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lmighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. We pray we may have the bravery of St. George to stand up for t we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our lives to the h and the glory of God that we find in Jesus Christ. e us the strength to embrace your rule of justice and love, we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, serving hose in need. May we journey through life filled with grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men.Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live lives to the truth and the glory of God that we find in us Christ. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of ce and love, that we may be good news to the poor and essed, serving all those in need. May we jourthrough life filled with the grace of God and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. lmighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. We pray we may have the bravery of St. George to stand up for t we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our lives to the h and the glory of God that we find in Jesus Christ. e us the strength to embrace your rule of justice and love, we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, serving hose in need. May we journey through life filled with grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men.Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our to the truth and the glory of God that we find in Jesus ist. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of justice love, that we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, ng all those in need. May we journey through life filled the grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men. Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our to the truth and the glory of God that we find in Jesus ist. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of justice love, that we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, ng all those in need. May we journey through life filled the grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men. Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our to the truth and the glory of God that we find in Jesus ist. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of justice love, that we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, ng all those in need. May we journey through life filled the grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men. Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our to the truth and the glory of God that we find in Jesus ist. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of justice love, that we may be good news to the poor and oppressed, ng all those in need. May we journey through life filled the grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. men.Almighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. pray that we may have the bravery of St. George to d up for what we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live lives to the truth and the glory of God that we find in us Christ. Give us the strength to embrace your rule of ce and love, that we may be good news to the poor and essed, serving all those in need. May we jourthrough life filled with the grace of God and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. lmighty and eternal God, we pray for our school. We pray we may have the bravery of St. George to stand up for t we believe. Grant us the wisdom to live our lives to the h and the glory of God that we find in Jesus Christ.

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Chair of School Council They say ‘what a difference a day makes’. Well, what an even greater difference a year makes! The year 2016 was a time for settling into our new CBD facilities as well as being a year of growth in enrolments and culture. Whilst we have only occupied our William Street location for 18 months, the students and staff seem well settled in the state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities. There were many highlights for me of life at St George’s Anglican Grammar School this year. Improvements were made to the facilities, including change and storage space in the back carpark, an operable wall installed to enable 2 classrooms to be turned into one larger room, completion of work on the rooftop playground, establishment of dedicated drama and music rooms, and the continued acquisition of resources to benefit our students’ learning. As important as these projects are, they are but enablers. They enable ‘the real stuff’ to take place. What marked 2016 at St George’s for me was the quality teaching that the staff provided every day, underpinned by the personalised care the teaching and support staff gave to their students. Coupled with their dedication beyond the classroom whether in academic support, sports and carnivals, leading a camp, performing in the ASC Schools Week Concert in the Perth Concert Hall or at the regular Rooftop Concerts, worshipping in the magnificent St George’s Cathedral, inspiring students to create works for the Art Show, attending to an unwell child or preparing students for the brilliant school musical ‘Legally Blonde’ – these are the lasting memories of 2016. Once again thanks must be expressed to the Principal Mrs Rensché Diggeden for her dedicated and compassionate leadership of the School, together with Mr Ian Short (Business Manager) who wisely and diligently oversees the School’s financial and business operations. I acknowledge the work of Mr Mark Kong (Deputy Principal until September 2016), who has left us to move 2

interstate pursuing a career in educational software. The Reverend David Lord (Chaplain) provides a priestly ministry to the School community, with pastoral care and support provided to our students through their TAG teachers and many others. The teaching and support staff in the office, canteen and beyond give themselves tirelessly to the benefit of the young people in their care. My appreciation and that of all School Councillors goes to each member of staff. St George’s is led by our very capable Principal and governed by a School Council. I wish to express sincere thanks to each member of the School Council who give their time voluntarily every month to attend meetings of our school governing body or the Council sub-committees. I gratefully acknowledge Mr Keith Lindbeck (Deputy Chair), Mrs Liane Papaelias (Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee), Mr Tom Carmody (Chair of the Property Committee), The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley, Mrs Stephanie Buckland and Mr Michael Jensen. Their committed, wise governance brings strategic vision alongside day-to-day stability. Thanks also to Mr Ian Short as Council Secretary and Mrs Karen van Rooyen who provides secretarial support to Council. The Principal also attends all Council meetings. It was 5 or 6 years ago that Mr Barry Gregory, a Founder of Murdoch College, invited me to join their Board. With St George’s Anglican Grammar School now well established and with a strong and secure future as an ASC school, it is time for me to step aside from the Council Chair role. Whilst I will remain a member of the School Council for the time being, I am delighted that Mr Keith Lindbeck will take on the role of Chair from January 2017. It has been a privilege to oversee the transition period from Murdoch College to St George’s Anglican Grammar School, and from Murdoch to Perth City. So to the future. The School Council has been working with the Principal and Business Manager to ensure that we can accommodate the growing student population in 2017 and beyond. Two significant decisions have been taken by Council recently in this regard. Firstly, with the support and backing of the Anglican Schools Commission, a Gymnasium will be established on the ground floor at 50 William Street over the

Christmas holidays. This will enable physical education classes to be held there, as well as students to undertake fitness work. Secondly, we have secured level 2 of the neighbouring Queen’s Building on the corner of William and Murray Streets. In 2017, the space will be used for our expanding curriculum offerings as well as new drama facilities. The Library will be relocated to the Second Floor, opening up extra space for students in the canteen area. These changes will bring considerable benefits to our students. With the establishment of ASC International during 2016 (through the ASC’s acquisition of Comprehensive Education Centre and the Alexander Language School), we look forward to continued growth in international students in the coming years alongside our ever-growing local student population. The Anglican Schools Commission’s vision is clear. The ASC exists to fulfil the Gospel imperative to teach and live the faith and nurture the young by strengthening and growing low fee Anglican

schools as centres of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship and service. That is a vision we as an ASC school share. Everything that has taken place as part of St George’s life in 2016 – in or out of the classroom, on or off campus – has been all about this vision being lived out for and by each student. In the coming pages, as others tell the good news stories of life at St George’s Anglican Grammar School in 2016, everything we read reminds us that the students – each girl and boy – are our ‘raison d’etre’, our very reason to exist. We are a young school. St George’s has much to look forward to in the coming years. For all its achievements – past, present and future - we give thanks to God. The Reverend Peter Laurence OAM Chair of School Council and Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission


Principal 2016 has been the School’s first full year in our city campus. It has been a year for the school community to take a breath after the hype and excitement of moving campuses in 2015; a time to settle in and embrace all that the city has to offer us as a school. Our enrolments have steadily increased, and there has been a stream of new students welcomed into the School throughout the year. I am delighted that we will be commencing 2017 with two streams of Year 7 classes, an indication of the strong enrolments ahead of us. There were many highlights this year. The School celebrated its first ‘St George’s Day’, a day to celebrate the founding of the School and reinforce our ethos and values. It was a delight to present the inaugural ‘Spirit of St George’ awards on this day, the start of another new tradition. The awards are presented to two students who exemplify the school values of Faith, Excellence, Justice, Respect, Integrity and Diversity. The two recipients, Luke Thomas and Olivia Patterson, have set a high standard for students to aspire to in the


future. As part of our St George’s Day celebrations, the community put together a time capsule containing a range of memorabilia to be opened in 30 years time. I wonder how our school community will have changed by then! Another highlight this year was our participation in the ASC Schools Week Concert held in the Perth Concert Hall. It was wonderful to see our students performing on stage alongside students from all the other ASC schools. This event highlighted the many benefits to our students of being a part of a large system of schools. The school campus underwent many enhancements this year with other works planned for the December holiday break. Most notably, a new fitness centre on the ground floor will be completed at a cost of $250 000. This facility will greatly enhance the campus for our students. In addition, the library will be relocated to provide a much larger canteen area to cope with our growing enrolments. All of these projects are made possible by the ongoing support of the Anglican Schools Commission and the wise governance of our School Council. We are very grateful to the ASC for their ongoing support and to the members of the School Council who selflessly give their time

and expertise to govern our school. I must acknowledge the work of our Chair of Council and CEO of the Anglican Schools Commission, Reverend Peter Laurence. Peter has been the Chair of Council for the past five years, three of those as Chair of the Murdoch College Board and the past two years as Chair of the St George’s Anglican Grammar School Council. During this time, he has overseen the most challenging chapter in the history of the school thus far, as he negotiated, navigated and led the school community strategically through the acquisition by the ASC, the change of name and location. Were it not for his strategic leadership, I have little doubt that Murdoch College would have closed its doors at the end of 2014. Through his vision, energy and dedication, we now proudly hold our place as St George’s Anglican Grammar School, the school at the heart of Perth city. Peter has been the driving force behind the establishment and success of this school. We are forever grateful for his leadership and commitment over the past years. Peter will be stepping down as Chair of Council at the end of this year, but will remain as a member of the School Council. The School has made significant strides in developing the programmes on offer for our students across all areas – sport, drama, music, visual arts and academic. These programmes and events are detailed in the pages of this yearbook. We congratulate all of our students on their

participation and achievements across all areas. Each contribution adds to the rich tapestry that makes this such a vibrant learning environment. We are particularly proud of our graduating class of 2016, who achieved excellent academic results in their WACE and WAUFP examinations. It is a credit to the students and staff that we were one of only a few schools in the state to achieve 100% graduation this year. Our Year 12 cohort have indeed made us proud, not only through their excellent academic results, but also through their supportive leadership of the school community this year. They have been outstanding ambassadors for the School, and we wish them all well in their future careers. From a personal perspective, the most gratifying aspect of 2016 has been observing the quality of relationships within the school community – the relationships between students across all year levels, between colleagues and, most importantly, the relationships between students and staff. It is the positive quality of these relationships that make St George’s such a supportive, open and accepting environment; one where students are free to achieve their potential in all aspects. As we look to the future, we are excited at the possibilities, challenges and developments that lie ahead for this very special community. Mrs Rensché Diggeden Principal


Chaplain This year St George’s AGS has continued to build on its foundation as a Christian School in the Anglican tradition. The whole school worships each Monday at our spiritual home, the beautiful and historic St George’s Cathedral. Students are involved in assisting with the leading of worship with readings, prayers and being the ushers. Each TAG takes it in turn to assist. The music in worship is led by the Chapel Band under the direction of our Music Coordinator, Mr Michael Newton. Worshipping at St George’s Cathedral enables the School to be involved in other forms of worship that the Cathedral offers. It was very special for the whole school to take part in the Remembrance Day Service on 11 November.


The sea of red school blazers complemented the masses of red poppies as we all commemorated the end of the war that was supposed to end all wars. The 2016 inaugural Chapel Captain, Maria Babu, was heavily involved in the worship, from being the crucifer, that is leading the procession with the cross, or being the Deacon of the Eucharist, assisting with the administration of the Holy Communion. On one of her last services before graduation, she also preached to the School. We look forward to the traditions that Maria started being built upon by the 2017 Chapel Captain, Alexander Maude. In an endeavour to help explain the Biblical readings, drama has been used on occasions. Mr Robertson did an amazing job working with the Year 9 students to present the Good Friday message and with the Year 8 students to present the Christmas message. Both groups did a wonderful job of helping us understand these essential messages.

The School works closely with the caring agency of the Anglican Church in Perth, Anglicare WA. Anglicare WA works together with people, families and their communities to enhance their abilities to cope with the challenges of life and relationships. The School appointed five Anglicare Ambassadors for 2016: Dheekshana Jagadish – Service Captain Luke Thomas, Year 11 Claire Golton, Year 11 Olivia Patterson, Year 10 Massimo McKie, Year 10 The aim of the Ambassador programme was: • To raise awareness within the school community of what Anglicare WA does, particularly their outreach to homeless youth, Street Connect. • Educate and inspire Anglicare WA Ambassadors within the school and create ‘Anglicare WA Champions’ in the future. • Raise awareness of social justice and the needs of disadvantaged West Australians. • Involve schools in fundraising for Street Connect, organised and implemented by the Ambassadors and students. Luke, Olivia and Massimo, together with Father David, joined other school Ambassadors for a sleep out in August 2016 to raise awareness of the issues of homelessness and to raise money for Street Connect. The Anglicare Ambassadors also organise the collection of non-perishable food throughout the year to give to the Cathedral who distribute it to the homeless and needy of Perth. Father David Lord Chaplain

The sleep-out was an opportunity for us to sleep rough and experience what around 400 hundred people in Perth do each night. Before the event, Esben from Street Connect gave us a speech about how he couldn’t tell us what it was like to be homeless. In the morning, it was clear what he had meant. I can tell you exactly how I felt in the morning. But I still can’t tell you what it would be like to wake up like that every morning, and live

every day with the expectation that I’d be waking up like that tomorrow. My hips were hurting after sleeping on the hard abrasive concrete, which if you slept without cardboard, would attach to your clothes or sleeping bag and hold you to the ground all night. It was hard to move, and I kicked Massimo at least five times during the night trying to. If you slept without cardboard, your body warmth would also quickly escape into the ground. There was movement and noise around us all night, and it showed in the morning when everyone was far quieter than they had been several hours before. But I didn’t need to sleep afraid. Or humiliated. Or traumatized. I didn’t need to worry about getting a move-on notice from police, meaning that I’d have to leave the area for twenty-four hours. I didn’t need to worry about getting separated from my friends, my resources, and my social worker.

Luke Thomas, Year 11 Being able to go back to a lovely warm shower, and good food to eat, and a lovely bed to rest in was probably the thing that struck me the most with the whole experience. I realised how easily we take these things for granted, how selfishwe are when a homeless person asks for just one dollar on our way to school and we ignore them. We ignore the fact that they would be so incredibly lucky to get one meal a day, and yet we are too egotistical to give up one small meal for them who constantly get nothing. Olivia Patterson, Year 9 We spent a night sleeping out on hard concrete on a cold winters night. We had a cup of soup and hard bread for dinner, which to a homeless person on the street may be the jackpot. We had an area to sleep in and some cardboard if you were quick enough to get it; if you were too slow your night was worse off. We awoke to daybreak with our back hurting from the concrete and cold damp air surrounding us.

Massimo McKie, Year 10 7

Service Programme The ‘service’ part of the School’s motto of Wisdom, Grace and Service has been lived out this year by all the students in Years 7 to 10.

The range of work the students participated in included art, windows to the world and simply spending time talking to the residents.

The School has been fortunate this year to develop a number of partnerships with various agencies to live out the call to serve others.

Year 10 St Bartholomew’s House in East Perth is an Anglican agency working with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and helping them to achieve positive life outcomes.

Each year group has been involved in a service programme, assisting other people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Year 7 and 8 Food Rescue is a service of UnitingCare West. This agency collects food, sorts and packs the food and distributes it either directly to those in need or to agencies working with the needy. The facts: • Low income families struggle to afford a healthy diet. • $5.2-Billion-dollar value of food wasted each year in Australia. • Food Rescue supplies to 70 agencies, assisting 11,325 people in WA. Each week three Year 7 students and one staff member have spent a Wednesday afternoon pushing a hand cart around the CBD of Perth collecting left over food from cafés and restaurants on behalf of Food Rescue. Food Rescue also has a warehouse and this was the Year 8 project. Three of the Year 8 students and one staff member left school early at 7am on a Tuesday morning to travel to the Food Rescue Warehouse in Belmont. There, the students and staff joined other volunteers in sorting food that has been collected from supermarkets on behalf of Food Rescue to be distributed to those in need. Year 9 Amana Living is one of the Anglican Church’s aged care organisations and is one of the largest providers of care and services for elderly people in WA. Each Wednesday afternoon between six and eight Year 9 students and a staff member travelled to the Peter Arney Home in Salter Point to assist the Occupational Therapy Assistants working in diversional therapy with the residents, both dementia and non-dementia residents. 8

Each Monday afternoon six to eight of the Year 10 students and a staff member travelled to St Bart’s in Lime St, East Perth. The students worked with residents of James Watson Hostel, which is a specialised residential aged care service, providing 24/7 supported accommodation for 40 homeless, or at risk of being homeless men. The students spent time interacting with the residents, making them cups of tea and coffee, playing games with them or simply spending time talking with them. Our service programme has been a great success this year and we look forward to expanding it next year.


Senior School Results Our Year 12 students perfomed exceptionally well this year. Notable achievements are: • St George’s was one of only sixteen schools in WA that achieved a 100% graduation rate. • One quarter of our Year 12 WACE students achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher, placing them in the top 10% of the nation. • All of the Year 12 2016 students completed four or more ATAR subjects this year. A very special congratulations to our top performing students: 96.90% Xiaojia Li 96.75% Robert Jackson 95.75% Jiayi Wei 95.20% Zheling Chen 93.90% Syuen Ee Lee 92.95% Maria Babu 91.65% Madeline Northey

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Certificate of Merit; awarded to students who achieved 150-189 points in their last three years of secondary schooling. Robert Jackson Dheekshana Jagadish Madeline Northey Trent Rachow Our WAUFP (Western Australian University Foundation Programme) students also achieved excellent results with 100% meeting the requirements of the WAUFP. Congratulations to Jiali Gao who achieved a CPS of 90.2, (equivalent to an ATAR of 99.0) and to Yuting Zhang who achieved a CPS of 87.7 (ATAR equivalent of 90.0). Well done to our 2016 WACE and WAUFP graduates. We look forward to welcoming you back to the school for future Alumni events and hearing your successes following Year 12.

2016 Top Achievers

Xiaojia Li 96.90%

Robert Jackson 96.75%

Jiayi Wei 95.75%

Zheling Chen 95.20%

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016


Syuen Ee Lee 93.90%

Maria Babu 92.95%

Madeline Northey 91.65%

Middle School 2016 at St George’s began like any other, with a new intake of Year Seven students, nervous and eager to begin their secondary schooling. What was unusual though, was the Middle schoolers beginning the year without me to guide them, as I galivanted around Europe for Term One, on Long Service Leave. Our youngsters coped admirably though, and managed to survive by throwing themselves into the rough and tumble of school life. Term One saw a lot of settling in, the excitement of going into the city every day for our new students and learning the way of St George’s with odd traditions like the House Sync Swim routines. As you would expect though, from such an adventurous and delightful bunch, the students embraced the challenges, new or old, and moved full speed ahead with the year. Early in Term Two, the whole school went on camp. This year saw the Middle School do the first ever combined camp, with all three year groups heading off to Wokalup, to Camp Mornington. While the organised activities, such as rafting, archery and ropes courses, occurred in year groups, we enjoyed a lot of large group bonding as well. It was lovely to watch the interaction between students of different ages, with the support and encouragement that we aim to nurture across the Middle School being evident repeatedly over the three day camp. There is nothing quite like getting out of the city and out of the normal daily routine, and as always, our youngsters rose to the challenge, taking pleasure in the activities but also the opportunity to wander in the fresh air and talk to the animals. I love to watch them learn without realising they are doing it!

Theatre. They competed in competitions, entered pieces in the art exhibition, represented the school in sporting teams, participated in co-curricular activities and threw themselves into numerous House competitions, be they sporting, musical or dramatic. Of course, we are not just here to have fun, and every day sees our students embark on the greatest challenge of learning. For the Year Sevens, that involved learning the ways of secondary school, with different routines and rules. Older students had to adjust to the increased level of difficulty that comes with advancing to the higher year group. All in all, our Middle Schoolers rose to the challenge and, as the year ends and I look back over the year, I can see the growth in knowledge and maturity of each of our students. I am always nostalgic at the end of the year and 2016 is no different. Every year brings new challenges and joys and every year the staff and students I am blessed to work with rise to those challenges and embrace the joy. As I do every year, I find myself marveling at how lucky I am to be a small part of the St George’s Middle School, and I look forward to doing it all again in 2017. Mrs Tracey Jacobsen Middle School Coordinator

St George’s Day

Middle School Camp As always, our Middle school students have participated with gusto in activities that have enhanced their own school experience, but also our experience as a school. They were incredible in multiple bands and musical performances, both within our community and in a broader context. They played roles, both large and small, in the Full School Production of Legally Blonde at the State 11

2016 Student Guild Head Boy - Robert Jackson Head Girl - Shona Schutz Service Captain - Dheekshana Jagadish Chapel Captain - Maria Babu Community Captain - James Hampson Gandhi House Captains - Maddison Skinner and Max Rostron Lincoln House Captains - Yeremia Hardono and Julian Kort-Pieters Mandela House Captains - Kevin McIlwaine and Angelica Reyes The Student Guild leads the student community by representing the student body to the School Leadership Team and the outside world. The Guild assists with tours of the school for prospective parents and students, leading school assemblies, Chapels and House events, such as House Charity Days, Sync Swim, Glee and Theatre Challenge. This year the Guild had the opportunity to mix and interact with other student leaders from Anglican schools at the two Western Australian Anglican


Schools Association (WAASA) School Leaders Days. These were led by the Archbishop of Perth. The students looked at and reflected on what it means to be a leader in an Anglican school. The 2016 Guild did a fantastic job of leading our school. They were supportive of other students, passionate about their school, actively involved in all events and wonderful ambassadors to the wider community. We thank them for thier leadership and wish them well in the future.


Gandhi House

“It is difficult, but not impossible, to conduct strictly honest business.” – Mahatma Gandhi 2015 was a year of change and adaptation and 2016 was a year of consolidation and progression. But who said progression should not be fun. Our Gandhi Spirit Day Colour Run was held on the South Perth foreshore this year and again it was a huge success. This year, we managed to raise over $1100 from the event, which was donated to Beyond Blue, an organization dedicated to helping Australians with depression and anxiety. This event could not have happened without the efforts of the 2016 student guild and Mrs Donna Jensen. Gandhi House continues its strong tradition of being the best House at St George’s. The stage was set for our House to defend our title at the Inter-house Athletics carnival, which was held at McGillivray Oval this year. Our pride was on the line and we managed to replicate our success this year by winning Champion House yet again! It would not have been possible without our Champions Eliza Griffin, Emily Lennon, Alex Maude and our running-up Champtions Milain Ranasinghe and Isabel Moss leading the charge. Our competitive drive did not waiver, as we brought our confidence from the athletics field into a whole different realm, the performing arts. The Theatre Challenge and the Glee performance are much loved events at our school, and we were determined to end our drought in these events 14

and bring home a trophy. Unfortunately we fell short in our Glee performance, coming in third place. But we were rewarded with the trophy for the Theatre Challenge event. Many thanks must be given to both the Theatre Challenge and Glee performers, who had less than five weeks to prove they were the best performers. We are eternally grateful to all the staff and students of Gandhi House. We especially would like to thank our wonderful House Captains Maddison Skinner and Max Rostron, Service Captain Maria Babu and Head Boy Robert Jackson for their countless hours given to prove why Gandhi House is the benchmark of excellence. Greatest thanks to the Gandhi staff squad who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. We say goodbye to Mrs Kelly Newbold, who will be going on maternity leave in 2017 and we wish her all the best. We also say farewell to our Year 12 Gandhi Leavers and we wish them all the best for 2017 and beyond. Thank you to everyone for their efforts for the Reds this year and we look forward to an even better 2017. Mr Peter Quan Head of Gandhi House

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.� Mahatma Gandhi 1869 - 1948


Lincoln House

2016 has been a positive year for Lincoln House. We have seen the house community and spirit grow under our Captains Julian Kort-Pieters and Yeremia Hardono, along with new House Coordinator Mrs Angela Tanham. At the beginning of the year, the Lincoln House students were reminded of who Lincoln was and why he was such a great leader. The leadership qualities of persistence and perseverance were highlighted and the students were encouraged to consider these qualities in all that they did on 2016. On Friday 18 March Lincoln hosted its second Charity Day and its inaugural Scavenger Hunt around Perth city. The day gave all TAGs an opportunity to have fun together whilst raising money for Street Connect. Of course Term 1 is dominated by rehearsals for Sync Swim, an event incorporated into the Inter-House Swimming Carnival. On the day, the students of Lincoln House gave a very entertaining performance to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ and the smiles on their faces and the fun they portrayed convinced the judges to award them with first place. The swimmers for Lincoln House also competed very well in the Carnival and swam their way into second place. Students also performed very well in all other competitive events hosted by the school. The House won the Inter-School Cross Country Carnival, came second in the Inter-School Athletics 16

Carnival and also provided a huge amount of fun and entertainment at the Glee and Theatre Sport Evening. Thanks must go to the teachers of Lincoln House Mrs Colgan, Mr Dwyer, Mrs Kania, Mr Lim and Mr Murray. These teachers provide enormous support to the students during TAG each day and at carnival days, charity days and school camps. Being part of a House is important to developing a sense of belonging to the students which allows them to enjoy school and get the most out of their opportunity to be a part of St George’s Anglican Grammar School. I encourage all members of Lincoln House to be fully involved in all activities offered to them in 2017. Mrs Angela Tanham Head of Lincoln House

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865


Mandela House

2016 has been an amazing year for the Green House! Term One was a celebration of individuality as we choreographed and performed an incredible Synchronised Swim routine to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Unfortunately we came second to Lincoln House (by 2 points!), however, I was immensely proud of our performance. We were original and pushed the boundaries in true Mandela style. Our second place in the Synchronised Swimming event was soon forgotten when we were announced the overall winners of the Swimming Carnival, a massive achievement indeed! Another highlight of the year was our effort on Athletics Day. This year we managed to climb from third place to second on the day, a great testament to our tenacity and the athletic strength of our students. Term Three saw Mandela House host another successful charity day. This year’s Lip Sync Battle raised $1000 for Street Connect to assist with the homeless youth of Perth. The battle was fierce and students and staff were thoroughly entertained. Once again, there were a variety of acts, with the likes of; The Spice Girls, Aqua, Queen, John Farnham and many more being performed. Father David was the winning staff member, with his rendition of Madonna’s Like a Prayer bringing the house down.


Congratulations to Ivy, Minna, Jennifer, Julia and YunYu, who took out first place in the student performance category. An honorable effort in this year’s Theatre Challenge hinted at the future strength of our improvisational performances, with our younger students stepping up and giving the other Houses a run for their money. Mandela convincingly held on to our reputation as the House to beat when it comes to Glee. This year, our tribute to Michael Jackson was a force to be reckoned with, as we convincingly retained the Glee trophy with a medley of some of the King of Pop’s greatest songs and iconic moves. As always, our success would not be possible without Mandela’s people. Thank you to the 2016 Mandela staff; Dr Waters, Mrs Ong, Mrs Jensen, Ms. Wohlnick, Ms. McCall, Mrs De Witt, Mrs Green, Ms Scheele for guiding their TAG students and supporting in the organisation and implementation of our House events. To the 2016 Mandela students…You have been incredible. Your House spirit makes everything we do so much better! Mrs Katie Fassom Head of Mandela House

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013


Design and Technology 2016 has seen the continued growth of Design and Technology at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. Students have created some incredible images in response to personal, commercial and influential design briefs across all year groups. The increased command of equipment and software has enhanced the design solutions produced, resulting in well considered work, which has been highlighted in the students’ portfolios and their contributions to this year’s annual Art Exhibition. Our city location provides an ideal opportunity for diverse photo opportunities, and our Design students are often seen out and about as they practise the finer points of photography. Mrs Katie Fassom Design and Technology Teacher

Allana Ngo Photography 20 20

LucĂŠ Sciuto Magazine cover

Isabel Moss Magazine cover

Child Abuse Awareness Magazine cover

Madeline Buckland Magazine cover

Blu Beats Magazine cover 21

Drama Drama has had a busy year with the Whole School Production, Theatre Challenge, examinations, four theatre excursions to Black Swan and Perth International Arts Festival shows, an incursion performance by the Australian Playhouse Theatre and a full programme of performance work in class. The highlight for this year in Drama was the whole school production of Legally Blonde: The Musical. All three shows held at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australian were a sell-out success with our students displaying an enormous amount of talent in their dancing, singing and acting roles. Their energy and passion displayed, both on and off the stage and commitment to rehearsals certainly paid off. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive. We look forward to seeing our students shine in next year’s production, The Addams Family, which will no doubt be another fantastic production. Next year, we add a trip to Melbourne for our Year 10 and 11 students to train with the Victorian College of the Arts. It has been an exciting time and Drama continues to allow our students develop performance skills and their own confidence. Mr Scott Robertson Drama Coordinator



English 2016 has been our ‘settling in’ year. Nevertheless, we have managed to pack in a fair number of excursions, incursions and projects. Here is some of what we managed to include in the English programs: The Year 9 students started the year with a visit from Jenny Botje of The Literature Centre for a Picture Book Workshop. Our Year 7s and 8s joined in to learn about the way visual texts function. The Year 9s then created their own picture books based on their interpretation of a myth of fable. In addition to this workshop, The Literature Centre has hosted some of our budding creative writers one day each term for the Talented Young Writers Program. In this program, students spend a day with a published Australian author discovering ways to develop their creative writing. This involvement will continue in 2017 with the existing attendees plus some new selected writers joining the program. The Literature classes have been able to use both the State Library of Western Australia and the Perth City Library for research – and the rather useful café on the ground floor! The Year 9s have made several visits to the State Library too, mostly to explore the theme of family history and life stories. To coincide with Family History month in August, Year 9 students investigated their own family trees and then chose one member of their family as the subject of a life story. This project involved exploring the life stories of others in various text forms, understanding the ethics of telling a life story, gaining permission from the subject and learning how to write sensitively and accurately. Their heart-warming stories unfolded with grace. This is a new unit in the Year 9 program which will be continued in partnership with the State Library in 2017. As the western world celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, the Year 10s were involved in an immersion of Shakespeare’s writing. Initially, they all studied Romeo and Juliet, and had the opportunity to view a Bell Shakespeare production of Macbeth at the State 24

Theatre as well as the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Octagon Theatre at UWA. Additionally, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions at UWA ran a workshop at the School where students explored the way emotion is expressed in Romeo and Juliet. Finally, in groups, the students wrote their own scripts based on a particular scene from the play and performed for their peers. A variety of creative contexts emerged including a gangster Roaring 20s version and a futuristic interpretation too. In week three of term four, all Year 8 students completed a major speaking and listening assessment in their English classes before two adjudicators from ORACY Australia Inc. ORACY used to be known as the English Speaking Board, and it offers certificates that rate oral proficiency against national accredited standards. As part of the Year 8 Assessment A Program, students had to complete a speech on an area of personal involvement then answer questions on their topic; spend two minutes reading aloud from a favourite novel and perform a memorised oral interpretation. Our students did very well and were awarded a high certificate or above, with 39% reaching the top “Outstanding” level. These results are particularly impressive and are indicative of the effort our Year 8 cohort and their teacher demonstrated throughout the process. Even more pleasingly, our students have further developed their confidence in public speaking, and many of them commented on how much they had learnt through this challenging task. Outstanding Certificate Winners Nor Al-Maliki Jack Blatchford Alice Conroy Eliza Griffin Halla Harding Josie Indrizzi Petra Tan Our English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) and the English Language and Australian Cultural Studies (ELACS) classes visited the State Parliament and went on an excursion to learn about Aboriginal culture. The classes comprise of our international students who enrich our school with their variety of cultures, languages and contexts.

The Year 12 English and Literature students attended a workshop by Lisa Mack who is an experienced teacher and exam marker. She highlighted the important features of the syllabus with strategies for writing and creating. The feedback from the students was positive, so this is another workshop that will be repeated in 2017. The CBD location continues to afford us scope for learning outside the classroom, so we regularly use signs, adverts, the Art Gallery of WA and other locations and events that pop up, to enhance ways of understanding the world around us. The School Curriculum Standards Authority recognises this, and we have been involved in providing samples of work for teachers across the state to use to map against the Achievement Standards. I would like to thank all the teachers of the English Department for their commitment and hard work this year. It is truly a pleasure and joy to work with a team of such dedicated professionals. Mrs Susan Lazenby Head of English


Humanities 2016 has been another productive and exciting year for the Humanities Leaning Area. In Years 7-10, we focused on the final stages of implementing the Australian Curriculum with a particular emphasis on adding Economics and Business along with Civics and Citizenship to the existing Geography and History being offered. Through accessing the city resources we were able to study these subjects in an innovative way, from using the Reference Library Archives to listening to guest speakers. The city offers an invaluable landscape for the development of each of our Humanities students. Next year will see us continuing to access the city in unique ways as we add exploring Parliament House and Kings Park to the list of many excursions which take place or are on offer. A continual focus for Year 10 classes has been the explicit linking of the curriculum with career pathways, and students have been able to clearly identify ways in which the material covered in the classroom can be helpful in their lives after school. Students were able to visit the Perth Convention Centre on two occasions throughout the year to explore the Careers Expo. Students were able to gain real world experience designing products to market and learn unique ways to pitch for and gain funding, such as through crowd funding. They were able to explore the city and investigate the ways in which businesses were advertising and marketing their products. Students interviewed business owners and begin to access the wealth of opportunities the city can provide to our Learning Area. This culminated in participation in the National Australia Bank $20 Boss Program where students were given this amount of capital from the bank in order to plan, budget, market and execute their business idea with the aim of making a profit and building innovation, enterprise and financial literacy skills in the process.


Some of the excursions attended by the Middle School students included planting trees on the Swan River Foreshore for the City of Perth and attending the ANZAC Experience at the Perth Convention Centre. Students were also able to gain some real world financial experience by participating in the ASX Stock Exchange Game where they were given a virtual $50 000 and ten weeks to trade with it on the Australian Stock Exchange. Our Year 11 and 12 students have been focused on their courses in Accounting and Finance, Business Management and Enterprise, Economics and Modern History. Good results in Senior School come as a result of hard work, consistent practice and, to a significant extent, quality teaching. In addition, students have been able to enjoy several excursions and activities. Year 11 Accounting and Finance students spent three months developing their own business plans to enter the CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition. The creativity and business acumen on display through these business plans showed the entrepreneurial spirit and ability at the School is significant. The Year 12 Economics students were busy this year. A couple of the excursions they attended were the Economics Forum hosted by Murdoch University and the Meet the Business Leaders Day hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. This event gave students the opportunity to meet with practising business leaders as they rotated through the round tables where the students were sitting. This informal interaction facilitated comfortable conversation and students were able to ask the business leaders specific questions. This gave practical application to the theory they study in the classroom. The Institute of Chartered Accountants continued to sponsor the Most Outstanding Accounting student prize in the School along with the Most Outstanding Economics Student. This year the recipient of both awards was Syuen Ee Lee. The Year 11 and Year 12 Modern History students attended two events run by the History Teachers Association and hosted at the University of Notre Dame Australia.

They were given valuable information on how to prepare for the WACE examinations and were able to interact with students from other schools as they examined source documents. In addition, they were given the opportunity to enter the National History Challenge. The 2016 theme for the competition was ‘Tragedy and Triumph’. The theme for 2017 is ‘Making the World Better’. This competition is open to students in all year groups. Outside of the classroom, two of the co-curricular options offered by the Humanities Department were participating in the Mock Law Trials Competition and the United Nations Evatt competition. The Mock Law Team, coached by Mrs Angela Tanham, was successful in winning all their trials in the courtroom. For the Evatt Competition, St George’s represented China in an

all day General Assembly after many weeks of in depth research into environmental issues. Of course, none of the work this year would have been possible without the assistance of the dedicated and professional teachers in the Humanities Learning Area. To Mrs Gemma Colgan, Ms Lauren Carrick, Mrs Tracey Jacobsen, Mr Ernesto Ramirez and Mrs Angela Tanham, sincere thanks for your consistent support to our Learning Area and our students and all your dedicated hard work. In particular, a special thank you must be extended to Mrs Gemma Colgan who has left the school after many years of dedicated service to both Murdoch College and St George’s Anglican Grammar School. We wish Mrs Colgan all the very best. Mrs Katheryne Kania Head of Humanities

Careers Expo Perth Convention Centre


Japanese It has been an extremely busy year for the Japanese language department! From welcoming our first full-time language assistant and having two groups of exchange students visiting us, to our two and a half week tour to Japan, restaurant excursions, meeting modern Japanese samurai and lots of language learning. A huge thank you to the families who hosted exchange students this year as well as those who have and will be hosting our assistant Makiko. Also, thank you to Makiko and Mr Lim for their hard work this year. It is a privilege and joy to work with you both. Mrs Danielle de Witt Japanese Coordinator

I have been helping to teach Japanese for 8 months now. Mainly, I do individual speaking practice in class one on one with students. I know it is hard to learn another language, so I am very impressed by the many students who do not give up and keep studying. From my point of view, their oral skills have certainly improved. Especially, they now understand questions better than before. Their next step is to try to make sentences with new grammar structures and more vocabulary. A good way to improve speaking is to use the language more. When we do practise, it is OK to make mistakes. Lastly, to the students, I love to check your writing and practise speaking with you. If you have free time, please feel free to ask me to practise. Ms Makiko Imamura Japanese Teaching Assisstant


The 2016 Japan Study Tour was an unforgettable experience, in part due to the six hours of karaoke we did on each island we visited, but also due to the rich cultural immersion of homestay. Over the two weeks of the Japan trip, I was able to explore Japanese culture and cuisine and make practical use of the language I have learnt since Year Seven. Our first night was in homestay, where we stayed for a week. Even just driving home with my host family, I had to interpret and translate more Japanese than I had ever done in one go. Homestay was the most rewarding leg of the trip because it was such a densely packed experience of Japan from a perspective normally unavailable to tourists. My host family took me through their city, to Hamamatsu, Nagoya castle and to all of the cultural activities my host brother took part in. The relationships and experiences that homestay offers easily outweighs the initial anxiety you feel, and everyone on the trip loved it more than any other part. I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to go on the Japan trip (it really is as good as everyone says it is.) Luke Thomas Year 11 Student


Library Students at St George’s Anglican Grammar School are very privileged to have access to resources from more than one library in the city. We have our own library with resources ranging from fiction and nonfiction texts to magazines, games and online resources, such as Britannica, the Study Skills Handbook and Cite Maker. Students also have access to the State Library, and each student is a member of the beautiful new Perth City Library situated at Cathedral Square. In an age where the digital world is quickly taking over traditional print resources, libraries are more important to students than ever. Students have more information available to them than ever, and selecting accurate, relevant information for their secondary school study purposes can be very daunting to a student. There is much misinformation on the internet; the role of the librarian is to help students be discerning with the information they choose, verifying accuracy and credibility of the chosen material.


The research classes at St George’s assist the students to learn how to develop their Information Literacy and Digital Literacy skills while balancing this with encouraging students to read. From time to time, we also participate in activities and events that are taking place elsewhere. The Year 7 and 8 students competed in the Word Mania competition with the Year 8 students placing third in our region. The Year 8 students also had the opportunity to spend time at the Perth City Library with a coding expert, learning the fundamentals of coding. Naturally, providing the students with opportunities to read is a very important task of the library. To encourage their enthusiasm, the students have had the opportunity to attend several author talks at the Perth City Library. The Year 10 students attended talks with Will Kostakis and Shivaun Plozza, and the Year 8 and 9 students had the opportunity to listen to illustrator and author Will Kostakis. Many of these opportunities would not be available to the students if they did not attend a school that is in the heart of Perth City. Next year, we will further strengthen the partnerships that have been created with the Perth City Library to seek further opportunities for our students. Mrs Angela Tanham Teacher Librarian



Mathematics This year saw a change in Year 12 Mathematics courses as determined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. As a result, the number of Mathematics Courses examined at ATAR Level reduced from six to three with one other course offered at General Level. The task for the students and staff at St George’s was to build on the good work done in 2015 in the Year 11 Introductory Units.

In Term Three, St George’s students entered the Australian Mathematics Competition. All students performed well with three particular students from Year 11 performing outstandingly. Yunyu Pan, with an exceptional standard score of 3.74, was the only female prize-winner in the Senior Division in Western Australia. Fang Shen joined Yunyu in the 100th percentile (i.e., top one per cent), and Huijing Lu finished in the 99th percentile of the Senior Division. This competition is now competed for in over 30 countries around the world, so this is indeed an achievement they can be justifiably proud of. The top three students in each year were: Ruby Walsh, Jack Joyner and Olivia Lennon, Year 7

For St George’s Anglican Grammar School, the challenge was made even more difficult with 45 per cent of our Year 12 students opting for the extremely difficult Mathematics Specialist subject, and 64 per cent opting for the top mathematics subject, Mathematics Methods. These numbers place our school in the top few schools in WA with regards to the numbers (in percentage terms) studying the top Mathematics subjects. Once again this year in March, we entered six teams into the Have Sum Fun competitions – two Senior (Years 11 and 12), two Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) and two Junior (Years 7 and 8) teams. Our best-performing team was the Senior Blue team who were just three points from a third placing. However, all teams performed creditably and set the standard for ‘having sum fun’.


Mia Grubelich, Megan Tan and Eliza Griffin, Year 8 Huixue Li, Nan Li and Oliver Glasson, Year 9 Pinxu Pan, Alice Caimmi and Ziwei Zheng, Year 10 Yunyu Pan, Fang Shen and Huijing Lu, Year 11 Xiaojia Li, James Hampson and Yeremia Hardono, Year 12 My thanks go to the Mathematics staff, Mr James Dwyer and Mr Peter Freer, for their support of our students this year. We look forward to the continued growth in the Mathematics Department in 2017. Mr Frank Murray Head of Mathematics


Music The Music Department has rapidly grown during 2016. Looking back, it is hard to believe how much we have packed into 12 months, both inside and outside the classroom. In Terms One and Four, we held our ‘On The Roof’ rooftop concerts with our revamped and expanded Music Festival in Term Three. Also in Term Three our Swing Band eatured in the ASC Combined Schools Concert held at the Perth Concert Hall. We have played at Royal Perth Hospital twice as part of their ‘On The Bridge’ Concert Series. Our Jazz Ensemble provided music for the St George’s Art Exhibition and, more recently, for the St Michael’s Parish Fete. Chapel band provided music for the Ecumenical Taize Service hosted by St George’s in Term One, the St John’s Ambulance Celebration Day, as well as each week for our whole school Chapel services.


In class, we have completed projects ranging from cover versions and song writing to a YouTube orchestra. Swing Band has performed at Graduation and Presentation Night, and we have had student bands and performances at each of our assemblies. A highlight of the year was our cross-curricular project, ElectroCity Ensemble, where students created original music mixing traditional instruments with electronics and sampling sounds from around the city. We have done and achieved an incredible amount over the last 12 months, and have built a very exciting foundation for future years. Our students’ commitment, work ethic, enthusiasm and willingness to ‘have a go’ and get involved has been fantastic. They are building a vibrant, creative and exciting Music Department. We are very much looking forward to what the future has to hold. Mr Michael Newton Music Coordinator


Physical Education Our students have embraced every sporting opportunity this year, approaching each lesson with enthusiasm and a willingness to ‘have a go’. Being out in the community for nearly every lesson brings with it the learning experience of adopting appropriate social behaviour and provides opportunities to engage with the public and facility staff. Our students are commended on their exemplary representation of the school and themselves. Members of the public often remark on how well


behaved our students are and how pleasant it is to engage with them. This is a credit to each and every one of you, and it makes it a pleasure and a joy to take PE classes out into the Perth community to use some state-of-the-art facilities. This year began at the West Australian Rowing Club where all PE classes participated in a five-week rowing programme on our magnificent Swan River. Our students were lucky enough to be under the guidance of the Head Rowing Coach and his team of four experienced rowers. This was a great experience, and we now all appreciate just how rowing is the ultimate of all team sports. We utilised the Transperth free transit zone buses to transport us to Kings Park Tennis Club, yet another remarkable venue that we used for our PE lessons. Other venues included Langley Park for

kicking sports and touch rugby, McGillivray Reserve for Athletics, Supreme Court Gardens for softball and cricket and Loftus and Lords for court sports. Various teams competed in School Sport WA (SSWA) competitions including Senior School Basketball and Soccer teams playing weekly fixtures. We also had a number of day carnivals, such as Netball and Basketball along with SSWA Swimming and Cross Country Carnivals. 2017 is shaping up to be a big sporting year with two exciting developments. Firstly we are building our own state-of-the-art Gymnasium on the ground floor. Fitness is going to play a big part of our PE Curriculum, and we will be undergoing student fitness tests at the start of the year to evaluate our progression over the course of the

year. Our gym will feature a Crossfit Rack, an Ergo Rower, treadmills and Assault Bikes to name just a few items. Secondly, we have been accepted into the Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA, often known and referred to as the ACC. We will be affiliated with other Anglican Schools Commission schools. There are a total of 67 schools in this inter-school competition, ACC adopts the motto of “Sport in the right spirit� and was established in 1937. We look forward to participating in the ACC competitions next year. Ms Jodie Scheele Sport Coordinator


Religious Education Religious Education is taught to all students in every year for one period a week. Religious Education is about the students searching for truth and meaning for themselves in our pluralistic world as we are set in a Christian school in the Anglican Tradition. Whilst being taught about the Christian message of love and forgiveness from a God who created us, students are encouraged to find their own truth and meaning in their journey of life. Each term the students study a particular aspect of Religious Education. In 2016, Term Three was spent with each of the years looking at a comparative religion.


The Year 7 students studied Judaism which included a Seder or Passover Meal. The Year 8 students studied Hinduism and visited the Perth Hindu Temple in Canning Vale. The Year 9 students studied Islam which included a visit to the Perth Mosque in Northbridge. The Year 10 students studied Buddhism and went on an excursion to the Fo Guang Shan Temple in Maylands and the Year 11 students studied cults. The students thoroughly enjoyed the Term 4 subject which was Aboriginal Spirituality, and some had the opportunity to visit Herrison Island. We at St George’s Anglican Grammar School continue to develop our Religious Education programme in order to help our students to find their own journey of truth and meaning in our world. Father David Lord Chaplain




The Science Faculty’s contribution to the Perth Science Festival, which was held as part of National Science Week in August, was an outstanding success. It also involved a huge amount of preparation. A bulk consignment of LEDs was flown in from Singapore using some contacts (humans not electrical). Mrs Jensen and many student volunteers spent weeks mixing conductive and non-conductive playdough and making up give-away packs. The Year 11 and 12 Science students and the Science staff organised themselves into a roster for the weekend of the festival, with the students largely running the show. The result was thousands of visitors meeting our lovely students and experiencing some first-hand science involving electricity, magnetism, acids and bases, psychology and more.

rockets, and great fun was had in trying them out at Elizabeth Quay – to the amusement of many passers-by. Our record height was 26 metres and Zane McPheat took out the honours for catching a rocket as it landed. Well done to Luca Bongiovanni, Jack Joyner, Zane McPheat, Gavin McInerney, Stanley Zhong for bravely getting a regular drenching!

One of our co-curricular courses this year was ‘Rocket Science’ and this introduced a number of enthusiastic students to the theory and practical aspects of water rockets. There was much discussion about how to improve the design of the

All in all, 2016 was a most successful year in the Science Department.

We had a number of excursions and incursions with the students. The wonderful Julia Ferguson from Earth Science WA came in to run sessions with various Middle School classes. The Year 7 and Year 9 students were exposed to methods for determining the chemical composition of different rocks. The Year 8s and Year 10s were given the task of examining many artefacts and using their skills of observation to determine what their purpose was and from what period they were dated. The Year 7s had an excursion to the Supreme Court Gardens as part of their investigation into classification of plants. The Year 8s went to the Adventure World Physics Day at the end of the year with Mr Lim and got up close and personal with gravity – a screaming success.

Dr Ormonde Waters Science Teacher


Visual Art The Visual Art Department has been a hive of activity all year with students fully engaged in the creative process of art investigation and art making. Artworks completed were innovative, and thought provoking, allowing students to build on their skills whilst exploring new media. The studio areas this year included drawing, illustration, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, sculpture and graphic design. The installation of the Foundation Mural was an exciting event to start the year, with the official opening at the Sundowner in Term One. It was a memorable occasion for all staff and students who contributed to this collaborative mosaic installation. The highlight of the year, as always, was our annual Art Exhibition which was held at Central Park in October. The exhibition was the culmination of students’ project work that was displayed in the terrific space at 150 St George’s Terrace. The event was a celebration of the creative spirit of our young artists, who enjoyed sharing their work with the St George’s community and the city at large. As part of the art making process for the exhibition students participated in several excursions and incursions during 2016. Our city location affords us easy access to an array of world-class exhibitions within the city and on major access routes. Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe in March gave the Year 10 students inspiration for their ceramic shoe sculptures. The outing on a blissful summer’s day provided an in-depth and authentic learning experience. Students were able to see numerous sculptures in one location, constructed by a range of national and international artists, whose work they could aspire to. The Year 11 and 12 students were able to visit the Lawrence Wilson Gallery at UWA as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. They saw the 42

renowned British artist: Bharti Kher’s exhibition of wondrously complex installations. In addition, the Year 11 students visited the Art Gallery of WA numerous times throughout the year with the Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition a focus, providing an important benchmark for standards and exemplars of understanding. In addition to our school exhibition, several students’ artwork was selected for display across the city. In July, at the St George’s Cathedral Exhibition, Year 11 students displayed works produced as part of the Year 11 ATAR course. Selected drawings were also exhibited at the Northern Metropolitan TAFE Gallery in their show ‘Meta’. The Year 10 students were most fortunate to have an exclusive presentation at the new Perth City Library, where James Foley the children’s book illustrator and author gave them an insight into the wonderful world of children’s literature. They came away truly inspired and applied much of their learning to their own projects being developed at school. The results were seen in the magnificent watercolour illustrations that were produced for the exhibition. Early in the year, the Upper School Visual Art ATAR and General students were invited to be the inaugural youth group to participate in the Wesley Church Easter Exhibition. This provided an opportunity to show their work alongside 15 professional artists. One such artist, Dr Donna Franklin, provided an Artist in Residence presentation for our students, where they learned of her exciting work with Symbiotica, a science/ art collaboration developed at the University of Western Australia. Students each created an edition of prints for the show; these were as diverse in printmaking techniques as they were in concept and composition. Camilla Loveridge was our Artist in Residence this year, providing students with a six-week intensive drawing program. Workshops were held during normal classes, as well as an extracurricular activity. Students were immersed in skills building with an array of different drawing medium, from charcoal to ink and wash. The experience enhanced their understanding of this wonderfully immediate form of expression whilst building on their observational drawing skills. Life

models were provided in the classical tradition of sitter and artist with students gaining a great deal. The Year 7 and 8 students produced a range of fascinating sculptures and paintings. Building on their Art Gallery excursion of Treasure Ships in the Age of Spices, they responded by developing their own Treasure Ship ceramic sculpture. The Year 7s explored a pop art theme based on food in painting and ceramics. The Year 9 Visual Art students had a most productive year completing an extensive program that included Printmaking Portraits, Faux Dog Sculptures made from a soft toy armature, Shibori Textiles dying and kimono construction and a Christmas Card Design for the ASC annual Christmas card collection. Extremely prolific, they completed their body of work with a collection of hand built ceramic vessels.

inspiration gained from the James Foley presentation, and saw them complete a series of fine watercolour illustrations. The finished illustrations then became the basis for a book cover deign, as part of a graphic design project. In summary, 2016 provided consolidation for the Visual Art Department as we settled into our fabulous light and inspiring city arts space on the fourth floor. Students were encouraged to express their creativity in new and exciting ways and to embrace their unique artistic ability. Students worked diligently to this end, completing a range of works that were visually stimulating and enriching for both artist and viewer. Our young artists can be proud of their achievements and for making 2016 a great year in Visual Arts at St George’s. Ms Carol Wohlnick Visual Art Teacher and Head of the Arts

Upper School students were also highly productive working across a range of different media areas. The Year 10s designed and made ceramic shoes in their project ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. Their second project was ‘Beneath the Surface’, following the

Aaron Tully with his Cathedral Artwork Year 8 students working on their treasure ships

Artclub installation annual Art Exhibition

The St George’s Art Exhibition, Central Park

Year 11 Life Drawing Workshop

Meta Exhibitors Minna Wang and Joy Chen


St George’s Day It was with great pride that the School celebrated our inaugural St George’s Day, on Monday 2 May at St George’s Cathedral. This was a wonderful celebration of the School’s founding and of our patron saint, St George. The celebration was designed to include the elements of our motto: Wisdom, Grace and Service. The day commenced with a Eucharist in the Cathedral, led by Bishop Kate Wilmot. Following the Service, students and guests enjoyed morning tea in the grounds of the Cathedral. The senior students then returned to school while students in Years 7 to 9 went off to do some service work.

44 44

The service opportunities were: • Royal Perth Hospital to entertain the patients with music performances • Regent College to assist the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students with reading and other activities • Amana Living to spend time with the aged residents • Packing lunches for the homeless at the • Cathedral The Feast of St George is celebrated on 23 April each year. As this date generally falls during the school holidays, the School will celebrate St George’s Day on the first Monday of Term Two each year. As it was our first celebration of St George’s Day, the School has purchased a time capsule which is to be located in the Library on Level 2, to be opened in 2036.


River Cruise The Senior School River Cruise was once again a well-attended and much celebrated event in the school calendar. Sailing off into the sunset on a breezy autumn evening, staff and students enjoyed the hospitality of “The Crystal Swan� where dinner and dance intermingled to create an unforgettable experience.

There was music, dancing, pizza, and more dancing. Congratulations to Weihao Chen who took out the Best Male Dancer Award for his moon-walking, hip-smacking tribute to Michael Jackson, and to Winnie Zheng whose infectious dancing lit up the dance floor. Thank you to all the staff who helped supervise the event, and to the students who now keep these memories in photographs where their eyes are never closing, their hearts are never broken and time is forever frozen. Mr Ernesto Ramirez English Teacher


Year 12 Ball 2016 started in glittering fashion with one of the major events of the year, the Year 12 School Ball at the Duxton Hotel on Saturday 13 February. What a fabulous Roman-themed night it was! The students had worked very hard designing and making the decorations for the ballroom. Their hard work certainly paid off as the venue looked amazing. The evening began with welcoming speeches by the Head Boy, Robert Jackson and Head Girl, Shona Schutz followed by a superb buffet meal. The students all looked fantastic, so selecting the Belle and Beau of the Ball was no easy task; however, the very worthy winners were Amy Tan and Yeremia Hardono.


Graduation Ceremony What a splendid day we enjoyed as we congratulated and farewelled the Class of 2016! Our graduating class started their day with a sumptuous breakfast in the Cafeteria. As tradition dictates, the students were entertained by the Heads of House reading out “It wouldn’t be Year 12 if…,” – a personal memory for each of the students. In the sacred space of the glorious St George’s Cathedral, the Year 12 students had their final worship service attended by many parents and guardians, followed by a morning tea in the Cathedral grounds. The school day ended with an afternoon assembly where the whole school had an opportunity to farewell the Year 12 cohort who have been the big brothers and sisters of the St George’s family, providing mentorship and friendship. The Head Boy and Head Girl and other members of the Guild had an opportunity to speak to the students and staff. It was quite clear that this wonderful group of students feel a strong connection to the School. Their sincerity and gratitude shone through as they told of their enduring memories, relationships formed and what they valued about their alma mater. The Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017 addressed the Class of 2016, thanking them for their contribution to the School. In the evening, the formal Graduation Ceremony took place in the Cathedral. Each Head of House introduced their students, who were presented their Graduation Certificate. Mrs Diggeden and the CEO of the ASC, The Reverend Peter Laurence, addressed the Class of 2016. The Valedictorian, Khairyll (James) Hampson, spoke eloquently to his peers. The joyous occasion ended in Burt Hall with a lavish supper served by a group of dedicated Year 11 students and the Guild of 2017. Congratulation to the graduating class of 2016, we wish you well for the future. 48

Valedictorian Speech Twelve years, one hundred and forty-two months, six hundred and eighty weeks, four thousand seven hundred and sixty-one days. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the culmination of the hard work of your parents, your teachers and yourselves. Like little pirates, we started our schooling lives, moving up from one year to the next, from island to island, ferociously fending off the onslaught of tests, assignments and exams. Our teachers, clutching on to their telescopes and sextants, navigating us away from the treacherous rocks, and our families working below deck, ensuring that our ship powers onwards. Class of 2016, we are a fleet of ships sailing together. There are times, that many of us have felt beached upon these foreign shores, stranded and afraid. In those dire times it has been your perseverance, along with the help of your loyal crew that have allowed you to continue. Today is testimony to your persistence. The knowledge you have accumulated is stashed away like precious plunder, ready to be called upon when the need arises. Each department taught us more than we realised: Mathematics providing us with problem solving skills, English for our critical literacy, Arts for allowing us to express ourselves, Society and Environment for teaching us about the world ahead of us and Science for a guide on how to observe our surroundings and make deductions about cause and effect. Most importantly may we never forget, that the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell! Just over the horizon we still have our ATAR exams, a challenge that may present itself as insurmountable, a kraken in our midst. It is the final step of our high school career. Yet the outcome is not your ATAR or exam result, it is you, growing as a person, because of the experiences of the last 12 years of your life, and it is us, the class of 2016, doing this together, a family in our own right. As a pirate, even after your complete your exams and tests, never relinquish your desire for learning.

Endeavour to seek new experiences every day, because in the journey forwards, it is only experience that can truly teach you how to utilise these skills. Nevertheless, it is at school where the foundations of these skills are built. From these humble beginnings we have risen tall and each one of you here today showcase a variety of qualities instilled in you by your education. It is the reason we are here today. Despite the significance of what this ceremony celebrates, the last twelve years have only been a fraction of your lives. Ahead of you is a life littered with emotions, knowledge and difficulty. Maya Angelou once said, “You may encounter many defeats. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” With these words in mind may you press onwards, continuing to define yourselves and rising from the ashes of adversity. Looking forward, we must not forget the people who have journeyed with us, for their love and guidance we are forever grateful. Thank you to our families, who through every step of the way, have stayed with us, supporting us and providing us with the circumstances for us to flourish. Thank you to our teachers, who have always had the utmost belief in us, for the hours spent marking tests, hounding us for assignments and worrying about our results. Finally, as we proceed into the wondrous world ahead, remember that as the platform you once so reliably depended on is snatched away, you have the ability to build your own wings and fly. Know that life is full of opportunities waiting to be seized, that only you can define yourself and growing old does not mean growing up. Enter life with the certainty that everything is ripe for the taking and do not lose yourself in what can be a cruel and scary place. The class of 2016, my friends, my family. In the words of Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gently into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” go into the world and live your lives with the intent of learning, of loving and may you shine brightly. Thank you. James Hampson Valedictorian 2016


Presentation Ceremony The Year 7 to 11 Presentation Ceremony was a wonderful celebration of our students talents and gifts and a fitting end to a dynamic, vibrant year for the School community. The ceremony was an opportunity to congratulate students on outstanding results, celebrate their talents in so many areas, reflect on the past year and look to the future. Congratulations to the following students on their achievements: SUBJECT AWARDS Year 7 JESSICA KLIMEK: Drama BERNARD BOLUM: Physical Education ELLA GEORGE: Religious Education RUBY WALSH: Japanese, Music OLIVIA LENNON : English, Health, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Visual Arts Year 8 PETRA TAN: English ALICE CONROY: Japanese, Mathematics, NOR AL-MALIKI: Health, Religious Education, Science, ELIZA GRIFFIN: Drama, Humanities, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Visual Arts Year 9 ALEXANDER BAXTER: Physical Education HUIXUE LI: Design, Mathematics EMILYROSE LOMMAN: Drama, Visual Arts RONAN DIXON: Music, Philosophy, Religious Education GABRIELLA NAVARRETE: English, Health, Humanities, Japanese, Science Year 10 TAHLIA BUTTER: Design TRENT FOO: Drama MEI JIN HO: English as a Second Language or Dialect CELINE GEN: Health ALEXANDER BUCKLAND and GAVIN MCINERNEY: Humanities GAVIN MCINERNEY: Religious Education SYUEN JING LEE: Japanese, Visual Arts ZIWEI ZHENG: Mathematics MASSIMO MCKIE: Music MILAIN RANASINGHE: Physical Education ALICE GIBSON: English, Philosophy, Science


Year 11 JIA YING CHIN: Accounting and Finance ATAR, Economics ATAR, English as an Additional Language ATAR YANJING WANG: Biology ATAR CHRISTEL AGUERO: Design ATAR SAMUEL WALSH: General Drama GEMMA EDWARDS: Mathematics Applications ATAR YUNYU PAN: Mathematics Methods ATAR, Mathematics Specialist ATAR EMILY LENNON: Physical Education Studies ALEX MAUDE: VET Music WENJIA CHEN: Visual Arts General MIA LOMMAN: Mathematics Essentials, Visual Arts ATAR CAITLIN MARISSEN: Modern History MARC BUDITJAHJONO: Business Management & Enterprise ATAR, Drama ATAR, English ATAR, Psychology ATAR LUKE THOMAS: English Literature ATAR, Japanese ATAR, Physics ATAR, Religious Education, Chemistry SPECIAL AWARDS JACK JOYNER: Year 7 Citizenship Award RUBY WALSH: Year 7 Endeavour Award PETRA TAN: Year 8 Citizenship Award CHANTELLE WELLSTED: Year 8 Endeavour Award GABRIELLA NAVARRETE: Year 9 Citizenship Award AHMAD ALKHATIB: Year 9 Endeavour Award OLIVIA PATTERSON: Year 10 Citizenship Award ALEXANDER BUCKLAND: Year 10 Endeavour Award ISABEL MOSS: Year 11 Citizenship Award YANJING WANG: Year 11 Endeavour Award


Ski Trip Being a Physical Education Teacher and a keen sportswoman I have experienced motor skill learning in many different pursuits, but nothing comes close to the learning curve required for snowboarding. Not even surfing or skate-boarding can compare to this skill. Fifteen out of the sixteen students who came on the Ski Trip snowboarded, including myself and Mr Newton. Reid Culverwell, Trent Foo and Zac Wayne were our experienced snowboarders and took to the Smiggin slopes immediately. Emily Lennon, our token skier, was also off doing her own runs. The rest of us, after our first two-hour lesson, skated around not even getting our back feet into the binding. We shuffled awkwardly onto the “magic carpet” to ride up to the beginners run. The incline was a minor slope where we were careful not to take out the zippy 3-year olds who were skiing poleless! We spent the afternoon falling, crashing and cheering as some of us made it to the bottom. Even exiting without falling off the magic carpet run was a huge achievement. On day two, we went back to Smiggins. We were meant to go to Blue Cow for lessons, but the weather was blowing a blizzard. Blue Cow was situated much higher on the mountain and the weather was just too bad to venture that way. Smiggins was more protected and proved to be a great place to learn. I arrived looking up at the chairlift to the highest point having mountain envy. I could not even see us getting to have a ride on the chair lift let alone snowboarding down a mountain. After our second lesson, we had our back feet in the binding, we had learnt to stop and steer, toe side and heel side. The Year 8 students Marvel, Louise, Petra and Halla were the first to take the chair lift up and by day three we were all on our way. On the final two days, we learnt more advanced turns and some of us went off on an epic cross country journey where we conquered the T-bars and made it back just before the ski lifts were closing. Others began doing jumps, and all of us were taking steeper slopes and runs. 52

Persistence and willingness to practise skills enabled us all to become quite adept at snowboarding, and I congratulate everyone on their accomplishment. I was really quite amazed at the incredible infrastructure and the variety of runs located in one area. I had no idea there would be so many lifts and slopes to challenge yourself. One could never get bored…only cold! We endured below zero temperatures and lots of snow. It was painful to have any part of the body exposed to the elements. I now know what a neck-warmer is and truly appreciated having one! It was a privilege to stay up on the snow at Matterhorn Lodge. As soon as you opened the front door, you were knee-high in snow! To Gabriel, Emily, Alan, Claire, Gemma, Aaron, Zac, Reid, Trent, Ethan, Tahlia, Jonathon, Petra, Halla, Louise and Marvel, your behaviour, commitment, resilience and self-management skills were exemplary. The tour of Canberra included Lake Burley Griffin, The War Memorial and Questacon, which was an added bonus. We all appreciated learning about our capital city and respectfully increasing our awareness and knowledge of the devastation of different wars. Questacon was similar to SciTech, and we enjoyed interacting with physical sciences, but maybe not as much as the excitement of Pokémon Go played by hundreds of people who were walking around outside Questacon. We were all truly blessed with a safe and memorable trip after six fantastic nights away. To all St George’s students I encourage all of you to consider taking part in this wonderful opportunity next year. Ms Jodie Scheele Ski Trip Coordinator


Year 7 to 9 Camp


During week ďŹ ve, the whole Middle School, along with Mr Newton, Mrs de Witt, Mr Wakefield, Father David, Mrs Kat Green and Mrs Jacobsen trundled off to a place near Harvey to begin our camp experience. Normally, we arrange camps by year group, so we were interested to see how this year would go with the mix of year groups. With no time to waste, we split up for our first afternoon of activities and Mrs Green joined one group to participate in the Mid Ropes course, showing Mrs de Witt how it was done. Meanwhile, there was rafting and archery going on in other parts of the beautiful Camp Mornington site. Over the time we were there, various groups enjoyed the climbing wall, high ropes, flying fox, rope maze and a variety of games. On our last day, the Year 9 students were super excited when Mr Gharsallah, who they know better as Yousri, joined them for the high ropes course. Meeting your fears and supporting each other became a theme for the camp, as the activities the students undertook challenged them in all sorts of ways. There is nothing quite as amusing for a teacher as watching a group of teenagers learn how to work as a team. It begins with them each working alone, each wanting to make the decisions, or even avoid making them, at all costs. There is often a lot of walking in different directions, talking all at once and, of course, very little listening. Some activities were designed to build personal skills, some to challenge fears and others to promote teamwork.

ideas of each other. They realised that there are some things you cannot do alone, whether it be physically or emotionally. They learned that they can rely on each other, even when they are at great heights and their classmates are holding the rope that saves them. We had a great time on camp this year. In the end, while the students loved the activities and listed happily the things they liked the most: flying fox and mid ropes being up there as favourites, the experience of camp was about so much more than that. I was able to watch students learn some vital lessons about responsibility. Having only recently returned from Long Service Leave, I came to know a group of Year 7 students who had already begun to find their way in St George’s and reconnect with the Year 8 and 9 students. I am sure that they all came back from camp knowing that there are plenty of challenges they will face in life, but that they cannot walk away from their fears. They can try alone, or halve their burden by giving and receiving help and support. These are, of course, some of the most important lessons; I hope they carry them with them for many years to come. Mrs Tracey Jacobsen Middle School Camp Coordinator

I was very pleased to see the lessons about teamwork slowly begin to dawn on the students. It became obvious to them that they had to not only listen to the instructions of camp staff, but to the


Year 10 Camp The Year 10 camp this year was held at the Woodman Point Recreation Camp. The camp was a three day, two night event with students leaving school on Monday morning and returning on Wednesday afternoon. Upon arrival, the students had some time to rest and relax before settling into their dorms. After lunch the activities began: archery, kayaking, raft building, flying fox, high ropes, rock climbing, search and rescue and a historical night tour of the area at the end of the second day. During breaks, the students would entertain themselves by playing board games, making new friends (we had four new students start in the week before camp) and playing soccer. On more than one occasion their maturity and friendliness towards other residents of the camp was noticed by teachers of other schools.


The Year 10 students should all be commended on their bright positive attitude! On the morning of the third day the students all went down to the beach as, unfortunately due to the large storm that came in on Monday night, they were not able to do the water activities on Tuesday. We then all participated in Mr Robertson’s great team building activities and wrote reflections about our experiences before heading back to school. Overall, after reading all of the reflections, I can say without a doubt that the Year 10s had a brilliant time on camp. They were able to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zones in many of the activities. They made new friends, strengthened old bonds and became closer as a group. I would like to thank all of the staff and students for making the camp such an enjoyable experience. I would also like to give many thanks to the Woodman Point staff for keeping us all safe and sound and running a great camp. Mr Vincent Lim Year 10 Camp Coordinator


Year 11 Camp


The Year 11 Camp was held at Point Walter DSR Camp Site this year. The Camp surrounds, dorms and eating area were quite luxurious. The Camp’s theme was “Leadership”, given that our Year 11 students are undergoing the transition into Year 12. We had three sessions on leadership; one evening run by Mr Ramirez, the second by Mr Freer and thirdly, we were lucky enough to have Mrs Diggeden outline her thoughts on leadership. All were well received and the students came up with some great ideas too. Another purpose for the camp was for students to have a relaxed time and get to know each other and the staff better. You could tell by the atmosphere at the end of camp how well the students had collaborated as a group and how

compassionate to each other they were. The students were provided with four main activities. Ms Wohlnick took each student through the process of making and decorating a kite. Unfortunately we did not have much wind on the last day to fly them, but we are hoping for that occasion to occur soon. Whilst students were making kites, the others were involved in bike riding with some learning to ride for the first time, the thrill of flying along upside down on a flying fox, and ‘dead eye aim’ in archery. The students loved each activity and it was great to have this relaxed time away from school work. The food was sensational. Many thanks must go to the staff who accompanied us. All had a great time and it was wonderful to see the cohesiveness. Thanks to Mrs Kania, Ms Ong, Ms Wohlnick and Mr Ramirez. Mr Peter Freer Year 11 Camp Coordinator


Year 12 Camp Examinations, stress and the delicate balance between study and socialisation. It can all get too much for senior students, particularly when in Year 12. The objective of the Year 12 Camp was simple: develop resiliency and educate our Year 12 students on what to expect after they leave St George’s. With the objective clear the students, who were accompanied by Mr Dwyer, Mr Murray, Mrs Tanham, Ms Newbold, Ms Scheele and Mr Quan, set out on the camp which was held at Ern Halliday Reserve in Sorrento. With no time to waste, students settled in and began our afternoon activities. Bike riding through the beaches of Sorrento was both scenic and rewarding. It was an experience for a vast majority of the students as some of them have not ridden a bike for a very long time, and for some, it was their first experience. It was great seeing students embrace the gorgeous surroundings they encountered as they rode through the hills of the Sorrento beach. Some students even got to see Mr Murray ‘accidently’ break Mr Dwyer’s phone holder as he cruised the beaches on his bike. As the evening approached, it was the perfect night for students to revise on their upcoming examinations. But it was also the perfect night for setting up a campfire and roasting marshmallows under a clear, starry night.


The second day was also full of activities, with the main highlight being the ‘Big Swing’, where students were hoisted up ten metres to the roof of the gymnasium and then dropped to swing like a pendulum. It was a rare opportunity for students to move outside their comfort zone and overcome their fears. It was great seeing a large number of students actively volunteering to have a go. Some of the staff members including Mr Dwyer and Mr Quan also participated to encourage the students. During the camp, the Year 12s had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers to help them prepare for both exams and life after graduating from St George’s. Speakers included Adam Przytula from Armed for Life to talk about stress and Stuart Holden, who really connected with the students as he gave them his “17 facts of life” to give them some perspective about life. We had a great time on camp this year. The students loved the activities which brought them closer together as a Year Group. They also interacted with Year 12s who they may not normally talk to. It was remarkable seeing the amount of growth in some of the students over the three days at camp. I’m sure they have heeded the advice of the guest speakers and the instructors at Ern Halliday and I hope they carry on these life lessons for years to come. Mr Peter Quan Year 12 Camp Coordinator


Europe Tour Europe 2016: Beyond cathedrals and castles Five intrepid student travellers left Australian shores on 6 April for an adventure on the St Mark’s and St George’s combined schools European Tour. The three week tour included many areas of interest including literature, culture, language, science, music, history, geography and sport. This broad palette meant that students were involved in many of their own interests, and had an opportunity to explore new fields. This tour was far more than cathedrals and castles! We landed in Dublin a week after the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Uprising with many installations, flags and events still on the go. Some of the Dublin experiences were Dublin Castle, the interactive displays at the museum in the basement of the GPO, Dublin Writer’s Museum and the nearby memorial to the Uprising. We also saw the intricate details of the Book of Kells in Trinity College and visited Christ’s Church Cathedral where students rang the ancient bells and later attended Evensong. It was quite a revelation to visit the extraordinary collection of exhibits at the Chester Beatty Library. A very small portion of Beatty’s private collection of artefacts from around the world is on display. To explore more of Ireland’s ancient history we travelled through the verdant Boyne Valley to visit some ruins, Trim Castle and finally, Newgrange, which is older than the pyramids. On our way to Liverpool, we saw Caernarfon Castle and tasted freshly baked welsh cakes (highly recommended!). In Liverpool, The Beatles Story at the revamped dockland area is a testament to the bands influence on modern music. We drove north to Scotland, spending a few days in the architectural delight of Edinburgh. Not only did we visit the famous castle, we explored the beautiful city learnt much of the history of the country and its various occupations over the centuries. Students also trekked up the steep hill 62

to Arthur’s Seat. Our next stop was the walled city of York with its vibrant daffodils and quaint streets. En route we explored the Roman fort at Housteads. It was quite eerie tramping on the very place where Roman soldiers had lived thousands of years ago. Hadrian’s Wall stretches for miles and as we drove through the country side, we caught glimpses of the remains of the sturdy structure. The majesty of York Minster and winding, cobbled streets and leaning buildings of The Shambles charmed us. As we drove on to Oxford, we stopped in the small village of Haworth we were able to see where the famous Bronte sisters lived and where they drew their inspiration for the settings of their novels. Some of the students found a cosy café that served sizable Yorkshire puddings filled with a roast dinner. In the famous university city of Oxford, we toured Christ’s College which houses the wood panelled dining room, inspiration for the one in Hogwarts. We saw a copy of the Magna Carta and other original works of literature in the Bodleian Treasures Display of the newly renovated Weston Library. And in Salisbury Cathedral we saw another one of the few remaining copies of the Magna Carta, heard the choir practising for evensong and were awestruck by the towering flying buttresses. We walked around the ancient site of Stonehenge on one day and the very next we muggles were transported into the magical world of Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studio. In London the tour divided into smaller groups to enjoy Lords and other famous sporting venues, the Churchill War Rooms, Southwark and the Globe Theatre, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and in the evening, a flight on the London Eye. There were several theatre options too. A large group went to see Matilda the Musical and revisited the story from their childhood. Across the Channel we ferried to spend a few nights in Amiens, close to the Western Front which we toured lead by a knowledgeable guide. The horror of the war and the extent of the damage to human life and psyche became a reality, as did the appreciation of the French and Belgians whose villages and towns had been protected by Australian troops. At the Menin Gate, student attended a moving Last Post Service and

laid a wreath. On ANZAC day, we attended the Centenary Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux. As cold as we were in the early morning, the service resonated with great solemnity for the sacrifice of those who fought. In a fitting tribute, the oldest ASC School, St Mark’s, laid a wreath followed closely by the newest ASC School, St George’s. Then it was on to the City of Lights for a couple of days to see the famous sights, which included a cycle tour of parts of Paris that are filled with history but not necessarily on the tourist radar. Our final stop was the gastronomic capital of France: the city of Lyon. On our very last day, some students went to CERN in Switzerland to learn about the Hadron Collider, while others spent the day at a French school. We also enjoyed a creative photo treasure hunt through the old part

of the city. Unbeknown to us, the hotel we stayed in had a reciprocal arrangement with the restaurant next door, so we had both of our evening meals in this rather grand and gracious art deco location, only to discover that it is one of the famous eating places in Lyon: Brassiere George (of course!) What a way to end the tour – replete. We left the Europe on 29 April to make our long way back to Perth. Daily, we walked an average of 15 km, one day reaching our PB of 24km. Needless to say, each night we slept well! The students learnt so much more than history, science, language, culture, geography and so forth. They became global citizens, confident to travel in new places and prepared to learn about others and their cultures. Mrs Susan Lazenby Head of English


Year Groups

Year 7

Front Row: Farron Devonshire, Ruby Walsh, Jessica Klimek, Emmalee Tabb, Olivia Lennon, Sebastian Seidl Second Row: Caleb Rogers, James Merrick, Ella Baxter, Ella George, Hannah Lymn, Lochlain Burton, Will Underwood, Jackson Edmonds Third Row:

Chantelle Antonelli, Zane McPheat, Benedict Bolum, Max Saseski, Elijah Sparrow Jackson Joyner, Bernard Bolum


Bilal Akhtar

Front Row:

Marvel Sukadis, Chantelle Wellsted, Petra Tan, Meagan Tan, Max Edwards

Year 8

Second Row: Peter Variakojis, Peter Richardson, Jack Blatchford, Chloe Howard, Ethan Hwang, Luca Bongiovanni, Lincoln Patterson Third Row: Danish Arfan Rushdi, Halla Harding, Eliza Griffin, Mia Grubelich, Josephine Indrizzi, Alice Conroy Absent:


Nor Al-Maliki, Cooper Kyrwood

Front Row:

Year 9

Ahmad AlKhatib, Danielle Wharrie, Aisha Joyce, Margaret Collins, Huixue Li, Elena Ling, Han Qi, Oliver Glasson

Second Row: Nan Li, Tahlia McGrath-Colgan, EmilyRose Lomman, Amy Borward, Gabriella Navarrete, Shakeel Emeran, Eve Langstaff, Isabella Cotter Third Row:

Kin Kong Lee, Zhenzhen Rao, Ronan Dixon, Alexander Baxter, Kaihao Liang, Matthew Zeitsch, Yingying Fan


Alizeh Akhtar, Tahlia Morin

Front Row:

Celine Gen, Peiqian Wu, Joanne Wong, Ziting Qin, Tahlia Ilarda, Madeleine Buckland, Claudia Mead, Tahlia Butter, Jing Wen Huang, Alice Caimmi, Anneliese Lamb

Year 10

Second Row: Jonathan Lau, Poppy Underwood, Casey Keenan, Allie Helsemans, Holly Heather, Alice Gibson, Mei Jin Ho, Chuxin Chen, Syuen Jing Lee, Allana Ngo, Nikita Calyun, Amy Pember, Ziwei Zheng, Zac McAuliffe Third Row:

Chenyu Wang, Siyuan Wang, Reid Culverwell, Sebastian Trott, Stanley Zhong, Boxi Li, Junzhe Long, Guoran He, Trent Foo, William Selden, Ka Kuan Cheong, Pinxu Pan

Fourth Row: Olivia Patterson, Angela Lillyman, Rundong Liu, Bryan Sia, Dylan Merrick, Giselle Kershaw, Qibin Lin, Georgia Grubelich, Isabella Swanson, Paige Tierney, Alexander Buckland Fifth Row: Massimo McKie, Milain Ranasinghe, Gavin McInerney, Maximillian Wadkins, Camilo Lima-Castillo, Junhua Zhou, Ethan Lymn, Stefan Varodi, Previn Narenasagaran, Elvis Moh Absent:

Jordan Elms


Year Groups

Front Row:

Year 11

Jia Xue Xiao, Xiaozheng Huang, Dayang Abang Hatta, Sirada Jiengwattana, Deilla Putri, Xiao Feng, Yun Ji, Oh, Isabel Moss, Christel Aguero, Chenxi Fan, Jingyi Gao

Second Row: Bobbi-Jo Taylor, Emily Lennon, Caitlin Marissen, Wenjia Chen, Jia Ying Chin, Yanjing Wang, Yunyu Pan Third Row: Zixin Guo, Mia Lomman, Omar Nyabadza, Samuel Walsh, Alan Sia, Jinhao Liang, Shuang Wu, Chak Fung Chow, Ryan Mok, Dylan Ryan Lee, Taylor Teuchert, Tayla Sanzone Fourth Row: Linda Wu, Yoshifumi Kamei, Aidan Howard, Jacinta Scott, Aaron Tully, Gabriel Bennett, Gemma Edwards, Sophie Storey, Emilee Indrizzi, Heng Zhang, Zhaoming Chen Fifth Row:

Alexander Maude, Jun Kit Pang, Fang Shen, Callan Conroy, Dylan Hart, Pablo Ohayon, Luke Thomas, Christopher Mullaney, Jake Bell, Claire Golton

Absent: Marc Buditjahjono, David Farcic, Kyana Huntley, Huijing Lu, Natalie Wellsted, Ruochen Zhang


Year 12

Front Row:

Liyana Anthony, Jiayi Wei, Misako Isobe, Angelica Reyes, Robert Jackson, Shona Schutz, Manjusre Singaraaveloo, Zheling Chen, Yunan Liang, Ning Wang

Second Row:

Dheekshana Jagadish, Maria Babu, Madeline Northey, Arrianne Alfred, Taniesha Egan, Kevin McIlwaine, Kaiqi Liang, Zekai Chen, Xiaojia Li, Alana Davison

Third Row:

Yiwen Liu, Lucè Sciuto, Tariq Emeran, Jin Zhou, Thanakorn Seah, Khan Zhen Bong, Yi Xiao Hou, Ashleigh Grubelich, Syuen Ee Lee, Yuting Zhang, Kuang-Chieh Tan

Fourth Row:

Weihao Chen, Khairyll Hampson, Zilin Xie, Wen Long Andre Ho, Trent Rachow, Jiali Gao, Jiang Yue, Yeremia Hardono, Max Rostron


Julian Kort-Pieters, Maddison Skinner


Language School

Left to Right: Ka Wai Cheung, Pengju Han, Zhangning Tao, Jilun Liu, Zixin Wang, Jiarun Pan, Minglin He, Weihong Liu



Front Row:

Ms Makiko Imamura, Mrs Gemma Colgan, Father David Lord, Mrs Rensché Diggeden, Mr Ian Short, Mr Mark Kong, Mrs Kathryne Kania

Second Row: Ms Wilma Ong, Mr Vincent Lim, Mrs Sally Allen, Mrs Donna Jensen, Mrs Katie Fassom, Mr Ernesto Ramirez, Ms Carol Wohlnick, Mrs Tracey Jacobsen, Mrs Lyn Lord, Mrs Angela Tanham Third Row:

Miss Jessica Salisbury, Mr Peter Quan, Mrs Danielle de Witt, Ms Emilie Emilien, Mr Frank Murray, Mrs Susan Lazenby, Mr Peter Freer, Ms Kelly Newbold

Back Row:

Mrs Katherine Green, Dr Ormonde Waters, Mr Yousri Gharsallah, Mr Scott Robertson, Mr Jason Wakefield, Ms Lee-Anne Pascoe, Mr Michael Newton


Ms Karen van Rooyen, Ms Jodie Scheele, Ms Clare McCall, Mrs Linda Van Elden, Mr Tan Nguyen, Mr Somchai Thongkham, Ms Chalanda Gingsranoi


Gandhi House Gemma Edwards

Eliza Griffin

James Elvis Merrick Moh Not pictured: Yang Zhao

Cooper Kyrwood

Emily Lennon

Olivia Lennon

Rundong Liu

Kuang-Chieh Tan

Jia Xue Xiao

Matthew Zeitch

Mr Peter Freer

Gandhi House



Alexander Maude


Maria Babu

Lochlain Burton

Zhaoming Chen

Ka Kuan Cheong

Yingying Fan

Eve Langstaff

Jonathan Lau

Xiaojia Li

Amy Pember

Milain Ranasinghe

Alan Sia

Yanjing Wang

Mr Peter Quan

Mr Michael Newton

Gandhi House


Jack Blatchford

Alice Caimmi

Zekai Chen

Margaret Collins

Dylan Hart

Robert Jackson

Ethan Lymn

Zac McAuliffe

Isabel Moss

Yunyu Pan

Deilla Putri

Trent Rachow

Meagan Tan

Zixin Wang

Mrs Tracey Jacobsen


Gandhi House


Ka Wai Cheung

Ronan Dixon

Allie Helsemans

Yi Xiao Hou

Jing Wen Huang

Angela Lillyman

EmilyRose Lomman

Mia Lomman

Pinxu Pan

Caleb Rogers

Sophie Storey

Luke Thomas

Shuang Wu

Mrs Susan Lazenby

Not pictured: Ronan Dixon

Gandhi House



Ella George

Holly Heather

Huixue Li

Dylan Merrick

Previn Narensagran

Allana Ngo

Max Rostron

Maddison Skinner

Marvel Sukadis

Chenyu Wang

Danielle Wharrie

Peiqian Wu

Junhua Zhou

Ms Kelly Newbold

Gandhi House


Alizeh Akhtar

Bilal Akhtar

Wenjia Chen

Reid Culverwell

Chenxi Fan

Junzhe Long

Hannah Lymn

Caitlin Marissen

Pablo Ohayon

Thanakorn Seah

Fang Shen

Isabella Swanson

Maximillian Wadkins

Mr Ernesto Ramirez


LINCOLN HOUSE Alexander Baxter

Ella Baxter

Madeleine Buckland

Jiali Gao

Minglin He

Xiaozheng Huang

Christopher Mullaney

Yun Ji Oh

Lincoln Patterson

Olivia Patterson

Ning Wang

Stanley Zhong

Jin Zhou

Mr Frank Murray

LINCOLN HOUSE Liyana Anthony

Danish Arfan-Rushdi

Sebastian Ruby Trott Walsh Not pictured: Nor Al-Maliki




Sirada Jiengwattana

Giselle Kershaw

Kin Kong Lee

Kaiqi Liang

Samuel Walsh

Siyuan Wang

Linda Wu

Mr Vincent Lim

Camilo Lima-Castillo



Dayang Abang Hatta

Khan Zhen Bong

Zheling Chen

Isabella Cotter

Trent Foo

Zixin Guo

Massimo McKie

Claudia Mead

Poppy Underwood

Will Underwood

Zilin Xie

Mrs Katheryne Kania

Anneliese Lamb

Not pictured: Olivia Bashford, Oliver Young


LINCOLN HOUSE Luca Bongiovanni

Amy Borgward

Jilun Lucè Liu Sciuto Not pictured: Blair Becker

Marc Buditjahjono

Taniesha Egan

Celine Gen

Zhangning Tao

Aaron Tully

Mr James Dwyer


Pengju Han

Nan Li


Alexander Buckland

Jia Ying Chin

Shakeel Emeran

Tariq Emeran

Claire Golton

Julian Kort-Pieters

Han Qi

Bobbi-Jo Taylor

Joanne Wong

Mrs Angela Tanham

Not pictured: Imogen Chan, Jordan Elms



Ethan Hwang

Jessica Klimek



Christel Aguero

Arrianne Alfred

Jake Bell

Nikita Calyun

Alana Davison

Farron Devonshire

Max Edwards

Yerimia Hardono

Boxi Li

Omar Nyabadza

Zhenzhen Rao

Shona Schutz

William Selden

Mrs Gemma Colgan

Not pictured: Aimee Olofsson


MANDELA HOUSE Benedict Bolum

Bernard Bolum

Tahlia Gavin McInerney McGrath-Colgan


Aidan Howard

Chloe Howard

Tahlia Ilarda

Dheekshana Jagadish

Yunan Liang

Ryan Mok

Peter Variakojis

Jiayi Wei

Ziwei Zheng

Dr Ormonde Waters

Not pictured: Yinglin Yi


Tahlia Butter

Weihao Chen

Chak Fung Chow

Syuen Ee Jinhao Syuen Jing Lee Liang Lee Not pictured: Eva Stieler, Shuyuan Zheng



Jackson Edmonds

Georgia Grubelich

Mei Jin Ho

Misako Isobe

Kevin McIlwaine

Peter Richardson

Petra Tan

Mrs Danielle de Witt



Ahmad AlKhatib

Chantelle Antonelli

Gabriel Bennett

Callan Conroy

Ashleigh Grubelich

Aisha Joyce

Yoshifumi Kamei

Yiwen Liu

Tayla Sanzone

Max Saseki

Jacinta Scott

Paige Tierney

Stefan Varodi

Ms Carol Wohlnick

Not pictured: Riley Johnson



Alice Gibson

Sebastian Weihong Seidl Liu Not pictured: Huijing Lu

Oliver Glasson

Mia Grubelich

Wen Long Andre Ho

Brian Sia

Manjusre Singaraaveloo

Gabriel Willesee

MANDELA HOUSE Khairyll Hampson

Guoran He

Kyana Huntley

Emmalee Taylor Elijah Sparrow Tabb Teuchert Not pictured: Jingsong Cai, Natalie Wellsted



Emilee Indrizzi

Ms Clare McCall

Elena Ling

Mrs Katherine Green


Josephine Indrizzi

Kaihao Liang

Jiarun Pan

Chantelle Wellsted

Ruochen Zhang

Ms Jodie Scheele

Angelica Reyes



Alice Conroy

Xiao Feng

Jackson Joyner

Casey Keenan

Dylan Lee

Qibin Lin

Zane McPheat

Gabriella Navarrete

Madeline Northey

Ziting Qin

Jiang Yue

Heng Zhang

Yuting Zhang

Mrs Katie Fassom

Not pictured: Georgia Johnson

Ms Wilma Ong




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2016 Yearbook