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Morgan John, Dux of 2015 2

Principal 2015 was a year that will long be remembered by the St George’s community. It was the year during which we farewelled one era and entered another; a year when we closed the doors to the old Murdoch campus for the last time to take our place as the school at the heart of Perth city; a year when we worked together to forge a new, vibrant community.

facilities, the thrill of being in the city – all of these added to the industrious buzz of the School. Students and staff familiarised themselves with our new surroundings and began taking full benefit of the outstanding facilities available to us. How fortunate we are to have the use of facilities such as the UWA athletics grounds, the State Theatre, the Art Gallery of WA, St George’s Cathedral, Perth City Town Hall amongst others. Our academic and pastoral programmes have been greatly enriched by virtue of our new location.

The year started off at the Murdoch campus, with a sense of anticipation for the exciting developments ahead. Staff were kept extremely busy throughout the first semester, sorting through years of paperwork, teaching resources and books, to decide which items to keep and which to discard. The now infamous ‘green crates’ began to appear, and by the end of the semester there were literally walls of green crates throughout the buildings. Relocating a school is a massive undertaking and it is a real credit to the staff that the entire move took place during the three week break, with the new school being absolutely perfect and ready for the students at the start of Semester Two. The excitement, nostalgia and anticipation of that first day is something that will long be remembered – the symbolic journey from the old campus to the new one, being welcomed into the city by the Honourable Lord Mayor, the looks of delight on the faces of the students as they saw their new facilities for the first time made all the hard work worthwhile.

Now that we have settled into our new campus, we are starting to form a new identity – one which holds tightly to the ethos and traditions of the past while embracing the possibilities of our new community. It is both a joy and a privilege to be a part of this. Throughout all of the pressures and business of relocating the School, the staff did their utmost to ensure that teaching and learning was not disrupted for the students. Our school calendar was kept full of events and activities, many of which are showcased in the pages of this yearbook. Our academic programme continued to grow and thrive, with students achieving commendable results in NAPLAN, WACE and WAUFP. There were many other notable achievements during the year, all of which are celebrated in the pages that follow. The vision for this School was to throw open the doors; to make the city our classroom; to bring the city into the School and take the School into the city. I am proud that we have accomplished so much in such a short time and look forward to further developing and enhancing this vision during 2016.

Semester Two was a whirlwind. The excitement of the new school, the media attention, the magnificent new

Rensché Diggeden Principal


Deputy Principal A Time for Everything There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven. A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to tear down and a time to build up. A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance. A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace and a time to shun embracing. A time to search and a time to give up as lost; A time to keep and a time to throw away. A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; A time to be silent and a time to speak. A time to love and a time to hate; A time for war and a time for peace. (Author: King Solomon)


At St George’s Anglican Grammar School we are growing into our mantle of Wisdom, Grace and Service as we transition through some of the events King Solomon mentions in his poem. Wisdom, to know what is good and right, and to strive for excellence. Grace, to walk the extra mile with those who find change too hard to carry. Service, to remember others around us and to have a positive impact on our new environment. The School has experienced much change and testing of character in the last year; however, that time has now passed and we have a strong foundation on which to build. This foundation will be the platform on which young lives will have the time and opportunity to develop their own character and voice. In this way, St George’s Anglican Grammar School will be a place of authentic and valuable learning for all of its students. Mark Kong Deputy Principal

Chaplain St George’s Anglican Grammar School prides itself on the fact that we are a Christian school in the Anglican tradition. As such, an important part of our Christian life and faith development is the practice of corporate worship. Every week students participate in Chapel Services. We are very blessed to have St George’s Cathedral as our spritual home, a place where people have worshipped for nearly 130 years. The Cathedral is near the site of the very first Anglican Worship Service in 1829. The weekly services allow us to follow the rise and fall of the Church’s Year, beginning with Advent and the preparation for Christmas through Lent, Easter and the seasons of growth, following a pattern that you would find in an Anglican Parish. An important element in Anglican worship is the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the receiving of the bread and wine as the Body and Blood of Christ. Holy Communion is about inclusiveness; it is a gift given

by Jesus to his disciples on the last night before he died when he commanded them “to do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19). At St George’s the students and staff have the opportunity to regularly partake in this gift of Christ. We also commemorate Anzac Day and Remembrance Day each year, and this year the Principal, Chaplain and staff were Commissioned by the Archbishop, The Most Reverend Roger Herft, in September. We were blessed with a number of visiting preachers through the year, such as The Right Reverend Kate Wilmot, Assistant Bishop of Perth, and The Very Reverend Richard Pengelly, Dean of Perth. In addition, one of our newly graduated Year 12s, Caitlyn Watson shared her testimony with the students and staff. Pastoral care for the whole community of St George’s continues to be my predominant focus, and my door is always open for anyone who may wish to avail themselves of a listening ear. Father David Lord School Chaplain

5 5

Senior School

St George’s Anglican Grammar School is currently undergoing a season of change; we would like to think that our students, particularly our senior school cohort, have been well equipped to see, to understand, and to navigate their courses well.

Academic student courses have been broadened and students were given an opportunity to select the courses most suited to their future careers and students. Parents and students in Year 10 had numerous conversations and decisions to make in the light of the new WACE requirements and future student options.

conference, and networking with other student leaders from the Anglican schools’ family. Giving back to the community is a value that is deeply held at St George’s. In each of the three House Spirit Days our students were enthused not only to have fun, but also to raise money for different charities. One of our Year 12 students, Keith Wallace, also had the life changing experience of joining a group of students from other ASC schools in a pilgrimage to Manila, where under the guidance of our Chaplain, Father David Lord, the students participated in community outreach activities.

Off-campus activities are an important aspect of learning at St George’s and this is highlighted in the skills, confidence and camaraderie that are forged through the annual school camps. Each year group had a different theme infused in their respective camps- the Year 10s celebrated courage, the Year 11s sharpened their leadership skills, and the Year 12s had a time to reflect and recharge. Excursions are also important in bringing to life that which is learnt in the classroom. Our Year 10 Health students had the sobering experience of learning about the effects of alcohol through the Royal Perth Hospital’s P.A.R.T.Y program, our Visual Arts students were inspired by the sculptures by the sea, and our ELACS and EALD students learnt more about Australian culture through their visits to Fremantle prison, the State Parliament of WA and the Aboriginal Cultural tour in the Perth Hills. Probably one of the highlights of the year was the chance to learn about drama and culture by mixing it up with the ‘Big Apples’ in the inaugural St George’s tour of New York. Opportunities were also given to our students to shine through inter-school mathematics and science competitions such as Have Sum Fun, the Australian National Chemistry Quiz, and the Big Science Competition where our students did the School proud. Students with leadership potential like Morgan John in Year 12 and Luke Thomas in Year 10 were also given the opportunity to attend camps like the UWA Camp Excellence and the Sir Charles Court Young Leader’s Program. Members of our Student Guild also enhanced their qualities by going through the rigors of the Guild camp, gaining ideas at the annual GRIP Leadership 6

It takes a whole community to educate a child, and to this effect, I would like to thank the St George’s Anglican Grammar School community, both teaching and non-teaching staff, for their contributions to the lives of the students. Barack Obama once said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” It is our hope to continue to grow and coach out students to be future change agents and leaders. Mark Kong Deputy Principal

Middle School It is safe to say that 2015 has been a remarkable year, not least of all because of our big move. We started the year at the Murdoch campus with excitement over all that was to come. The new Year 7 students learned quickly that high school is not such a scary place, although it does require you to remember to bring lots of extra things to school each day. Despite this, and with the help of existing Middle School students, they adjusted well to using lockers, moving between classes and keeping up with the fast pace of high school. The combined Year 7 and 8 camp at Boshack Outback in Term One was a real treat. The most amazing part of this camp experience remains the relatively unstructured timetable, allowing students to spend time with each other that they often don’t get to experience, and this was especially good for this combined group, who came back from camp with an amazing bond. Camps always require a massive amount of organisation and enormous energy from staff and students, but it is worth that effort to see the happy faces at the end and to see evidence of those bonds in the school yard and classroom for months afterwards.

The Year 9s went on camp in Term Four, and it was a truly delightful event for staff and students alike. Mornington Adventure Camp was an unknown for almost all of us, but was such fun that we are very excited to be going back there next year. Again, it was incredible to see

our students interact and develop amazing bonds and enjoy friendships already well established.

In the middle of all of this bonding and camping, we have achieved a lot this year. It was with sadness and yet incredible excitement that we made the move from the leafy suburbs to the big city. We settled into the new environment quickly and since our arrival have had an influx to the Middle School, with the Year 7 and 8 classes almost doubling in size. And if we were not already comfortable with our city surroundings, the Cross Curricular unit for this year, “The Urban Environment” has fixed that, with our students learning so much about the growth and history of our city. Of course, we are here for a reason and as usual, our Middle School students have spent a lot of time learning. There have been Mathematics and Science competitions as well as what continues to be fantastic participation levels in all sorts of classroom activities. Over the year, our students have learned and developed skills and understanding that will help them for all their school years to come. As I do every year, I am finishing the year with a sense of nostalgia. At the end of last year when I wrote the final Murdoch Middle School report, I was reflecting really on all of those years that had come before. This year, I am looking to the future truly excited about what we have started and where we can take it. It has been a privilege to lead the St George’s Middle School this year. We have an amazing group of staff and students and I thank you all for being a part of the year. I look forward to 2016. Tracey Jacobsen Middle School Coordinator 7


tudent Guild

Congratulations to the pioneering St George’s Student Guild on an eventful year. The Guild was kept busy, helping to organise and run events such as School assemblies, sports days like the Fun Aquatics and Fun Athletics, the various House spirit days, social events like the Senior School River Cruise and the Year 12 Ball. The 2015 Guild were the face of the new school, being heavily involved in the School’s opening and Commissioning Service, as well as providing insightful tours of the School to prospective students and their parents.


A heartfelt thank you to the St George’s Anglican Grammar School Student Guild of 2015. Congratulations to the St George’s Anglican Grammar School Student Guild of 2016. We look forward to your leadership in the coming year. Thank you for serving your School community. Ernesto Ramirez Coordinator of Pastoral Care

2015 Student Guild

2016 Student Guild

Head Boy Adam Henry Head Girl Sarah Abbott Community Captain Alyssa Nykiel Events Captain Oakley Conroy International Student Representative Crystal Loh Gandhi House Captains Eli Storer, Melinda Zhong Lincoln House Captains Kerin Simpson, John Simpson Mandela House Captains Morgan John, Athina Hampson

Head Boy Robert Jackson Head Girl Shona Schutz Service Captain Dheekshana Jagadish Chapel Captain Maria Babu Gandhi House Captains Max Rostron, Maddison Skinner Lincoln House Captains Yeremia Hardono, Julian Kort-Pieters Mandela House Captains Kevin McIlwaine, Angelica Reyes

Commissioning Service The official opening and dedication of the School, as well as the Commissioning of the Principal, Chaplain and staff on Tuesday 9 September was a momentous occasion.

Marching Band, certainly provided great excitement to the many workers and commuters in the city. The Service continued at 50 William Street where the Archbishop blessed the new site.

The Service was led by the Archbishop of Perth, Roger Heft and the school was officially opened by the Honourable Peter Collier, Minister for Education. The procession from the Cathedral to the School, led by the City of Perth

Tours and lunch for guests concluded what was a special celebration for the St George’s community and a wonderful beginning to this significant new chapter in the life of the School.

9 9

O ur first day in the City St George’s Anglican Grammar School opened the doors to its new city campus at 50 William Street for the first time on Monday 27 July 2015.

Students and staff made the significant journey as a single group, travelling by train from the old campus at Murdoch University into the city. On arrival at Perth Underground Station, the group of students, distinctive in their red blazers, ascended into the Murray Street Mall, where they were welcomed to the city by the Honourable Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi. The Dean of Perth, The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley, blessed the students before they walked the short distance to the modern, vibrant facility the School would now call home.

10 10

Students spent the first day becoming familiar with their exciting new campus as well as the surrounding city area. They visited a number of the facilities they will be using on a regular basis, such as St George’s Cathedral, the Art Gallery of WA, The Perth City Library and the Museum of WA. Students and staff also enjoyed a picnic lunch in one of the many beautiful parks close to the School. St George’s students are delighted with the building and have settled nto the new routines associated with being located at the heart of the city. Staff and students have embraced the opportunities to engage with the city and as a result, a number of exciting partnerships have been formed and a range of new initiatives have been put in place.

11 11

D esign & Technology This year our Photography students have explored the design process to address a variety of briefs including food styling, portraiture, tourism posters, street photography, fashion label promotion and cultural design.

Students have combined their understanding of the elements and principles of design and made use of a variety of software programs to create an array of images. Our School’s location has allowed students to explore a range of unique places and the personalities that make up the rich tapestry of our city environment. Furthermore, we have viewed photography exhibitions throughout the year, which have helped to inspire our own projects. The Design Photography component of this year’s exhibition provided a fantastic snapshot of the work that has been done in this subject area throughout the year and the level of talent that the students have. I look forward to seeing what 2016 holds for Design Photography. Mrs Katie Fassom Design Teacher


13 13

D rama

The Year 7 to 12 Drama programme in the first year of the School included a Whole School Musical Production at the State Theatre Centre, the Theatre Challenge house competition at Burt Hall, excursions to professional performances, an incursion by the NZ Playhouse Theatre Company, year-level performances ranging in form and style from ancient Greek theatre to Brechtian political theatre and brand new units in basel mask and commedia dell’arte with our new professional latex mask sets for the Middle School. There were lots of costumes, make-up, lights, nervous actors and happy audiences throughout the year. Popstars St George’s inaugural production, Popstars, was run to great acclaim during just the second week of our new campus being open. It was a significant challenge for our small team to stage a musical at the State Theatre Centre, but all students rose to the occasion and produced a hilarious and high-energy performance. Feedback from the school community and the general public was incredibly positive. We all look forward to the Flametree Theatre Company’s future productions as they have established an excellent standard and a strong relationship with the venue. Congratulations to all the staff who assisted and the parents who supported their students making the demanding rehearsal schedule. Theatre Challenge On Friday 18 September St George’s celebrated its very first Theatre Challenge event at Burt Hall. The challenge has been a part of the drama programme since 2008 and is always a popular event with students and parents. Representative House teams featuring both students and staff competed against each other in a series of improvisational comedy games and then finished the evening with some outstanding dancing. We had a great audience who laughed along and a fun time was had by all. To make the competition as fair as possible, all the scoring was carried out by alumni students. This year Lincoln won the Theatre Challenge Cup and Mandela house’s dancing prowess allowed it to take out the coveted Glee Extravaganza Trophy for dance. Scott Robertson Drama Coordinator


15 15

E nglish

Breaking out of the Square [Classroom] Recently, I published an article with the same title expounding the advantages of teaching in a vertical school in the CBD. For the English Learning Area, this has been especially significant as we embrace the resources to be found in the city of Perth. One only has to look at the curricula for English, English as an Additional Language and Dialect (EALD), English Language and Australian Studies (ELACS), and Literature to realise the advantages of our proximity to the many opportunities that abound. The rationales of the curricula state that students are expected to engage critically with all manner of texts from different cultures to help them ‘develop a sense of themselves, their world and their place in it.’ Furthermore, they are encouraged to think critically and refine their written and oral communication skills. Indeed, it is our aim to facilitate student learning so that they develop into discriminating, discerning and effective communicators. Our move to 50 William Street means that we are now in walking distance of the State Library of Western Australia. Even closer to the school is the new and architecturally adventurous City of Perth Library, which promises to be an exciting addition to our learning space and provider of resources. Both libraries offer services to students and we look forward to enjoying the workshops and visiting writers next year. Here at school, our own library is a bright and inviting area that has a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and reference materials. Mrs Tanham, the school teacher-librarian has engaged the lower school students in reading and recommending their book choices. I often find students curled up in the sunshine on a sofa in the reading nooks, nose buried in a book, lost in the world of the text. A sight to buoy the heart of any English teacher! We have enjoyed a range of excursions and incursions this year. Jenny Doust from The Literature Centre explored the picture book Disc World with students in Years 7 – 10. During the Perth International Arts Festival, students attended a performance of The Rabbits which was based on a picture book written and illustrated by Western Australian Shaun Tan. Year 11 and 12 Literature students we fortunate to be included in the audience


at Trinity College to hear Craig Silvey, author of Jasper Jones talk about his novel and the writing of the script for the feature film. With the drama students, we also attended a performance of A Streetcar named Desire. Being close to the State Theatre certainly has its advantages. An actor-tutor from The Bell Shakespeare Company presented interactive, lively, fast paced workshops on Romeo and Juliet for the Year 10s. The willingness to be involved in the performances showed how much students were engaged in the process. The Australian Curriculum was implemented in Year 11 this year. These students will be the first Year 12s to write the new WACE examination, consequently teachers in the department have attended various workshops and professional learning to ensure that we are fully conversant with the requirements of the courses. A new component of the Year 8 course was introduced: a speaking and listening assessment provided by ORACY Australia. Three students were awarded an Outstanding achievement and the rest a Very High achievement. This year we welcomed Ms Tracey Lake and then bid farewell to her when she returned to England. Her replacement Ms Clare McCall, is also from England. My first year in the School has been one of change and excitement. It has been a joy to work with the dedicated and professional members of the department. Each one of the team contributes an enormous amount of work and energy to make the English Learning Area one where the programmes provide variety and challenge students to achieve. Our planning for 2016 has begun and we are looking forward to continue with skill building, as well as taking the students out of the square [classroom] to experience language in action. Susan Lazenby Head of English

“To move is to stir; and to be valiant is to stand: therefore, if thou art moved, thou runn'st away.� - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

17 17


Health classes are an opportunity for students to develop knowledge and understandings of life’s issues, to learn from discussions and to reflect on their own decision making as they move towards increasing independence.

In a spiral of topics over the years from Year 7 to Year 10, broad topics are presented again over the years as students mature and interact with higher levels of complexity. A Safety focus includes life in the city,

18 18

interactions online and keeping safe in social situations when alcohol is present. Students are beginning to make lifestyle decisions that will impact on their future health, so topics covered include reviewing activity levels and food choices. Drug education allows students the opportunity to understand the issues relating to smoking and alcohol use in our society as well as receiving accurate information about illicit drugs and their impact on the lives of young people and their families. Students discuss the changes of puberty and the importance of respect in relationships, and the consequences and complexities of more adult relationships. Throughout the health program, mental health aspects are discussed, with students understanding that their management of emotions affects the outcomes of interactions, they also develop skills to manage stress and understand the support that is available for them when life thows up the inevitable “road humps�. Rosemary Tweedie Health Teacher

19 19

Humanities This has been another productive and exciting year for the Humanities Learning Area. In Years 7-10 we continued with the progressive implementation of the Australian Curriculum with a particular emphasis on the development of the new Geography and History courses. Through accessing the city resources we were able to study these subjects in an innovative way, from using the Reference Library Archives to hunting for Geocaches around the Cathedral. The city offers an invaluable landscape for the development of each of our Humanities students. Next year will see us continuing to access the city in unique ways as well as introducing the new Australian Curriculum Politics & Law and the new Business and Economics courses into lower school and integrating them with the new Geography and History courses taught in 2015. A particular focus for Year 10 classes has been the explicit linking of the curriculum with career pathways, and students have been able to clearly identify ways in which the material covered in the classroom can be helpful in their lives after school. Students were able to gain real world experience designing products to market and learning unique ways to pitch for and gain funding such as through crowd funding. Students were able to explore the city and investigate the ways in which businesses were advertising and marketing their products. They were able to interview business owners and begin to access the wealth of opportunities the city can provide to our Learning Area. Our Year 11 and 12 students have been focused on their courses in Accounting and Finance, Business Management and Enterprise, Modern History and Religion and Life. Good results in Upper School come as a result of hard work, consistent practice and to a significant extent, quality teaching. In addition students have been able to enjoy several excursions and activities. Accounting and Finance students were supplied with resource packs from the Institute of Chartered Accountants and were given valuable career advice in the form of an employment guide. The Institute 20

also continued to sponsor for a sixth year the Most Outstanding Accounting student prize in the College. This year the recipient of the award was Crystal Loh. Business Management and Enterprise students participated in the Australian Stock Exchange competition, earning a healthy profit and gaining valuable practical experience. They also spent four months developing their own Business Plans to enter the CPA Plan Your own Enterprise Competition. Business Plans entered included offering Princess Pamper Parties, Soccer Parties, unique accommodation in Perth for foreign visitors, the exporting of organic fruit and flowers to China and a Food Truck, to name a few. The creativity and business acumen on display through these business plans showed the entrepreneurial spirit and ability at the School is significant. Economics students were busy this year. A couple of the excursions they attended were the Economics Forum hosted by Murdoch University and the Meet the Business Leaders Day hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. This event gave students the opportunity to meet with practicing business leaders as they rotated through the round tables where the students were sitting. This informal interaction facilitated comfortable conversation and students were able to ask the business leaders specific questions, giving practical application to the theory they study in the classroom. The Modern History students attended two events run by the History Teachers Association and hosted at the University of Notre Dame Australia. They were given valuable information on how to prepare for the WACE examinations and were able to interact with students from other schools as they examined source documents. In addition they were given the opportunity to enter the National History Challenge. The theme this year for the Challenge was Leadership and Legacy. This year the St. George’s Humanities Department was proud to offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to students in Years 9-12. The Award is an exciting worldwide self-development programme for young people aged 14 – 25 years. The Duke of Edinburgh’s

Award has three levels, each with four sections – Skills, Volunteering, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. Each year the Award gives thousands of young people the chance to set and achieve personal challenges and to prove to themselves they can succeed in anything they turn their hand to. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is recognised by Government and industry and is a valuable achievement to have listed in a resume. It is also an Australian Curriculum Council endorsed programme. The award will continue to run in 2016. Of course, none of the work this year would have been possible without the assistance of the dedicated and professional teachers in the Humanities Learning Area. To Mrs Gemma Colgan, Mrs Tracey Jacobsen, Mrs Angela Tanham and Mrs Rosemary Tweedie, sincere thanks for your consistent support to our Learning Area and our students and all your dedicated hard work.

We look forward to 2016. Some new initiatives will be the introduction of Philosophy in Years 9 and 10 as an option subject and the reintroduction of the students participating in the Mock Trials Competition thanks to Mr Ernesto Ramirez. Year 10’s will also be given an opportunity to be involved with the National Australia Bank’s $20 Boss Program whereby students will be given this amount of capital from the bank in order to plan, budget, market and run their business idea with the aim of building innovation, enterprise and financial literacy skills in the process. Students in all years will be given the chance to enter the National History Competition. The 2016 theme for the competition is Tragedy and Triumph. In addition we will continue the exciting task of getting to know the city and accessing the vast resources on offer to us to, further developing the amazing Learning Area of Humanities. Katheryne Kania Head of Humanities

21 21

J apanese

Learning a language is a personal journey; one that is rewarding and at times, frustrating. It can feel like you are not making any progress but then suddenly, it all makes sense and you have moved onto a new chapter in your language learning journey. Japanese is considered a “difficult� language for two reasons. Firstly, because there are three scripts to learn in order to write it fluently and secondly, because the structure of the language is completely different to English. It takes time to master Japanese and by the end of Year 12, students have reached an intermediate level of the language. This means they can discuss and write about various topics in depth and can comprehend dialogue spoken at a slightly slower pace than normal. This is dependent on what vocabulary has been learnt, of course! Students from Years 7 to 10 have begun the language-learning journey this year and it is always a joy to watch their faces when they are able to communicate something in Japanese. This intrinsic motivation is vital to being successful in learning a second language. Cultural awareness is also a key focus in the Japanese


programme and students have been able to experience calligraphy, origami, Japanese movies and anime, as well as visiting a Japanese restaurant this year. Year 11 and 12 students were also able to practice their speaking skills with our two delightful assistants Kento Nishimura and Natsumi Kato. They joined us twice a week for the year whilst completing a year exchange at university. In Term Four, Year 11 students have been using Skype to talk with a Japanese teacher located in Yokohama. Though somewhat intimidating, the students are really benefitting from this interaction with a native speaker. In Term One next year we will be hosting students from Torei Gakuen in Kanagawa for 10 days and then St George’s students will have the opportunity to travel to Japan in September for the biennial Study Tour. I am looking forward to another exciting year ahead! Danielle de Witt Japanese Coordinator


2015 has been a very exciting year for all at St George’s and the library has been no exception. From moving into our beautiful ‘green’ space to establishing links with the Perth City library we have discovered just how being located in the city will benefit the students’ in the development of their literacy. Throughout the year all students’ from Years 7 to 10 have participated in a WORLD class in the library once a week. The Year 7 to 9 lessons have given the students an opportunity to develop their information literacy skills by taking them through a process of defining a topic to be researched, finding and selecting information and organising, presenting and evaluating the information. This process has seen a development in the students’ critical thinking skills using an inquiry based learning model. The WORLD classes for the Year 10 students had a Careers focus. The students considered their strengths and abilities to consider possible future careers. They produced resumes and job application letters and participated in mock job interviews. The Year 10s also spent time working through a Study Skills programme using an online program called Study Skills Handbook. Of course libraries are very much about books and a big part of the students time in the library is to encourage reading with the hope of developing a love of reading in all students. This program will be expanded in 2016 when the City of Perth library moves to its beautiful new premises next to St George’s Cathedral. All students are members of the library and will be able to borrow

books from there at any time. In Term 3 all students visited the State Library of Western Australia near the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The students discovered the difference between this library and the City Library and found out that it is a fantastic resource for research and study purposes. Through our connections with the City Library and Boffins Bookstore, our students were given two very special opportunities. The Year 7 - 9 students had a presentation from best selling author, Nicholas L Johnson. Nicholas was in Perth for the Festival of Disruptive ideas and presented a very funny and clever show to the students about scams. He used magic tricks and illusions to show students how easy it is to be fooled by a scam. Towards the end of Term 4, Year 10 student Luke Thomas, had the opportunity to interview acclaimed author Isobelle Carmody. Ms Carmody was in Perth to release the her book the Red Queen. Boffins organized the interview between Isobelle and Luke and put the recording on their website blog. Isobelle was very impressed with Luke who was a wonderful representative for the School. 2016 is sure to be just as exciting for the library with the use of the City Library in its new home and the promise of further possibilities of meeting authors and engaging with the the history librarian to explore and research our CBD home. Angela Tanham Teacher Librarian

23 23

Mathematics The Mathematics Department has enjoyed a successful year with success in competitions entered and with students gaining greater insight and understanding of course work with the aid of the Department’s dedicated teachers. The teachers not only offer class time but have been available every day after school to assist students to achieve their best. In Years 7 through to 9, there has been a focus on improving numeric skills and offering greater appreciation of mathematics and its use in the real world due to our new location within the Perth CBD. The Year 10 students have been busily committing themselves to the Year 10 programmes to provide a base for the new courses in Years 11 and 12. A high standard has been expected by the teachers. The new Year 11 Mathematics Courses have ensured that this has been a challenging year for the Mathematics Department to make sure that all students have been prepared to the best of their abilities in the course most suited to each individual. St George’s continues to offer students a comprehensive mathematics programme and are very proud that 45% of our students complete the difficult Mathematics Specialist course. The challenge for us in 2016 will be to build on the work done in the various subjects Units One and Two and to progress this work to Units Three and Four in preparation for the inaugural ATAR exams in these units – exciting and demanding times for our Department.


This year we had a great participation rate in The Have Sum Fun Competition with the increase of our entry to six teams – two Senior (Years 11 and 12), three Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) and one Junior (Years 7 and 8). All teams performed creditably and set the standard for ‘having sum fun’. In Term Three, more than 50% of our students entered the Australian Mathematics Competition. Outstanding results were achieved by Yun Yu Pan in Year 10, who received a High Distinction and finished in the top 1% of students in her age category; and by our Year 11 cohort, where there were three students with High Distinctions and eleven other students with Distinctions. The top three students in each year were: Year 7 Chantelle Wellstead, Mia Grubelich and Ethan Hwang Year 8 Charlene Lee, Xinyue Jiang and Elena Ling Year 9 Massimo McKie, Stanley Zhong and Alex Buckland Year 10 Yun Yu Pan, Jinhao Ling and Callan Conroy Year 11 Thanakorn Seah, Zheling Chen and Jaili Gao Year 12 Ryanna Koh, Eli Storer and Trilyn Tang Frank Murray Head of Mathematics

25 25


From beginning to end, 2015, as the foundation year for both the School and the Music Department, has been a momentous and productive one. We began the year coordinating the music for the ASC 30th Anniversary Service at St George’s Cathedral. This drew together students from several different ASC schools including St George’s. One combined rehearsal was held at the Murdoch campus, followed by the celebratory service at the Cathedral. Following the move into the city campus our Instrumental Tuition Program was set up and launched. We are very pleased to be able to offer the variety of instrumental lessons we have at this early stage of the department, and the program has grown and expanded significantly in the short time it has been running. In Term Three we held the annual St George’s Music

26 26

Festival in Burt Hall at St George’s Cathedral; a very successful night of vocal and band performances. Term Four capped off a busy but musically creative year with our inaugural ‘On The Roof’ concert, featuring our Swing Band, Choir, Year 7 Rock Band, soloists, and other student bands and ensembles. We have achieved much in a very short space of time, and have laid an exciting foundation on which to build. This is in no small part due to our students, their work ethic, and the enthusiasm and willingness they have shown to ‘have a go’ and get involved. There’s no better culture our Foundation Students could develop on which to build a vibrant, creative and thriving music department. Michael Newton Music Coordinator


P hysical Education When communicating with people about our school a common concern is about sport and having no fields. I have to tell them how truly blessed we are to have access to so many facilities, in that Perth City is our classroom.

To name just a few venues we have utilised this year: the first class University of WA (UWA) Sports Park’s McGillivray Reserve for Athletics, the Loftus Centre for court sports and Matilda Bay for Stand-up Paddle Boarding. The roof space is a perfect location to teach skills and we have walked to Supreme Court Gardens many times to utilise the open grass space on the foreshore. We ended the year playing Super -8 Cricket matches at this space. Access to these facilities has enabled the development of a varied and diverse curriculum in which the students have embraced. Early 2016 will see the Year 7 to 10 students participate in a five week rowing programme on the Swan River with the West Australian Rowing Club, which we are very much looking forward to. PE classes are structured to be two hours long to enable travelling time and the administrative support of the PE Programme certainly provides sporting opportunities for all our students. For our first year the School took part in many Inter-House and Inter-School Carnivals. Along with the carnivals outlined below students also were involved in School Sport WA (SSWA) Badminton Tournaments, Inter-House Gaelic Football Competition, lunch time Volleyball competitions and a SSWA Junior Basketball tournament. In 2016 we are initiating Inter-School Sports teams to compete in the SSWA competitions. Cross Country The inaugural Inter-House Cross Country Carnival was held on the grounds of Murdoch. Lincoln House came in at first place, Mandela House second and Gandhi House third. Congratulations to all students on their efforts, especially the small team of students who participated in the SSWA Inter-School Cross Country at McGillivray

28 28

Reserve, Claremont.

Fun Aquatics Day The inaugural Fun Aquatics Day held in May included water slides, swimming races and novelty events but the spectacle of the day was the synchronised swimming event. It is the highlight of the day and only once you have experienced it will you understand the enormity of it! Mandela won this year’s event, followed by Gandhi and Lincoln. Fun Athletics Day The inaugural Inter-House Athletics Carnival took place at the UWA Sportspark’s McGillivray Reserve in August. The School community of staff, parents and students worked together to make the day a memorable one. Carnivals are a spectacle and having spectators there to watch our students’ athletic prowess really adds to the atmosphere on these days. I encourage all families to come along. We do a lot of preparation in PE classes before the day so all students are thoroughly ready to run, jump and throw. Congratulations to Gandhi who won the 2015 Inter-House Carnival followed by Lincoln then Mandela. Swimming The SSWA Inter-School Swimming Carnival held at Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont was a great day filled with some outstanding results. James Hampson was awarded the Senior Champion Boy trophy and many of our participating swimmers received ribbons in various events. Compliments to all students on their outstanding individual achievements. What a wonderful first year of Sport at St George’s! Jodie Scheele Sport Coordinator

29 29


The move into the CBD has opened many new possibilities for both planned and impromptu excursions. The department has been approached by both the Perth Zoo and the Western Australian Museum to run trail Education programs and provide feedback before their official launch. The Year 10s had their first visit to the Perth Museum shortly after our arrival where they were able to observe skeletons and fossils and relate this to their studies of comparative anatomy.

We had students participating successfully in a number of competitions including: The Australian National Chemistry Quiz Half of our students who participated in this competition were awarded merit certificates including Sim Shu Yi and Morgan John (Credit), James Hampson (Distinction), and Robert Jackson and Julian Kort-Pieters (High Distinction).

The Year 9s and 10s visited Scitech and with some preparation beforehand, were able to enjoy the exhibitions, but also ask and answer questions about the science behind the entertainment. The Year 7s had an excursion to Perth Zoo in Term 4 and obviously learned a few tricks from their cousins!

The Year 12 Physics class had an invitation to see several million dollars’ worth of mass spectrometry equipment which tied in nicely with their work on particle accelerators. Many thanks to Dr Joel Gummer of Metabolomics Australia at Murdoch University for hosting the class. 30

Australian Brain Bee Challenge Congratulations to Luke Thomas who reached the state finals. While Luke did not win the final prize of a visit to a university-based research facility, he showed the true St George’s spirit and got in touch with the organisers and arranged his own placement! In Luke’s own words: “In the third term of this year I took part in the Australian Brain Bee Competition, through which, I (unconventionally) came to the opportunity to do work experience at UWA with Dr. Jenny Rodger’s lab. This was an absolutely spectacular experience: I learnt about genotyping, PCR, and immunohistology. I got a first-hand perspective of university research, and saw an entirely unique work-environment. The whole lab was incredibly accommodating and friendly, and answered any questions I had — it’s definitely helped me to direct my future studies and career.” Well done, Luke! Big Science Competition We had 23 participants in the Australian Science Innovations Big Science Competition. Of these, credits were awarded to Alexander Buckland, Bobbi-Jo Taylor, Gemma Edwards and Pablo Ohayon. Distinctions were received by Dylan Hart, Massimo Mckie, James Hampson and Julian Kort-Pieters. High Distinctions were awarded to Luke Thomas and Robert Jackson.

Other highlights of the year included: •Finding out that Mr Quan is, in fact, the famous chemistry cat! •Dr Waters playing Happy Birthday on some test tube “pan pipes” •Mr Kong setting off the fire alarms with some overenthusiastic chemistry •Mr Lim being regularly killed off during the forensics co-curricular program It was also fabulous to see the use that students made of their science learning in the co-curricular program at the end of the year. Thanks to Mrs Jacobsen for providing the Middle School students with the opportunity to showcase their learning in all areas.

…and to finish – a little limerick written by one of our past Year 12s as part of their report on electrochemical cells: Can an anode and cathode be friends? Who’s in charge when their sparks fly? Depends. Are these opposites wracked? Mark Kong Head of Science

The Year 10 students also had an opportunity to do a Barista course which, while not organised by the Science Department – had them answering questions about microbiology (precautions against cross-contamination), chemistry (reactions with old coffee grinds in uncleaned coffee machines) and physics (dangers of high temperature and pressure).

31 31

V isual Art In the Arts at St George’s, we see the value of teaching and learning programs that nurture our students’ creative processes by stimulating curiosity, facilitating innovative problem solving and encouraging a broad exploration of concepts and media in the art making process. This year students have explored their world, observed, experimented and created thought provoking artworks.

Program’ for the Year 12 Visual Art students. The Up Close Program enables students to utilise the State Collection as a resource, accessing high quality artworks as part of the Art Investigation component of their course. By observing original artworks rather than reproductions in text books or online, our students have an authentic learning experience in preparation for their written examinations.

Excursions and External Learning Opportunities The year began with a visit to Sculptures by the Sea in Term One where the Year 10 Visual Art students experienced the varied works of local and international artists exhibiting at Cottesloe Beach. One of the objectives of the day was to gain inspiration for their own sculptural pieces. Students also attended a sculpture workshop where they created organic sculptural mobiles based on biomorphic forms. Everyone came away with a myriad of ideas and skills ready to apply to the projects being developed in the classroom.

One of the highlights of the year was the inaugural St George’s Art and Design Exhibition, which was held at Central Park in October. It featured the works produced during the year from students in Year 7 to Year 12 and was comprised of ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, photography and installation work.

Early in the second term, a motivational viewing of the Year 12 Perspective Exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA was organised for the Year 11 ATAR and Stage 1 & 3 Year 12 students. Students witnessed the standards achieved from the previous year’s Visual Art students from across the State. The inspiration gained by the calibre of work on display, primed the students for the busy year ahead. At the end of Term 2 we farewelled the familiar art rooms on the Murdoch campus. The entire department was sorted and packed into 101 bright green crates. These were transported to the new art space at 50 William Street and we got off to a smooth start in Semester 2. The new art space is a wonderfully creative place for all, with great views of the city below and state of the art facilities, including a new kiln, storage and work spaces. In amongst all this activity several works were submitted to the St George’s Cathedral Art Exhibition in July. This gave a selection of students a great opportunity to represent the School with a varied display of artworks. Our School has now formed an exciting partnership with the Art Gallery of WA to provide the ‘Up Close 32

The event was opened by the Anglican School’s Commission CEO the Reverend Peter Laurence and was attended by special guests, parents, staff and students. It was a fabulous evening of celebration for the creative arts at the School and a great start to what promises to be a key event on our School calendar. Art Club is our co curricular program in the Arts and has been humming along all year with students involved in one of the School’s many Service Programs. Participants worked on a series of greeting cards that were part of an ongoing fundraiser for Street Connect. The cards were sold during the Art Exhibition in October. On Monday November 9, the future Year 11 Visual Art students visited the Fremantle Arts Centre to view the 2015 Print Awards. The excursion provided students with an insight into the fascinating and varied world of contemporary printmaking in preparation for project work planned for first semester in 2016. The Print Awards Exhibition attracted print media works from artists across Australia; the exhibits were diverse in both the use of media and their compositions. Exhibition curator Ric Spencer provided an informative tour of the works on display, after which students completed a comprehensive analysis of several of the exhibits. In the afternoon, the students sketched many elements of the historic site before heading back to the

city. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and a valuable learning experience for all. Our final learning adventure for the 2015 academic year took place on Remembrance Day. After a minute’s silence and the playing of the Last Post, the Year 7 students journeyed to the world of treasure, spices and mystery to view the Treasures Ships In the Age of Spices Exhibition held at the Art Gallery of WA. This special cultural event linked several curriculum areas for our inquisitive students to explore and discover. This experience will form the basis of several projects including ceramic treasure ships of their own which will be inspired by the array of wonderful works on display. Look out for the connections in 2016 Art Exhibition. The Foundation Art Mural became the focus of Term 4 and is designed to symbolize the new School and incorporate a reference to every foundation student. Every student in the school contributes a component piece in this collaborative artwork that will be installed

in early 2016. On reflection, 2015 has been a highly productive year in the Visual Arts at St George’s Anglican Grammar School. In addition to classroom production work, art investigation projects, excursions, the sorting and packing of the Murdoch campus, kiln specifications, the fit out for the new premises, the relocation in the July holidays, students have been fully engaged in the exciting process of art making and exhibiting. All of this has made 2015 a wonderful year and certainly one to fondly remember. I am enthusiastic about our second year and look forward to all the exciting new learning opportunities that are planned in our fabulous city location. Carol Wohlnick Visiual Art Teacher and Head of the Arts


Y ear Seven

Front row: Chantelle Wellsted, Chloe Howard, Mia Grubelich, Alice Conroy Back row: Ethan Hwang, Danish Arfan Rushdi, Brandon Hau, Marvel Sukadis Not pictured: Nor Al-Maliki, Jack Blatchford, Max Edwards, Halla Harding, Louise Hart, Cooper Kyrwood, Petra Tan, Peter Variakojis


Y ear Eight

Front row: Isabella Cotter, Xinyue Jiang, Emily Lomman, Yingying Fan. 2nd row: Gabriella Navarrete, Ava Glynn, Tristan McNay, Xinxin Zhang, Charlene Lee. 3rd row: Shakeel Emeran, Elena Ling, Emma Stubbs, Matthew Zeitsch. Not pictured: Alexander Baxter, Iszac Wayne


Y ear Nine

Front Row: Talia Bowden, Caitlin Messercola, Ziting Qin, Poppy Underwood, Casey Keenan, Syuen Jing Lee, Tahlia Butter, Jing Wen Huang, Julia Erceg Row 2: Jordan Elms, William Selden, Bryan Sia, Stanley Zhong, Ka Kuan Cheong, Trent Foo, Jonathan Lau, Reid Culverwell Row 3: En-Chung Chou, Alexander Buckland, Massimo McKie, Boxi Li, Stefan Varodi, Milain Ranasinghe, Stanley Law Row 4: Madeleine Buckland, Georgia Grubelich, Previn Narenasagaran, Camilo Lima-Castillo, Gavin McInerney, Olivia Patterson, Allie Helsemans Not pictured: Ethan Lymn, Matthew Manfredi-Tarpey, Dylan Merrick


Y ear Ten

Front Row: Dayang Abang Hatta, Chenxi Fan, Serena Elms, Yun Ji Oh, Emily Lennon, Zixin Guo, Peiqian Wu, Shuyuan Zheng, Yunyu Pan, Yanjing Wang, Sirada Jiengwattana, Christel Aguero, Xiao Feng Row 2: Aidan Howard, Yik Chung Man, Alan Sia, David Farcic, Jinhao Liang, Jake Bell, Luke Thomas, Ruochen Zhang, Jingsong Cai, Linda Wu, Zhaoming Chen, Shuang Wu, Jiyun Jeong, Omar Nyabadza Row 3: Wenjia Chen, Rebecca Maynard, Elvire Olmos, Zhen Hao To, Heng Zhang, Aaron Tully, Callan Conroy, Jun Kit Pang, Yoshifumi Kamei, Guoran He, Natalie Wellsted, Deilla Putri, Bobbi-Jo Taylor Row 4: Brooke Borgward, Mia Lomman, Jacinta Scott, Gemma Edwards, Sophie Storey, Guanyu Yang, Gabriel Bennett, Junhua Zhou, Dylan Hart, Claire Golton, Huijing Lu, Courtney Galluccio, Helen Cook Not pictured: Pablo Ohayon, Afa Zhao 37

Y ear Eleven

Front Row: Jingyi Gao, Maylene Law, Misako Isobe, Alana Davison, Ning Wang, Yu Zhen Ng, Zheling Chen, Maria Babu, Xiaojia Li, Angelica Reyes, Yunan Liang, Oi Yam Ng, Jiayi Wei Row 2: Kevin McIlwaine, Charlton Lee, Zekai Chen, Jinminghao Wang, Yi Xiao Hou, Robert Jackson, Zilin Xie, Trent Rachow, Yeremia Hardono, Max Rostron, Chak Fung Chow, Zhen Cheng To, Thanakorn Seah, Tariq Emeran Row 3: Dheekshana Jagadish, Kuang-Chieh Tan, Arrianne Alfred, Pak Ming Tse, Jiali Gao, Wen Long Andre Ho, Xiaofeng Liang, Jiang Yue, Khairyll Hampson, Kaiqi Liang, Shona Schutz, Madeline Northey Row 4: Luce Sciuto, Yuting Zhang, Jin Zhou, Ashleigh Grubelich, Maddison Skinner, Sheridan Rudge, Syuen Ee Lee, Yiwen Liu, Taniesha Egan Not pictured: Zongkun Cai, Julian Kort-Pieters 38

Y ear Twelve

Front Row: Qi Yi Liow, Melinda Zhong, Carmen Lee, Yee Mann Kwan, Yu Le Cher, Sheryl Kim Gek Si, Qiuwen Tang, Qiuling Tang, Manjusre Singaraaveloo, Sarah Jackson, Bee Tze Ong, Sze Yii Liew, Sophronia Quek, Mica Liau, Sarah Connolly Row 2: Beatrice Tjin, Hio Cheng Leong, Natasha Viknaswaran, Aureanna Devlin, Raiya Courtier-Sadhu, Mikaela Whibley, Connor Bell, Cory Harding, Sonia Seneviratne, Wei Ren Ryanna Koh, Jing Ngah Loh, Kanako Usui, Shu Yi Sim, Wing Tung Or Row 3: Soyeong Kim, Yuxiang Hu, Ka Pang Wong, Keith Wallace, Heath Maynard, Morgan John, Piers Doorey-Hampson, Adam Henry, Alexander Blunden, Alexander Hogg, Eli Storer, Vinura Gunadewa, Kenta Kurosawa, Keng Hin Chao, Camille Selden Row 4: Cher Ting Chua, Sarah Mohammad Sohail, Sarah Abbott, Kerin Simpson, Clare Watson, John Simpson, Shane Martinez, James Golton, Oakley Conroy, Nur Athina Hampson, Alyssa Nykiel, Jemma Ghosh, Caitlyn Watson Not pictured: Cian Morgan 39

L anguage School

Front Row: Jia Xue Xiao, Han Qi, Chuxin Chen, Ziwei Zheng, Tianli Wang Row 2: U Seng Chen, Pinxu Pan, Siyuan Wang, Shi Feng Row 3: Junyung Lee, Chenyu Wang, Kaihao Liang, Xing Miao Sun, Zhenzhen Rao


S taff

Front Row: Katheryne Kania, Jan Hay, Susan Lazenby, Ian Short, RenschĂŠ Diggeden, Mark Kong, David Lord, Katie Fassom, Gemma Colgan Row 2: Wilma Ong, Rosemary Tweedie, Ernesto Ramirez, Karen Van Rooyen, Carol Wohlnick, Lyn Lord, Sally Allen, Donna Jensen, Vincent Lim, Angela Tanham Row 3: Chalanda Gingsranoi, Sandy Fagan, Madeleine Dreyer, Peter Quan, Danielle de Witt, Jodie Scheele, Kelly Newbold, Peter Freer, Jessica Salisbury, Nguyen Tan Row 4: Ohm Thongkham, Frank Murray, Scott Robertson, Steve Dennis, Jason Wakefield, James Dwyer, Lee-Anne Pascoe, Clare McCall Not pictured: Tracey Jacobsen, Michael Newton, Annie Samranchaikhong, Linda van Elden, Ormonde Waters 41

River Cruise On the crisp evening of the 19th of March, the St. Georges students gathered readily at the Mends Street Jetty, preparing their anxious, yet excited minds for a night of thrilling entertainment and immense socialisation. At 6:30pm the boat pulled up and anticipation was through the roof, as the students began to board, Year 10 students for the first time, and Year 12 students for the last. At 7pm the boat officially left the dock, and the festivities began. Music was blaring, teenagers were dancing, and the boat was filled with fun times and good spirits. The 4-hour cruise brought about a time of reflection for the older students, as they looked back on the past river cruises, and how they had grown

42 42

throughout the years before. The younger students got their first taste of what Upper School life was like, and an experience quick taste of what the future years would bring. As the night went on, feet grew tired, yet spirits stayed high. When the boat finally re-docked at 10:30pm the students were tired, but joyous. We had one final conversation with our friends before heading home for a good nights sleep, in preparation for the following school day to come. Safe to say, it was a night that will not be forgotten. Oakley Conroy Events Captain, Student Guild


Y ear 12 Ball The Great Gatsby themed Year 12 Ball held at The Duxton Hotel was a very special evening for our students and their partners. The students looked impeccable as they waltzed through the very grand entrance of The Duxton Hotel. The lobby area outside the Ballroom ensured there was plenty of room for photos and socialising. Thanks to Maverick Photography for the wonderful images. A scrumptous buffet was plentiful and varied

44 44

with over 20 different options, many opted for seconds and even thirds! The dancefloor certainly held many pairs of excited feet that night, some without shoes! A select group of students were even lucky enough to feature in The West Australian online gallery. Thank you to The Duxton Hotel and St George's staff for your efforts in ensuring our graduating students had a truly memorable evening. We look forward to the 2016 Ball and all the memories it will bring.


Ski Trip

How fortunate we were to be in Perisher the week of the heaviest snowfall on record. On Monday morning we woke to find that 8cm of snow had fallen overnight. Long icicles had formed on the eaves of the Lodge and a thick blanket of snow covered roofs, cars and the fields. By the end of the bone chilling week, we could confirm the reports of the heaviest snowfalls in Australia in a very, very long time: 168 cm altogether. This was particularly exciting as most of the students on the trip had never even seen real snow before. Each day, we set off to Blue Cow in the snow train that climbs the mountain via tunnel. Two hour lessons in the


morning were followed by lunch and then free skiing and snowboarding. On some afternoons, we went back to the slopes in Perisher. One of the highlights was night skiing and snowboarding on a Tuesday – as snow fell and the wind blew. By Wednesday, the exertion and freezing weather had taken its toll and some students were confined to bed to recover. Nevertheless, they soldiered on in the following days and became increasingly proficient by the end of the week. The last day of skiing and snowboarding proved to be the most fun and it was particularly difficult to drag

them away from the snow. Challenges that we faced were the very cold weather, deep snow, the long trek back to the lodge from the snow train station, putting on so much gear and carrying boards and skis back and forth. Perhaps, trying to decide what to have on the menu each night, as the food at the Lodge was plentiful and delicious. Saturday was spent having a tour of Canberra, being awed by the displays at the War Museum and enjoying the afternoon at Questacon. Injury free, stomach muscles sore from laughing and blessed to have experienced snow and a real winter, we returned home on Sunday.

Thank you to the students who were so much fun to be with. We had a great time and learnt so much more about one another as we travelled together, shared our lovely dinners and learnt new card games as we sat around the fire in the evenings. Mrs Susan Lazenby Mrs Jan Hay


Y ear 7 & 8 Camp CAMP 48

Boshack Eco Adventure Camp, just north of Toodyay was the destination for a happy bunch of students for our Year 7 & 8 Camp. After a morning experiencing farming life by bringing in the ewes and lambs and then feeding some cattle and horses, the students learned about the original aboriginal residents of the area, hearing stories while sitting under the paperbark trees, listening to the didgeridoo and attempting to throw boomerangs. In the bush they passed an old well dug by the early European settlers and after lunch under the tree, the students caught some yabbies in the dams and then arrived at the campsite to settle into the tents by the lake. In the evening the students were blown away by the show of stars during our torchlit walk, learning how to find south following Mr Dennis’ instructions. The next day was clear and sunny, with the first activity an Orienteering jaunt around the camp area and ending with the construction of a bush lean to which would assist survival if lost in the bush. Back at the lake the students demonstrated their canoeing skills to collect items to construct tripods on which to hang a billy-tin above a fire. Fire risks prevented the lighting of the fires, but we had a great time constructing their tripods. The freshwater lake is well stocked with fish, and everyone enjoyed catching fingerlings in nets, before releasing them again. The wind picked up and in came the clouds and in the evening the teachers enjoyed a spectacular lightning and thunderstorm, along with torrential rain. The students slept through it all, tucked up in sleeping bags in their weatherproof tents. We ventured out to enjoy the early morning peace. Dawn was beautiful, with the lake now calm and a good show of birds. After a substantial breakfast, an obstacle course in the bush challenged us, though only St George’s students would ask to do it again backwards! With luggage packed up and a fruit platter to sustain us, we learnt about the sustainable nature of the campsite and then used solar panels to pump water from the lake. The students worked well in groups, made new friends and were a pleasure to spend a few days with, without the usual high tech devices distracting them. They talked, sketched, played, met challenges and had loads of fun. A great time was had, much was learned and the foundation of the new school was set in concrete with this fabulous bunch of young people. Mr Mark Kong Mrs Rosemary Tweedie Mr Steve Dennis


Y ear 9 Camp CAMP 50 50

It was early on a Wednesday morning that the Year 9s of 2015 set out on an adventure that would change the way we look at each other forever; one that would test our bravery, patience and wit. To be honest, we weren’t the most optimistic group of teenagers going into the camp, but our opinions quickly changed. We drove to the middle of the bush near Harvey to Mornington Adventure Camp with animals, pastures and wonderful scenery. Each morning, afternoon and night we had meals prepared for us by the camp’s cook ranging from roast chicken to spaghetti, and it was delicious. The activities we participated in were building rafts, where we learnt about team building techniques and how to tie a very good knot! We watch our rafts collapse and realised our knots needed some work. We also did archery and a plethora of rope activities including high ropes… oh the high ropes. To those who don’t know, high ropes is where you wear harnesses and are elevated metres above the air to go along an obstacle course. It was incredibly frightening for some people, and caused enough trauma for some to cry, some to scream out in terror and others, much to Father David’s amusement, to call out to God to save them. Apart from this, it was such a great time for bonding and getting to know each other more, and I’m sure the students who go to Mornington next year will love it just as we did! Mrs Tracey Jacobsen Middle School Coordinator


Y ear 10 Camp CAMP 52

Adventure, adventure, adventure is the only way to describe the Waroona Forest Edge Camp. The Year 10 students experienced everything from shooting air rifles to mud fights to hiking and high ropes courses. The physical challenges encouraged team building and overcoming personal fears. This camp enabled students to get up close and

personal with nature. Camp facilities and staff encouraged students to actively involve themselves in all activities, explore the environment and take responsibility for the way the camp functions. A great dormitory set up enabled for basketball and volleyball games to be played. A camp is not a camp without a bonfire, and the Year 10s built an impressive one to finish a great three days. 53

Y ear 11 Camp In September, our Year 11 students headed to Woodman Point accompanied by Father David, Mrs Tanham, Mr Lim and Ms Pascoe for three days of adventure.

CAMP 54 54

As soon as we arrived, we split into four groups and took part in activities designed to test our mettle. These included rock-climbing, archery, raft building, flying fox, abseiling, search and rescue, surf lifesaving and team building exercises, all of which were designed to challenge us and develop important leadership, interpersonal and communication skills while having heaps of fun. We leapt off buildings (attached to harnesses, of course), searched for supplies and captured spies (i.e., camp instructors) in enemy territory (AKA the regional park next door) and hauled each other through obstacle courses. Adrenalin pumped while fears and inhibitions were overcome as we ran and paddled like crazy. Needless to say we were all exhausted by the time we returned to school, teachers included! In addition to

these activities, we also went on an historical night tour of the camp and surrounds. This area was known as the Woodman Point Quarantine Station between 1886 and 1979 because new arrivals by boat were brought there and kept segregated from the local population until they were cleared of contagious diseases, such as bubonic plague, Spanish influenza and smallpox. In fact, this information was kept from the public. Being one of the most haunted sites in Perth (according to those who keep track of such things), it was extremely creepy learning about Woodman Point’s dark and tragic history while wandering around the ruins in the middle of the night. Some of our otherwise intrepid Year 11s may actually have squealed. Over the course of this camp, it was great to see the bonds between classmates grow even stronger in what is already a very positive, determined and close-knit year group. 2016 looks to be a very exciting year as our Year 11s move into a leadership role in our school.


G uild Camp CAMP 56

At the beginning of the year, Mr Ramirez and Ms Pascoe took the Student Guild to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre for a 2-night camping trip, otherwise known as the Guild Leadership Camp. The aim of this camp is for the Student Guild to develop their leadership and teamwork skills through a series of workshops and challenges. It’s also a bonding exercise; there were even kumbaya sessions (yes, kumbaya sessions). On the first afternoon, we jumped off the bus and set up the tents. One 10-person tent for the girls, one 10-person tent for the boys, a 2-person tent for Ms Pascoe and an itty bitty swag for Mr R, who is obviously a lot tougher than the rest of us! The Guild had already organised all the food for the weekend and the results were impressive. We got stuck into a delicious dinner and cleaned up before Mr and Mrs Murray (and Mrs Murray’s baked treats) arrived for the first workshop of the camp, where the guild discussed important leadership qualities and how to play to their own strengths to tackle the challenges they would face in the coming year. Mr and Mrs Murray managed to escape before the rest of us sat in a circle and started singing. Knowing the virtues of exercise, Drill Sargent Ramirez had everybody up nice and early for boot camp (except for Ms Pascoe who just took photos). After a run through the bush and some other exercises, it was time for a showdown in the sandpit where our usually poised head girl, Sarah, proved herself to be gladiator extraordinaire of the sandpit. After a hearty breakfast, Mrs Lazenby joined us for a workshop on the importance of communication skills in leadership, especially public speaking. Speeches were made and critiqued paying close attention to appropriate tone and language. After lunch, we went for a hike in search of snacks Mr Ramirez had hidden in the forest. The otherwise easy trail was made a lot more strenuous by having to stretcher ‘wounded’ comrades who had fallen to a ‘sniper shots’ (i.e., Ms Pascoe taking photos). The stretcher was Mr Ramirez’s camp bed. It was hard work but we made it back to camp and took the snacks down to enjoy by Mundaring Weir. In the evening we were joined by Mr Kong who was met with extreme gratitude as he arrived bearing an enormous amount of pizza. Instead of a kumbaya, the guild decided they wanted to spend the night sitting in a circle taking turns telling each other the qualities they admire in each other and their favourite memories of each other. What we had thought would take an hour tops went for almost four hours as the praise and warm fuzzies continued to flow. There were tears, hugs and a lot of laughter. Have you ever had 13 different people tell you lovely positive things about yourself continuously for around 15 minutes? It is a very powerful and wonderful thing during which you learn a lot about yourself and demonstrated what a special group of people our guild is; made all the stronger by this weekend. As we packed up and returned to school the next morning, the energy of the group had tangibly changed because the Guild had become a unit and were ready to face the year together. 57

N ew York CAMP 58 58

St George’s offers students some amazing opportunities to learn outside the classroom. In April this year, Mrs Fassom and Mrs Jacobsen took 15 intrepid explorers to learn in New York. We immersed ourselves in the culture of the city straight away, and I mean literally. We landed after flying for 23 hours, dropped our luggage at the hotel and left for a three hour guided walk through Manhattan! On that first day, we were quite nervous about catching the subway, but we quickly became pros. The students have said it is too hard to narrow down the highlights because they loved almost all of it. Of course, this was a Drama tour and we had the great privilege of attending two amazing workshops with working actors where our students were able to learn some incredible acting, singing and dancing skills. Absolute highlights were without a doubt the two Broadway and off Broadway shows we saw, Lion King, Wicked and Blue Man Group, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rockefeller Centre, the 911 Memorial and Museum, Radio City Music Hall…. It’s a big list…. And that doesn’t even include the amazing fun we had shopping; (we seemed to all share a love of shoes). We stayed near Chelsea, which was ideally placed for us to move about Manhattan Island easily. The students all loved the atmosphere of the area, and Schnipper’s became their takeaway favourite; although we managed to develop a love of soup in them by the end of the trip as we frequented Hale & Hearty so often the staff greeted us like the regulars we imagined ourselves to be. All in all, this was a truly incredible trip. Mrs Fassom and Mrs Jacobsen are both looking forward to dragging their husbands there in the future. Mrs Tracey Jacobsen Mrs Katie Fassom


ST GEORGES - House Logo’s

PMS Green: 7730C PMS Red: 7620C PMS Yellow: 012C

Gandhi House 2015 was a big year, especially with the changing of location into the Perth’s Central Business District. Although we were in a new setting, our Gandhi House relied on one thing, “Strength in numbers”. Our staff and students of Gandhi House worked as one cohesive unit to have an amazing first year as St George’s Anglican Grammar School. Consistency, without super stardom, has been the key again this year for our ‘Gandhites’. It was second place our Fun Aquatics and Synchronized Swim competition, with a first class victory in the Fun Athletics Day. Our first Gandhi Spirit Day Colour Run was a great success. It was great seeing all staff and students from all Houses participating, wonderful seeing everyone having fun and getting more powdered than a Krispy Kreme donut. Gandhi Spirit Day would not have been successful without the Year 12 students who helped screen print the hundreds of white shirts. Those in the ‘Best House in the School’ know that we pride ourselves on doing the best we can and our House Captains definitely demonstrated this ability. Our mightiest thanks to Eli Storer, Melinda Zhong and Crystal Loh for their undying enthusiasm this year. With the help of Sonia Seneviratne, who can forget the countless hours that our House Captains put into the Synchronized swim routine. We thank you for all your efforts this year. A number of staff have made the much envious transition into our den this year, and our congratulations to Mr Robertson and Mrs Lazenby on becoming faithful followers of our Gandhi brigade. A big thankyou to Mr Freer, Mrs Newbold, Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Ramirez for their terrific work throughout the year. Ben Sweetland once wrote, “Success is a journey not a destination”. As we approached the end of 2006, the Gandhi family has continued our remarkable journey of success with achievements that make us the envy of many. We will look back on 2015 not for what we won or lost, but for how much we have gained on this remarkable journey that we share together. That is success. Peter Quan Head of Gandhi House 60

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. - Mahatma Gandhi

61 61

S - House Logo’s

PMS Green: 7730C PMS Red: 7620C PMS Yellow: 012C

L incolnHouse What a year we have had! The Lincolnites have been ably lead this year by their captains, John and Kerin Simpson. They have been great student leaders and their enthusiasm was infectious and encouraging. There are many students who were surprised to find themselves standing in a sea of sodden yellow shirts undertaking our creative Synchronised Swimming item. Many practice sessions culminated in an outstanding performance of a very complex dance sequence. Our House members participated fully in all the swimming and novelty events and this willingness to have a go, continued throughout the year at the House Cross Country and Athletics events. The culmination of the year was the outstanding performance of our “drama queens” with a great win in the Theatre Challenge. The evening was certainly the highlight of the year and I encourage all students to get involved in the future. While these competitions and challenges are terrific and create great memories, the really special aspect of our Lincoln House community are the relationships developed through the leadership of our Teacher Advisors, Mr Murray, Mr Lim, Mr Dwyer, Mrs Kania and Mrs Colgan. Students have developed great friends across year groups due to their daily interactions in TAG. This is the foundation of the very special school that we enjoy here at St George’s. I look forward to the leadership of our new leaders, Julian and Yeri as they implement their plans in 2016. Rosemary Tweedie Head of Lincoln House 62

Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right. - Abraham Lincoln

63 63

PMS Green: 7730C PMS Red: 7620C PMS Yellow: 012C

Mandela House 2015 has been an incredible year for Mandela House! Term 1 began with a whole lot of Uptown Funk, as Mandela House showed our competitors what the combination of smooth dance moves and a lot of enthusiasm can achieve. Mandela’s victory in the Sychronised Swimming Competition was combined with an overall win at Fun Aquatics Day – an amazing achievement, which is a reflection of the dedication and House spirit of the Green House. I was incredibly proud of that continued spirit, which saw Mandela House participate with determination on Fun Athletics Day. Mandela House’s emphasis has always been less about individuals and more about the group. It was lovely to see that this attitude and passion for our ‘clique’ was and, is still, very much alive. In Term 3, Mandela hosted our first Charity Day – the inaugural St George’s Lip Sync Battle. The battle was fierce and students and staff were thoroughly entertained. Congratulations to Robert Jackson, who was our student winner and Mr Quan, who won the staff competition! With the support of the school, we raised over $1,200 to assist mothers and infants living with HIV/ AIDS. Once again, Dr Waters was a standout performer in the Theatre Challenge team with his incredible onstage antics and, a fantastic Kanye West impersonation. With Beyoncé as our “spirit animal”, we nailed a ‘flawless’ Glee routine, which cemented our position as the House to beat when it comes to all things dance! I would like to sincerely thank our House Captains, Morgan John and Athina Hampson. Their commitment to all things


‘Mandela’ has made 2015 a successful and truly memorable year. Their leadership, choreography, positivity and true belief in Mandela’s capabilities have been brilliant. I wish them every success in the future and hope that the skills that they have developed and the times that they have shared with the House are looked back on with fondness. A massive thank you to the 2015 Mandela staff; Dr Waters, Mrs Ong, Mrs Jensen, Mr Dennis, Ms McCall, Mrs De Witt, Mrs Hay, Ms Scheele and Mr Newton for guiding their TAG students and supporting in the organisation and implementation of our House events. Of course, none of Mandela’s success would be possible without you – the students in the green shirts! Thank you for the level of pride you demonstrate in all that we do. It has been an honour to work with such an amazing group of students and staff and I look forward to seeing what success lies ahead for Mandela House in 2016. “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. -Nelson Mandela Mrs Katie Fassom Head of Mandela House

65 65

Graduation Ceremony The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony held at the magnificent State Theatre Centre on Friday 23 October was a wonderful celebration ending the secondary school years for the class of 2015. The following students did exceptionally well and achieved not only their graduation certificate, but additional specialist and subject awards: Dux Morgan John Dux Proxime Accessit Alyssa Nykiel Dux (WAUFP) Wei Ren Ryanna Koh Dux Proxime Accessit (WAUFP) Shu Yi Sim Long Tan Leadership Award Adam Henry Caltex All Rounder Award Morgan John Honour Award John Simpson Ambassador Award Alyssa Nykiel Citizenship Award Piers Doorey-Hampson Accounting and Finance Stage 3AB Loh Jing Ngah (Crystal) Biological Sciences Stage 3AB Alyssa Nykiel Business Management and Enterprise Stage 3AB Loh Jing Ngah (Crystal) Chemistry Stage 3AB Morgan John

66 66

Drama Stage 3AB Piers Doorey-Hampson Economics Stage 3AB Liew Sze Yii English Language and Cultural Studies Koh Wei Ren Ryanna English Stage 2CD Clare Watson English Stage 3AB Si Sheryl Kim Gek Human Biological Science Stage 3AB Morgan John Japanese: Second Language Stage 3AB Clare Watson Literature Stage 3AB Alyssa Nykiel Mathematics Stage 3AB Loh Jing Ngah (Crystal) Mathematics Stage 3CD Koh Wei Ren Ryanna Mathematics Specialist Stage 3CD Koh Wei Ren Ryanna Modern History Stage 3AB Camille Selden Physics Stage 3AB Morgan John Psychology Stage 3AB Alyssa Nykiel Visual Arts Stage 3AB Sarah Abbott

A huge congratulations to all of our 2015 graduating students. We are incredibly proud of your efforts. We wish you every success in the future and look forward to having you actively involved in the St George's Alumni.

Presentation Ceremony Congratulations to all students who received awards at the inaugural Year 7 - 11 Presentation Ceremony held at the Town Hall.

It was wonderful to see so many families in attendance for this special celebration. The following students were very deserving recipients of both specialist and subject awards: Year 7 Drama Chantelle Wellsted English Mia Grubelich Health Chantelle Wellsted Humanities Mia Grubelich Japanese Alice Conroy Mathematics Chantelle Wellsted Music Alice Conroy Physical Education Halla Harding Petra Tan Religious Education Petra Tan Science Alice Conroy Technology Petra Tan Visual Arts Alice Conroy Year 8 ORACY - Gabriella Navarrete, Emma Stubbs and Iszac Wayne Drama Ava Glynn English Ava Glynn Health Ava Glynn Humanities Gabriella Navarrete Emma Stubbs

Japanese Elena Ling Mathematics Jiang Xinyue Music Jiang Xinyue Physical Education Alexander Baxter Religious Education Ava Glynn Science Charlene Lee Technology Jiang Xinyue Visual Arts Emma Stubbs Year 9 Design Tahlia Butter Drama Allie Helsemans English Allie Helsemans Health Alexander Buckland Humanities Alexander Buckland Japanese Lee Syuen Jing Mathematics Katy Qin Music Allie Helsemans Physical Education Milain Ranasinghe Olivia Patterson Religious Education Alexander Buckland Science Massimo McKie

Visual Arts Lee Syuen Jing Year 10 Design Courtney Galluccio Drama Luke Thomas English Luke Thomas Health Luke Thomas Humanities Luke Thomas Japanese Oh Yun Ji Mathematics Pan Yunyu Music Yoshifumi Kamei Physical Education Helen Cook Religious Education Luke Thomas Science Luke Thomas Visual Arts Lu Huijing Year 11 Accounting & Finance Lee Syuen Ee Biology Robert Jackson Business Management & Enterprise Lee Syuen Ee Chemistry Maria Babu Design Shona Schutz

Drama Shona Schutz EALD Lee Syuen Ee Economics Wei Jiayia English Maria Babu English Literature Dheekshana Jagadish Human Biology Maria Babu Japanese Hou Yi Xiao

Mathematics Applications

Madeline Northey Mathematics Methods Wei Jiayia Mathematics Specialist Physics Maria Babu Psychology Maria Babu Religious Education Maria Babu Visual Arts Misake Isobe Citizenship Award Year 7 - Petra Tan Year 8 - Fan Yingying Year 9 - Madeleine Buckland

Year 10 - Helen Cook Year 11 - Madeline Northey Endeavour Award Year 7 - Halla Harding Year 8 - Gabriella Navarrete Year 9 - Allie Helsemans Year 10 - Chenxi Fan Year 11 - Ashleigh Grubelich


Tag One



Gemma Edwards

Julia Erceg

Emily Lennon

Hio Cheng Leong

Shane Martinez

Zhen Cheng To

Zhen Hao To

Jia Xue Xiao

Matthew Zeitch

Mr Peter Freer

Sheridan Rudge

Kuang-Chieh Tan

Not pictured: Cooper Kyrwood, Alexander Maude

Tag Four


Maria Babu

Zhaoming Chen

Ka Kuan Cheong

Yingying Fan

Jemma Ghosh

Soyeong Kim

Jonathan Lau

Maylene Law

Xiaojia Li

Milain Ranasinghe

Alan Sia

Yanjing Wang

Mikaela Whibley

Mr Peter Quan

Mr Scott Robertson 68


Tag Seven



Alexander Blunden

Zekai Chen

Sarah Connolly

Dylan Hart

Robert Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Ethan Lymn

Yunyu Pan

Deilla Putri

Trent Rachow

Xinxin Zhang

Mrs Tracey Jacobsen

Carmen Lee

Not pictured: Jack Blatchford, Matthew Manfredi-Tarpey

69 69

Tag Ten



Zongkun Cai

Helen Cook

Allie Helsemans

Alexander Hogg

Yi Xiao Hou

Jing Wen Huang

Jing Ngah Loh

EmilyRose Lomman

Mia Lomman

Pinxu Pan

Sophie Storey

Luke Thomas

Shuang Wu

Mrs Susan Lazenby

Maddison Skinner

Not pictured: Ronan Dixon

Tag Thirteen


Ava Glynn

Ryanna Koh

Dylan Merrick

Previn Narenasagaran

Max Rostron

Sonia Seneviratne

Eli Storer

Marvel Sukadis

Chenyu Wang

Peiqian Wu

Junhua Zhou

Ms Kelly Newbold

Not pictured: Louise Hart



Tag Sixteen



Keng Hin Chao

Wenjia Chen

Reid Culverwell

Aureanna Devlin

Chenxi Fan

Yee Mann Kwan

Stanley Law

Mica Liau

Heath Maynard

Pablo Ohayon

Thanakorn Seah

Tianli Wang

Melinda Zhong

Mr Ernesto Ramirez

Not pictured: Junzhe Long, Caitlin Marissen, Shen Wang

71 71

Tag Three



Connor Bell

Madeleine Buckland

Jiali Gao

Brandon Hau

Yik Chung Man

Yun Ji Oh

Sophronia Quek

Ning Wang

Clare Watson

Stanley Zhong

Jin Zhou

Mr Frank Murray

Sze Yii Liew

Olivia Patterson

Not pictured: Alexander Baxter, Christopher Mullaney

Tag Six



Sarah Abbott

Danish Arfan-Rushdi

James Golton

Sirada Jiengwattana

Kaiqi Liang

Tristan McNay

Camille Selden

Siyuan Wang

Linda Wu

Mr Vincent Lim

Not pictured: Nor Al-Maliki, Kin Kong Ricky Lee, Jinminghao Wang


Camilo Lima-Castillo

Tag Nine


Dayang Abang Hatta

Zheling Chen

Isabella Cotter

Trent Foo

Zixin Guo

Massimo McKie

Caitlin Messercola

Wing Tung Or

Jun Kit Pang

John Simpson

Emma Stubbs

Poppy Underwood

Ka Pang Wong

Zilin Xie


Mrs Katheryne Kania

73 73

Tag Twelve



Brooke Borgward

Raiya Courtier-Sadhu

Taniesha Egan

Charlene Lee

Qiuling Tang

Qiuwen Tang

Aaron Tully

Mr James Dwyer

Charlton Lee

Qi Yi Liow

Luce Sciuto

Not pictured: U Seng Chen, Hall Harding, Iszac Wayne

Tag Fifteen


Alexander Buckland

Jordan Elms

Serena Elms

Shakeel Emeran

Tariq Emeran

Shi Feng

Claire Golton

Ethan Hwang

Julian Kort-Pieters

Han Qi

Shu Yi Sim

Bobbi-Jo Taylor

Kanako Usui

Mrs Angela Tanham

Mrs Rosemary Tweedie 74


Tag Eighteen

Christel Aguero

Omar Nyabadza



Arrianne Alfred

Jake Bell

Zhenzhen Sarah Rao Mohammad Sohail

Yu Le Cher

Alana Davison

Yeremia Hardono

Boxi Li

Shona Schutz

William Selden

Kerin Simpson

Mrs Gemma Colgan

Not pictured: Max Edwards

75 75

Tag Two



Vinura Gunadewa

Nur Athina Hampson

Aidan Howard

Chloe Howard

Yuxiang Hu

Yunan Liang

Gavin McInerney

Jiayi Wei

Ziwei Zheng

Dr Ormonde Waters

Dheekshana Jagadish

Xinyue Jiang

Not pictured: Peter Variakojis, Afa Zhao

Tag Five




Tahlia Butter

Chak Fung Chow

Georgia Grubelich

Misako Isobe

Syuen Ee Lee

Syuen Jing Lee

Jinhao Liang

Kevin McIlwaine

Yu Zhen Ng

Xing Miao Sun

Petra Tan

Beatrice Tjin

Natasha Viknaswaran

Shuyuan Zheng

Mrs Danielle de Witt

Mrs Jan Hay

Tag Eight



Gabriel Bennett

Talia Bowden

Callan Conroy



Courtney Galluccio

Jingyi Gao

Ashleigh Grubelich

Morgan John

Yoshifumi Kamei

Yiwen Liu

Alyssa Nykiel

Jacinta Scott

Stefan Varodi

Caitlyn Watson

Ms Carol Wohlnick

77 77

Tag Eleven



Chuxin Chen

David Farcic

Mia Grubelich

Wen Long Andre Ho

Jiyun Jeong

Kenta Kurosawa

Elena Ling

Huijing Lu

Cian Morgan

Oi Yam Ng

Bryan Sia

Manjusre Singaraaveloo

Ms Clare McCall

Xiaofeng Liang

Not pictured: Emilee Indrizzi

Tag Fourteen



Jingsong Cai

Cher Ting Chua

Khairyll Hampson

Guoran He

Kaihao Liang

Rebecca Maynard

Bee Tze Ong

Angelica Reyes

Sheryl Kim Gek Si

Chantelle Wellsted

Natalie Wellsted

Ruochen Zhang

Mr Steve Dennis

Ms Jodie Scheele

Not pictured: Josephine Indrizzi, Junyung Lee


Tag Seventeen



Alice Conroy

Oakley Conroy

Xiao Feng

Cory Harding

Adam Henry

Adam Henry

Madeline Northey

Ziting Qin

Keith Wallace

Jiang Yue

Heng Zhang

Yuting Zhang

Mrs Katie Fassom

Ms Wilma Ong

Gabriella Navarrete

79 79


I once rode the Tunnel of Terror water slide at Adventure World, with a f e l l o w classmate, Heath Maynard. While we enjoyed the ride at its normal pace, we decided that it should go faster, thinking that the faster we went, the more enjoyment we would have. And so we leant down, picked up speed, rounded a corner and flipped our inflatable raft, both of us crashing into the side of the tunnel. Now, this taught me two valuable things; one, seemingly innocent water slides are notoriously deadly, as Cory Harding well knows after Fun Aquatics Day, and two, to not rush towards the future, but to find happiness and fulfillment in the moment of now. And so graduating class of 2015, I urge you to absorb the atmosphere of now, embrace your last moments as a high school student and recognise this celebration of your achievement. However, this moment is not made up of only the now. It is a culmination of the last 12 years of schooling. It is every single test, assignment and exam you have ever done, its that time at year 12 camp we danced to the glorious sound of Dr Waters’ bagpipes, its that time when we went to the Asian Food Van, Hungry Jacks or McDonalds, its the time in the Murdoch Quad, and its the time we have spent making and enjoying friendships. Graduation is a celebration of every one of these moments, and so many more. But it is also the transition from Murdoch College into St Georges Anglican Grammar School, a transition that has enriched our final year at school and allowed us to fully exploit the opportunities that the city of Perth has to offer. However, this very moment is hinged upon the future. A place of uncharted territory and uncertainty.Yet with this uncertainty comes opportunity. Opportunity to grow as an individual, find new



aledictorian peech passions, test the very limits of yourself, travel, enjoy life, and of course, the opportunity to now pursue what you love doing. So peers, while being in this moment, think of the nuances in your high school experience, but also keeping in mind that the future you are now stepping into, is full of opportunity. Family, friends and staff, you have witnessed my peers growth and change, seeing the transition from nervous year sevens, to slightly more nervous year twelves, and to reflect my classmates feelings, I thank you. Families, I thank you for the continual support you have provided to your student or students, you have provided them with the opportunities that have allowed them to reach this pinnacle. Teachers, I thank you for the uncountable hours of marking, stressing and in Mr Murray's case, the amount of times he has said “eyes on the board”. For all of these things and more, the class of 2015 thanks you. But I would also like to remind you that our success is your success, as you have equipped us with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in whatever we love doing. The denouement of Alfred Lord Tennyson poem ‘Ulysses’ states “To find, to seek, to strive, and not to yield’. Graduating class of 2015, we have done exactly that. So congratulations, be proud of your achievement, remember the Dean of Perth Richard Pengelley’s words, that your atar does not define you. Instead, it is the quality of the human that you are that defines you, and it has been great spending a year with such quality uman beings. I wish all of the graduating class of 2015 the best of luck. Morgan John Valedictorian 2015

A school of the Anglican Schools Commission (Inc.)

50 William Street Perth 6000 T: +61 8 9312 0800 F: +61 8 9312 0899 E:

Wisdom Grace Service

2015 Yearbook  
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