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How will I be examined? Exam paper Unit 1 Investigating Media 2 hours

Unit 2 –Creating Media (Coursework)

Unit 3 –Critical Perspectives 2 hour

Unit 4 – Media: Research and Production (Coursework)

Components  A - four compulsory short answer questions 

Weighting This is 50% of AS

B - choice of one from two essays

Two linked production pieces taken This is 50% of AS from two of the three media platforms studied in Unit 1 plus a 1500 word evaluation. 

This is 25% of A A - three compulsory Level questions on unseen stimulus pieces B - one essay from a choice of two topics (48 This is 25% of A Level


marks) Linked production piece (32 marks)


What do I need to take this course?    

Essential - Grade C in English Grade B in GCSE media is desirable An interest in current trends in different types of media Capable of demonstrating flair and creativity with a good eye for art & design

What can I do after I finish this course? Students who take Media Studies often also take English Literature/Language, Communication & Culture, Drama & Theatre Studies or Sociology and Psychology. As the media touches every person and every profession, the subject has a really broad application. Media studies naturally leads to careers in journalism, marketing, advertising or public relations. But an awareness of how the world of media works can also support other careers, such as social work, law, medicine and education. By knowing how the media operates you’ll be able to decode messages more skillfully, and engage with topics that interest you. 34

2014 Key Stage 5 guide  
2014 Key Stage 5 guide