid in full and a refund is due, payment will be processed for the full refund due within seven days of exit.

in advance. As the events and details thereof are outside of the School’s control, we can no longer accept these requests or assist in the promotion of these events.

We do encourage parents to continue planning get-togethers, and are happy to include a photo and a short report on the activities in the newsletter after they have been held.

SEQTA The St George’s Anglican Grammar School SEQTA account is not assigned to a staff member and, therefore, is not monitored. Please contact the staff member directly to ensure prompt action to your message. Uniform Shop St George’s uniforms are purchased from Matrix Uniforms Showroom, 1 Hasler Road Osborne Park or online. Uniform fittings are available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. The Science Department needs your help! Donations of any old working fish tank accessories will be gratefully received to fit out our 2 new fish tanks. We are seeking the following: • Gravel; • Lights; • Filter and Air pumps; • Decorations (Plastic plants etc); and • Large sheets of acrylic or polystyrene. Also, any ice cream containers (any size, with or without lids) will also be accepted. Students can bring their donations in directly to the Science department or their Science teacher.

Upon withdrawal of a student from the School, all fees and charges incurred for that student are payable to the School in full within seven days of exit.

Newsletter Advertising The School enjoys hearing news of St George’s parent community events but recently, the School has received a number of requests to advertise parent-run events


St George’s Anglican Grammar School Newsletter

18 Edition 13 2019

VacSwim 2019 You can now enrol your children in VacSwim swimming lessons for the October school holidays. With swimming pools and beaches a big part of the Western Australian lifestyle, it’s important your children are safe in the water. Programs are available for children from five to 17 years and cater to all skill levels – from beginners to those doing their Bronze Medallion. They are being offered at pool venues across the State. Enrol your children in VacSwim now at Find a location near you at

19 Edition 13 2019

20 Edition 13 2019

21 Edition 13 2019

CBD Transport Survey or Mapping Exercise The Perth Greater CBD Transport Plan will guide the transport future of Perth’s city centre for the next decade, enhancing liveability, supporting new business opportunities and attracting visitors and new residents. The Plan is being developed by the Department of Transport (DoT), in close consultation with the City of Perth and our Transport Portfolio partners - Main Roads Western Australia and the Public Transport Authority.

The consultation period is open between Thursday 22 August and Friday 27 September 2019. Further information about the Plan (including a map of the Perth Greater CBD) is available on the DoT website. Should you have any queries in relation to the project, please contact DoT’s Perth Central Transport team at PerthCentral@ Thank you, Perth Central Transport Team

As part of the Plan’s development, contributions will be sought from interested stakeholders and the wider community across each key stage of the project to capture their transport vision for the city. The outcome will be a 10-year vision for transport investment in the Perth Greater CBD, and a four-year program of evidence-based initiatives. We want to hear from you, your staff and students to help us shape the first stage of the Plan. How to have your say You can share your experiences by participating in an online survey or mapping activity via My Say Transport or by emailing what you believe are the transport and access issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Perth Greater CBD to Edition 13 2019

Mandela Charity Week: Key Days Monday, 09 September – Students are asked to bring coins to donate to Cystic Fibrosis during chapel.

Friday, 13 September - Free dress day for all students. Gold coin donation during period 1.

Mandela House presents the 2019 Lip Sync Battle in support of Cystic Fibrosis! The whole school community will be heading to Perth Town Hall during our Pastoral and Wellness Session on the afternoon of Friday 13 September at 1pm to watch some incredible lip sync performances from students and staff. Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation (to be collected upon entry) and to bring some extra money to purchase food and drinks from our bake sale during the event’s intermission. Finally, the students are encouraged to bring some extra cash to vote for their favourite performances. The act that raises the most money wins! Theatre Challenge On the evening of Friday 13 September, the 3 Houses will compete in the ultimate improvisational showdown during our Theatre Challenge event at the Perth Town Hall.

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Newsletter - Edition 13 2019  

Friday 06 September 2019 - welcome to Edition 13 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.

Newsletter - Edition 13 2019  

Friday 06 September 2019 - welcome to Edition 13 of the SGAGS School newsletter for 2019. We hope you enjoy reading.