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September 2012

My Dear Franciscan Friends, Ilia Delio, O.S.F.writes in her book about St. Francis titled Compassion that conversion is the grace of letting go and turning in the dance of life. “It is the awakening to the fact that old habits must die for new vision to be born. Francis was no stranger to the idea, nor to the cost of conversion. As a youth he was deathly afraid of lepers and would run away at the sight of one. He certainly wouldn‟t touch one or eat with one. This continued into his adulthood and his ministry. After suffering from a prolonged illness, he felt compelled not only to touch a leper that he met on the road, but to kiss the leper‟s disfigured hand and to give him alms.” We have all heard about the “flight or fight” reaction. Perhaps, in a more MICHAEL MOULDEN RECTOR spiritual sense it could be envisioned as the “flight or conversion response.” Francis trusted the voice of God that he heard coming from the cross of the ruined church of San Damiano, “go rebuild my house.” He trusted enough to enter the unknown love of the God of the Universe. We too are responding to God‟s voice calling us to rebuild his house. Is there ever a time when renovation is not required? We are taking several important steps. We are continuing to upgrade and physically repair the house of God while at the same time we have hired Amanda Harmon to help us rebuild and develop or children and youth ministry. We are also shifting Robert‟s responsibilities so that we are able to not only to welcome our many visitors, but also invite people into the heart of St. Francis. He is also going to work in the fields taking the ministry of Jesus and St. Francis into the city, to the crossroads. We get the word “crossroads‟ from an early practice of English Bishops who would ride to a place where two paths intersected in the country or villages. The Bishop would then use his staff to make the sign of the cross and proceed to baptize, confirm, and pray with the people of his Diocese… whoever they might be. In order to grow, to rebuild God‟s house, to go to the crossroads, we need a plan, the staff and the community of St. Francis too. We need the unified Body of Christ to pull together. I know we will and I pray for the Holy Spirit‟s empowerment, for the presence of Jesus to guide us and for the creative power of God to lead us in conversion that only comes from taking new directions. May God‟s Peace be with you,











Dear Franciscans, I hope that you can feel the excitement that is in the air at St. Francis, I certainly feel it! We‟ve taken a great step in hiring Amanda Harmon as our Director of Children‟s and Youth Ministry. This move both helps us in getting to a right-sized staff for the needs of our parish and will also greatly benefit our ministry with the young people of St. Francis. You might wonder what this means for me since I‟ve been overseeing these ministries since I was hired in 2010. I will continue to manage these programs, but will not be involved in their day-to-day operations. My role in planning Adult Formation opportunities, such as the Forum and Lenten series, will not change. The major shift in my duties will be to include work in the area of Evangelism.


Evangelism comes from a Greek word which means “good news,” and is where we get the word “Gospel” from. As Christians, we have much good news to share- love, hope, redemption, Resurrection, grace. And this good news isn‟t just for the world to know about, but it is for us to abound in on a daily basis. I will be working on ways in which we all, those at St. Francis and those who can‟t imagine entering a church, can know and live in the midst of this good news. This is important ministry for St. Francis and for the wider-Church. Bishop Curry has talked a lot recently about Galilee (see his 2011 and 2012 Convention addresses online for more) and how the Church can be vital and relevant in a postChristian, anxious, and spiritually-hungry world. I don‟t have the answers, but I‟m excited to do this work with you all at St. Francis as we strive to continue living the good news. Blessings,

The Rev. Robert Black

Fall schedule starts on September 9th with services at 8:00am and 10:30am.






Nursery Care (Ages 0-3) is available beginning at 9:00 and runs through the 10:30 service. Sundays during the 10:30 Service Children: (PreK-5th Grade) Classroom #10/12 . The children will join the congregation at the Peace before Communion. Sundays 9:15-10:15 am Children's Chapel: (PreK-5th Grade) Chapel Middle School Class: St. Mike‟s Coffee Talk: (High School) Classroom #3 Adults - Forum: Parish Hall Bible Study: The Psalm September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th: This study will explore the wisdom and worldview of the Psalter. We will take an in-depth look at the Psalms of lament and will focus on praying with the Psalms. Led by the Rev. Robert Black Forum: Politics & Religion October 14th: Faith of Our (Founding) Fathers. Led by Dr. Michael Kennedy, professor of History at High Point University October 21st: The Constitution as a Religious Document. Led by Dr. Frank Thomas, professor of Religious History at Wake Forest University. October 28th: Politics in the Bible, led by the Rev. Robert Black Forum: What Does It Mean to Be Episcopalian? November 11, 18: Exploration of our history and liturgy as it defines us. Led by the clergy of St. Francis. Bible Study: Advent Stories December 9, 16, 23: A study of John the Baptist, the Holy Family, and the birth narratives of Jesus as a way of preparing for Christmas. Led by Ryan Mails, aspirant for ordination at St. Francis.

Sunday Adult Forums The Adult Forums take place on most Sundays from 9:15-10:15 am. The forums are held in the Parish Hall. There are two types of forums held throughout the year.  Bible Study– We will focus on particular genres, books, or themes found in Holy Scripture. These forums will be interactive and provide opportunities to engage the Biblical texts. 

Topical Forum– These forums focus on current issues in the world and theology. Theologian Karl Barth once said that the Christian should read the Bible in one hand, and the newspaper in the other. We strive to follow this wisdom. Topics often have religious undercurrents and themes that stimulate and strengthen both our intellectual and our spiritual awarenesses.

For more information about the forum series, please contact the Rev. Robert Black at






On Sunday, September 16th at 5:30pm, our Youth Group year will be officially starting, and we invite you all to attend our Kickoff celebration. We will be talking about the upcoming year's events and goals, getting to know each other, and having a great time! Parents are invited and encouraged to attend with their middle and high school students. If you have any questions about the Kickoff celebration, please contact Amanda Harmon, the Director for Children's and Youth Ministry, at

2012 Mission Trip






First, let me take this opportunity to thank the community of St. Francis for welcoming me with such kindness! I am very excited to be here and to be working in ministry with you all. Secondly, this is a reminder that: AMANDA HARMON

On September 9th, our year-round schedule will begin, with Children‟s Chapel at 9:15am. This is a child-friendly worship experience, patterned after the liturgy so that children can both learn the liturgy and be engaged in it.

The Middle School Class and Coffee Talk will also be at 9:15am.

Please note that Adult Forum classes are at 9:15am also, so that parents can bring their children to any of our ageappropriate classes, and have a time to gather for coffee, conversation, and discipleship among themselves as well.

Immediately following Children‟s Chapel, during the 10:30am service, children up to 5th grade are invited to attend Sunday School classes, where they will continue in Christian formation by delving deeper into Scripture in a relevant, engaging, fun, and educational way.

Children will rejoin their parents in the congregation at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. We hope that this schedule will allow all children and their parents to hear God‟s story in a way that is age-appropriate and engaging for all participants.

Jewish & Christian Explorations returns on Monday evenings with: Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God How can we approach the literary and theological mystery of Jesus as God Incarnate? How can we comprehend the enigma of his humanity/divinity? Following up on his groundbreaking tour de force work, God: A Biography, author Jack Miles looks beyond the „Jesus of History – Christ of Faith‟ debate and embraces the artistic narrative of the New Testament as a work of supreme literature. In this 10-week study of Miles‟ second book, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God, we will employ the concept of Gospel as a literary genre to illuminate Jesus as the protagonist of the Christian Scriptures – God as Man. The adventure begins…

September 24th 7:00 – 8:30 PM Saint Francis Parish Hall

Kindly contact Samuel Moss ( to RSVP or request additional information regarding Jewish & Christian Explorations.






June 

The parish ended 2011 on a positive financial note, with contributions slightly higher than anticipated and expenses slightly lower.

The vestry projects that 2012 contributions will total $624,000. Expenses are estimated to be $640,000.

The day school revenue and expenses are on target for the current school year. The school is planning fundraisers and summer camps for 2012.

The property committee is accomplishing remedies for pest infestations in the organ and parish hall. The access ramp near the front of the church is being repaired. 2012 projects will include the demolition of Claire Cottage and kudzu management at the rear of the campus. All are encouraged to assist as able with parish workdays on March 3 and 17. Approximately 30 community garden plots will be available for 2012.

Opportunities for volunteer service exist on the human resources committee, the Urban Ministry food drive, Stop Hunger Now project and Crop Walk campaign. Please contact Mariana Newton [email:; phone: 292-4598] for more information.

July 

The sacristy has been renovated. Thanks to Paul Crowell and an anonymous donor who helped spruce up this important room.

Repairs to the portico roofs between the parish hall and church and in the office area are projected to be completed in early August, weather permitting.

Plans for a renovation of the library are underway, thanks to a generous contribution by a parish family. The refurbished library will be more user-friendly for diverse purposes.

Upcoming property improvements include enhancements to the memorial garden. Beautification and maintenance plans will be announced this fall.

Nominations for the 2013 vestry and stewardship campaign are now open. Please contact any vestry member with your suggestions.

The vestry warmly welcomes new Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Amanda Harmon.

August 

The vestry gratefully accepted a gift of chancel railings from the Rev. Dr. Paul Crowell. Look for this enhancement to chancel safety in the upcoming weeks.

Day school growth continues, with an additional three-year-old class being added for the new school year.

Additional Stephen Ministers are needed. Full training and support is offered to volunteers who serve in this important ministry. Contact chair Andrea Knupp to learn more.

Don‟t miss the Adult Forums planned for the fall, winter and spring. Brochures are available in the narthex.







A comparison of the first seven months of 2012 and 2011 is below:

So far so good! Revenues are better than expected largely due to two things. First, our NonPledge income is higher by more than $8K. The second reason is that Current year pledge exceeds the budget by another $19K. Normally collections “fall off” during the summer months; this was not the case this year. Thanks to all who kept their pledge current. Expenses, while more than in 2011 are still below this year‟s budget estimates. Timing of expenses is the main reason. The Audit billing of about $5,500 had not been received and thus not paid. Also, total General Insurance is less than estimated. Most important is the fact that everyone has been great stewards of expenses and not committed to expense that exceed budgeted lines. Thanks are due the Staff and Vestry for being watchful. LARRY UPSON

The Day School completed its year, June 30, 2012 at “break even.” It was less than anticipated because the total expected students were fewer than expected. The budget for the 2012/2013 school year is almost complete and will be ready for Vestry approval not later than the September meeting. In God‟s Peace,

Larry Upson






Little Franciscan Summer Camp 2012

St. Francis Day School invites you to our Fourth Annual

Holiday Market Saturday, December 1 10 am until 4 pm FREE ADMISSION Unique arts & crafts, pottery, metal sculpture, wreaths, jewelry, gourmet food, quilts, original art, stationary, hand crafted furniture, home dĂŠcor, ornaments, tote bags, photography, chicken pies & more! Table rentals benefit St. Francis Day School. Vendor applications available online









The 3rd annual St. Francis Music and Art Camp was a great success! This year 19 children attended ages 4-11. We were blessed to have an outstanding staff of volunteers. Children were divided by age into two groups led by Maggie Jimenez and Jamie Dickens who are both professional music educators. UNCG voice majors Kate Jackson Adams and Ryan Chavis worked with the children in both groups. Erik Koehler and Kat Faulkner were our playground shepherds and Emma Thyer and Mary Hannah Shinn were the arts instructors. Callie Wallace acted as my assistant and worked in all areas. We are already planning for next June's camp. Keep it in mind for your children and grand-children for next June.

Junior Choir is coming!! Choir is open to all children from 3rd grade through 12th grade. We sing a variety of music, and learn to play and perform with handbells. We sing at several church services during the year and are the choir for the Christmas Eve Pageant. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons from 4:30 - 5:30pm in the Choir Room. Please feel free to visit with no obligation. We will begin September 9th.









Mary Magdalenes, along with the other women in the church from St. Clare‟s and the Prayer Shawl group, are hosting a baby shower for Robert and Tyler on Sunday, September 23, 2012 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm in the Parish Hall. Everyone is invited--men, women and children! Let‟s help them welcome their baby girl, Ellie, with all the necessities. Obviously, Tyler and Robert can‟t open over 200 individual gifts on Sunday afternoon, so we are encouraging you to pool your resources. We have identified many groups within the church (Stephen Ministers, Acolytes, Choir, Day School, St. Elizabeth‟s, St. Clare‟s, Friar‟s, Community Garden, EYC, Helping Hands, Savvy Seniors, etc.) and contacted their leaders. We also understand that many of you are members of more than one group. Decide among yourselves what might work for you and/or your group. Robert and Tyler have listed their needs and wishes at the following places: Amazon (online only): Target (in-store or online): All About Baby Boutique (located in Greensboro): Also, because they are blessed with a strong support group from their family, friends and church parish, they are encouraging donations on Ellie‟s behalf to the following funds of Episcopal Relief & Development: Care for Mom and Baby Fund: Postnatal Care Fund: Regardless of how you may choose to support them, come and celebrate the expected event on September 23rd in the Parish Hall from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. To help with planning, please rsvp to the receptionist at the church office between 9:00am – 1:00pm weekdays if you plan to attend.








TRANSFERS IN: Robert and Anne Williams from Christ Episcopal Church - New Bern, North Carolina Allen and Erica Rushing from St. Matthew's - Benton, Akansas

TRANSFERS OUT: Pamela May Bensing Valentine to St. Anne's Episcopal Church - West Chester, Ohio

DEATHS: Dwight Treece, brother-in-law of Larry Hartsell Raymond Handy, brother-in-law of Jane Stubbs William Thomas, uncle of Gloria Thompson and great-uncle of Susan Thompson and Laura Kilmartin Robert Leftwich, uncle of Bryan Leftwich Randy Silvers, partner of Louie Hughes Bee Vaughan, mother of Jane Teer Robert Thompson, brother of Melissa Harrelson Eugenia “Gene” Davis Stockdale, mother of Genie Best Florence Brown Lee, sister of Oscar Davis Lee III



UTR E A C H Would you like to know how the Outreach Committee makes decisions regarding allocations? I thought you would never ask. In the last two years we have had more requests for Outreach funds than we have been able to fulfill. We have received approximately $50,000 from the Book Sale each of the last two years, but not enough to fill all requests for funds. Therefore we must screen carefully to be able to grant funds to the applicants which best fulfill the mission of Saint Francis.

A great deal of prayer, thought, study, discussion, and research go into these decisions. At first contact from a representative of a charity, we review the letter or call at our monthly meetings. From archives we determine if this group has received previous funding, how much was allocated, and how the funds were used. The committee decides if we need more information through a presentation by the representative, and if we will send a formal application. When the application is received committee members research the organization, comparing it to other requests and, when possible, using a charity grading tool like “Charity Navigator�. We are especially interested in finding out what percentage of their funds goes to their mission and what percentage goes to administrative costs. And we want to know how the request fits with our mission. We are especially interested in knowing if Franciscans will be able to volunteer and participate in the activities of the organization. So you can see how we vet the organization, screen the applicants, and seek toSENIORS know as much as possible about SAVVY their mission before making an allocation. Not every application is funded and often the funding is not at the level Savvy Seniors and all ages, Tuesday Feb. 8 requested due to limitations of our funds. We use great care to be fair and to follow the mission of Saint Francis. 11:45 lunch at Graffiti's, 1:00 "Bodies Revealed" In addition we seek to follow the Millennium Development Goals of our Diocese. For example: helping eliminate at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. poverty and hunger, providing for the needs of children and families in crisis in Guilford County, North Carolina, This is a striking exhibit of the human body and the world. and how it works, touring the US, that will enlighten, empower and inspire. Our group rate Members of the Outreach Committee want more Franciscans to take an active part in Outreach Ministry by volunis $12 and includes admission to the exhibit teering at organizations we support, donating to Outreach, and praying for these ministries. We want all Francisand the Center's exhibits. For reservations, call cans to feel involved in Outreach Ministry. We are not just writing checks but seeking to further the ministry of Carol Mooney at 2824003 or Nancy Baldwin at Saint Francis in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the world. 5456829. If you have questions or comments, you can contact co-chairpersons: Sandra Shields at or Betty Barry at Meetings are held every third Monday at 7:00 pm and are open to all parishioners. Dan Jones











A Parish of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, Bishop The Rt. Rev. Albert (Chip) Marble, Assisting Bishop The Rt. Rev. William Gregg, Assistant Bishop S TAFF



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